Triple-Trunk Tree: Second Conversation and a Journey

By Elisa Novick

Last week I shared my first conversation with the Triple-Trunk Tree that took place in 2011. In this next visit, we took a journey through the universe, and though I don’t have words for the actual experience of the trip, which was a collage of sensations I’d never experienced previously, here are the words we spoke. In sharing this with you, I am there in the forest, even as I sit here in my joglo in Bali, and I receive of the gift of this wondrous relationship yet again. I hope you too can feel the joy and wonder of our meeting.

Elisa in the Monkey Forest (by Karali Pitzele)
Elisa in the Monkey Forest (by Karali Pitzele)

Beloved tree, I have felt you since I entered the forest today and then more and more strongly as I came up this hill; such great joy.

I am happy you are here, sweet one. You have come just in time.

In time for what?

You are right in this time “zone.” You see? You are here! That is enough in itself.

You are so beautiful to look at with your deeply bas-relief bark. So bold and clearly defined.

You have no idea of how wonderful it is to be here with you. I am in this body yet many places in existence also. So calling it forth makes it so real and appreciated.

You haven’t brought your reasons here today with you. Why do you come here?

Hmm? Now you are asking me questions! I come to be here. This is my happiest place. It brings me present. It smells so good. I am in your noble and uplifting presence, your essence. It is just a joyful place for me. And now I am writing down these conversations to publish and want to be accurate and real and you are helping me understand the universe. You are explaining to me things that great sages have talked about, but to me, in person, in a personal manner that I can understand. You help me to experience the reality of which you speak. It ‘furthers me,’ as the I Ching says.

I love you and love being with you. That is the bottom line. I am in love here. In my loving, in your loving. You and the rest of this forest. You smell so good. The mosquitoes and other biting insects are a nuisance, but that is minor compared to the love I experience in this place. And all of the learning; it is fantastic!!!

You are so silly. You could be that everywhere. I’m glad you are here though. I’d like to take a journey into the stars and outer spaces with you.

I am with you. I can see something.

See me pointing out reference points. Colors you can’t see physically.

I see shimmering rainbow colors.

That’s right.

As we travel, we are not going anywhere, just showing up places. And they respond with welcome.

Everywhere? Is there no sense of privacy? Territoriality? No ‘Do Not Enter’ signs?

Not really. All are grateful for increased presence. But there is no egress in no place. This is hard to explain. Just be present and be quiet.

I feel like I am in you.

You are in the ‘spaceship’ of my being. It takes about four hours for me to cross this universe. While we cannot stop over anywhere and stay in one place, we can be anywhere at once and then leave in the blink of an eye or faster.

Why would we do this?

For fun — to experience lots of different and unusual frequencies and learn from their stories.

I know about frequencies holding stories, as when I find the frequency of a client’s memory.

Of course. The frequency is present and is a packaging or a tagging system that goes on constantly. You have access to it all.

Wow! And what do I do with it? In many of my workshops we go ‘off planet’ and have amazing experiences together, and sometimes we know that we are being of service and other times we don’t know why we are traveling to these places, we just love going.

Enjoy, my dear, just enjoy.

I am getting it; that this universe is for enjoyment and learning and revelation. I am excited. But on this planet we think we have to do something with the information and then it becomes a separate thing to categorize and add to encyclopedias and utilize for something practical.

Yes, that is true. Don’t worry about practicality now. Be present, take in what is available and you will learn to utilize it. When it is necessary the information will come forth to others, to your readers, to the universe. And all will be informed. It is an informational universe, not in little digital points but in real-time experiential love-filled bits and bytes and multi-terrabytes of wisdom-growing multi-versial giganticness. How can it be said better? You will find out. You are the writer.

I don’t think of myself as a writer. I am just observing and enjoying and I am in continual amazement. I am aware that you are all dumbing this information down to me, for me, for my readers. I can feel it in the background. We are like kindergarteners in a school of genius eggheads and master consciousnesses that span universes in a single day and know everything going on and I am so limited. And yes, I get that what this ‘particle’ thinks (my personal self) is not what the big I truly thinks. I can accept my limitations — I think.

I want the big experience, the true knowing. It is coming, but I am impatient. Can I have one of those experiences where it all blasts open at once?

You don’t grow that way, my dear. But be patient and it will come to you as you have asked. Just don’t expect it to happen.

When I die?

You are so foolish. Do you think this will all be over then? We are not ever ending, you know. So be patient and go along for the ride and know that in due time all is revealed. You are loved — that is real and now, sweet heart.

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2 thoughts on “Triple-Trunk Tree: Second Conversation and a Journey”

  1. Thank you wandering yeti for your far-ranging thought. Knowing how easy it is to connect and travel and have relationship in consciousness, it does seem a bit cumbersome to travel in the body. Though I am traveling around the world now, and I do value the direct sensory experience, it is still more wonderful and much easier to travel spiritually.

    I invite you to share your tree stories with me, with permission to use them on my website and in the book I am writing. I believe that the more people share these experiences, the more real and acceptable it becomes for others to explore in this way, and the more likely we can get the idea out there that it is important to preserve and nurture these sentient, loving beings. If they just hear it from one person, it doesn’t carry the same weight as when many people are saying it. And the information we receive adds to the understanding and knowledge bank of the planet — hugely valuable!

  2. I’m not sure if I came up with this or if I got it from the trees or mushrooms, but the idea is that it’s impossible for creatures like us to travel through interstellar space like they do in sci fi movies, in metal spaceships. It’s done like you did with the tree. If you want to live as a creature on another world you can’t show up like Captain Kirk, you have to get born as a creature on that world.

    I think our push to migrate into space in our bodies inside metal vehicles comes from so many of us being trapped in the Roman model of the cosmos where you only get one chance and then oblivion, or in the Catholic version of the Empire where you get Heaven or Hell forever, or back to oblivion for the scientific moderns who are more Roman than most people realize. Rome tried to shut all the doors so it could pretend to BE the source of all things. Corporate capital does the same thing.

    Thanks for writing. The stories you tell from the trees echo and clarify information that has come to me when I’ve been with trees.

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