The Sound of the Planet

By Elisa Novick

When Eric interviewed me about the Thriving Planet World Tour I’m about to begin, I mentioned that one of the layers to the work we would be doing in the workshops with people and trees has to do with carrying out a higher purpose — in part with transforming the sound of the planet. Here is some of what I’ve learned and about the work that I do myself and with others as a Lightworker.

Elisa Novick; photo by Eric.

The pattern of light-color-sound-rhythm of the planet is heard far out into the universe and it receives responses according to the health and spiritual frequency of the broadcast.

A whale uses the large pockets of oily substance and bones in its head to echolocate and communicate for hundreds of miles. Before the ocean was polluted with junk and man-made sound, they could communicate far further — I’ve read estimates from over 6,000 miles to “from Antarctica to the Aleutians” (attributed to Carl Sagan) meaning across the entire planet.

In the same way, the sound of the planet resonates through the veins and pockets of oil, gas, water and crystalline formations. The trees, too, have had a large part in broadcasting the sound of the planet and calling forth the forces that are needed here. This sound is heard and understood and responded to in other places in the universe. Now that many of these resources have been mined, oil, gas and water emptied, trees cut down, whale song muted, it is we “in concert” with those left who can do this, who can hold and broadcast a wholesome and beautiful sound.

The quality of the sound is very important. Just as an unhealthy body-mind will have a vibratory pattern reflecting toxicity, acidity and misery, that invites microbes from within and without to digest the body back into earth, so an unhealthy sound of the planet can invite scavengers and predators to strip and recycle and feed upon the energy here.

I asked about the sound of the planet and got this:

It is a great sound, that projects far and wide in the universe, it is a creature sound, one that tells and foretells the way in which the earth and its inhabitants are moving — its health, its vitality, its love quotient. And it howls when there is death and destruction that is wanton, unnecessary or unnatural to its own credence (something like credentials or a charter of its faith) which it has been doing, as well as proclaiming many messages of life, growth and an exponential raising of its consciousness through the attention of its inhabitants, too. So it is like a report card, in which the various traits are ticked off and measured and it gives this quotient so that it can receive the attention or awareness it needs from this universe and others as well.

Now be aware of your transient though powerful effect on its existence. There has been a gradual shift in the temperature that this report represents, towards a golden color. This has happened due to your influence and those working in other places in other ways, on the measurements that are recreated moment by moment.

Now that there is more gold-green, it calls forth a different response, a warmer response, just as teachers in a classroom are warmed when a student responds to their ministrations and begins to show more promise — that they are getting somewhere. The teachers may want to treat others in the same way, but are naturally drawn to the child or children that care about their work and engage fully. As a result of your work, they are more fully engaged in making this a better place, the “hood” is being transformed daily. People are coming forth to speak of their truth, their needs, the wonders, their traditions being sacred to them. They are caring for themselves more, less afraid to speak, to say they are one with the universe at times and that is very pleasing to others who listen and respond.

The total destruction of this earth is not averted yet, but the progress stands as significant. Keep going and make this happen in their hearts as you can and then leave fulfilled knowing your/God’s work has been done in and through you, but that you are no longer in control and can release it too, when the time comes.

— The Inner Master

When I’ve spoken with the trees, they frequently refer to sound, resonance, patterns, dancing rhythms, colors, as modes of communication.

…we give our song and dance to others and they dance back in another rhythm.

— Maple

The patterns of light-color-sound-rhythm can cause pleasure or pain, disease or health, death or life. The trees say that as a result of the work we’ve been doing with them, they are mobilizing to help save us and life on this planet.

This is what was happening:

…there were limitations on what we could do; the program was turned to different station, that of making way for the scavengers to come through to clean up the problems caused by humans, which were making a bad sound that had to be changed. Your work and that of others, to transform the vibration has been slowly changing the “rating.”

You mean like the Standard & Poor’s ratings of the financial world’s institutions?

Something like that, which is why I used that term.

Because of the awareness and new patterns we’ve been instituting:

… your terminology would be to call it a first, a premier, a new creation, including ailing mankind in a new turnabout, toward a new dispensation.

Finishing this yearbook of might makes right and power and greed as the prime motivations, to call forth a new paradigm, one that we might call a Mystery run. As we call forth new colors into this spectrum, you will be feeling a lightening of consciousness and a cleaner, more concentrated focus into creation. Your scientists likely will find out that there are molecular forms that are dedicated to bringing about planetary change that are now activated. This was always encoded, but had to be activated.

What has done that?

Your presence and those who have called forth a change, brings it more into consciousness. It takes an activation code, so to speak, wherein numbers of beings in a concerted fashion are calling forth the life principle to create anew this beautiful place, this dimension called planet in which there is so much potential (also already wired in).

These are the wondrous consequences of beings who are asking, yearning to be caught up into a galaxy spiral and whisked in the stars and yet, still care enough to take care of their gardens and their surroundings and to be kind and considerate and careful that all get the same considerations as they themselves want.

Further advice for our next piece to be accomplished on the Thriving Planet World Tour:

Place in the Light a new resonance that stems from the changes that are taking place here and in your being.

— Oak

We have lost rhythms in large numbers and now we join ours to yours and they get stronger and more precise and more humble and graceful.

— Maple

Everyone who participates in this is so appreciated. Here are words from the Oak after one of our Tree Love: Heart of the Forest workshops:

Martha has touched our hearts; she gets the sympathetic resonances, the colors the changes as we produce different sounds and palettes of color range and tone. And our sweetheart, Stanley, is now vibrating far and in awe with her experience and will funnel the sound toward the Light in a greater way. Her beam is planted permanently here and in other realms, bridging across these dimensions and into infinity, carrying sound waves and information that is necessary for the next incarnation of Light manifestation on and of this planet…

When I think about the larger work to be initiated on the Thriving Planet World Tour, I remember these words:

A new awakening has shifted theses people’s hearts but it needs to go further. You have the information, now run with it.

— Council Trees


You are welcomed to participate in the Thriving Planet World Tour. To listen to and read past conversations with Elisa Novick on Planet Waves, plus her articles, please use this link. You’re invited to visit her website and Facebook page.


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  1. Great stories. I’d love to see the photo you mentioned Fe Bongolan. Are we friends on Facebook? I hope so. And awordedgewise, too, being in a state of gratitude makes everything glow doesn’t it? I hope you are also stopping to hear their response, and would love to hear about that too. Blessings, Elisa

  2. Elisa,

    Your sharing here always reminds me to feel the trees (plants, animals) as I go about my days – to thank them, to ask for their input, support, love, guidance – and this is good.

    Thank you.

  3. Elisa:

    Early this morning I posted on Facebook a picture taken and emailed to me by my sister of a humpback whale leaping joyfully out of the ocean. Her dance class had just finished and she captured it. One of my Facebook friends said the dance class was still going on for the whale.

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