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Mercury entered Gemini, where it rules, earlier today. The smallest planet’s ingress to Gemini follows a quick trip through Taurus, lasting just over two weeks. Before Mercury was in Taurus, it took nearly three months oscillating between Pisces and Aries, as consequence of a retrograde cycle. Clearly, the innermost planet is demonstrating a pattern of acceleration. That pattern, taken with Mercury’s placement in Gemini, thematically echoes much of the current astrology. Symbolically it signifies Mercury’s potential to make the current astrology work for you through a regimen of being present and mindful when things get fast and furious.

Astrology by Len Wallick

Mercury expresses through your mind and its means. Gemini, domain of mutable air, is compatible with the fleetest planet’s archetype. Thus, Mercury’s annual tour of Gemini typically favors fast, flexible thinking and communication. This year, there’s an extra wrinkle.

This year, Mercury encounters a Gemini recently enhanced by the luminaries, Sun and Moon, with even more such activity yet to come. Just as this week was getting off to a start, the Moon entered mutable air less than eight hours after the Sun did. Literally minutes after its ingress, speedy Luna caught up with the Sun for a New Moon and a spectacular annular solar eclipse just inside Gemini’s threshold, and near the lunar south node. Such a precisely placed and timed beginning assures that both the current eclipse cycle (from solar to lunar) and lunation cycle (from one New Moon to the next) will be completed while the Sun is in Gemini. That sort of thing does not happen often. As rare and auspicious as the current luminary cycles are, Venus is giving them a run for their money, also from within Mercury’s realm.

Venus is in one of its relatively rare retrograde cycles. That cycle is taking place entirely in Gemini. In addition, this particular period of Venus in retrograde will be accompanied by its visible transit of the Sun. The solar transit that will take place in mid-Gemini on June 5 (or June 6, depending on where you are; it’s the day after the Sagittarius Full Moon and lunar eclipse) is so rare that more than a century will elapse before it happens again. Indeed, with so many seldom-seen and auspicious events preceding and during its comeback tour, it would appear that Mercury’s homecoming is destined to be overshadowed. Actually, there is potential for Mercury’s representation of mind to dominate events, but it will not happen without your conscious participation.

The importance of celestial events to astrology is usually in proportion to how uncommon they are. Relative rarity, however, is not the only criteria by which to evaluate a planet or its position. Timing, location and compatibility are also important, and by those standards, Mercury’s impending trip through Gemini is both symbolically resonant and a potentially useful point of reference. Consider the theme that connects the current eclipse cycle with the Venus solar transit.

Eclipses take place near the two perpetually opposed nodes where the Moon’s orbit around Earth intersects with Earth’s orbit around the Sun. The physical result is that Earth and Moon take turns imposing themselves in front of the Sun relative to each other, opening and closing a cycle of contrast and compliment. When considered that way, Venus’ impending passage in front of the Sun is another type of eclipse, but with a planet, rather than the Moon, imposing itself between Earth and its source of light, and opening a cycle that will will not close until the next century. Thus the Venus transit is symbolically amplifying and extending a luminary eclipse cycle into an entire epoch.  

Having Venus move so precisely between the Earth and Sun on the heels of a luminary eclipse cycle indicates that you may expect a concurrently rapid series of comparably exceptional events to amplify the scale of your own life. Mercury’s recent history indicates that your recent experience has prepared you somehow to handle that acceleration, provided that you remain present to each moment and continuously mindful of where you are and what you are doing. That means keeping your mind in mind, making a practice of thinking about how you are thinking. It may seem that such a practice would slow you down, but that’s the idea.

Events can only go as fast as your mind perceives them to move. If your focus is entirely on the pace of events, that pace will become your reality, carrying you away as if on a flood. If, however, you focus on observing your own thinking, you give yourself a chance to regulate your perception. You can begin by reflecting on what the last two weeks have taught you. Consider how and when you have met and encountered the world with impressive success since Mercury entered Taurus and give those triumphs equal weight with any mental lapses that may have led to needless frustration and even exhaustion. Beginning today, work to literally create your own pace by building on what has worked for you and learning from where you have lost the thread. If you can maintain that practice you will also maintain the pace and that will be how to make Mercury’s time in Gemini work for you. It is possible and you are prepared to do it.

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21 thoughts on “Your Mind In Mind — Mercury In Gemini”

  1. Dear Mandy, Huffy and Len, thank you all for your replies, sharing your wisdom and kind support.   

    Len, thank you for reminding, to stay in the moment and just take it as it goes. And Huffy, it’s challenging, takes courage, but mainly feeling the excitement, growing more present each day.

    Mandy your keen visual explanation regarding programs and platforms perspective was so creative and very helpful.  I have definitely been feeling the evolution of energy patterns for some time now (mental, spiritual) and if I can take it further, it almost feels as if we are a vital processing service transforming frequencies… But hard to put words to, as so much more, yet simplicity.  Whatever it is, I feel for certain, it’s message brings forward a greater purpose for spirit and elevated good.  

    It’s comforting to know others can relate to this incredible gift we are all open to give and receive. 

    Vectors Away!

  2. P.Sophia: Thank you for your question. The main thing to remember is that we are between eclipses right now. Any period between eclipses is challenging (please recall the entirety of June 2011 when we had a series of three eclipses from one New Moon to the next). What you feel (hitting a wall, so to speak) is to be expected. Do what is necessary to take care of your well being and persist in small things until you can resume with larger things.

    Mandy: Thank you for your wonderful examples of conversion as evolution (pixels-to-vectors, operating systems, and all) as a very good explanation of the type of adjustments we are called on to make between eclipses. Spot on an well written, thank you. Your reminder to drink lots of water is absolutely correct. Water and nourishment in between eclipses allow us to persist.

    Huffy: Many thanks to you for your contribution as well.

    be: Bless you and thank you. Fractals are a long story, but your gifted elucidations on astrology demonstrate that you do get the idea of patterns reiterating according to a pattern (or lack of one). That’s basically it. Nearly everything in nature, from crystals to clouds (as well as the astrology’s pattern of cycles, observed and corresponded) are demonstrations of fractals. Mandy’s eloquent explanation of pixels Vs. vectors fits in as well. The main thing is, you have proven that you get it.

  3. MandyM,

    What a marvelous gift you bring us with your concept of God’s Creation via the computer graphics door. I applaud your clear understanding and ability to make us understand what you have observed. I’ve thought for some time that the astrology of today requires the many astrologers all over the world to each unravel a part of the ever widening picture of the sky. When we bring the pieces all together, we also come together, and without the computer that would be impossible. It is like your description of pixels and vectors; pixels were great but you couldn’t expand them when the time came. But with vectors, well, we can just grow and grow without limit.

    Now, help me understand about fractals! P.S. my downstairs neighbor is keeping me grounded with some soul-food barbeque beef, and all the fix’ens. Love thy neighbor, I always say.

  4. And just to expand on the graphic design concept:
    When I was 47 I went to college for graphic design. The last time I had been in school was grade 9. This was a 5 month fast track course and I was not very computer savvy, as my experience was pushing the Windows button and asking myself “How does this work?”. On my way to school for the second day of class (when we would learn how to use a Mac), I came upon an accident and – long story short – comforted a dying man until help arrived. With blood on my pants, I proceeded to class and learned the basic computer system. I had hit the ground running and it didn’t stop until the course ended. I had to drop the Web design part of the course half way through because it was just too fast and those long codes were like finger nails on a chalk board for me. The head of the department told me I wouldn’t make it in the world of Graphic Design if I didn’t have my foot in the door of Web Design. For many, multiple reasons those 5 months were extremely challenging and I did pretty well. I feel like we’re all about to go through this.

    One day, as I was feeling in awe of God’s creation, I concluded that s/he is definitely the cream of the crop in graphic design. And then on another day, as I was in awe of my Mac – the technical and graphic design programs particularly – it hit me that my brain was more powerful, talented and capable than my beloved Mac. And if God was in me, and I am God, well the whole concept of ‘you create your own reality’ just exploded in my gray matter. And then it showered upon me that for the last 2 years, while Saturn was S-L-O-W-L-Y gliding through my 8th, I had been learning the World Wide Web design code of Astrology. Hey!! My foot was in the door! Now I’m learning about fractals and the Universal Holograph (to me, Astrology is a fractal of the Holograph – The Design Code).

    The tag line I chose for my business is “If you can imagine it, we can create it.” We are so there right now. When I create something on my Mac, I

    1. imagine it (Air)
    2. feel the satisfaction, love and joy of what I create (Water)
    3. save it and tweak [simmer] (Fire)
    4. print it (Earth)

    As for step 1, it is best that I start with a concept, rather than stressing over details as these usually just work out with the flow anyway. I do a middle ground and create sections/topics/layout/colours kind of thing.

    This is the world of Neptune. Divine Design. Imagination. And we are Divinely designing our future with our imaginations right now. Think happy thoughts – remember the movie Hook? When Peter held his happy thought he flew, he became The Pan. When he let the happy thought go he crash landed. It is most important right now that we collectively imagine all the people living life in Peace and Love (context/concept) and create YOUR personal circumstance dream for yourself (content/details). And very important, stay grounded/anchored. That is what is bringing Heaven down to Earth. Heaven On Mother Earth. H.O.M.E.

  5. P.Sophia: If I may add my two cents worth. In my understanding, this shift of evolution we are experiencing is being greatly activated by the cosmic dance. The solar flares are affecting us, and the poles of the sun are active also – scientists have confirmed it is doing strange things to matter. I have started keeping my eye on this only to confirm that is has been creating physical discomfort, usually heaviness and exhaustion for me (drink lots of water!!!!!!). The eclipses are definitely playing a large part in our evolution right now, a real big kick in the butt. Everything is affecting everything.
    When I was in school for graphic design, I had a dream one night that I was in the Photoshop program and needed to get over to the Illustrator program but I couldn’t find the button. I think we are all being handed this button. We are moving from the Photoshop world to the Illustrator world – from pixels to vectors. When I bring a creation from the Photoshop program over to the Illustrator program there is an adjustment/conversion. Vectors are based on mathematical formulas. With pixels if you expand the image you will eventually see blurry squares. With vectors, there is no limit to the expansion, no distortion.
    We are moving from a Windows operating system over to a MacIntosh system, and for those of you who have never used a Mac, you’re gonna love it!! During a rare interview with both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, the Windows guru said that if there was one talent that he admired about Steve and wished that he had himself, it was Steve’s sense of style and design – the right side of the brain activation.
    We are evolving physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Some will handle it better than others. I can’t even imagine the effects on people who are oblivious to any of this. As for me, I don’t resist whatever my body is asking of me. This week started off with a 3 day migraine, no appetite and throwing up which has morphed into absolute bliss and joy in a psychedelic kaleidoscope. I have to force feed myself to try to keep grounded.

  6. Dear Len,

    I just read your wonderful article here tonight, unfortunately several days after your post and related discussion- so, sorry this comes to you out of time…

    Still I am compelled and want to thank you for your words, that so significantly highlight this energy I have been experiencing over the last couple weeks as you describe.

    I commented in a post earlier this week that i was feeling an energy surge from the perspective of my experiences with connectivity of thought, mind and openness to receiving creative ideas, links in and around me. It felt incredibly fateful and leading, almost universe directing to me, very similar to how you describe.   Yet have question regarding your comment,     “If, however, you focus on observing your own thinking, you give yourself a chance to regulate your perception. You can begin by reflecting on what the last two weeks have taught you.”  

    Although my focus was observing, it did not feel i was regulating my perception.  It felt conversely, very organic, in sync, flow letting go.

    Then smack…From mid week, Wednesday I hit a dead stop with this energy and i felt complete exhaustion even to the point of feeling sick (as someone also commented in Friday’s blog) energy gone…Is this associated to these aspects as you describe?   If so,  it would be so valuable to have your insight?

    Most importantly, I am hoping to get back into this focus / energy field I was tapped into / around as effortlessly moved in my daily life, but somehow now (even for reflection sake), i feel pushed out. 

    Gratefully Devoted,


  7. So appreciate the added scientific evidence Len, and also the reference to Juno. (The transit of Virgo is a lesson in refinement, as in sandpaper and drill!) We are coming to accept that we are our twin, through the lessons of Gemini and Mercury, but what about also “being” our Partner? I believe that Juno’s preparatory station conjunct the north node and subsequent retrograde is now drilling that message home. Perhaps even the lengthy Saturn in Libra trine Venus in Gemini has also been instilling a consciousness of acceptance of our “other half” as being representative of unacknowledged parts of our selves. We CAN co-create or concieve our perception of reality in other ways by developing our under or mis-used gifts. I suspect that the Moon’s monthly mini-occultations of Pluto could also be aiding in this evolutionary transformation. The deeper we go, the darker it gets while the light from our greater and higher consciousness waits for our knock on the door. 🙂

  8. One comment before proceeding with acknowledgements and thanks. Elite athletes have consistently reported the ability to slow their perception of the pace of events, making them able to react more quickly and accurately. Scientific tests done on these athletes find that their method differs (one baseball player, for example, intuitively divides his field of vision into quadrants), but the result is the same, a competitive advantage. We can co-create and/or select what we perceive. It is more than good reflexes. It is a learnable skill. Some people make a very good living doing it. We can all do it. It’s called evolution.

    susyc: Congratulations on the new job and the time to ease into it.

    CaraSusanetta: You are very welcome.

    Lyd: Thank you, that’s a good example. Taking control of just part of your day (instead of giving it all away to the satisfaction of some body else) is an important discipline that ultimately leads to discovery beyond expectation.

    Huffy: You are most welcome.

    Mandy: Well, it does take some doing. The world is not handed to us in an unalterable form. Perception does take a part in determining reality. Response to perception helps to create the reality of others. Glad that resonates with you.

    be: Thank you. You are a treasure. Thank you for taking us back to the Vernal Equinox for reference, for a wider deeper perspective and for reminding us that Juno has indeed been in the connective thick of it. Yes you make sense. Interesting about Mars getting cabin fever in Virgo when the last object to retrograde overlong there was Juno – nice connection. Thank you so very much.

    aword: congratulations on the joy you feel for your children’s rites of passage. Yes, you are correct, there is something to get in all of this. We can take a hand in our personal and collective evolution if we can kick the cynicism and other habits that hold us back

  9. Thank you Len

    It is always more pleasant in itself to live under a growing cycle that descending and I sense well this global passage in my first House. I also had the disadvantage of the series of square with Neptune and the benefit related to the South node that attracts to snippets of what remains of a past recent or further in time. It is true that it is the creator of life and that every action it remains responsible for what did not forget to note March square in the Sun, mercury…

  10. Thanks, Be.

    Funny you should mention that……I’ve been picking up on a “new/ancient” ‘way’ of communication as some sort of message coming at me for a long long time. Sort of like “Linda phone home” but not really ’cause I’m not meant to leave here, the message is meant for here. Something in technology (I sooooo “get it”, but can’t figure out the connection since I’m not a programmer or other techie as much as I’d loooove that, I’m not – I only get the speak on either side of the tech-i-ness.) And so it’s just become part of a 3D cross-word puzzle.

    I’ll sit with all you and Len have said and charts for a bit – and like you’ve suggested recently – I’ll sit WITHOUT charts – and “see” what I can feel.

    Something’s here. Something new to be perceived. That much is for sure.

  11. Tears in Eyes.
    Thank you, Len.

    And while today is my son’s high school graduation, it is also a day when my Gemini daughter has found a new step in her path to financial maturity and independence.

    I’ve packed tissue for the Grad Ceremony tonight. Lots.
    Slowed down; my own pace; time is on my side.

  12. Hi Len and all,

    I went looking for a thread this morning as a matter of fact. What with all the hustle and bustle of astral events lately, it occurred to me that soon the Summer Solstice would be upon us too. i wanted to examine the Vernal Equinox chart from March to see if I could pick up on some of the clues within it from hindsight, now that it’s “influence” will be coming to a close. There were many things that had spoken to me, more from an intuitive perception than a mental one at the time. Mercury was positioned 2 degrees ahead of the Sun and 2 degrees behind Uranus, so all 3 within a 4 degree span. Like you said above, he was in his retro phase while oscillating between Pisces and Aries, and at the moment of the equinox he was the pickle in the middle of a serious sandwich in Aries. He was also in a mutual reception with Mars, who was already weary of his retrograde in Virgo. He was also conjunct Hermes. Seems Mercury was peddling most of his influence through other symbols in other modes of operation. Now that he’s in Gemini, he (and we) can better think through our goddess given mental faculties, but also through the heart with Venus in Mercury’s sign of Gemini.

    In hindsight, probably the most telling clue (for me anyway) in the Equinox chart (3/20/12) was the Sagittarian North Node and Juno’s conjunction to it. Her emphasis on relationship and connectivity has played a big part in my life during the last two months and so did Mars in Virgo who was squaring the north and south nodes (and Juno). Events did seem to have a connective-ness in their unfolding and this was shown in the Equinox chart by the grand trine in earth, in which Mars was a prime player. The flow of almost unbreakable energy circled the chart, just as Mars symbolically was the engine at the head of a Locomotive pattern espoused by Marc Edmund Jones. Then there was the connectedness between the major planets themselves, each of them aspecting the planet ahead and the planet behind their position. Sometimes it was the subtle, mystical energy of a septile, decile or quintile working on other levels of consciousness. Sometimes it was the direct and unmistakable energy of the square, or the easy mode of a sextile that connected the energies, and there were four conjunctions that combined energies into new cycles, one as short as it takes the Moon to circle the chart, others as long as a year. I can see similarities in that chart (most charts actually) to an orchestra playing a complex piece of music. I think Mercury was purposely muted to a certain degree in order to more clearly hear (see, experience) the other “instruments” of Knowing. Does that make sense? I suspect we have been preparing to Think-In-A-New-Way by developing other modes symbolized by Sun, Uranus, Venus, Mars and Juno, if not even more ways. How funny is it that the south node in the Equinox chart was also where Sisyphus was located? Does that not symbolize it has become time to release the dogged determination to role the boulder up the hill; a boulder which is just as determined to role back down the hill?

    I feel you are really on to something Len when you speak of the Venus Transit amplifying and extending the luminary eclipse cycle. I had a dream which I wrote about here a few days ago that suggested the same connectedness between these Gemini events. I feel sure that the Universe is providing us tools to increase our ability to think and also to understand and most of all to evolve. Those tools may come to us as a gift through the astrologers who interpret the planetary symbols in a meaningful way to us, as you have done in today’s offering. Like the previous responders here, I want to say thank you for that.

  13. “Events can only go as fast as your mind perceives them to move.” WOW Len!

    What we Perceive is What we Receive…. Can we make T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers?

  14. Master Len has done it again. Just awesome
    “Actually, there is potential for Mercury’s representation of mind to dominate events, but it will not happen without your conscious participation.” This is going on my wall for the next month.
    “Having Venus move so precisely between the Earth and Sun on the heels of a luminary eclipse cycle indicates that you may expect a concurrently rapid series of comparably exceptional events to amplify the scale of your own life.” I LOVE you for this.
    Where the focus goes, the energy flows. Another wall hanger for the month.
    You guys really are a most wonderful Lighthouse.

  15. Len, your message is indeed timely, and, if I may say, much needed reinforcement to be vigilant in what we keep twirling around in the mind. What a waste of time and and really, that twirling is deeply unnatural, yes?

    Have found in the past, that if I consciously manage to do something that I love each day, I’m helping the head take a break; I fall into a place that magically fills me up with really good feelings. It could be for ten minutes or an hour, however, the results show up in my being and life…always.

    Thank you so much for all you offer.

  16. Just beautiful and exactly what I needed to hear today, Len. Thank you so much. I am at this stage of my time off work, practicing those good things, those good disciplines that have always rewarded my efforts and am learning new ones. I tend to release my self-care with stress and busyness so having this reminder right now is timely! I am doing some introspective work designed to address and increase my commitment and self-care. I have accepted a job offer that does not start until this fall, so other than a bit of footwork, I have time to ingrain and ground my practice. And now, it seems the planets are supporting just that! Bless you!

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