Tree Love Tour, Part Two

By Elisa Novick

I often receive letters from people excited that I am bringing so much focus to the love and energy and intelligence of trees. They often begin: “I’ve never told anyone this, but…”

Elisa and the Omega Grandmother Tree
Elisa and the Omega Grandmother Tree

So while India has now declared dolphins as sentient beings worth having rights, and many people already recognize the sentience of whales, elephants, and some primates and work to save them, when it comes to a plant, which doesn’t have a centralized brain, the sentience of trees is still not widely known, no less defended. But that is slowly changing. The word is getting out.

If you haven’t already read the excerpts on my website, from my book about the trees, you can here. I think their words will astound you.

In last week’s article, I gave you a brief outline of the main trees I work with in my forest. This week I’d like to tell you a bit more about the energies there and what the trees have been up to.

When I first arrived in the forest 11 years ago, I walked down to where the path ended in an opening containing an old fire pit. I came to call it, somewhat unimaginatively, The Sacred Grove. But before I reached the opening, I saw something remarkable that I’ve never seen before or since.

There were two large trees on either side of the entrance to the opening. One was almost dead, the other beginning to die. Yet they were, and still are, majestic. They had both been part of the group of trees I was working with spiritually.

Just in front of that gateway, framed exactly in the center before these two trees, the afternoon rays of sunlight all converged on one spot, as if pointing it out to me to notice. When I stood there, I quickly recognized I was in a portal (some might call it an energy vortex), and I felt wonderful, my body tingling, flowing and glowing with light.

I received a gift then, a clear experience of myself within a spiritual vehicle. Though I knew we “travel” in the soul, this was my first palpable experience, like being given a new shiny race car, or body-sized spaceship.

As the years passed, I brought many people to that spot and all had experiences that were extraordinary. One of my favorites is described by Karali. After her first time in this portal, her entire life transformed dramatically so that she is now living the dreams that at that time seemed impossible.

The portal has now grown to become a gigantic multidimensional dome, with doorways to places all over the galaxy. The trees that surround it (they look to my inner eye a bit like the Senate in Star Wars), act as guardians, making sure that whatever travels through is of excellent quality.

This is not always the case. At the Omega Institute nearby there is an ancient tree they call the Grandmother Tree, who is a portal for beings to make stopovers here. She does not have guardians and the karma of the place is such that I cannot ask for them. When I first met her there was a lot of cleanup work to do! Now she does all the work. (At another point, I may publish my discussions with her.)

One year, I came back east from a conference with my spiritual teacher and hundreds of other initiates and ministers, and as I walked down the path, I felt like a bee, loaded with the pollen of exalted spiritual information. I experienced the trees crowding around excited and licking off the pollen and sending it out in discrete packets of information through those doorways in the portal. Though I was the carrier and messenger, I did not know what the information was, but I knew that it was sacred and precious.

Though I don’t need validation for what I experience spiritually, it was fun when toward the end of one of the Tree Love: Heart of the Forest workshops, a few people decided to go down to that area after most of us felt complete. Without my telling them where the multidimensional portal was, they found it, experienced it and came back so excited to report.

Once when I arrived at the portal, to my surprise, it was in need of renovation. Here are my notes:

I had the impression that all was not well. It felt like it was old and overused and jammed up and dirty somehow. I finally prayed for assistance, and almost immediately it was completely renovated in lovely pastel colors, and a smoothly functioning transport hub.

What is up here?

There is no more traffic to and fro because of an anomaly that is now cleared as a result of your actions.

It felt disorderly and chaotic, busy, and jammed up.

It happens now and then that something comes through that wreaks havoc, not out of malicious intent, but just because it is so different and grand and otherworldly.

Sounds like science fiction.

It is science, not fiction, but bears a resemblance. Your writers of the genre are often picking up information and glimpses of what is really happening and then they embellish. But the truth is always far greater than their fiction. It is of a grand scale and balances the entire creation.

Here in this forest, this great citadel you’ve built that contained the city of going to and fro from other dimensions, with portals galore, is not unlike any transportation hub in your world. But it is more alive than inanimate. It thrives by being tended with care and loving thoughts. It is a being like any other, with wishes and thoughts and jobs to do. It is good at what it does, though at times it seems galumphing or dumb to “tourists.”

It is actually very smart, making thousands of calculations per millisecond and making sure everything lands just perfectly. This is its service, but it too grows and perfects and gets jammed up sometimes. You are wondering how this can be related to this world that knows little of galactic highways and otherworldly beings, surmising and projecting much onto it.

Am I being influenced by the science fiction I’ve read? I’ve read of hubs like that, for spaceships.

It gives an indication, a reference for seeing other things than the usual and for that we are grateful. You are not totally uninfluenced by naiveté. In the long run or aggregate, it colors your thoughts so they are not entirely accurate. But don’t worry. The differences are made up and delivered thoughtfully in a way that is describable and not totally unfamiliar to those reading these writings.

One further note about the Sacred Grove: The trees have now transformed that space into a Hospital Grove.

In June, 2011 I arrived in the grove. Here are my notes:

I am sitting in the Grove where the Oak indicated a hospital or clinic had been set up. My first impulse is to ask whether I might be one of the healers.

I am asking for canopies of Light to be placed here (and they are welcoming my input) to transmute negativity, overwhelm, injury, toxicity, outrage, discouragement, exhaustion, overload, fear, hunger for energy, and whatever else is for the highest good. I am sitting here as a conduit of Light and though I have no idea what to do, I am contributing my encouragement and love to the space.

Helper souls are everywhere and the energy of love is calm and pervasive. I’d love to see that in an ER! There is a quiet, cheerful, compassionate mood here and a purposeful efficiency, but with patience, as if no emergency can not be given all the time in the universe needed to heal before going about its merry way. I am happy to experience such grace.

To the Inner Master: Is there a particular frequency you would like me to hold?


As I range for the frequency, I’m looking for a frequency that heals all wounds. I sense souls already being sent here for healing.

This is what I’ve found: it is what John-Roger called the Star of Bethlehem. In a meditation, he presented it as a portal through which one traveled. I get it as a portal of transformation. It feels like all that passes through is changed and wounds, lesions, incongruence, cannot exist once having gone through. It is having an effect here in the Grove. It feels like a warm blanket, an unwavering certainty of the absolute solidity of love that the Christ is, that we are, and in that nothing else can exist.

It is accelerating the healing processes here very quickly. The image I get is of all the beds are clearing of patients very fast. They are disappearing. And the “staff” is standing in worshipful joy. I believe this place will continue to be a “hospital” but the souls will pass through very quickly and back on their way out to do what they do. And being right by the multidimensional portal right outside the Grove, as a transfer station, there will still be plenty of “business.”

I am complete here.

Post script: If you read my previous article you may remember that I “sent” an ailing, severely amputated ancient tree in Vondelpark in Amsterdam to the infirmary in my forest and two days later it was radiant and alive again.

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3 thoughts on “Tree Love Tour, Part Two”

  1. Thank you for getting what I am saying. It is gratifying. We all like to be heard! And your feedback is “spot on.”

    Strawberrylaughter — I’m not sure what is happening when you “slip off,” but without the muscle-testing system that I teach in my course, Accessing the Inner Master, (which is available online in case you are interested), I don’t think I could hold either. And as I said in the previous article, the Traveler Tree is a master at helping hold a frequency. It is as if he tacks it in place and I can’t stray far. It gives me the reference point for being able to hold and then it is easier for me to do it at other times.

    Mariapadhila — When we ask to be a conduit for Spirit, we may be used in ways and at times when we have little idea of what is being done through us. But if we’ve asked to be of service and to be utilized for the highest good of all concerned, we are in pretty good territory. When I was in Europe, I got, “For you this is an adventure; for God it is the promise of a new world.” I have only some idea of all that was being done through me as the point of contact for the Light, but I trust it enough that I am continuing the Thriving Planet World Tour, with only minimal information of what I will be doing (beside a few workshops) in Asia and Australia.

  2. Elisa, I love the way in which you are a “spiritual scientist,” as you said the other day. The notion of ranging for frequencies makes so much sense to me, and yet I wouldn’t have come up with that phrase. But I often find myself doing just that, and it feels like there are some frequencies which are very difficult & slippery for me to hold onto–I know the healing is in that zone, but I slip off of it. I expect those correspond more with the soulic, or karmic levels on which I’m not yet prepared to work. It’s so fascinating to hear something that comes to me in such a visceral, wordless way explained. I appreciate all that you do & hope your sojourn is extraordinary.

  3. love this: “Though I was the carrier and messenger, I did not know what the information was, but I knew that it was sacred and precious.” have to remember that. as a mercury person, it happens a lot that i don’t really know what i’m delivering. but it’s easy to get scattered and forget i have that job to do, and it’s not my business to stop and read the mail (like the nsa), or that i can’t piss off and play or get engaged in a drama and miss the delivery 😉

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