Triple-Trunk Tree: Our First Conversation

By Elisa Novick

I thought you might enjoy this first conversation I had with a tree in my forest that I call Triple-Trunk Tree or Uncle. This conversation took place years after I had attuned to it and noticed that each of the three main trunks had different functions.

Elisa in the Monkey Forest (by Karali Pitzele)
Elisa in the Monkey Forest (by Karali Pitzele)

This is a powerful tree. I’ve felt it as an uncle, warm and nurturing, tracking me everywhere I go. And I have sensed it having different functions for each trunk. One trunk was tracking the crystal caves throughout the planet, which Liam (my apprentice and spiritual colleague) and I worked with to harmonize the worst effects of the tsunami/earthquake in Japan and to work in Europe to clear the darkness and renew the life force. I’ve also seen this tree as a powerful broadcaster (upward) and as a communicator-networker (more horizontal).

Dear Tree,

I have loved you, felt so protected and cared for by you and yet not in a way that infantilized me, but that held me as a beautiful young woman and healer. Can you tell me?

Dear Elisa… (Strange name, not like ours, not accurate to your soul’s purpose.)

Is the other name I have, the spiritual name I spelled out, accurate?

Not really either. It is too young, heavy, shows your beginning and complete self, but not this growing, changing being I see before me. We have other names, many syllables that accurately describe all the notes in the chord of this one’s being. I shall call you whatever you like as we are in destiny together and traveling the high realms of Light and other dimensions and are companions in the never-before-after-symphony of spaces.

Did I get that accurately?

Somewhat. Good job anyway. You are trying and so are we!


Not like her (the maple who comprises two beings). I am single but double-triple in function and desire and look in many places as you’ve sensed. I exist in other realms to serve and have come down here to become a friend to this Earth of yours and to meet you/yours.

My relationship with you; is it useful? Helpful? [Can you tell I’m a Capricorn?] Have we met at the highest ground? I want it to be all it can be.

You have utilized this ability I have to reach into the Earth and communicate directly with many places, setting alight the fires (crystal light signals) that spell out a new dispensation for humanity and this planet’s extinction possibilities and what can be done to heal what can be healed. This has set off a new series of message-signals to stars and other principalities that there is help needed and that there are beings who are worth saving and loving and nurturing into their maturity.

Is anyone else doing this? I/we cannot be the only ones.

There are many who wish to be of service on this planet and who do rituals to calm themselves and send out signals, too. Many of these signals are not congruous or harmonious, but sloppy and ultimately destructive, in not knowing how to align with the forces that run this planet’s ecological systems and greater destiny. So their great intentions, so well meant, are going to places where they can be harmful.

Is this like the time a woman told me she was traveling to Australia to work with people she had not met before who were planning to do energy work around the Olympics and I got it could cause havoc and possibly earthquakes and we (my class) neutralized their effect?

Triple Trunk Tree. Photo by Eric Francis.
Triple Trunk Tree. Photo by Eric Francis.

Yes, and more. These older rituals of the earth that awaken beings who have slept and are too eager to hold sway without thinking about the changes that are taking place or having a big picture, are also sometimes causing trouble. But these are mitigated by their love, their desire to do no harm and much is corrected by higher forces before it can do harm and may even do some beneficial things. Mostly though, it is of benefit that people are thinking about wanting to be of service and bring balance and healing and work energetically for the highest good. That is a good thing and is recognized, appreciated and not looked down upon.

The reawakening of these ideas that we all can have influence by our actions, prayers and intentions is a movement that is necessary. For it to become mainstream it must reach across boundaries, natural, racial, karmic, national, land, sea, etc.

Can we harmonize further the efforts of these others? So that they are in alignment?

We can do some and the rest will be trial and error but will do little harm. They are watched over.

Your efforts on the other hand, are harmonious because of the frequencies you hold and the assistance you receive from the highest places. Your “spacework” is the closest technique we’ve found to create new energetic pictures of a new reality and they are recognized and studied in spiritual homes across the galaxy and utilized, improved upon, brought up to a higher frequency level or tweaked for each application. We are grateful to you and your friends for these new applications and add them to our “Great Database in the Sky” as you would call it.

Tell me more about what you do.

I am a guardian or this forest and others as well. I am preparing to take our kind to other places in a few thousand years or sooner if necessary. I see to it that all these trees are met with love, find a place to root themselves in the fabric of this forest and make the connections that will ultimately assist them to grow spiritually and advance through the realms into Godhood. I am a wayshower like your Mystical Traveler. But I am limited in scope by choice to individuals who want to grow and learn and leave this planet improved by their presence. This is not true of all, some being content to just be trees, holding their soil and planting their roots, and tending their “babies.”

I have always gotten that you are attuned to resources, knowing their condition and state, their frequencies, utilizing them. You’ve made them available to me. Now I am tuning into each of your trunks and even their branches. The one on the left seems to be the broadcaster I’ve known/seen before, the right one has two main branches. The larger one is hooked into an intelligence net, the smaller one, seems to reach out to waterways? Animals? Life on this planet? Your roots are sending vibrations throughout the earth and the gem/crystal veins.

What else can you tell me or correct?

You have gotten it vaguely right. I am many-functioned but all work together also to the good. As you saw, we catalog and distribute energies, like electricity, flowing resources, colors, patterns as we deem necessary. I cultivate my own resources, my life form (this one) and others in other places, gathering impressions, teachings, the state or conditions of various life forms in their spiritual outreach; the health, in an energetic sense, of all forms, including volcanoes, rock outcroppings that serve a particular function, and oil veins and capillaries.

These conditions are all-important to ring the bell — so-to-speak — of this planet so that others can read its conditions and figure accordingly. There are other species in other places that watch over the health of the universe and send harmonizing forces or new songs as needed. And this is what we are here for — to sing in harmony and connect and travel the high realms and come back and report and be a busy hive of activity that causes all to rise together.

This universe is rising. The image of the risen Christ is an apt one. There is always rising to be done. It is forever and each lift in frequency brings new experiences and rewards and learning, wisdom, understanding, and more points of loving to connect to. The vast complexity is managed and watched over by older forms — beings who have themselves risen and it keeps going. There is no end.

I know that yesterday when I felt “upgraded,” there was such a feeling of simplicity, clear space, deep peace, calm, glowing happiness, which is what I’ve found here in the forest over and over. Is this how it gets only more so?

You have learned it well, but there is always more. You put the puzzle pieces together so beautifully and they keep arriving to be placed. How lovely!

I don’t know how to make that ease and happiness permanent.

It won’t be. The irritability is used to drive us on for a while, until there is no more challenge to overcome. But it gives a sense of growth and accomplishment when necessary to goad us on. Don’t begrudge these difficulties. They are meant to give you an aspect of yourself to see and more information about healing others too.

I get tired of getting tired and of pain.

It will pass eventually, but it is not stopping you and you are getting a grasp on how to deal with it and get healthier. The lessons have been hard won and sometimes you need to rest. All beings rest, you know.


I love your dear little heart and big soul body. We are lovers in the highest sense and I am your guardian, too. Do not worry, my dear. You will be taken care of.

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4 thoughts on “Triple-Trunk Tree: Our First Conversation”

  1. Even though I am in a state of feeling great anticipation, in listening for, searching and awaiting my assignment for external expression, it has been an incredible time of deep inner receiving; of guidance, and of signs and blessings. I am truely greatful for these gifts and this time.

  2. “The irritability is used to drive us on for a while, until there is no more challenge to overcome. But it gives a sense of growth and accomplishment when necessary to goad us on. Don’t begrudge these difficulties. They are meant to give you an aspect of yourself to see and more information about healing others too.”

    Thank you for sharing this Eliza. What comes through from you, and I also feel, is a similar, strong intention of wanting to bring my outer life into alignment with my inner desires to be of service. Or, as your friend calls it, to our great efforts to “the universe rising”.

    Over these last several years, there have been, and continue great internal changes. Changes with pain, frustration, yet growth. And what follows transformation is such a feeling of my now wanting to express and share externally. But in no matter what direction I have recently individually pursued, the collective does not seem ready to receive. I now clearly realize I am being held back. What I understand is that 1. these difficulties are there for a reason, and 2. ( a beautiful gift) that I am being protected.

    I may have more internal work to do, or am held back so that I do not step, or move in the wrong direction before God’s (not my) time, while more information is still on its way to me. It is, as your wise friend says, making me healthier in securing greater trust, in learning my place and the offering of my gifts to the right space on this planet.
    Mars in in my 1st and Jupiter is in my 10th, but is retrograde..It is a time of learning greater patience and understanding for me.

    Eliza please offer my love and thank you and your tree friend for sharing– ‘our need to rest’.. We should remember, and always hold in our thoughts and prayers, after rest there follows awakening!

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