And, Betty Dodson turns 81 today

Betty Dodson's dildo collection on her mantle piece. "Make sure you tell them that I've had my way with every one of them," she said, as I photographed her collection for 15 minutes. I was there Monday afternoon doing a business consulting session for her web-based erotic education projects. Photo by Eric.

Betty Dodson turns 81 today. Author of Sex for One and the producer of many erotic education videos, I never miss teaching her chart at a speaking engagement. Betty is a one-woman sexual revolution, having split off of the ‘straight’ feminist movement and being banished from the conventional art world because of the sexual content of her work. I have some thoughts to share about her new work, and her new business partnership with Carlin Ross, but I’ll save that for next week when I’m back in business as a writer. For now I will share last year’s biographical tribute on her 80th birthday, and an astrological analysis of her chart from two years ago. Here is a Planet Waves discussion thread called Art and Education. She contributed the lead article in a Planet Waves series called Fucking Like a Feminist a few years ago.

I write about her a lot; here is another — Betty makes a cameo in my article on the Aries Moon called The Dauntless Moon, along with Salvador Dali, Jerry Garcia and Andy Warhol.

Betty — happy birthday. I plan to be your astrologer for a long time.

6 thoughts on “And, Betty Dodson turns 81 today”

  1. Happy Birthday Betty!! You are such a beautiful woman, sister Virgo.

    Y’all have GOT to watch the video “why does my clit go numb” Just click on the link Eric bolded “business partnership with carlin ross” right above….

  2. Ooooo it’s Virgoland @ PW today!
    Happy Birthday Betty.
    You and my 81 year old friend Judith (triple Pisces) would love each other. You have that same look about you, and I know she adores sex!

    I shall celebrate your celebration with my collection of one! Thank the goddess it works just fine, oooh aaah! 😉

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