Aries Birthday Audio by Eric Francis

Dear Aries Cosmic Child (or friend of one):

This image is available as a gift card. For more information, email Chelsea.
This image is available as a gift card. For more information, email Chelsea.

It’s a new season, your birthday has arrived and I’ve created something new: Aries birthday audio. As you may be reading, the next few months bring some of the most extraordinary astrology of our lifetimes, and it’s focused on your birth sign.

Presented as an in-person astrology reading, in clear language with high-quality sound, the report goes into detail on the blossoming of self-awareness that’s all over the Aries charts this year; the evolution in your relationships; and your high-energy emphasis on your career. I have suggestions for bringing your personal life and professional life into alignment and into a space of mutual support.

The astrology section is about 45 minutes, followed by an Aries tarot reading using the Voyager deck. Use this link to get instant access and listen today — as many times as you want. It’s priced to be affordable — just $14.95.

I know when I’ve done good work — and these readings feel great. (This came out yesterday and inspiring reviews are also coming in.) But just to give you peace of mind, this reading is 100% guaranteed to be up to the quality you deserve. That said, I offer it with full confidence in the information I’ve brought through for you. Once again, here is the product description and the link to purchase. (This link will work for purchasing gifts for your Aries friend, cousin or significant other as well.)

Happy birthday and thank you for doing your metaphysical shopping at Planet Waves.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

8 thoughts on “Aries Birthday Audio by Eric Francis”

  1. hey eric,
    i plan on buying this for my aries mother and brother. thank you—i’ve missed your wonderful birthday reports on your weekly updates, but i can imagine how time intensive they are. i’m a pisces (as you are, i hear!) and if you did a pisces birthday reading, i’d snap it up in a new york minute! but i can understand starting this new, exciting project with aries. thanks for your beautiful work.
    warm wishes,

  2. Hi Eric,

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the audio for Aries 2010. It really spelt out the main issues in a very concise way. I am also an astrologer and am currently writing about this same Jupiter/Uranus conjunction for the columns etc I do, but even having this knowledge myself it is so helpful to hear someone else put it into context. It is like hearing it with fresh ears. I liked what you said about planning and thought this a great coincidence as I have just purchased a few days a go a program specifically for planning out the things I want to achieve over the year(s) ahead. It seemed the best way to go and the audio mirrored this. The Tarot reading is a very nice addition. I too have the Voyager deck and am going to lay out the cards in the order they came up and dream on them a while.

    I also enjoyed the cafe atmosphere in the background. If I ever visit Portland in Maine I will surely pay a visit to the North Star.

    All the best – H.

    PS Will be subscribing to PW again soon – the credit card maxed out.

  3. E – it’s great. I thought the whole thing was brilliant and as I think I said, almost (but not quite) as if you were in the room. I loved the Voyager cards, I checked out Jame’s site to get a glimpse of them – beautiful.

  4. Response has been amazing, it’s very encouraging. It’s both selling and people are happy. The customers I’ve heard from have said that the product is helpful and it’s an efficient and economical way to offer an hour of tarot and astrology. (Adding tarot was an afterthought but the reading worked beautifully and I even got an email yesterday from James Wanless, the creator of the Voyager deck and a kindred spirit I’ve corresponded with in the past. I’m about to send him comps to some of our products.)

  5. Thanks Eric for creating this audio horoscope/tarot reading for Aries!

    Its a fantastic listen (you do know how to talk to an aries).

    It clarified a lot of questions I had about the massive Uranus/Jupiter conjunction, specifically as to Saturn and how to negotiate that energy.

    Your insight is thoughtful but also challenging me to meet this new… me(?) with as much energy, creativity and courageousness I know I can muster.


  6. I cant’ wait for the Cancer Birthday Audio!!
    Aries is my rising sign and I am very tempted to purchase Aries audio and I might just do that.
    I have my Natal Mars in Virgo, I have always felt Mars energy very strongly and since It has turned direct, I have been wrestling with restless mind and sleepless nights. Like Last nigth Zero sleep, not liking it.

  7. eric:

    I’m listening now to the Aries report because my nephew is an Aries, and I’ve got my Mars in Aries in the 1st House/bordering the second..

    Boy, how right on target are we? Absolutely. Right. On. For both me and the nephew. Good job.

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