Asteroids for dinner

By Len Wallick

Holy Moly! It’s Thanksgiving!

It is perhaps an encouraging sign that many of us share an ambivalence about this holiday. Having discovered the misrepresentations of revisionist history books, having become aware of the centuries of horror visited upon the first citizens of the American continents, having become conscious of the unappetizing details that are behind the food on our table its no wonder. And then there are the grim taxing details of traveling some distance to gather with people who, in many cases, are precisely the same individuals we choose to live far away from. Somewhere, Mark Twain is either laughing or crying.

Today, the luminaries and planets are in sympathy through their synchronicity, mythological and otherwise as they gather in their own way, the extended family of the Solar System.

The Sun, moving into the fifth degree of Sagittarius, conjoins the asteroid Circe. Dig out that copy of the Odyssey (you know, the one with no crease on the spine?). Seems that on the way home Odysseus and his crew got hungry and got off at the Anaea exit. Some of them moved immediately to accept Circe’s offer of a feast, whereupon they became pigs. Resonates somehow, eh? Odysseus (who waited until halftime) was intercepted by Hermes/Mercury on his way to the table and given an herb called moly (which was indeed holy because only a deity could harvest the root) which made him immune to the potion in the stuffing so that he would not make a pig of himself. There’s a lotta yada after that but, good timing, Sun! Sure beats hearing a story about white dudes in buckle shoes for the Nth time.

This morning, the waxing gibbous Moon got drama-ed up early in in conjunction with Uranus and by golly she’s gonna make her personal political when she crosses over into Aries. Maybe that would be a good time to go out on the porch for a smoke before she starts in about Pelion and Bienor.

Trines imply momentum and as such are usually considered favorable aspects. How about when the quality of persistence building on itself (another way of saying momentum, no?) involves things not entirely comfortable? Today, Mercury perfects its trine with Mars, but look who’s coming to dinner with each of them. Mercury is conjunct with the asteroid Cupido, you don’t have to be Fellini to figure that out. Mars is bringing his date, the asteroid Atropos (you know, the Fate sister who snips the string?). Just who decided to seat them together at the table anyway?

Venus is getting tipsy as she exacts her square to Neptune before she’s gotten over her aspect with the lunar nodes. Hide your nephew. Jupiter is sliding over on the sofa hoping Chiron won’t notice while Saturn and Pluto are planning to stay for awhile.

Ah yes, why don’t we do this more often?

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9 thoughts on “Asteroids for dinner”

  1. Odysseus and Obama both protected by the gods….thanks is for our giving indeed!

    I was blessed to spend the day with good friends and good conversation – nothing else was important, really.

    Very fun read, Len – thanks for that 😉

    Love to All and Kitty too.


  2. tHanks BK – but it’s given me the push to do something I should have done at least a few months back. Walking away from something. (nothing too major) And I know Nature abhors a vacuum so something better should come in its place at some point.

  3. I’ve got an hour.!. Odysseus was protected. Wasn’t he. He was given a mission, time seemed acceptable within the frame of acceptance. His journey was one of motivation, ambition,.. He relinquished fear for action,.. no?.. ..He also took a few years to get his shit straight,.. if I Recall the story correctly!?! 20 or so… But…

    ..Okay, the plants might have to be grown/picked by the gods.. ..but we’re the ones who utilize the sheisse! It’s our (individual) intelligence that Understands the matter that we put in our bodies is akin to the psychological complexes we navigate, Within our eye/ear/vibe stuff. (..I’m just gonna laugh a bit before I go.. I can’t help my ‘crazy’ Vegan talk! It makes me laugh! I so don’t want to propagandize, but, ..if you could see the shit I see…) (Pure and utter craziness,.. and Love itself..!?)

    From a Vegan, all!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Love You!

    Always friendlies!


  4. Paletiger,

    Thanks for good wishes; will do the Black Friday thing and get some baby food tomorrow! (Was at my wits end. She [Crystal] ate a few bites of Medley (a Fancy Feast product. . mostly gravy) tonight and that was encouraging! She’s 17)

    Mandy . . so sorry to hear.

  5. BK – feels like ages since I saw your name on here, maybe I missed it while I was away myself. Anyway, so sorry to hear about kittycat, warmest wishes to you – both. H.

  6. Len, is that really true? That moley is an herb that only a diety can harvest? That fascinates me and (if true) I really appreciate you passing on the info. Love the picture you paint of the day’s transits. (Sounds like you’re having fun!)

    Not at all the typical holiday for me. Just warmed a can of soup (chicken noodle) to see if I can get my dying kittie to eat or drink anything. So glad to find something to make me smile here at PW. Thanks!


    Try baby food. Chicken, turkey or fish, find the one s/he likes best…my old old old kitty William Pen made it to 20 on baby food.

  7. I wish I was a trapper
    I would give a thousand pelts
    To sleep with Pocahontas
    And find out how she felt
    In the mornin’ on the fields of green
    In the homeland we’ve never seen.


    Pocahontas is the spirit of the land embodied as one of its women.

    The untainted life of Turtle Island, our continent.

    No period after felt. Not even a comma. She is the land. The Land we don’t know, but which was really here.

    And find out how she felt
    In the mornin’ on the fields of green
    In the homeland we’ve never seen.


  8. Happy Holidays whether blissfully pleasing or stressfully bleeding…I am thankful for Planetwaves, for the community that it is…for the writers that contribute, and for the blessing of being alive and relatively well despite asteroids on the menu!

    Bless us every one and all!


    sophie aka oracle’s eye

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