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We are in a busy week astrologically — and December is an impressive month of activity. At this point, it’s vital to get a handle on your priorities and not waste time. We are in Sagittarius right now, the phase of the year when time seems to run the fastest. It’s crucial to plan and time your activities with a sense of perspective. Start with a list of things that you can put off until mid-January and keep yourself busy with what truly must happen before the holidays.

Let’s stick to this week, though. We’re entering the full phase of the Moon at the moment; the exact Gemini Full Moon is Weds., Dec. 2 at 2:30 am EST.

The Moon ingresses Gemini Tuesday morning at 9:23 am. Tuesday night is therefore the peak of energy, but we are currently riding the wave, as in right now. We all know what Full Moon energy feels like, though we can all benefit from reminders to go gently on any situation that might polarize. It can also be helpful in gently — gently — unraveling situations that seem intractable. To sum up: Full Moon energy will either polarize situations (often unnecessarily) or help work through situations that are already polarized. The problem with this kind of advice is that most people are taking a ride on the lunar energy (a kind of emotional trip) , rather than steering consciously. So the idea is to bring things to the level of awareness; to notice how you are feeling, or responding, and checking in whether it’s rational or sensible.

If you are planning to start anything this week, I suggest waiting until after the Full Moon has passed, and not following your emotional impulses. One interesting bit about this Full Moon is the involvement of two minor planets. Well, let’s make that five. This deserves a little blog of its own so I won’t get too long-winded, but: the Sun is conjunct Hylonome (self-inflicted) and the Moon is conjunct Chaos (which can be the fertile chaos of creation). This is along the nuclear axis — a zone in the zodiac where nuclear issues tend to pop up, so it’s no shock that we have pretty big nuke news out of Iran this week. Involved in the setup is something that says: the pictures seem true because we want them to be true. Which does not make them true. Beware, news hounds. Not every photograph is true, and every photo tells a little lie.

Uranus stations direct in Pisces on Tuesday. Uranus retrogrades last about five months. This is a particularly meaningful station-direct because Uranus is about to begin its transition in to Aries; and on June 11, there will be a conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus on the Aries Point. Happening in aspect to Saturn and Pluto, this will be one of those big events in the mix of what we are all calling “2012.” So, the current station direct is the train leaving the station for a big, big conjunction ON the Aries Point to the degree: and that is the feeling of “something inevitable coming.” But remember, it’s a feeling and we have a lot of say over what it is that might be coming, and remember again: Sept. 11 already happened. The one inevitable thing that has not already happened is a lot of people waking up.

As this happens, Venus ingresses Sagittarius. Venus will be close to the Sun for quite a while, and there will be an exact Sun/Venus conjunction on Jan. 11. Venus is about money and value and Sagittarius says international. We are about to experience quite the sequence of events involving international finance, which is a good time to mention Dubai. I posted those charts (for the United Arab Emirates) below, in case anyone wants to offer their thoughts.

Ski Dubai is a 22,500-square meter indoor skiing area boasting five slopes of varying difficulty, height, and steepness housed within the Mall of the Emirates in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Photo from
Ski Dubai is a 22,500-square meter indoor skiing area boasting five slopes of varying difficulty, height, and steepness housed within the Mall of the Emirates in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Photo from Link to photo page at Snopes is below. There are other cool pictures. See*

The upshot is that Dubai is defaulting on $59 billion in loans (note that the amount varies from article to article, and is estimated as high as $90 billion or so). While this is not a lot of cash on the standards of AIG or Bank of America or the bailout or the stimulus package, it’s likely to ‘stimulate’ a crisis of confidence. Iceland going broke is one thing; a supposedly affluent Middle Eastern country is another. Dubai may be in the news for a while. UAE has its natal Pluto at 1+ Libra in the 8th house. That means Aries Point — the country’s natal Pluto is opposite the first degree of the zodiac. The 8th house can point to debt issues, and an 8th house Pluto can indicate a kind of lifetime power struggle that takes lots of evolutionary focus to get beyond. But the UAE is a medieval society; it’s a feudal system, and we may wonder what ‘evolution’ looks like in that context. It may in fact mean a total restructuring.

Pluto, now in Capricorn, is square the UAE natal Pluto — that is called the Pluto square Pluto key life transit; a significant turning point in the life of a young nation. Saturn in Libra is conjunct that natal Pluto, which seems to have tipped the scales on this event. And most exciting of all, Uranus is about to oppose that Pluto: all a big Aries Point circus, complete with belly dancers. The Aries Point tends to ripple out and have effects beyond what we were planning on. the UAE also has Pholus in its ascendant — same basic concept.

Meanwhile, Obama is sending 36,000 more troops to Afghanistan, the place empires go to die. This will cost tens of billions of dollars a year. Most people think that we’re fighting the same terrorists who blew up the World Trade Center. This is so ridiculous it’s unbearable. This week the Senate Foreign Relations Committee issued a report that said that bin Laden, one of many alleged masterminds of the Sept. 11 incident, was within the grasp of United States forces in late 2001 — just weeks after the event —  but the operation was never carried out. According to the report, this allowed bin Laden to escape to Pakistan.

Fe Bongolan will have a FE-911 post that explains the situation in more detail — but to sum up in one word, it’s about China.

On the home front, Obama is going to catch a lot of shit for this, and we will be watching that issue as well.

Stay tuned — we have more interesting stuff for you coming up through the day.

Meanwhile, don’t just play it cool. Be cool.

Eric Francis
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  1. I will try to hunker down and be cool-which is tough. I feel really beat up, the drama just keeps coming, and I feel like it won’t stop anytime too soon. I have been watching my emotional trigger point-Aries point natal Mars in Libra conjunct transiting Saturn. Was not too successful on that over the weekend, but am now aware of it and will work on keeping my mouth shut. Relationship changes are difficult but at times necessary.
    Thanks for the insight Eric.

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