Astrology for a World on the Edge

Dear Friend and Reader:

It’s never too late to begin the year over again; I am sure we could all use a new start to this one. In a few hours, we will release Cosmic Confidential, the 12th annual edition of Planet Waves. We’re just waiting on the right chart — for the Moon to reach the zenith.

Lookout tower, Black Rock City (Burning Man) 2009. Photo by Eric Francis.
Lookout tower, Black Rock City, 2009. Photo by Eric.

It now exists, against some long odds: we’ve worked through Mercury retrograde, Mars retrograde, two eclipses and a lot of other astrology going off. Meanwhile, apropos of the moment, the news was a runaway train. It seemed like every time I would get settled back into writing, some other event was calling me to do the chart of God knows what and to be there for the Planet Waves blogging team, so we could fulfill our role as cosmic news desk and for some, psychic bomb shelter. But we did it. I worked through every weekend and every spare moment for four months — and your reading is done, and waiting for you.

Though Planet Waves is a news service, Cosmic Confidential isΒ  entirely about you. I have lavished attention on the individual sign readings this year, putting in at least double the time, energy and research as usual. My objective: how can I get as much high quality astrological information into the hands of as many people as possible, for as little money as possible?

The readings are each about 4,500 words. Plus, each sign gets three pages of extra materials: generous selections from past annual editions, reader responses to my queries about how you’re living out your astrology, and a page of resources and out-takes. For many of the signs, I cut large swaths of text, but I’ve preserved most of them in the out-takes section, which gives an alternative view or covers a topic not included in the main reading. The navigation for these pages is across the top of your sign.

Each sign includes substantial information about professional and creative activities, financial strategies, and thoughts about relationships and sex: and all of it is focused on the theme of not just keeping your sanity, but rising to the occasion of a world gone wild.

View of the interior of the temple of Hermes, the god of merchants, on the isle of Delos on the Aegean Sea. Archeological evidence suggests the building was probably also used as a fraternity or social club of some kind. Photo by Eric Francis.
View of the interior of the temple of Hermes, the god of merchants, on the isle of Delos on the Aegean Sea. Archeological evidence suggests the building was probably also used as a fraternity or social club of some kind. Photo by Eric Francis.

That I can create this stuff without your birth date is a testament to what can be done with Sun sign astrology. I maintain that this kind of reading — a long essay on your Sun sign — is more effective and more useful than a “custom report” generated from a database. Even though you gave the database your birth date, no astrologer actually sees your chart; nobody takes up the whole matter of your reading holistically. Though I may neither talk to you nor see your chart, what you get from Cosmic Confidential is a whole reading of the planets as they really are, and as they affect you. The interpretations work with interwoven themes; the ideas build on one another; they refer to real events; they combine natal astrology and transits beautifully, in a fresh and engaging way.

Cosmic Confidential is designed as an interactive community. Each sign’s reading is open for comments and questions. I will respond to as many of these as I can, so take a moment to participate there and share your thoughts, ideas and queries.

Your reading includes a section on Key Life Transits, which will be finished over the next few weeks. These cover the Saturn return, Uranian opposition, Pluto transits and Chiron transits. Then there are articles. My favorite is called Everything Old is New Again. There is a mini-series on Saturn. There’s a generous excerpt from Cosmos and Psyche, courtesy of Richard Tarnas.

Once you read one sign, you’re likely to want to read more. You will want to read the sign of your kids or significant other(s). I have a suggestion: it’s better to start with all 12. The most economical option is to get all 12 while you initiate or extend your subscription to Planet Waves. The combined offer (Planet Waves plus all 12 signs) is truly the best deal, in a time when pennies, dimes and dollars count: but not as much as quality. And here is the link to order sign-by-sign, at the original price of $19.95. All 12 go for $73. Considering that people travel halfway around the world and pay me hundreds of dollars an hour to read their chart, I would say that this is a delightfully efficient and sustainable way to get you some wholesome astrology information you can really use.

Cosmic Confidential is designed to be a map to this moment, and lasting resource: astrology for a world on the edge.

Eric Francis

29 thoughts on “Astrology for a World on the Edge

  1. Eric, you are always tapping into a deep well of the unconscious for us, and coming back with your bucket full of wisdom. My Libra Confidential couldn’t be more accurate. And Aries Confidential, for my man… yes. Just yes, all the way.

    Thank you, and keep doing what you do so very well.

  2. I too had to digest my readings in typical virgoan fashion (!) , natal Virgo/ascendant Sagittarius, because they were SO incredibly meaty. I really don’t know how you see into my inner sanctum Eric but you pegged me and my challenges on becoming an autonomous human being with a clarity that never ceases to astound me.

    I am a seed indeed — and a sexy seed at that! Interesting, but that description of what it is to be a Virgo brought up a vivid memory of a young teenaged Ursula, who was captivated and utterly mesmerized by the potency of a seed. I held a pea in my hand and my mind went right into its stored nutrients and imagined them forcing the seed to throw down its roots and delve further into the nourishment of the soil and then eventually shoot out the other end, upwards toward the light. I know this is why I adore gardening. Time and time again I have called myself a gardener but moreso a gardener of the soul, my soul and souls of fellow human beings. I feel I am a nurturer by nature. I truly cannot help myself and it is when I feel most vibrant and alive.

    I have spent this lifetime building up my spiritual food reserves, a slow pain-filled process because of precisely how you observed it Eric; that I am SO easily swayed from the I to the We, time and time and time again often at my own expense and happiness but I have finally figured out and decided how to bring balance to this dynamic and to now turn that nurturing inward for myself. Time has finally arrived, with the cosmos seemingly in agreement, for this Virgo to root and shoot and to grow more from a sense of adventure and less from pain and suffering.

    Thank you Eric and the wonderful PW team for this compilation of mind/soul blowing compositions that are Cosmic Confidential 2010. I love the depth and accuracy of the insights and this wondrously affirming gift shall only urge me to be courageous, to step up and out, and finally, confidently be the “centre of my life.”
    Ah yes.

  3. Eric, this is a breathtaking piece of work, your best yet. The introduction, A Future Investigation, literally made me gasp and then applaud right there at my desktop. We are deskiled, and we have forgtten how to build – and take care and pride in that process. I’m a Scorpio sun/Capricorn rising and my skies, as well as life here on the ground, have been/continue to be wild. Your insights during 2009 were a helpful form of grounding and I was really looking forward to the CC for a whole variety of reasons. I was working at home (OK not really working… but sitting there asking myself the VERY question: “What do I want?”) when it pinged into my inbox and was fortunate enough to be able to take some time, snuggle down in my most comfortable chair, turn off the phone and read mine through in peace. OK, so it’s not exactly ‘raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…’ for me at the moment, but the gift of some clarity about the pressure and momentum that I can feel swelling up behind me is priceless and in a way, comforting – and in places it even made me smile. I always find these need more than one reading, but I need to let the first reading ‘sit’ for a day or so before going back to it again; there are lots of layers – personal and collective – to digest! Thanks again and warmest congratulations to all involved.

  4. Thanks Eric,
    What I read in the horoscopes was worth waiting for.
    I am cancerian with Aries rising, I have read these signs few times and have read other signs as well. There is a very strong common theme between Aries and Cancer that is gaining mastery over emotions and leadership. In this sense, your bit about Cancerians being pulled, pushed, guided and stretched to discovering and developing their talent becomes yet more strong and powerful and there will be no hiding or escaping this energy that is coming in our direction.
    I could complete relate to what you have said about offering so much and yet ending up with a sense of personal loss of some kind.

    What is interesting is that I have been pondering over these exact same things since christmas and just this morning I remembered in one of your articles you had written that 10 years of astrology and all you really learn is ‘paying attention’ and I agree with 200%.

    Thank you so much for guiding and inspiring so many of us!!

  5. Kitty, I am looking forward to the wisdom of the Capricorn generation. I heard on the news that no-one came up with a name for the young people of the OO years (is that double ought? Like I ought to have done more?). I suspect they are the people we will be hearing from, if Capricorn is like a 3rd house pluto transit for kids graduating this year? Sort of like people born in the late 40s were the ones most outspoken during the late 60s. I was born in 51, so too late to really be activist in the late 60s, even though i had a Leo Pluto. But we changed the world, no doubt. Capricorn is going to show all of us where we were selfish and self-centered (who, LEO Plutos?). -:)

  6. After reading my Cancer horoscope felt like skipping and running into the rainy streets – felt so full of joy and hope – but also a little daunted by the work ahead! You’re better than any therapist dear Eric, you help bring unconscious issues into the light, and make conscious issues even more conscious – it’s deep, therapeutic work. And this time you have really surpassed yourself. I can’t thank you enough.
    Liz x

  7. Eric,
    I’m a writer myself, a novelist, and this last book of mine was the most excrutiating thing I’ve ever written. It was due Dec. 1, and I finally turned in… something resembling a book around Jan. 10. I’m still waiting for my poor editor to kick it back to me for revisions, which I know will happen.
    Told a friend writing this book was like trying to drive a stick shift, when I was first leaning how. Lurching ahead and then coming to a complete stop. Again and again and again.
    I don’t know what’s doing that astrologically, but there must be something out there. It’s been hideous.
    –Teresa (Taurus Sun/Capricorn rising, Pluto looming just above my AC right now)

  8. Kitty – post away on Cosmic Confidential!! It’ll be really fun to hear everyone’s reaction there to the horoscopes and to discuss the year, the horoscope and the astrology with other members who share our same sign, or who may know someone who does and have comments about it, or general astrology buffs. I’m really glad that we are able as the year goes on discuss and share how things are going and how we see the astrology reflected in our lives!

    And thank you everyone for all your comments – so great to hear how the annual is being received. It’s such an amazing piece of work that Eric definitely put his heart, soul and all of his time into!

    I’ve read all the signs (I’m Pisces Sun with Aquarius moon rising) and even though I’m not a Scorpio or a Leo or an Aries, they still touched me and gave me great ideas of things to do in my life. I was amazed at how well they described people in my life – my boyfriend, my parents, my roommate, my best friends. For example my roommate is struggling with putting her health first and has been suffering terrible back pain from a car accident (a big part of the problem is she doesn’t put her health first, she can afford to get taken care of, just visiting the physical therapist is not high on her priorities). And low and behold, Eric touched on that, including the back problems. It’s just fun to gain dead-on insight into the lives of those around you. So, if you anyone reading this is considering signing up for all signs but doesn’t know if it’s worth it or if you would use them on – trust me it is and you will. Before you know it you’ll want to read about your parents, siblings, friends, spouse, significant other, that awesome guy or girl your dating. And I found that the other signs also gave me great insight into my own life – I’m a Mars in Aries/Venus in Aries. And the Aries relationship section was so spot on about what’s going on in my relationship right now.

    Again thank you everyone for the feedback, it’s great to hear what you think of CC! And keep the feedback coming!! πŸ™‚

    – Genevieve

  9. Patty, as a Pisces rising person, I feel the same way. I got to the part in the Pisces Confidential about the purpose of Pluto in Capricorn being “to give you some traction in the world”, and I just about fell off my chair. That’s it. While I’m a complex being with a depth of experience (as I assume we all are), if I had to find a phrase that sums up my life to date and what I’m now breaking free of and moving beyond, that would be it.

    And you mean I’m not the only one?

    (I notice that it’s set up to allow us to post comments directly to the Confidential pages … we could have some fun discussing this.)

  10. I’m just dumbfounded at how accurate this is. I always thought I was abnormal for a PISCES. Thanks Eric, you outdid yourself this time.

  11. Eric, cruising through cosmic confidential and the signs.

    This whole thing is most fantastic!!!!!!!

    Worth every penny and much much more.

    I really can appreciate your work, feel your passion for your work and
    I am so happy that I was lucky enough to find planetwaves in the world
    wide web.What you write about Aquarius reflects what I am experiencing
    in my life, even the very personal things. I have to say that you seem
    to transcendent with your readers, their responses…..very smart and

    Makes me feel good,


  12. Just logged into cosmic confidential again. Last night I read through my sun sign, Pisces, and now I just read through my ascendant sign, Aquarius….interesting interplay between these two signs! I’m thinking everyone needs this tool to shed insight into the coming year so that we can make informed, conscious choices!

  13. Dear sir, this recent cosmic confidence is quite on the mark for my gemini/cancer/scorpio…finely tatted. All that soul stuff resonates.

  14. Hi Eric,

    Thank you for your quick reply! I retried to login about half an hour ago, and this time I did indeed get in!!!! And now that you are mailing me in person, I want to take the opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart: what I read in my Sagittarius description is so spot on….it is incredible!!!!

    I feel like dancing for the first time in a long, long time!!!! I recognise everything you write, from the long Pluto in sag period (very, very difficult and trying in my case) to the relative tranquillity of the last year, to the not really devastating yet empty feeling of having outgrown my values and the search for new ones, to the rising feeling of having and wanting to break with old (family) patterns and the beginning awareness that maybe because of that long trial period I have started to hide myself too much and that is time to stop that!

    I will certainly be rereading everything many times to really let it sink in, but for now: THANK YOU for giving me hope by telling me that whatever I have been feeling was right and not for nothing!! It gives me the courage to face whatever just misses are coming my way with a smile. ( I had many (also big ones) over the last decade and though they did make me stronger, they also left me cautious and in search of my old elan).

    THANK YOU!!!

    Warm regards,


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    I’m adding my compliments to the pile. This is a great publication. Accessible and clear organization. Wow. Big improvement there. And the readings! Lots to chew on for months and months. Again, accessible is the keyword. Yet you’ve thrown in loads of goodies for those of us wanting to dig into the astrology of this amazing year.

    I cannot begin to count the number of astrologers who produce annual readings that read like formulas and pad their writing with repetitive and ‘pat’ one-size-fits-all interpretations. (Garrr!!) PW NEVER does that.

    As someone who’s got 90% of her chart on the cardinal cross of the 2010-2012, I’ve been looking forward to this edition for months. It’s been worth the wait/weight.

    Love and effort so so so evident to me. Yay! Great work, PW team.

  16. I feel as though I’ve just arrived at a banquet :D. Just finished reading the introductory piece (“A Future Investigation”), enjoyed the photography of Delos, and am now proceeding to the extended horoscope for my rising sign, Pisces. (I bought all 12 signs, figuring that since my chart contains all the signs, there’ll be something in each ‘scope that resonates somehow with me.)

  17. Definitely worth waiting for. After reading only a bit of mine I changed course on something, that has already proven correct….. encouragement for something I might not otherwise have done….. Niiiiiice. πŸ˜‰

  18. Eric –

    I am overwhelmed actually breathless at the snippets I have looked at. How can you be so ‘spot on’ for something so complicated? Your ‘saints and sinners’ comment for Leo hit right at home with an experience I just had with someone I cared for – unbelievable. I haven’t dared to read what you’ve written for Virgo and Sadge (my ascendant) – the week will drag on until I have time to give this my undivided attention.

    Truly a wonderful new year gift from you and everyone who has made this possible.

    Thank you seems quite inadequate – but

    With much appreciation!

  19. Eric,
    Gemini Cosmic Confidential touched me at my core, and brought me to my knees. I’ve had a great cry of relief and joy. You are truly gifted Eric, and I am profoundly touched by your accomplishment with Cosmic Confidential. Thank you.

  20. There is a lot of unique stuff in the signs; not repeated.

    Each year it comes closer to being an astrology textbook on the signs. I am gaining an understanding of the signs as they relate to the solar house system. I will do an article on this soon, as part of explaining how Sun sign astrology works; but it’s really a very old system and it provides a lot of space to maneuver the ideas…it’s not boxy or stiff, it is actually a sleek, simplified astrology wheel. That is why it works.

  21. I just finished a quick read through of my sign, pisces. The third paragraph of the last section made me smile in recognition: The last several months I’ve been vacillating between the two extremes you mentioned. Thanks for the insight on how to focus that energy; I can’t wait for more time to delve more deeply!

  22. Eric and staff, this is just so much better than all previous annual reports! I haven’t finished reading either, but thank you so much! This is awesome!

  23. Genevieve – I don’t know about fearless. But my Sally Brompton horoscope for today said STOP WORRYING.

    Anatoly just gave me the word count – 54,000 words in just the horoscopes.

    BTW Genevieve did the drafts of the transit articles, as yet unposted, and much other research – with even more research from Gauri and Kirsti as well. Amanda, Lakshmi, and Liz Weber and others organized vast parts of the extra sign materials; Amanda helped with proofreading, karma checking of the final draft, and a few other bits as well. Jessica Keet just proofread al 54K in just about 36 hours — TWICE.

    Geesh. Word count does not count the three rewrites of each sign…and even the January monthly (short annual) took four rewrites. I never have rewritten horoscopes like this…usually I just bring ’em on in. These, I actually had to author. I am expecting a call from a publisher tomorrow. Oh wait, Planet Waves IS a publisher, that’s how we can do this kind of thing — there is nobody to say we cannot.

  24. Eric, I’m maybe a 1/3 of the way through Gemini, and I had to stop reading and come over and say it’s beautiful, dead on, and I love ya.

  25. Congratulations on getting this baby into its flightsuit and over the hurdles, E. I know a little too well how ‘interesting’ this last season has been for writers. I ordered last year’s as a gift for one of my x-husbands (the Sagg) and he was kind enough to share the Sagg annual (for my rising sign). That reading was powerful and pointed.

    Inasmuch as this economic year has started out *worse* than last (is that even possible?), there is a .0002 chance I can buy this year’s. But you have my unalloyed admiration, withal.

    I remain
    Expensive but free,


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