Aquarius New Moon and an Egyptian Political Adventure

Good morning.

Today’s podcast is ready. It’s a look at the Aquarius New Moon that happens at 9:30 pm ET / 6:30 pm PT. I look at the incredibly high-pressure situation in Egypt, with massive crowds the past week demanding the resignation and exile of Pres. Hosni Mubarak.

‘President’ is a ridiculous title for Mubarak — and glancing at Wikipedia this morning I see that Egypt is defined as a “semi-presidential republic under Emergency Law” since 1967. Yes, Egypt has been living in a “state of emergency” (with an 18-month exception) since the 1967 war with Israel, that everyone has forgotten; it’s been a while.

Yesterday, in response to the protests and apparent demands by Washington that he step down, Mubarak said he would not seek ‘re-election’ when his term is up in September. Of course he’s not really the electable, or elected, type of guy — he’s your basic dictator of a client state of the United States. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out with such a powerful New Moon taking place at the peak of the crisis.

The populist uprising that has swept through Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan has the mark of the Uranus-Pluto square, which is the centerpiece of 2012 astrology. The square reaches its first exact contact in June 2012 but it’s well within an orb of influence — has been for years — to have an influence. But now that so many other aspects are out of the way we’re going to see this event for what it is.

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Eric Francis

14 thoughts on “Aquarius New Moon and an Egyptian Political Adventure”

  1. Be, that’s a lovely bit about iridescense. Every now and then a pair or two of dragonflys will show up in the park across the street – far from home they are for sure, and it’s always nice to see them.

  2. aword, shebear,

    How delighted I was to read your personal thoughts and artistic ways of capturing the magical dragonfly! Thank you for sharing.

    “Iridescense is the property of an object to show itself in different colors depending on the angle and polarization of light falling on it. This property is seen and believed as the end of one’s self-created illusions and a clear vision into the realities of life. The magical property of iridescence is also associated with the discovery of one’s own abilities by unmasking the real self and removing the doubts one casts on his/her own sense of identity.”

  3. Thanks a lot Be for writing this. I do take comfort in what you intuit about the upcoming equinox and the dragonfly image is *be*-oootiful! What came to mind when I thought of a dragonfly is a photo I took many moons ago while living in Vancouver, BC. I don’t ever remember seeing a dragonfly growing up in Ireland and I was instantly smitten with this mesmerizing dragonfly that hovered around a koi pond, near where I lived. I was transfixed by the iridescent blue of its gossamer wings. I have that photo somewhere in a box, sadly not chronicled, but I look forward to the day I unearth it and I will remember what you wrote here today.

    “A-*Change* gonna come, oh yes it is…..” (Sam Cooke, singer/song-writer, 18931-1964)
    I take comfort in the notion that change is coming down the pipe this spring, of course willing it to be meaningful and extraordinary.

    That is some dragon tattoo A word, along with some amazing aerial acrobatics. I wish I had some of her flexibility! 😉

  4. Love the Dragonfly Image, Be.

    Here’s a link to a friend/partner’s video reel….about halfway down is one called “The Aerialist”. The girlfriend of mine who is performing has a beautiful dragonfly on her back….the vid opens with a shot of it.

    You might also enjoy watching her “fly’n’dance mid air on her silks with that dragonfly riding her shoulders!

    (Ya; me = producer, and anything else that has to be done to get a project done!)

  5. A technology note for Eric and Anatoly…..

    Although the new player embedded on the page works fine, it is blocked in some large company networks along with all other social networking tools.

    Due to this, my personal request is to please keep posting to the old player so I can listen on the weekends when I do the day shifts alone at the funeral home!

    Thanks guys – great and inspiring work.

    Gratitude from hot and humid Sydney,


  6. I really wonder who these “pro Mubarak” people are. I have the hunch that things were kept “peaceful” (no big military or police crackdown) long enough for the “pro Mubarak” group to be assembled. Took them a while, didn’t it? Geeze.

    Eric, thank you for this podcast. I am one who strongly prefers to read material rather than listen to it, but this was just really fine. I deeply appreciate the way you cut right to the root of the “how” we can be with all this: Go Deep, and find your own inner conflict and get clear with your own self. Needs to be said and repeated, IMO.

    I also register that yeah this new moon is much much edgier than I am used to feeling! Hoping a new pattern emerges after the moon turns, so there is a bit less of this feeling of walking through energetic shrapnel continually zooming around, yikes!


  7. Yeah, fer sure A Word, it is about sending courage and love to all the people of Egypt and beyond, and I include Mubarak in my intentions. I’ve been turned inside out making peace with my father who died three and a half years ago and I know his controlling behaviours were deeply rooted in his discomfort at owning and integrating the feminine side of his persona.

    He experienced deep regrets at the end of his life for not being able to expression that femininity; he was in actual fact the softer personality of my parents, and he shared those regrets with me. He had bottled it up through his lifetime, afraid to express it in the world thereby creating a very painful environment for me and my family. I seek to better to come to terms with that pain on a daily basis, in an effort for both of us to be set free from that dynamic, one which unfortunately wrecked havoc on our relationship.

    I happily share kinship with you on this one and send you empathy for your journey 😉

  8. shebear,

    Thank you for checking out the symbol for 21 Libra, as I trust the intuitive revelations they produce. With the astrological numbers/degrees of the signs, it is more of a mental acceptance (20 Libra to 20 Aquarius) and intuition is not called upon to inform so much. However, I have learned to believe in my and others’ intuition regarding symbols so I am willing to share this one I got not too long ago.

    When I first saw the Vernal Exuinox chart (which is 6 1/2 weeks from now) I was drawn to the two conjunctions opposite one another. Before I even thought about what signs and what planets were involved, the image of a dragonfly was summoned up, due to the slight spread between each of the 2 “wings” on each side. Not into bugs much, I just had the impression that dragonflies had 2 wings on each side, but I believe now that it is just one wing on each side, and perhaps, like the flaps on airplane wings, what looks like a second wing is merely a device to maintain a position of steadiness.

    I rather dismissed that thought and went on to dissect the symbolism of the 2 sets of conjunctions and the 2 oppositions, as they were so intriguing in themselves. On one side you have Saturn and Moon, on the other side you have Mercury and Jupiter. Each side represents the 2 polar opposites of a section of the horoscope, Capricorn/Cancer on one side and Gemini/Sagittarius on the other side. Well, there’s more to that and it can wait for now. The point I wanted to tell you about is that I later looked up the symbolism for the dragonfly, and in a nutshell, everyone seems to agree that it represents “change”.

    There is much more on this, but I wanted to convey the feeling I got when I read those words, repeated from several sources. Change . . . spelled out in a big fat symbol splashed all over that chart that could be considered pretty scary when looked at the usual way. I mean, Uranus and the Sun at 0 Aries, and Pluto squaring just about everything? Somehow, by just picturing a beautiful dragonfly with the Sun shining on it, holding a point over the water for a while, then zip-zip. . straight up or back or forward it moves off to another location. . .well that just left me with such a serene feeling. I guess because the only time I’ve ever seen dragonflies is when I’m fishing and therefore pretty relaxed!

    I felt obliged to share this perception because when we start talking about the Equinox it might cause some to get aprehensive, what with the major implications of the aspects themselves. I got the feeling that the overriding message of the chart was to just go with the flow, rise above the emotional “water”, hold steady and accept that the changes the chart portends are a natural thing. . . not right or wrong. . . just part of the cycle of becoming who we are supposed to be. Hopefully it will help some to just relax and feel the sunshine and watch the dragonfly perform so gracefully.

  9. shebear,

    (feeling kinship on this one) I always offer silent apology first to Taureans I have not met as I’ve got a serious “Taurus Syndrome” thing still burining in my life. (And then I listen intently so as not to throw my baggage onto them!)

    But I wonder if Pallas conjuct Hades on my Tauruean midheaven could speak to the wide range of um, ‘uncomfortable situations’ I always seem to encounter with Taurus Suns and Moons etc?

    So no worries, Shebear – I too am highly attuned to Taurus energy – and I know we can be part of sending loads of love into that (egypt) energy field at this time.

    🙂 Love 🙂

  10. Ya. Feeling a little like one current events question (egypt) can be, “what desire for control re: trade (routes) do both China and the USA have in common.

    Feeling like moving into contest for more than control of just commodities such as oil, but now adding stronger concerns re: the movement of economies visavis trade (in the politics going on here).

    Embers are stirring; peoples’ unrest bringing these secret dealings to our consciousness.

    well, hahaha – and Wikileaks.

    And those who are not fearful to speak outloud…..thanks for that, Eric. You are a strong and sane voice.

  11. I just listened to the podcast Eric and you present a *high theory* for sure, urging us to go within and sort out any imbalances we carry around, as that work is the essential way forward. I could not agree with you more.

    To add, and with no offense intended please to anyone born under the sign of Taurus, but when I saw that Mubarak has an early May birthday, my father and brother came to mind and I thought, uh oh, he’s not going to go softly into the night as we might hope. His ego will dig in and his stubbornness will be a problem, and sadly here we have it present itself today, which is tragic.

    I can only imagine the heated diplomacy taking place between Egypt and the WH as I write this and I pray to the heavens that a higher truth prevails and very soon.

  12. Mubarak’s pathetic clinging to power in an attempt to save face has only served to exacerbate the situation and exposes him as the despot that he is. So cruel to set his evil doers on such a peace loving protest.

    Be, your tutelage is always appreciated and I took a cue from one of the degrees you presented here, Libra 21, referencing its Sabian symbol and meaning at the site,

    A Sunday Crowd Enjoying the Beach. Dane Rudhyar’s keynote interpretation for this symbol is:

    **A revivifying contact with the Mother-force of nature and of social togetherness**
    Well howsabout that then!

    Bringing to mind once again that today is the feast day of Bridget of Kildare (I spoke her name several times this morning and actually had the notion that it rhymed well with with Egypt!), tonight we can light again our candles, evoking the current Uranian spark of revolution (though I do find myself preferring Prometheus to Uranus taking your cue from your podcast of last Wednesday Eric and by turn that of Rick Tarnas).

    To cap things off, I found out today is the birthday of Melanie — “I’ve got a Brand New Key” — and it is eerily appropriate to send out this song and invite all who read here to blast it loud tonight at the time of the new moon in Aquarius and send love and solidarity to the peace loving people of Egypt. It is a *perfect* anthem for today.

    Peace, love, blessings y’all.

  13. A pro-Mubarak group has emerged; a non-military, sticks and stones throwing mob as well as occasional molitov (sp?) cocktails, have attacked the Protesters (anti-Mubarak) in Tahrir Square in Cairo. This started around around 4 PM Cairo time, (9 AM EST). Per Anderson Cooper, the military has not intervened other than to try to separate the 2 groups with their tanks. They are no longer checking people (pat down) for weapons as they enter the square. People are being injured of course, and it sounds like they are only the anti-Mubarak group. It is chaotic of course, but this is what is being reported now.

    Checking the planets at that time the closest major aspect I found would be the transiting Uranus at 28 Pisces 03 square the transiting Venus at 28 Sagittarius 6. I did note that transiting Nessus at 20 Aquarius 0 was trine the 1953 Egypt chart’s Saturn at 20 Libra 34 rx. Transiting Nessus was also trine the Mubarak Regime chart’s Sun and Jupiter at 20 Libra 50 and 2 Libra 47 respectively.

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