Chart for the Building 197 (Navy Yard) incident

Here’s the chart for the Building 197 incident. The location was not some obscure place; it was the Navy’s operational headquarters within the larger facility in Washington, requiring an additional security check to get in. Government officials say they are still seeking information about the suspect, Aaron Alexis, who was killed after several shootouts with SWAT teams.

Navy Yard shooting on Monday, Sept. 16, 2013.
Navy Yard shooting on Monday, Sept. 16, 2013.

The chart makes some sense, with Mercury rising opposite (potentially explosive) Uranus, which is exactly setting. The rising/setting configuration is called angularity — it places emphasis on planets to have them on or hear the horizon.

Every chart with Mercury in Libra rising reminds me a little of the Sept 11 chart, as that was the most visible and in many ways defining signature of that chart. Mercury-Uranus also has the feeling of “thought of on the fly” but this may be more like “done in collaboration with a group.”

The Aquarius Moon is opposite Mars, giving the chart the feeling of a spontaneous outburst, but these kinds of incidents require careful planning.

I will emphasize that we don’t know who this person is. He was identified by his fingerprints. The Navy said that Alexis had been awarded the National Defense Service Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal. So he is one of their own. The FBI has asked the public for help profiling the guy and getting a sense of his history.

Note that Mercury is exactly conjunct a rarely-discussed outer planet, a scattered disk object orbiting our Sun called (42355) Typhon. This the point, mentioned recently, that turns the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto configuration into a grand cross; it is in Libra. Typhon is the namesake of typhoons and considered one of the greatest monsters of classical Greek lore. Mercury is also square the lunar apogee, which is at 11+ Cancer.

Now for the ‘trout in the milk’ factor: Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and is on the midheaven, the government angle. Mercury is about to make a square to this point over the next few days. The connection can be minimal, such as that Alexis received Navy training in the use of firearms; it could be more extensive than that. The fact that Mercury is aspecting so many planets describes connections and interconnections.

Authorities are still looking for a potential second suspect.

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  1. Well, in a sense, it’s hard to be surprised or shocked by this. You really only need to look back, Loughner, Holmes, Lanza, connect the dots and draw a line out with a straight edge. We were due. Fits the pattern. Maybe again in March. Quietly horrifying isn’t it.

    Guess Mr. Alexis was a psychotic too.
    This system, asleep in a bed that’s burning, is not there, has not got your back if you’re in your own private idaho.

    Others are wiping brows, phew. Sequester coming up, maybe Snowden’s out of the news cycle for good now.

  2. In one sense, it’s hard to react with shock or surprise. It’s easy enough to connect the dots from the past, line up the straight edge, and draw a line, and expect one by next summer. Don’t need specifics, the system will express itself through the particular circumstances. A bit horrifying isn’t it?

    Several stories report a history of mental health anger management and ‘I was cleaning it and it went off’. I don’t think the way mental health problems are stigmatized helps- Laughner, Holmes, Lanza, appeared to self-isolate, instead of deal w/ known & documented mental health issues.

  3. Like Fe I too am tired of this kind of tragedy getting re-created over and over again. Some part of me has decided that it is time to let the schoolyard bullies (and those who cheer them on) to realize that they are stupid idiots. For me, the only solution that makes sense is to just step out of the playground all together. The whole gun and violence-loving part of our culture is adolescent, pathetic and dysfunctional. They are not going to listen to me or people like me who advocate for Peace because right now they are stuck in their own addictive cycles. What to do?

    I am old enough now to look back on my life and see some things with the perspective of a semi-elder. Here is what I notice: so many of my generation were way out ahead of the collective. We were into organic food, low-impact green living, Peace, protecting the environment, Yoga and meditation, conflict/sweat-shop free consumerism, anti-nuke, pro-animal rights, anti-cigarette, pro-women’s rights and all that sort of thing DECADES before they became main-stream, hip and popular.

    Back in our day we were marginalized, labeled as weirdos and freaks and basically dissed at every turn for embracing these values. We were thought of as people who lived on the lunatic fringe. Now those values are rather central/core to much of the western world, or if not core values, certainly they are accepted more readily than they used to be. Fine. Let’s just acknowledge that we, as the lunatic fringe had VISION back then! We knew where we needed to go as a collective, where the Truth would finally become accepted and mainstreamed.

    Now here we are and no one even bats an eye at a Yoga studio or an organic juice bar anymore. They pop up like mushrooms in the forest at every mall or on any corner of any mid-sized town. We didn’t whine about not being accepted, we just got on with living our values and the rest of the collective finally caught up with us. They realized that what we advocated was a better way to live- for ourselves, each other, and the planet. We didn’t compromise what we knew to be true and good for the whole we just kept our course and just didn’t stop, even if we were not rich or popular, we were happier and that is what gets noticed, eventually. What disappoints me is how we are given no credit now for the vision we had back then…. but bullies rarely admit they were wrong. So be it and so what.

    Now here we are, looking at another stupid, senseless act of mass murder. We are all weary of the tragic loss of innocent life which is rooted in the psychotic love affair this country still has with violence and guns. We KNOW this is not the way we should be, as neighbors as fellow human beings. This whole addiction to violence that is in every facet of our media is something we just have to wait out till the collective can catch up with us on it. Then they will claim it as their own great enlightenment, as their great victory and forget those of us who were out there ahead of the curve on this decades before they finally realized how fucked up the whole business is… and I DO mean “business” because there is a ton of money being made on this addiction from EVERY angle.

    I look forward to that time when the collective finally wakes up and realizes that we are doing this to ourselves. Just like with all the other stuff that is now hip and cool, there will come a day when the collective’s addiction to violence and guns to “solve your problems” or “get attention” or to look cool will no longer be something that people will be acting on/out. I look forward to the day when our music, our movies, our books our arts will reflect a desire for life-affirming options rather than death-worshiping and fear-generating. I look forward to the day when better, healthier options will be mainstream and “ordinary” just as yoga and organic food is becoming ordinary now – but getting there is going to take more time… apparently.

  4. The karmic blowback from the practice of perpetual war: Mercury rules the 9th house and the 12th. Virgo on the 12th: the ‘collateral damage’ of war that no one but the soldiers, the surviving victims, and maybe a few journalists ever witness up close. Gemini on the 9th: America’s multi-front war on the common folk of Earth. The Neocons put all their eggs in Milton Friedman’s basket of disaster capital and this is what disaster looks like. How could the engineers of war expect anything different when they put people through the trauma soldiers experience every day? Fe hit the nail on the head: this is a systemic problem. “Lone gunmen” don’t develop in a vacuum.

  5. It feels as though the gun interests are getting a faceload of karma, unfortunately, there are innocent victims that are the shields taking the hits, starting — and long before that — with Trayvon Martin, the children of Sandy Hook, and now DC’s Navy Yard.

    How many more times are people going to shoot others so that they can be taken out? Why is it that the only way we can express our pain is through inflicting it on others? What is it about our culture that gives no language to express the conflict inside us without its being painted with the brush of automatic weaponry?

    I think its time to stop using the tired “Lone-gunman” justification so that we just “carry on–nothing to see here, business as usual…” attitude that buries itself deep enough so that we are forced to numb ourselves out. I for one, have no use for the violence that has become a type of porn with a drug-like addictive result. And I am tired of being angry about this. This should have stopped years ago.

    This is systemic social illness, that has its roots in the politics of this country, as well as the violence and genocide that founded it, holding it in a dark grip, poisoning the country we have now. I am tired of the racism and sexism allowed as public discourse that gives covert permission to act out on those feelings and hurt and destroy others’ lives. I wish sometimes this madness would spin out of control and take itself and its proponents off a cliff like maddened lemmings on the brink, plunging to the sea. Leave us the fuck alone.

    But I can’t act these fantasies out. These are the times we live in. Its in these times I find myself retreating–a flower growing underneath the weeds and the junk–surviving in the crossfire, and still and yet something that grows. Its in this place where we can create our vision of a world we want, starting within us. Staying courageous in the face of this externalized terror. Bearing witness to it so that it can no longer hurt us.

  6. I just saw a document (PBS News) that showed his birthdate as May 9, 1979, making his Sun about 18 Taurus. The May solar eclipse was at 19+ Taurus, so yes, I think you are right, he had been planning this for a while.

    His natal Venus in Aries opposes his natal Pluto but trines his natal Neptune. The solar eclipse Jupiter sextiled his Venus, opposed his Neptune and trined his Pluto. His natal Jupiter at almost 2 Leo received a lot of transiting conjunctions in July and August, with transiting Mars at 1-2 Leo on August 29-31. His natal Moon would be in Libra (ruled by Venus) so it’s possible that the transiting Mercury-Uranus opposition plus the Mercury sextile Mars triggered his killing spree.

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