A Boulder Story

By Elisa Novick

Last week, I included a snippet of a conversation with a boulder and said I would post it in full. I haven’t before because it is not that easy to decipher. I’ve done very little editing, so you might have to run the information through your own understanding as I did. The reference, as I heard this, to what many people deem “conspiracy theories” is fascinating to me coming from something which/who has been around long enough to know the history of the planet, as well as its reference to another energy that cares to assist.

Elisa Novick; photo by Eric.

My thoughts are in brackets. Most remarkable to me has been discovering sentience in so many non-human beings. It makes the whole world come alive for me and I hope for you.

Dear Rock,

I’ve never spoken to a boulder before. Can you speak to me? It seemed when I arrived here in the forest the strongest energy I felt was from you.

[I feel energy coming toward me. I wonder if there are words? I feel a little nervous. It is hard to imagine that it can hear me, yet I feel it listening as I type. Am I projecting? I don’t think so.]

You are near to this truth — one that I have kept secret for thousands of years. You have heard me call/sing and that was enough for me.

[I felt strongly to correct a typo. It feels that urge to precision is coming from the boulder.]

I am exact, yes.

This planet is old enough to remember its origins and to be aware of its knowing of who was invited to take root here. Yet others came who were not part of this journey and now they rule this land. It is unfortunate, but not all to the good that we can withstand tremendous onslaughts of pain and disturbance.

Are you referring to extraterrestrials that came to this planet? Or what some call reptilians? Those who are in charge of our governments and most of our institutions?

Yes. But there is a new energy coming forth. [Some copy missed here.]

Who is this? It sounds like the Christ Consciousness, but that is not new. I realize that new is a relative term when speaking to someone who was probably deposited here in the Ice Ages.

It is not the Christ that you are speaking of that has come forth but one who cares the most about how this planet is surviving that came and can be of assistance.

Can you tell me how long this has been happening, in revolutions around the sun or in seasons? [I still don’t believe it can speak in English.]

No, for it has been a slow and gradual awakening into existence and I cannot see the beginning.

Can I help?

You cannot be a forbear [?] of your own kind in this situation without being sacrificed for it and that is not required. But you can speak for this generation of newcomers who want to save this precious resource, this place of “hambrefima.”

What does that word correlate to in my language?

It is something like a house of plants and animals that feeds the sun with vibrations according to its nature and receives sunlight in return. It does not connote a friendly environment or an unfriendly one; only that it comes out of the source realm, the planet-making energy field. It is a rare phenomenon that a place could sustain this much diversity of life and not fall apart with all of the vibrations competing and strengthening themselves at the expense of other life forms.

Are you referring to the fact that we animals have to eat each other in order to live?

Yes of course, but not only animals and little creatures, but also certain energetic life forms that are hungry and/or angry and can wipe out a nation through thought-forms and sensory manipulation.

I see. Are there other planets that do not exist by eat-or-be-eaten principles?

Yes, too many to number. They do not work in this same way and peacefully exist within themselves and with others of their own species.

There are sentient life forms across the galaxy that know of each other’s existence and can speak to each other in various ways. They visit sometimes too and are careful to be seen as good guests that do not harm others. Your species could learn a thing or two.

You are picking up my language well.

I am a good learner, my dear (laughing). And I have a tutor, too.

Who is that?

The ones in your aura who hang out with you.

You mean trees, or angels, the Mystical Traveler or Jesus?

The ones who are there now are the ones that take root in the soil.

Trees. Thank you for elucidating this. I wasn’t aware they were in my aura, though it makes sense. You have given me information that is pleasing to me.

Your sensory apparatus is limited by your small brain and other limitations that have been placed in order to keep your awareness in check so you will have certain experiences and not others.

Can I release those?

It is not beneficial at this time. You need these blinders/halters to finish up the game of living on this limited planet before going into a more supreme bliss state.

I understand that. I would say that we are kept from knowing the full reality in order to complete karma and strengthen ourselves and then we get free at some point, presumably when our bodies die.

That is approximately correct.

You are wise and I so appreciate the perspective. I am glad. You feel friendly and caring and humorous.

It is all funny, my dear.

Anything else?

Your lives are so short and our conversation has been so short, but we can stop for sure now.


So are you.


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6 thoughts on “A Boulder Story”

  1. This is all so lovely, reminding me of experiences I haven’t thought about in a very long time (and that I really pay attention to rocks!). There are so many, but here are two.

    I used to visit the American west a lot – mostly Arizona. I always felt like the rocks were trying to tell me something; I felt their pull. I’m not talking about the magnetic pull of the vortexes (I felt that too, and it’s amazing!), but something subtler and gentler. Wisdom, that they wanted to share with me. My time there was always limited, but I’d spend all of my free time in and around the desert, communing with the rocks. I did begin to “feel” their wisdom, and I always felt that if I had the luxury of time I would begin to hear it in words, too. But they spoke loud and clear all the same. The most profound experience was one evening when I could suddenly see the rocky ground almost vibrating with the life that pulsed through it, that *was* it. The next I knew, I felt completely surrounded, enveloped, hugged by a mother/father presence. It was the Universe in its purest form, embracing me and connecting me to all that life, to all things that have ever existed and that ever will. It was a big and beautiful moment – we should all feel so loved every day!

    To the other extreme, I’ve also seen a few strip mines in my life, and each time I do, I feel the pain of the Earth having being ripped open. The sensation is like the pain of a scraped knee – how horrible that feels to a child – only on the magnitude of a gigantic, scraped out hole in the Earth’s own flesh. All the more painful when you’ve had a moment like the one above.

  2. Thank you for all of your comments and rock stories. I believe that the more of us share these experiences, the more others feel it is OK to share their stories, too and the more it becomes OK in our minds to share what we experience, no matter how unusual.

    By the way, if you would like to see a photo of this boulder, it is in the Mohawk Trail State Forest Album on my Facebook page. (You might have to be on Facebook to see it.)

    And no I didn’t find the rock slow at all. As it said, I was the limited one. What surprised me was that though what it said was serious, its tone was lighthearted as was the star I reported on in a previous article. Who’d have thought!

    And you are right LindaGM, that I would need funding to go to Uluru/Ayers Rock. I just happened to have looked yesterday to see whether I could stop there on the way from Byron Bay to Perth, and the fares were over four times higher to stop there (around $800) than flying straight through. I think I can use a photo — I have with certain trees — to make the connection, when I have some time to tune in.

  3. Elisa, it would be wonderful if when you visit Australia you had the time and financial support to visit Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the centre of the continent.

    It would be wonderful to hear what this ancient One would have to tell you.

  4. oh elisa i love this…i love rocks and i used to seek out those in between pacific grove and carmel on the rough pebble rock beaches and just sit near the big rocks there until my body would go numb…i still think of them even though now i’m a thousand miles away…they were so comforting and i could feel something coming from them that i couldn’t articulate but brought me a lot of peace and solace. sometimes while i was sitting there i could watch the path of the monarchs flying over the sea, one by one, on their way either north or south. it was magic. thank you for your offering.

  5. Dear Elisa,

    Thank you for sharing your conversation with the boulder. I am a rock person and perk up my ears when others share rock medicine or messages. Lewis Mehl Madrone once said that rocks speaks so slowly that it can take 100 years to finish one sentence. I wonder if you had a sense of the boulder speeding up in order to understood by you, or perhaps you slowing down. I understand that rocks are resourceful. When they need to move, change their energy, or share their stories, they will find a way: a tree, water, frost heaves, earthquake, glaciers, storms, humans, landslides, freezing and thawing. They will send emissaries to speed up in the red hot sweat lodge fire, a sacrifice, in order to share a story, or bring a message to the people. In the past year, on my land, they have given approval to bring in machines to move them, with intention and purpose, and ceremony. While most man/machine movement is an insult, they will use the opportunity to be of service. I have recommended people offer tobacco and prayers at construction sites when rocks have been disturbed with no respect. It makes a difference.

    Fracking, mountain top removal, paving, drilling, mining– these are insults with serious consequences. The cause and effect humans set in motion with this total disrespect, violence, and outrage will be paid painfully, instantly, and continually. I don’t know if we can do enough ceremony to make up to the stone people for this violence.

    No doubt the boulder waited a long time for you, though it may not have have been any time to it. I wonder if they work with the stars to bring their energy to a vibration that can communicate with those of us who are ready to listen. That thought just popped as I was typing. It is so nice to talk with people about rocks. Thank you again.

  6. Elisa, this is a delightful post. Thank-you so much!
    There is a large boulder on my piece of prairie, who I visit from time to time in summer. I have always felt his great age, & he is now gradually returning to the Earth, as snow melt collects in his cracks, & freezes, & pieces fall here & there around him. He seems to have a great weariness. I have always asked permission to touch or sit on him, & it has always been granted, with a feeling of yes, but I haven’t attempted to communicate with him beyond that.

    Some years ago, I suddenly knew that the area around him had once been a camping place for indigenous people, long ago, & that there had been bluffs of trees where now there are just native grasses & wildflowers. Perhaps that knowing emanated from my dear rock friend.
    When I can see him again, probably sometime in May, I believe I shall ask.

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