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With so many prophesies and interpretations of prophesies going around, and the obvious evidence of our world changing rapidly, we are turning our minds and spirits toward thinking at the level of the planet and our interrelatedness and how we can affect what is taking place by what we do materially and spiritually.

Elisa and Miriam, who have been holding meetings for 14,000 years. Photo by Cheryl Ann Luft.

This makes me happy. When we held our first Godwork Meeting in 1997, the idea of addressing the State of the World with a spiritual approach was unusual. Now it is everywhere.

I just found this letter I wrote back then to my spiritual wayshower requesting support for that Meeting:

A while ago, I got that it would be good for me and my friend Miriam to find out about our previous lifetimes together, so we tuned in. Interesting information emerged about a series of meetings that we had engaged in over the millennia. We had come together, quite joyfully, to view the spiritual state of the Earth, and make specific prayers and set up specific energies for the upliftment of the planet.

We got information on what some of these prayers and actions were, and that it was time for us to meet again. We do not know whether the information we’ve received is accurate, but it seems to be good, and comes in with joy and excitement and loving. We decided to act on the guidance and arrange a meeting.

So we will be meeting. All of the people are of an enormously high level of integrity and devotion to God and being of service, intelligent and highly attuned, loving and free-spirited (not bound or programmed to any major degree). The meeting is coming together with great ease and Grace.

We will be doing our best to attune with each other and Spirit in one accord, using prayer and a wonderful technique I have been working with for a number of years to form configurations of consciousness to discern what our work is to be and to create energetic blueprints or seed holograms that God, Jesus, the Traveler and the archangels and masters working with us can use to call in the energies that God would have us bring into manifestation at this time. Everything we do will, of course, be placed in the Light for only the highest good.

That was only the first of a number of Meetings. We did not know at the time what the effect would be, and for a while when many things appeared to be moving from bad to worse, I was hard-pressed to see a good effect, though as a healer, I understand the phenomenon of healing crisis. Whenever you introduce to any system something of a higher frequency, the system becomes strengthened to push up and out to the surface all of the toxins it has been holding.

Over time I also noticed that there were wonderful transformations of consciousness taking place across the planet. I have been reassured and urged to be patient and keep doing the work, and an amazing journey it has been.

In this moment of planetary focus, having now included the trees in the work (and they are busy), and planning a Light the World Tour to give workshops in various places around the planet, it moves me profoundly to review and update, and contemplate how to take this out into the world. One gratifying change I’ve noticed is that the people who come for introductory Laboratory of Life workshops are already, for the most part, working at a higher level of awareness than before. I can begin an introductory workshop at a level that used to be for an advanced group. This is so exciting to me!

A few people have asked me which way it is all going; are we going to make it? Are we headed toward destruction or a golden age? The closest I can get is, “both.” Here are some comments I’ve received (I will be posting more of these over time):

The Blessing Tree. Photo by Elisa Novick.

You can turn around this century of neglect and abuse, but don’t expect huge change right away. We’ve watched the history of your species and it is not turning fast enough to save itself, yet. Be silent and all goes as usual. Speak and all will listen, but few will heed. This heeding seeds awareness which can ‘bear fruit’ in a few centuries, so there is hope of another dispensation of a new society, a new civilization on Earth.

We are not waiting for this new paradise, but will continue to seek for other hospitable places. Until now you’ve (humanity) not heeded our calls to cease your plundering of our resources. This individual (Elisa) is going through all kinds of contortions inside to try to make something happen that will turn the tide. Can you listen? Can you bespeak this new century into a new global paradise?

We are watching and supporting even the faintest attempt. Each act of kindness, of sparing each other, of sparing our kind, makes a difference. We are fully loving beings and want only the best for all and if you are natively concerned, meaning concerned as natives of this gorgeous planet would be, it will change for the better. The healing capacities of only a few individuals shared in consciousness can bring about enormous differences. But the tide turning capabilities of many are needed.

Be wealthy in spirit, not material goods, in loving, not hating, in being loved too, rather than ignoring all that has been and continues to be given.
— Blessing Tree

“…we are in a time of great change on the planet, and that no matter how it looks physically, when we look through the eyes of the Soul, it is all perfect.”
— John-Roger

Now this planet is dissolving in pollution and all are suffering to some extent. But there is always renewal available. You have renewed our context here on this planet by your thoughts and good wishes and we wish to stay now.
— Oak

For me now, what matters is who we are right now and how we are each being and acting in relationship with all that is. In response to my letter to God about the work I’ve been doing with my apprentice and spiritual colleague, I received this (I think it can apply to all of us who are exploring planetary consciousness with loving intent):

You are becoming cosmic masters and need to heal yourselves of many maladies of unawareness. So you grow and let go and allow. There are real things happening, being created in dimensions above and below wherein you have your awareness. These can be wreaking havoc or creating harmony and both are happening. The harmony creates new worlds; the havoc cleanses the old worlds and makes room for new creation. Allow yourselves to explore and extend out and transform yourselves into grand cosmic masters.

Don’t worry about the consequences for now. They are being handled by the masters in touch with you, the others who are loyal to the end of time and beyond. So you are safe and catching a glimpse of the beyond(s) and having fun at it, too. Grow consistent with your Meetings; do not let them lapse. They will teach others, too — when they come in contact; they will be touched inside to grow and explore and become more, too.

It is a happy thing when people go exploring. The dimensions of happiness are to be praised, too. I know that means nothing to you now, but there will be a time when it will be clear and your will to understand will be made the default position. Will made conscious will be met.

It is inconsistent with the laws of the universe for those who want to know to be turned down. It is all arranged for health and happiness and knowing the truth. It includes prosperity, too, of a kind that cannot be measured in these earthly terms, but hold in the heaven worlds forever. Have fun and play and do not regret a single instant. It is all learning. Growth is paramount in importance in all the worlds.
— Inner Master

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