Does the World Change When We Change?

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Be well and strong, dear beloved child of God, and say your words and allow them to fly amongst the stars and they will be echoed back into the earth and give a new calling out, one of strength and beauty and the ability to throw off noisome influences.
— Maple

Elisa Novick; photo by Eric.

When we heal, it ripples or resonates out into the world.

The premise of the “Godwork” that I’ve facilitated with individuals and groups all these years is that not only can we affect those around us by how we hold ourselves and them, but that when we come to clarity and coherence, we are capable of creating new exquisite, coherent patterns of healing and thriving for Planet Earth. These new patterns are available to all and can be effective over time. In the Godwork Meetings we have formed new energetic blueprints that I’ve been told spiritually would be working for 1,000 years!

How can this be?

You say, “There are poor people in other countries; children are cold, hungry and crying. As bad as it seems here, it’s worse there.” Your empathy goes out and says, “Let’s take care of them.”

Whether or not you can do anything physically, start praying for these people. Start holding visions of success for them. Start taking success images and putting them out, sending these people all the energy you can for their upliftment. If enough people do this, the consciousness will start moving, and greater success will start flowing to those people to whom you are sending this energy.
— John-Roger

But you might say, “How do we know this works?” And that is an excellent question. Though I have never felt a great need to have what I do as a healer “proved” by the current scientific methods and I know that all testing methods and their results have their detractors, I value the impeccability of the spiritual scientist, the one who runs his or her inner work and outer actions through an evaluation process to see whether they work, whether they meet the knowing of the heart, align with their integrity, bring positive change into the system.

I have been checking out the systems I’ve developed for 30 years, noting the results, getting endless amounts of feedback from others, learning and refining continuously. So I have come to trust that when my guidance indicates that something is done, I’ve had enough experience to believe that.

On the largest scales, like the work at the planetary level and beyond, I have only my guidance and internal senses to go by and those of the people and unseen beings I’m partnering with, and that has, for the most part, become enough for me — but I never give up my discernment. On one occasion, I was taken in Spirit to see the lovely changes that some of our work had wrought in places around the world, and for that I was deeply grateful.

One way to see the effects of various influences on our systems is muscle testing. Applied Kinesiology was developed within the chiropractic community to determine the strengths and weaknesses of body systems, and then extended to determine the effects of various foods, supplements, beliefs, etc., on the energetic systems of the body. In my course, Accessing the Inner Master, which includes using a self-applied muscle test to receive clear information from our True Selves/Spirit, I often begin with a demonstration of our interconnection:

I have a volunteer come up and I show the strength of an indicator muscle by applying pressure, so that it is quite obvious that if the person thinks of certain foods or thoughts, the muscle becomes strong or weak. Then I have the others in the room think certain thoughts and check the volunteer’s reactions on his or her muscle strength. The results are quite amazing and consistent.

Even if the volunteer doesn’t know what I’ve asked the audience to think (the volunteer cannot see my signal), when the audience thinks negative thoughts about the volunteer, the muscle collapses from weakness and when they think positive thoughts about the volunteer, the muscle strength is strong and solid. But even more astonishing is that the same happens when the audience thinks positive or negative thoughts about themselves. That means that, given the negative self-talk and judgments and feelings most people walk around with, we are being weakened constantly, whether we know it or not.

I then have the volunteer say to herself or himself, “I love myself unconditionally” (I whisper it to the volunteer so the audience doesn’t know what the person is thinking), and then no matter what the audience thinks or feels the indicator muscle shows a strong response.

It would seem that we are affected by others’ thoughts and feelings and also that what we do inside of ourselves can exacerbate or neutralize those effects. And from my experience working with people and many experiments I’ve read about, there seems to be little or no attenuation over distance or time.

We are connected. We live in (or you might say we are) a sentient, responsive universe. How often I’ve done a session with someone about, for example, their relationship with their father or their father’s genetic line, and then gotten a note from that person saying that when they arrived home that night, the father was completely different and the relationship was transformed. “It was like a veil was lifted from him!”

You might think, “What an enormous responsibility. If what I do in my internal world is affecting those around me, or even the entire world, or even the cosmos, I’ve got to clean up my act!” True. But the great thing about that is it also means that the work we do to come to clarity and joy and mastery, and how we hold ourselves — and our loved ones and the world — inside of us, is also the way in which we are world healers. And the by-product is that we feel wonderful.

Dear Elisa,

We appreciate your coming forth into this rain and weather you are uncomfortable and unprotected in. We don’t like to be ‘rained’ upon by the emotions of others who are unhappier with their circumstances.

Can I purify my emotions more to help make it easier?

You can feel your happiness in this term of life despite difficulties and afflictions of your physical form, but you’re generally happier than most and we love to see your bursts of enthusiasm. They light up the ethers.

I am seeing bright yellow light.

Yes and other colors / other things you can’t see that come into life. With these flares of colored lights, there are beings whose forms come into existence rarely if at all. If you say you are unhappy they flee the scene. When expressing joy, they come into existence and become more realized in your world.

Do they do something for this world?

They heal others, other forms, plants, animals, people’s hazy auras, the skin/web of the earth’s mantle, the underground currents of electrical energies and waterways.

What can we do for them?

Be alive, well, happy, and count your blessings. Gratitude is all important in this life. We praise/worship all the time, just glorying in this opportunity to be alive, flowing with the life force/prana/energy welling in and through and around us. This is pleasurable and we live in gratitude.
— Oak

Elisa Novick, MSS does profound work as a healer, teacher, counselor, coach, minister, and facilitator of workshops and trainings in personal, professional, and spiritual development. She can assist you to clear personal, karmic and genetic patterns that have limited you and teach you exquisite attunement skills so you can become the magnificent master of life and Light that all of us are destined to be. Elisa has been assisting people in their growth since 1982 through her counseling practice and in facilitating over 1,000 workshops in holistic health, human development, family constellation, systemic constellation, organizational dynamics, planetary healing and spiritual awareness.

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  1. “I then have the volunteer say to herself or himself, “I love myself unconditionally” (I whisper it to the volunteer so the audience doesn’t know what the person is thinking), and then no matter what the audience thinks or feels the indicator muscle shows a strong response.”

    I am glad of this. I am rarely aware of people thinking badly of me anymore. I used to think badly of others and I still do sometimes. I try to note it and see where the thought comes from. What I really believe is that there is a loving light being in everyone however deeply that might seem masked in physical reality. I certainly don’t want to be at the mercy of what people may think badly about me and I wouldn’t want the reverse either. I want to present the same loving presence to everyone but especially myself. Unconditional love is consistent or constant as the old-fashioned people used to say. I am healed because of the unconditional love/positive regard that was offered to me. It seems natural to make that offering my goal for myself and others in gratitude.

  2. And talking of gratitude, I’m so grateful to have this possibility to receive your teachings here, Elisa. Thank you, and thank you, Eric.

  3. Thank you so very much, dear Elisa. Once again, your words touch me so very deeply, and help me on my way. You confirm what has come up fpr me in the last few months, namely to gently steer the mind away from negative and fearful thoughts, towards joyful and loving ones. Your piece helps me and encourages me in my quest to do this. Adn I’m also greatly reassured by your words about being able to help people in great need, and generally being able to heal the planet in some way. Thank you. xx

  4. Elisa: Thank you. This piece today started off as interesting and left me inspired to do better doing my part. Could feel you present – amazing. Special gratitude to Oak as well.

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