Tree Love Tour, Part One

By Elisa Novick

I receive so much excited and awed response from all over the world to the stories I’ve shared about the relationships and discussions I’ve had with several trees along a path in a forest in New York State over 11 wondrous years. Yet only a relative few of you will have the opportunity to visit and participate in the Tree Love: Heart of the Forest workshop in this forest, my happiest place in the world(s).

Elisa Novick; photo by Eric.

Now, as I prepare to spend the next three seasons in Asia, Australia and back to Europe, I know that I too will not get to be with them in person for a long while. So I offer you a short tour in words of the main trees I’ve been loving and working with. I hope my description will give you some new ideas of what you might become aware of when you meet special trees in the places you live and travel.

The first tree I met was the Oak. I experience this beautiful old tree as male, though he is male and female and will now and then show me a strong female aspect just to keep me flexible. When I walked down the path that first time and every time since, I was met with a profound wave of love before I even beheld his gorgeous physical form. When I asked how intelligent was this tree on my scale of 0-10, (each number exponentially larger than the last and having met only two people who were 10s), I was told this tree was a 14!

It is astounding to me how a powerful and noble tree that always calls me up to my highest and best can also be warm and intimate or be excited like a child to introduce me to the Sun or a pod of whales or how he likes to stretch up way higher than his branches can reach, just for the joy of it. With my hands on him, I can feel a huge, busy, biocomputer in the base just below the soil line, and in one of my first visits, I felt my entire archive of experience, indeed my life signature, download into it. When it happened it was a little shocking, but I knew that it was totally safe and an honor as well. Another day, I came to the forest and trees had gathered from miles around to celebrate my relationship with this Oak. It was a joyous wedding-like ceremony.

It was the Oak who, when I asked about astrology, referred me to a Star (see From a Star: It’s All About Fun) who knew Eric Francis. The Oak showed me his flying form as well. He is the master tree, aware of all that goes on in the forest and overseeing and architecting the work that the Group has taken on of saving the Earth from destruction. And it was the Oak, who, when I couldn’t sleep one night back home in my bed, helped me rise up in spiritual form onto the tips of its branches and gently bounced me like a baby to soothe me, and then gently wafted me to the other trees to be rocked and bounced until I felt so much tender love that I fell asleep.

The Maple introduced herself to me one day as I entered the cottage. I was pulled back from the door to notice this lovely tree that I had passed by many times. Never again would I be able to pass her without noticing! I saw her as intensely female, a bit like the stereotype of a 1950s secretary, as I “knew” that she collects information from all over the planet. I held one of the highest frequencies I know and her reach expanded exponentially. She was so excited and grateful and has been my best friend, sister, and fan club ever since.

I learned later that she is actually two beings that have travelled the universes together for eons, gathering information used by the other trees and collected in a vast cosmic repository of information shared by all for further creations. Above her crown I see spectacular fireworks. When she was seriously injured recently by a backhoe that cut her roots and bashed into her, killing part of her, she taught me to let go of my pain and anger and see the side of her that was still thriving and sparkling.

The tree we now call the Blessing Tree is located further down on the side of an opening in the path. I believe she is a cedar and I first called her the Tree with Her Leg over a Rock. She is usually felt by most as a high priestess or grandmother. She pours blessings upon all who come to be with her. A portal or vortex of energy that used to be further down the path has now moved up right in front of her and I have seen tremendous positive life changes happen to people who stood in that portal. When I cannot visit my forest but drive by on the parkway about five miles away, it is the Blessing Tree I feel, reaching to me with love. My heart softens and I feel a glowing happiness come through me.

Triple-Trunk Tree

The Blessing Tree also travels the galaxy seeking for a new home for the trees should the time come when this planet can no longer support life and spiritual growth for them. Though I had not mentioned this yet in one of the workshops, I was surprised when a man who had been a logger much of his life said, upon meeting her, “she’s not here.”

It was a good friend who first noticed the Doctor Tree not far from the Blessing Tree. As she sat with her back against this tree, it lifted the family burden of the Holocaust from her and the sadness written into her face disappeared. I felt this tree as aloof, like a white-coated doctor, with no interest in the niceties. No “hello, nice to meet you,” no payment or thank you required. Just show up, get scanned and worked on, whether healing my gallbladder, my energy field or my wings. People have come to this tree with physical ailments and left without them. I laughed once when a woman attending one of the workshops saw the same white-coated, perfunctory doctor, before I’d said anything about my experience of him.

Yet over the years our relationship became warmer and when finally I talked to him, he explained why he seemed aloof and the explanation was mind-opening!

Upon on a rise overlooking the opening in the path where the Blessing Tree stands, stands a tall graceful tree I call the Triple-Trunk Tree. I experience it as male, though several people in different workshops have called him/her/them The Three Sisters. Each trunk has a different function. Once again, in a recent workshop, I was amazed and gratified that several people were able to tell which trunk performed which function.

One of the trunks is a broadcaster, sending information up into the heavens. (Many trees are either broadcasters or receivers; some are both.) Another trunk works more broadly, attending to the network of the trees, communicating with others around the world, assisting young trees in getting established. And the third monitors the resources around the planet, the vast veins of crystal, oil, gas and water, volcanoes and “rock outcroppings that serve a particular function.” When I met with my apprentice to see what we could do to be of service in Japan, I felt strongly to travel through the veins of crystal beginning at this tree to come up in consciousness under the area of the disaster to help foster the healing there.

Yet with all of this wide-ranging service, the Triple Trunk Tree tracks me wherever I go and once brought great solace to me when I was disturbed. So while I am in awe of his power, I experience him as Uncle — a warm avuncular energy that I can turn to at any moment, wherever I am.

Nearby on the same rise is the Traveler Tree. I used to call him the Focus Tree because when you tune into him, you can easily hold a focus. On my scale of intelligence, he is a 20. When I do my spiritual exercises, I can hold in the silence or a particular frequency far longer than I can otherwise; a gift for a wandering mind. One man who teaches meditation spent the entire rest of the workshop sitting at the base of this tree once he’d experienced this remarkable ability. When I bring groups here, the silence and peace we experience helps us integrate the experiences we’ve had together and to rest profoundly before moving on.

One day as I sat with him, he took me on a journey up through the realms of Light, explaining more than I’d ever known about each level in my years of studying in MSIA with the Mystical Traveler, that consciousness which is my wayshower home to God. Since then, in honoring that, I’ve called him the Traveler Tree. He is now deeply involved in building the Spaceship, but that is another story for another day.

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2 thoughts on “Tree Love Tour, Part One”

  1. Thank you Lionheart for sharing your inner thoughts in this poem. As for the intelligence of a tree, that is just one of the things I check for when I come across a tree. I also ask what level it is working spiritually in my cosmology and check out what I intuit about what it does, as each tree that is carrying higher consciousness seems to have certain functions that it performs. Part of what I do is what I call being a spiritual scientist. I like to check things out and get as accurate answers as possible. That may not be necessary or helpful for everyone to do, but I like to know. And I hope that if people catch on to the fact that trees may be intelligent sentient beings, maybe they will value them and save them and give them more attention. When I asked about the intelligence of my Oak partner, this is what I received:

    Inner Master: They are not stupid. You have to get past this idea that they are stupid. They are connected with all trees and can supply information and wisdom that you can use. Don’t forget that they are companions, placed here with you as partners, to be helpmeets and lovers…. It is necessary to restore their bond with the people in order to see the Grand Plan for earth and stars.

  2. As always, Elisa, beautiful words and beautiful sentiments. It is so funny that you posted this article today as I had a similar experience this weekend. I too found this space in my area of the world. It included one tree, but mostly the energy came from the rock formations carved out of the earth. I hadn’t been there in for a while, but it truly felt great when I returned. Peaceful, loving, and spiritually nourishing was the overwhelming feeling and expression. I wrote a couple of poems about this space and, I hope you don’t mind, I will share with this posting.

    I am curious, however, about the meaning of intelligence of a tree. I am not sure that I quite understand the necessity of knowing this.

    As always, thank you for sharing.

    My Space
    I found this place several years ago.
    It was during a time when life engaged my soul.
    The energy was strong I could feel it as I drove along.
    I promised to come back so here is my song.

    Time is nonexistent within this story
    of statues carved out of nature’s glory.
    There are three that are here to point the way
    beyond eBay beyond the day.

    The courageous lion sits in the middle
    protecting the native who is showing the riddle,
    while the camel rests under the load of his pack
    waiting to nourish our spirits back.

    The past, present and future all unite
    under the sun’s rays and even the night
    It shares the journey and the way to our souls
    where faith abides in the history told.

    A symbol is what this is, arisen in my space,
    but each of us carries it if we open to grace.
    Trust the inner voice it always knows the way
    even as we wander beyond this current day.

    This is my space where I see thru illusion.
    I come to the truth and discover fusion.
    My past finds its place in the meaning of time.
    The journey is movement and trusting the sign.

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