What You Didn’t Know — Virgo Full Moon

The Virgo Full Moon peaks at 1:08 pm EDT Sunday with a chance to learn something you didn’t know. What you don’t know is not necessarily something that’s hidden. The revelation of what has been hidden corresponds more to Mercury retrogrades. In contrast, Sunday’s opposition from the Pisces Sun to the Virgo Moon feels more like learning another side of a story you already know in part.

Astrology by Len Wallick

What gives Sunday’s Virgo Full Moon the feeling of learning something about a story’s other side has to do with how the Pisces Sun will be precisely conjoined with distant Salacia (more properly, 120347 Salacia).

Salacia is one of those sizable objects out past Neptune nobody knew about for 62 years after Pluto’s 1930 discovery. Then, two young astronomers (Jane X. Luu and David Jewitt) decided to check out the the other side of astronomy’s story about Pluto being out there alone. What Dr. Luu and Dr. Jewitt found was 1992 QB1, the still-unnamed object that opened the floodgates to a long list of discoveries in what is now known as the Kuiper Belt.

Salacia (which will reach the 10th anniversary of its first observation this year on the Libra Equinox) is among those distant objects we didn’t know about in the Kuiper Belt, and beyond to the “scattered disc” where leftovers from our solar system’s formation orbit at the outer edges of the Sun’s gravitational field.

Because Salacia orbits at the outer edges of the solar system, it appears to move slowly from here on Earth. Hence, Salacia also moves slowly around the zodiac, taking about 274 years to complete the circuit. That’s how Salacia does not so much move into aspect with other things. Rather, other things move into aspect with Salacia.

Because Salacia was discovered only recently, astrologers don’t have the full story on it yet. Besides the characteristics of its slow orbit and circumstances of its discovery, what we have to go on is the fact that Salacia was named after Neptune’s mythical spouse. That is, until recently.

Recently, Full Moons have come around to Salacia, providing what Eric has called “proving moments”: moments when an object’s place in astrology is proven. Last year, Eric wrote of Salacia’s conjunction with the Pisces Full Moon on Sept. 19, 2013.

Earlier this year, Finnish astrologer Kirsti Melto was published here on Planet Waves, observing how the Cancer Full Moon formed a precise water trine with Salacia on Jan. 16, 2014. This weekend, we get the other side of the story.

It will be the other side of the story because Salacia will be precisely (to the degree) conjoined by the Sun on Sunday, opposing the Virgo Full Moon. This event will give you the chance to do a little correlation.

This weekend you get to participate in the developing story of Salacia in astrology. You would begin by recollecting what was going on during the Pisces Full Moon of Sept. 19, 2013. Next, you would proceed to remember how the Cancer Full Moon played out for you earlier this year on Jan. 16. Then, put the two events together to look for what they have in common, and go beyond.

Go beyond to consider what you did not learn when the Virgo Sun opposed the lunar conjunction with Salacia last year. Then, take it a bit farther to consider what was not further revealed when the Capricorn Sun opposed the Cancer Moon earlier this year. If you can pull those two Full Moon experiences together, you will have an idea of where to look, and learn, on Sunday.

What you learn this weekend may have something to do with Salacia first appearing to us during a Libra equinox. Or, alternatively, some water-related revelation may reinforce how Salacia was appropriately named.

No matter what happens, if you learn something you didn’t know, it would implicitly open the floodgates to all of the multitude of other aspects the Virgo Moon and Pisces Sun will be making this Sunday.

It is true that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. It is also true that learning something you didn’t know can help you avoid danger, and beyond that lead to a great deal of knowledge. Give the cosmos a chance this weekend by working the Full Moon as described here today, and the universe may very well return the favor beyond anything you ever dreamed of looking for.

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26 thoughts on “What You Didn’t Know — Virgo Full Moon”

  1. Without your first participation Len and Éric Francis I would have probably not written an article about Salacia
    The team of three, Salacia/fish, Varuna, Cancer and Hyua/Scorpion… I’m going to prepare an article about Varuna which was planned for a few days and happens in conjunction to Jupiter

    Good evening of leine Moon at all 🙂

  2. Len: something I would like to share with you..because after absorbing your creative astrological weaving of these aspects that ran over time and your interpretation i had the opportunity to do my research and reflection I shared. Then the subconscious did the rest with the following dream I mentioned I had that night.

    Here is the dream interpretation from I just found. In particular, relative to you and your work you share is the “For instance…” line. Thank you!!

    Diamond Dream

    “Things we, or our unconscious treasure; our integrity or sense of wholeness; the lasting parts of our nature, even the eternal aspect of self or the essential core of ourselves. For instance, ability to creatively work with others, is not just valuable in general, it also expresses the powerful symbiotic force in nature. It connects one with the universal. This might be depicted as a jewel.

    The searching for jewels depicts a search for the core of your being.

    To find them or dig them up shows that you, through your work on your inner life, have uncovered important part of you that were unconscious before.

    To possess jewels is to know you have reached the highest in you.

    Diamond: This is the hardest known material. It lasts forever, so the advertisements tell us. It represents the eternity of spirit, the gem or jewel at the centre of being. Spiritual consciousness.

    Things we, or our unconscious treasure; our integrity or sense of wholeness; the lasting parts of our nature, even the eternal aspect of self or the essential core of ourselves. For instance, ability to creatively work with others, is not just valuable in general, it also expresses the powerful symbiotic force in nature. It connects one with the universal. This might be depicted as a jewel.

    They can represent insight into the invisible of life, Also truths and wisdom condensed in the stone, and be symbol of the divine in us.”

    Jinspace: Fascinating dream..especially in the moment and light of things. You may be interested in looking up Tony Crisp, http://www.dreamhawk.com. I found him and his work several years ago. And I know Lizzy has mention him as well. He is a brilliant source.

  3. Linda, I’ve long known I should keep a note (diary) of ‘important’ or interesting happenings. Might be an idea for you too – then you can reference anything anytime at need.


  4. Oh no! A question, and perhaps a guide: Looking back at September 19, is there anything that Neptune’s position in relation to the September full Moon can add to the story of the missing flight?

    My reason for asking is what happened to me then: I had booked a flight for September 19th (from Spain to NY). I chose the date against my gut instinct and it nagged at me endlessly. The date (Sept 19) was filling me with such dread I couldn’t stop talking about it. (FYI, I’m not neurotic about flying.) A day or two later I had a dream that was clearly about death – not my own, necessarily, but definitely about an air disaster over the sea. I saw death masks of thousands of trapped souls hovering in the sky, all looking upward in the same direction and with identical expressions, like they’d all been caught by surprise in the same horrible moment. There was complete silence. No motion, not a sound, only their anguished faces, which were clustered like needles on Mediterranean pine trees, and the tree trunks were beneath them, hanging motionless in the sky. “Family trees of souls in limbo” was the impression. I wasn’t among them; I was observing them from a distance, but I was also in the sky.

    I looked up the astrology for that day – read about the Pisces full moon, and I remember distinctly something about Neptune, and a “graceful slide” into water. This was in a post of Amanda’s, I think – I’m not having luck finding it. The slipping into water was written as metaphor, but no way I was getting on that plane! I postponed my trip by a few days, and also my return. And I wrote to a few people about what I’d felt, dreamed, and done as a result, because it was so powerful.

    My flight a week later was uneventful. A few weeks later I boarded the plane for my return flight. Literally moments before they closed the door, I was called off the plane. My brother-in-law had died, precisely at the time I’d left for the airport, and also at the exact birth time of his wife (my sister).

    That was enough for me at the time to believe my dream – which always felt like a premonition – must have been all about making sure I’d be there to say goodbye to him and be with my family.

    But the vision of ALL those death masks has always stayed with me. To me they really spelled an air disaster, and the silence of the dream – silent screams – said to me that a plane slipped away unnoticed over or into the sea. And now it’s happened. This was my vision.

    Amanda – do you know which post I’m referring to? There must be more in there that can say something about what’s going on.

  5. Len, thank you. This morning upon waking I had a dream I was diving deep on the ocean floor collecting bright shining diamonds! Next we were up preparing a place for moving into the stars!

    Lunesoulil, salt is a good healing property and for our future I am sure will become more valuable. I have felt this for a while and it is my intention to do something that gives back to the earth in aid of salt. My French reading skills are out of practice, diminishing now but I will try to translate your blog. What I really need is a return trip to your lands..Thank you for sharing the article!

  6. P. Sophia: Thank you for sharing and correlating your own, very cogent recollections regarding the Full Moons of 9/13/13 and 1/16/14. Thank you even more for being the healer you want to see in others. We are so grateful to have you here with us.

    Lunesoleil: Thank you for sharing your own salient observations of Salacia. We are blessed to be able to make reference to your own substantial work.

  7. To complete the study on Salacia, here is my latest article Len with the source of three articles on the spotlight in France
    World week from 10 to 16 March against the ‘salt’ and these dangers due to bad eating habits Varangéville, the village of 4000 inhabitants, threatened to collapse and reason would have been built on a salt mine. But salt can become helpful in Ecology with water, salt and the electricity fee for a new more natural detergent in the CHU de Nantes, located 100 km from my home.
    See the rest of my research on my blog
    Good Weekend to all


  8. Hi Len, sorry late entry- still offering much thanks to you for again drawing our attention and story towards healing.

    On 9/19/13 had the potential of recognizing in another the work on changing unconscious acts (fear and resentment) into awareness. I was not so consciously cognitive and the mirror remained separate, un-changing, blurred.

    On 1/16/14 through feeling awe emotion (element love), actively brought the subconscious frequency of thought to a higher vibration. It became a clear reflection shared.

    If Sunday’s Full Moon, Sun opposition conjunct Salicia is the continuation of this interval and story in turning the flow of emotion, I have a feeling it will be for me to remain in attention and open.

    I hope to swim the deepest waters in the ocean of my intent. To appreciate the higher octave of solution and what it truly means to receive.

  9. Thank you, Linda. i will endeavor to serve as you have requested, so much as is possible. i will also advocate for your mental and emotional safety here at Planet Waves.

  10. Thanks, Len. I think this is an important point – if folks need to be aware of something in the past so they can find clear understanding in the now, any heads-up you guys can give us up front would be vastly appreciated. I think all of you are great and love the depth of insight and caring offered by Planet Waves. Love reading your, and everyone’s work. Thanks!
    PS – I am mentally and emotionally beat up, not physically, OK? So far, I’m surviving.

  11. Musicman 1 and be: Thank you for so artfully extending the discussion and opening up fertile new fields for consideration in the astrology. Some absolutely ingenious observations!

    Lunesoliel: Thank you for your kind words!

    beatupbutupbeatvirgo: You are heard. Your point is well taken. i apologize if my attempt to build on what other Planers Waves writers (Eric and Kirsti) have written has caused you any frustration. i will henceforth make an effort to make longer correlations into the future as well as corresponding past events with the immediately impending astrology. i want you to be happy with my service, not frustrated, and will endeavor to improve. Welcome to Planet Waves, and please comment more in the future to let us know how we are doing. You won’t get beat up.

  12. This is frustrating – if someone had previously mentioned(as in prior to 9/19) that the full moon on 9/19/13 and the one on 1/16/14 would be intertwined, knowledge-wise, with the Virgo Full moon this weekend, then yes, I would have known to keep a record of what was happening. Telling me now to reach back mentally to those dates, now that the third of the three is happening makes me feel like I missed a bus I didn’t know I had to get on. Not fair, right?

  13. Good point paul, Pluto’s change of status, never accepted by astrologers, needs to be looked at less passionately now. The decision to change his status from full fledged planet to a dwarf planet happened on August 24, 2006, just as a new moon in Virgo (0 degrees even) had Neptune in Aquarius opposite Saturn in Leo, exact on the 31st.

    It was a day of infamy some say. Interestingly, Pluto had stationed retrograde earlier in March 2006 at 26+ Sagittarius conjunct the Galactic Core, giving weight to your sense that the cosmos had decided on a back-up plan. Even Jupiter, adding insult to injury, at 12+ Scorpio was trine Uranus retrograde at 13+ Pisces, the degree where transiting Chiron was for several weeks until today.

    Astrologers may not be ready to refer to Neptune as “her” for a long time if ever, but just this month transiting Pallas returned to 0 Virgo, where she had been in November 2013 (just after the Scorpio solar eclipse) while traveling in direct motion. She has again triggered the energy of that dreadful day in August 2006, albeit unconsciously, in our collective soul so that we come to recognize Neptune as the outermost planet of our solar system now. Likely, Sunday’s conjunction of Salacia to the Sun (consciousness) opposite the Virgo full moon will reinforce that energy. So too will Chiron’s visit to the same degree Uranus the Awakener held on that day, not to shame Pluto but to emphasize the Universe’s move toward more balance in feeling between yin and yang.

    I suppose planets find change in attitudes difficult but Pluto will always be the power to regenerate from the ashes. At this time in herstory, we need Neptune’s fluidity as we grapple with the reality of our oceans. Tragic as it seems, the search for the missing passengers on the Malaysian plane forces the world’s attention toward that subject, just as the Gulf “oil spill” did. We can only hope that not many more lives will be offered up in order to mobilize us to restore our planet, but I won’t be holding my breath. Pluto will always be our big bad boogyman but it is Neptune who rules.

  14. Excellent link of Salacia Len with the two full moon, the Virgin of September 19, 2013 and the full moon fish of 16 March 2014
    I mentioned the magic with Pandora and Neptune and Salacia makes me think has a siren that has rocked the heart of a sweet melody men.
    I find in this full moon that Neptune is strongly personified. I also think the masculine power and the power of women who will create a synergy and open a gateway between the Earth and the water.
    Salacia is also recognized as a medicinal herb to treat diabetes. It may be recommend to monitor consumption of salt? This is what I have already been a few months.
    Very interesting to compile these two sections of the full moon in Virgo and the full moon in PISCES
    Congratulations Len and good weekend’s full moon 🙂

  15. “Something like a call from our collective soul (which we aren’t totally aware of) is making everyone unsure of their ability to cope with all the challenges being hurled toward us these days, individually and collectively”

    be…if I may re-phrase that sentiment, we are indeed being asked to find knew ways to deal with Neptune.

    My own sense is that after Pluto went AWOL inside Neptune’s orbit from 1979-99, the cosmos decided on a back-up plan. Pluto was placed in a different (dwarf planet) schoolyard, and given 4 buddies to help him decipher the ever deepening and more profound ways that Neptune has been doing her thing. This, after all, only reflects our ever deepening understanding of that. So along came Eris, Ceres, Makemake and Haumea to lend a hand. The infamous five now give Neptune the once over, and issues of genesis, fertility of both creative and structural ideas, and of course identity, can be viewed with extra critiques available. It is as if the demands on our Oceans have become so great that we need much wider parameters to digest and comprehend the implications!

    I have no doubt that Salacia will reveal her ushness and much much more, as this oceanic weekend unfolds. But I am equally certain that the only explanation for men in platform boots, mullet haircuts, the music of the 1980s popular culture, Ronnie ( hey Nancy where is my bomb?) Reagan, and that strange mutation that was Margaret Thatcher,is that Pluto had sneaked into one of Neptune’s watery sleeping chambers, and completely taken his eye off of the ball, Rip van Winkle style…zzzzz!

    Eris on her own alone will make sure that he does not do that again!


  16. aword: Thank you, yes, the synasty of your nativity with its transits is amazing!

    Anna: Thank you for your affirmation of the interpretation here. Thank you even more for extending on Salacia’s cosmic connection with water – it’s no pun to say you have revealed some greater depth for all of us to ponder.

    be: And special thanks to you for also taking us deeper, especially as to the predominance of Neptune (which, as you hinted at, Jeff Green correlated with a collective unconscious). What a provocative and substantial analysis you have presented! Thank you also for picking up on the Full Moon yod this coming Sunday. What would we do without you?

    Amanda: Thank you for the further affirmation of this blog’s theme. Thank you most of all for your editorial help!

    Jude: You are very welcome. Thanks to you in turn for being so very kind.

  17. “Look here” says Alice, so I went back to re-read Len’s offering on February 27th regarding the Pisces New Moon conjunct asteroid Alice hoping to connect in some way to the Malaysian missing plane. Alice and the New Moon opposite Askalaphus; “be silent or discreet”.

    Flash forward to “now” (whatever that means to you) and we have Salacia (calm waters) this Sunday conjunct the Sun, opposite the Full Moon, who is in a bounce-back position from a yod’s release point (in this case the Sun and Salacia); a yod consisting of Mars sextile Pallas both quincunx Salacia and the Sun. Warrior Mars (retrograde) working with warrior strategist Pallas (retrograde), forcing the Sun+Salacia to adjust (the effect of being quincunxed) to some change in the picture. A proving moment for Salacia?

    A proving moment for Alice and Askalaphus?

    If Sunday’s full moon chart could lead us to the missing plane, maybe the March 1 new moon could lead us to who was responsible.

  18. Excellent piece and so appropriate, Len and thank you, be, for adding the non-logical to the topic. This is a period that seems to call for “discernment” instead of linear thinking. Bless you both for helping shine a Light.

  19. P.S. i just replaced all the “Saturdays” with “Sundays.” My apologies for not catching it to begin with!

  20. i just got walloped by a bunch of “what i didn’t know” about the other side of a story. seems salacia is working its magic a little early; must be extra-excited about this full moon…

  21. As I don’t keep a journal Len, it will take some time to recollect what happened on those dates when Salacia was front and center with the astrology of the moment. Perhaps later, but for now I’m glad you spoke of her intimate connection to Neptune, since Neptune is holding us all in thrall.

    Currently, Neptune at 5 Pisces is septile (1/7th of a circle) Pluto in Capricorn, decile (1/10th of a circle) Uranus in Aries, trine (1/3rd of a circle) Jupiter in Cancer and bi-septile (2/7ths of a circle) Saturn in Scorpio. In 10 days Neptune will be within orb (3 degrees) of a sesquiquadrate (3/8ths of a circle) to Mars in Libra.

    We may think we are making clearly thought-out decisions and that logic best determines outcomes but I’m not convinced anymore. I will withhold judgment until after the Virgo full moon has had time to express herself, but your revelation that Salacia will be conjunct the Sun and opposed the Moon is reinforcing the belief that illusion is what’s influencing our thinking and judgment. And that it has a positive purpose.

    Something like a call from our collective soul (which we aren’t totally aware of) is making everyone unsure of their ability to cope with all the challenges being hurled toward us these days, individually and collectively. Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are the collective planets we are consciously aware of and that as symbols in astrological studies, they are observed in order to heighten our preparedness for widespread change and/or disruption. We’ve observed how Chiron, then Pholus and Nessus have served as intermediaries at times for the powerful (untranslatable) energy brought about by the gods from the outer regions. In order to not feel victimized when these events occur, say through floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc., the chosen intermediary translates the purpose (as best it can) via more personal events.

    My non-logical feeling is that Salacia will provide this intermediary service for Neptune during the time the Full Moon in Virgo reigns. When the Moon opposes the Sun on Sunday Mars will be quincunx the Sun and Salacia and semi-sextile the Moon. He will also be sextile Pallas in Leo, giving us a boomerang pattern with the Moon in position as the final target for the combined energy. Outcomes will be determined by the Moon in Virgo so clarity of mind and control of emotion should prevail. That could change as one week later Mars retrogrades back into the sesquiquadrate aspect with Neptune and what were once clear objectives become foggy. There is method in this madness I’m sure of that, but not all that sure of where it is supposed to lead. However, out of chaos comes creativity, and we as a race are nothing if not creative.

  22. ERROR NOTICE: The Full Moon is on Sunday, not Saturday. The rest of this piece is accurate, just please replace “Saturday” wherever you see it with “Sunday”. i sincerely apoligize to all readers and to everybody at Planet Waves for this error.

  23. Len, this definitely caught my attention as to “What You Didn’t Know…” and that about Salacia. After reading your informative and enlightening article, I researched. Both Jan. 16, 2014 and Sept. 19, 2013 stood out for me. Fortunately, I had recorded what took place on both dates in my journal. Both were emotional times that dealt with memories, past connections, the past returning, and revelations and deep secrets in which one shoe was revealed and the other withheld. Waiting for the other shoe to drop… or perhaps… shoes. Even though Salacia was named after Neptune’s mythical spouse, I liken her to Scorpio water energies. Of course, I am influenced because my natal Salacia (13.58) is presently near exact conjunct with transiting Pluto (13.18) in Capricorn. Going beyond… deeply beyond…. Thank you & Blessings!

  24. Thank you, Len. Your article taught me much about what I did not know, and looking to the other side of the coin, or the rainbow, or the planet is always a useful method for discovering something new that can be understood more readily because it relates to something old.

    I absolutely had to LOL though, Len! Natal Salacia(12.54 Cap) is exactly conj natal Mars(12.59 Cap)–which is where transiting Pluto is and has been, give or take for some time. Add to that natal Pluto/Sun on the Virgo/Pisces axis and heaven knows what other aspects when I go exploring. But Salacia’s placement was a good belly laugh due to my track record for synchronicity with your wonderful, informative articles!

    Thank you for the enlightenment, as always and here’s to a Quality Full Moon.

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