From a Star: It’s All About Fun

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By Elisa Novick

The awe and excitement I experienced at the time of the following conversation (even I had a moment of can-this-be-true?) was almost overpowering. I became aware of a grand being — a star — willing to explain things at my level, all the while sensing the underlying love and delight being poured upon me, helping me to be at ease. I know you will enjoy the references to Eric. My comments are in brackets. — Elisa

Elisa Novick; photo by Eric.

Elisa to the Oak: Do you know of the discussions I’ve had with Eric Francis about facilitating workshops together, combining systemic constellations and Laboratory of Life and astrology? I have some ideas of how it could work, but is it necessary? Is it just adding a layer of symbology and causing obscuration or is it truly exploring aspects and influences that have real meaning, and are clues to a healing/growing process? Are you aware of astrology?

Oak: We are aware of the way in which stars and planets and other bodies cause tides of influence, yes, and we don’t want to be taking their own words and translating, so you can go directly to the source.

Who is that? [Amazed.]

You can talk to a star that is having an influence in a great fashion for people and other beings and see what it says.

How do I meet a star? Can we be introduced?

Already happening now.

It feels like an enormous presence. [Also male.]

It is enormous.

Elisa to the Star: I don’t know how to address you. Can you speak in words to me?

Star: I already have and have spoken to others. They have already published my words, though they are not aware of this.

And Eric? Are you in contact with him?

He is my beloved. I cannot influence anyone without permission though I speak “out of turn” you might say, on numerous occasions.

You like to talk?

I am ‘programmed’ to by my ancestors who are Ones that speak out constantly, too. We all have our influences.

Can I introduce you to my work and ask how it could benefit others to include the influence of “heavenly bodies?”

I have already been watching and observing since your first big meeting. [I thought he meant the Godwork Meeting we held in 1997, but he meant the first one 15,000 years ago.] And we are aware that we can be helpful. But we influence many places and focusing down to the minutiae happens rarely. Fortunately for you, I am a busybody. [Laughter.]

What is the relationship of people’s lives and the stars at their birth or any other time?

We set the pattern in congruence with those beings who decide how to influence a lifetime of a single soulic manifestation. We do not change ourselves, but set the timing. Unfortunately or not, there is no single influence — all is accounted — the family, the lifetimes’ history, the spiritual forces in residence, and our natures, which do have specific personalities and relativism.

But many astrologers cannot see the poly-nature of these lifetimes in the context of a larger universe in which everything is functioning together toward a general rising or upliftment of soul’s consciousness. It is all working there in complex structures that interact mellifluously over time and inter-dimensionally to make sure that each soul has equal chance to survive intact and to be educated appropriately and to return to its original parentage in this spiritual realm in which it takes its paradise nature.

I wish I could understand this better.

Go inside and see how you are created. Each molecule has no form or reference point unless is it connected to others in this matrix you call your body. That gives it a meaning and a purpose.

So meaning and purpose only come about in relationship?

That is what calls for the rhythmic structure of each cell and atom out of nothingness or everythingness into a real-time action.

And you stars; do you take form and meaning from each other’s presence, too?

We do, but more so. We comb through each other’s aspects to find out how we can co-create together and then we have fun together.

Oak Tree and Hubble stars; photo art by Elisa.

Is this universe truly based in having fun?

It is, my dearest.

Then why do we take it so seriously? Why are we not having fun constantly?

You haven’t learned how to enjoy this moment without comparing it to others. There is a hierarchy of wonderfulness that creates a nuisancing. You are irritated when you cannot meet your intention, which is based in something imagined rather than just tuning into your real nature(s).

I want to attune to this fun. I’ve been overly focused on the problems and issues that need to be “fixed;” things undone, the world not set right, dishes in the sink, bills.

Yes, this worrying is not helpful. It causes separation with the core essence. The heart of this universe is having a good time [a double entendre?]. Playfulness reigns supreme and it is all done in a harmonious state; no harm is ever done.

Even here?

You experience misery because you take life seriously and you identify with your bodies and physiological needs to the extent that you lose your wonderful silliness. Gain that back. Bring laughter and enjoyment back to this world.

And what about war and starvation and cruelty?

You can start with you my dear, and those who came out of harms way to grow. There is no bad influence except it is allowed in the consciousness and people bring themselves to difficult situations in order to learn how to extricate themselves from them.

How do we set up these constellations?

By learning how they are trying to be helpful. See them in relationships.

The stars themselves, the meanings given by astrologers, the emotions they represent?

The actual influence of the spatial arrangements of the stars would be difficult to obtain, so use these star charts that Eric prepares and his own awareness of how they influence people or not. He has the star charts memorized in this soulic connection, having centuries of experience of traveling through the universes and seeing how each society makes its presence known.

Are you talking about other planets and places besides this one?

This one, and others too, yes.

And so it is already encoded in Eric’s being?

It is not encoded, but the knowledge is held in spatial sequences of numbers and names and experiences, tags, etc. You can try it out and play and see the profound influences and how they can work together.

That is my idea — to harmonize and work through difficult places in a person’s psyche with this chart as a map.

You can do that. Be aware that there are many who would not like to be influenced at all and are wanting to shed themselves of all these influences to become free.

Is that possible? [I remember a teacher talking about living from the center of the chart when I studied astrology.]

It is possible to be at a center point and allow all to float away into nothingness and then be left with no outside influences and then there is no consideration left, no fun!

Ah-ha, we are doing this life for fun and that has to be the prime consideration.


Is there more? I am grateful for this.

There is lots more, enormous caches of information. We will feed it through in this exploration if you so choose.

I’d be grateful. Thank you!

You are beautiful my dear.

* * *

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