The Trials of a Lightworker and the Promise of a New World

By Elisa Novick

There is so much death energy in Europe. Yes, it is beautiful. The grounds for the most part are swept clean of all that had gone before, rebuilt; the people are alive and stylish, going about their business; and for the most part, given the economic forces in residence, they seem to be thriving.

Elisa Novick; photo by Eric.

But maintaining my life force was difficult. Due to circumstances, I had not followed the prescriptions for preparation that I had been receiving from Spirit, like living alone and fasting and healing my body so that I could embody my potential for this stage of my life. I was arriving exhausted, after many months of making the necessary arrangements for three months of travel and multiple workshops and meetings, with not enough sleep or exercise.

I knew that Europe was drenched in blood from centuries of war, as are many parts of the world. But knowing something and being in it physically are two different things. I got pushed beyond what I felt were my limits over and over again on so many levels. I used all the tools and self-healing modalities I’ve learned to resurrect my body each day, to come to center, my soul, my heart and my courage, over and over. Should my loving readers think that I was carried on the wings of grace, know that while that was true in more ways than I can know, as humans we all have our challenges.

In this dispensation there will be others who cannot brave a new life and that determines the way the world goes — nowhere. In your braving, you have rent a tear in the status quo and cannot be received easily and gracefully by others, yet their determination to grow allows them a way of being that also cuts through this web of circumstances woven out of fear and “getting used to.”

Go inside and find your stability, over and over again as you fly through this world, leaving behind old patterns, seeing other cultures and their limitations and flying beyond. You’ve only done that before in small doses. In your mind’s eye, it seems to be easy, though as you can see, there are very few who can leave behind the familiar.

You’ve flown the high realms and into states of consciousness that defy rational explanation and you know them relatively well and there are far more to explore, but bringing that energy of true exploration onto this plane, into all kinds of circumstances and thought patterns, is an entirely different experience.

Even on the first flight, I could feel the suffering coming in and wasn’t sure if it was mine or had to do with where I was going.

They are scared and want to be let alone. But inside they are waiting for a savior. You aren’t that One but you carry his Light. This will not always be easy, but it will be effective. No one has to know how much you have carried for them or how it was done, but it is releasing as we speak. Let go, sweetheart. Rest secure that there is nothing that has to be done on this airplane. It is all taken care of in advance. Your blessing goes before and creates a safe passage.

In Brussels and in some other places the energy felt so heavy:

It is necessary to clear out each and every time you go out. There is negativity in the air, misery untold in the bricks of the street. Harm has been done here and there has also been great joy, but the overall air is one that has been tinged by centuries of neglect of the basic conditions of humanity. Now they are making up for it, though their spirits are heavy with regret and loss.

Can you place a great canopy of Light and clear it?

It has been done, but only insofar as the population can handle the change or else there will be freaking out and loss of consciousness. Things cannot change so fast. There has to be a playing out of the forces in residence so people can finish up what they’ve put in motion.

This is something you have to be patient with, my dear. You cannot change the world in a single instant, but your effect on this remorse will be profound. So wait and see and keep going. Your Light is felt everywhere. Don’t go down with the ship now that is it floating again. [With laughter.]

There were several times I sought reassurance from the Inner Master and received it:

You can’t believe that you have come here for nothing. It is a good trip and you have seen and experienced much and it is happy-making. Now believe in yourself that you are here for the reason you were born; to be a lover/beacon of Light for the planet no matter what.

Hold firm to this idea: that nothing can bother or get in the way of this movement of the life force into God’s heavenworlds. The people who know nothing about themselves have these problems: they don’t know how to grow and they aren’t conscious that there is something else to be part of. That is the message and it is a new one for them.

Love yourself even in the midst of change and challenge. Know this is not your journey, but that of millions of people seeking into something else that matters. Be the teacher.

Can I do this?

You are doing this all the time now. Be aware of this so you aren’t taken aback when the world changes again as a result of your efforts.

At one point, it looked like the workshops in Brussels and in England might not happen and I was unsure how to move forward.

You’re right that you can’t support this game without more help/assistance, but you are not having the worst time of your life. You are gaining valuable experience that can serve a lifetime and give you pleasant memories. More than going through them, you will remember how great it was. It is always like this.

Now you are revamping yourself to gather and re-gather strength and make a fresh start and that has cost something. The realities of your situation are terse and tense but you are strengthening by the day and able to handle more than this allotment of time has to offer; it will be a lasting compliment to you.

Sally forth to England anyway and allow things to have their place with you. People will come forth; no one will be lost. Money doesn’t count; only that you are aware of your feet on the ground and that there is a Light beam coming forth through this trip that carries a frequency that will awaken the earth to more and greater justice and clarity and renewal.

I am embarrassed, after so many were counting on me to perform something.

That’s true, but they were wanting to do the same thing too and couldn’t, but you made something happen and it happened, and now these people are maintaining the balance on this planet ever so slightly more viable and there is something else that is happening.

No one could have predicted this fall in consciousness that has afflicted some of your species as badly as it has. Someone has to counteract that by being real and specific and precise. Your actions have reclaimed some of that territory back from the negative power.

As I opened once again for direction:

Given your aptitude for being in trouble with the health of the body, you’ve been succeeding quite spectacularly. No one has faced so much adversity and succeeded to keep pulling “rabbits out of the hat” as you’ve been doing.

This is admirable and worthy of an upgrade; that of chief angel in charge of saving this earth from destruction. Keep going, my dear, and see what is around the corner. For you this is an adventure; for God, it holds the promise of a new world.

Several people have asked me questions like, “Did you have a wonderful time on your trip?” I can’t truly say that I had a wonderful time or a good time. I had an amazing time; I am enriched by my experience, I learned many things I will be able to use in the future; I know the work of the Light got done and is still being done. But right now, in my recovery in the beautiful Hermitage at the Omega Institute, I still remember that I had to ask several times what I was doing, because it was not always easy.

When my workshop in England refused to come together and some of the others were much smaller than we had hoped, one fellow said, “Maybe you should cut your losses and go home.” I was astounded. I had no losses! And as it turned out, after I let go of any attachment to giving any more workshops, I ended up giving more workshops than I’d planned.

Working with my apprentice-partner before I left, I saw myself as a huge airplane plowing into the soil of Europe rather than gliding onto a runway, and I didn’t realize at the time, that I was seeing a metaphor for going deep fast and hard. Now having just returned, I have another image; one in which I was also burrowing through the earth, but more like a newly hatched insect bruising my new wings in the rough earth. Yet as I emerge, I am a shining golden heart, which then bursts out of my chest and into the universe.

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5 thoughts on “The Trials of a Lightworker and the Promise of a New World”

  1. Some years ago I was in a workshop in Taos and there were a number of folks from Europe in attendance. One fellow was a psychiatrist who was born and raised in Germany during WW2, one day while talking about the EU he said something to the effect that “after all these years we in Europe realized that we had to stop fighting one another to survive.”

    And reading your words Elisa I learn that while his observation is true, there is still much to do in Europe, and everywhere (Sand Creek in my area, for example), to heal and release the energies of the past that still linger. Thank you for the courage to feel so deeply into these dark places, and best wishes for your realignment with Health.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these reflections. For whatever reason, I was guided to this posting, in a current time that these words are exactly what I needed to hear. It feels so lonely and isolating sometimes having this kind of outlook and experience of LIFE, that it feels we are the crazy ones. I need to remember that the density and stuckness I feel in others is something that is in need of deep healing. I read PW regularly without always commenting, but given what you’ve shared, and with such courageous vulnerability- well, I had to at least thank you for allowing me to feel I’m not alone. I deeply thank you.

  3. Thanks, Elisa, for taking us on this journey with you. Glad to hear you are well, safe, and sound. God Bless.

  4. Dear Elisa,

    I am counting myself as one of the fortunate beings @ Omega … not just that I am here to witness your sharing your wisdom with the happy and eager but that I am learning with each and every encounter one of the founding tenets of Omega — compassionate service. Please please hit me back and let me know how I can be of service to you (here in Omega, for sure) in any way that feels right to you. I have been here for 2 months and feel such nurturing in community and surrounded by these glorious trees.

    Fan of your work, student of nature

  5. Your words bring home the importance of cultivating light and joy, of acknowleging personal shadow stuff, in order to help light up a corner of the world, no matter how small. Take good care of yourself, dear Elisa, rest and recuperate after your truly heroic journey.

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