Astrology of BP Oil Platform Explosion

Chart for BP rig explosion on April 20, 2010. Note, I forgot to apply the day/night rule on the Part of Fortune. It should be on the Midheaven!
Chart for BP rig explosion on April 20, 2010. Note, I just revised this chart to apply the day/night rule for the Part of Fortune, which puts it on the MC -- the government angle.

Okay, Tracy Delaney at came up with the coordinates from this incident report confirmed by the database that lists these locations. I plan to use this page as a notebook and folder to gather information for later coverage. Additions of ideas, data and theories is welcome. If someone would like to point out interesting midpoints, you are welcome to do that. Please be careful and triple check your work, and your typing.

Note Moon square Eris, Moon trine Jupiter. Here are the minor planets and points. Note that this is within hours of Chiron entering Pisces, calling attention to [injuries of] the oceans and seas. Note that the Sun is in the fist degree of Taurus (Sabian — A clear mountain stream).

Centaur Amycus is exactly rising — I have no clue about this one. I will put Phil Sedgwick’s keyword-based delineation of Amycus into a comment. This is not my favorite way to delineate (I prefer descriptions of process), but it’s a good start.

Amycus crosses the orbits of Uranus and Neptune — “a walking maritime accident,” in the wry words of Tracy. Here is the orbital diagram:

I will include the section from Ovid where he is introduced in the comments. A charming character…

I have a hunch that when we sort out this chart, including the use of midpoints, that the Uranian points (eight hypotheticals used by Uraniam astrologers) will be a prominent factor. Here they are, snipped from the Serennu page listing positions for the incident. At first glance they are making a lot of aspects. The ones involving our theme to watch are Hades (depth, mining) and Vulkanus (uncontrolled releases of energy). The Uranians are not planets — they are theorized points, with ephemeris positions. They only exist on paper (or digital paper), in our minds and on the subtle dimensions.

Uranian points - April 20 BP oil rig explosion.

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  1. Reading this worst case scenario makes me feel sick in the stomach. And scared. The MC of this chart is conjunct my Moon conjunct Pluto. Maybe this is one reason? Or maybe everyone feels like that.

    I have always revered the USA east coast for its nature and beauty, after living there for some time. One of the things I liked the most was wildlife. Oh, and pure air.

    I think I would go there and clean.

  2. Been playing with the very nifty, and I find that I am quite disturbed by this chart. one of the asteroids i checked is Gaea, which is right there with Venus and fixed star of horrors, Algol. i interpret this as what happens to the Earth when you have too much money and resources available. execution of the oil companies? or at least of U.S. deep water drilling. or, of the Earth’s status as an infinite resource? you just can’t get away with that, there’s that “hysterical” retribution thing with Algol. yikes, Gaea.

    then, Medusa is opposite Makemake and pretty close to the midpoint of Jupiter and Uranus…. a potent symbol, and i won’t venture to interpret it either positively or negatively.

    as for Amycus, i hadn’t thought about it before, but if I read Ovid correctly, it was his son who started the fight in the sanctuary and Amycus was pretty easily sent to hell for it. but the fight continued. in this situation, we’re pretty easily defeated, morally and spiritually, by our dependence on oil. but does that mean we, or our allies, will stop fighting about it? right. it only gets worse. centaurs are (sarcasm) lovely (i don’t like them), but venus and jupiter are in domiciles so there is bound to be some functioning beauty, harmony, and rightness in this whole thing, somehow.

    mostly, though, it seems to me this is really blatantly Chiron’s ingress to Pisces and the sextile to the Sun’s ingress into Taurus, as mentioned in the article. a recovery of innocence through renewable resources is sorely needed — the asteroid Hebe (youth, prime of life) conjunct Neptune indicates that this is what the wise ocean god might be jonesing for. that’s my interpretation of this crisis and tragedy. (i have Saturn in late Cancer, same degree as George W. Bush and ooh, look at the Vertex. typical. could this be the prosecution? ouch. poor George. if he doesn’t show up guilty to the public, i bet he’ll know it personally, regardless.)

  3. Here is now the Politico Playbook summed up a worst case scenario:

    WORST CASE SCENARIO, via POLITICO’s Morning Money – David Kotok of Cumberland Advisors, in BusinessInsider: ‘This spew stoppage takes longer to reach a full closure; the subsequent cleanup may take a decade. The Gulf becomes a damaged sea for a generation. The oil slick leaks beyond the western Florida coast, enters the Gulfstream and reaches the eastern coast of the United States and beyond. … Monetary cost is now measured in the many hundreds of billions of dollars. … Soon we are entering the hurricane season. The thoughts of a storm stirring up the Gulf, hampering any cleanup or remediation drilling effort and creating a huge 10,000 square mile black stew is frightening to every professional in the business. … We expect to see the deterioration of the economic statistics for the US to reveal the onset of this oil-slick crisis in May … A ‘double-dip’ recession probably has been made more likely by this tragedy.’

  4. Finding this bit extremely evocative:

    “watching storms as a mediation, drumming, descent into the underworld (use of caves or kivas)”

    this event as both a “meditation” with drumming and descent into the underworld, and as a “mediation” in the sense of an active medium which transduces a communication between the gods and the humans….

    this cave is very very deep and quiet. Here we can look at what has been done, been done, been done. Look.

    the intensity of this event, its portents, drum and drum and drum, silencing us as we watch.

  5. This is from Ovid. Note that the myth plays a role but we cannot tell how much of one till we really know the point in question. Sedgwick (keywords above) does not use the myth heavily — he uses the discovery degree, the perihelion and the ascending node.

    “[The Centaur] Amycus Ophion’s son (Ophionides) first robbed the sanctuary, daring to seize its gifts, and first again snatched a great candlestick with clustered lights and, lifting it at arm’s length like a priest straining with sacrificial axe to cleave a white bull’s neck, he crashed it on the brow of Celadon Lapithes and left his face smashed beyond recognition. Both his eyes leapt out, cheek bones were shattered, nose forced back and wedged inside his mouth. Then Amycus was felled by Pelates Pellaeus who’d wrenched away a maple table-leg; his chin was forced into his chest, and as he spat dark blood and teeth a second would sent him away down to the shades of the Underworld (umbrae Tartareae).” <>

  6. Amycus – The longer period of this centaur seeks longevity and notoriety. Orbital Period: 126.38 yr.

    Positive – intuitive, questioning, insightful, progressive, determined, reliable

    Negative – doubtful, skeptical, withdrawn, often late, unreliable, lacking resolve, insecure

    Mundane – doctrines and policies designed to produce a result (policy manuals, creeds), any mechanical device that enables a shift in energy, for instance a clutch for shifting gears, monuments, commandments (as in carved in stone), pictographs and petroglyphs

    Ceremonial – stretching, yogas that shift fixed structures, chiropractic sessions, watching storms as a mediation, drumming, descent into the underworld (use of caves or kivas)

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