Something In The Air — Mars Stations Direct

When retrograde Mars resumes direct motion in Libra at 9:31 pm EDT Monday, you may sense something in the air. That ‘something’ will be symbolized by a precise and unlikely grand air trine that will include Mars at direct station. Additionally, the Moon and two asteroids participating with Mars in trine aspect will imply something of your earthly role in the celestial moment.

Astrology by Len Wallick

Trine aspects connect signs that share the same elemental identity (fire, earth, air or water). The element in common is a conductor for the connection. Simple trines take place between two signs. Grand trines correlate all three.

The three air signs (Libra, Aquarius and Gemini), like all signs sharing the same elemental signature, are separated from each other by 120 degrees on the zodiac. That’s as far apart as three points can get on a circle.

Nevertheless, distance is rendered moot by the common element of objects in trine aspect, much as conducting wires mitigate the vast expanse between electrical devices in your home and places where electricity is generated.

That’s how a nearly stationary Mars will, at its Libra pivot point, be so intimately connected with the Aquarius Moon against all odds.

The trine aspect from the Aquarius Moon to Mars at its Libra direct station is unlikely because Luna moves so quickly. Indeed, on Monday (“Moon’s day”) the Moon will be even faster than usual, clipping along at a rate of over 14 zodiac degrees per day.

Monday’s contrast between the lunar and Martian speeds is what will make it so amazing that, just as Mars turns direct at 9+ Libra, the Moon will be at 9+ Aquarius. It’s the equivalent of putting all your chips on a single roulette wheel number and winning.

When something unlikely happens in the sky, astrologers consider the event to have meaning in proportion to its improbability. Hence, the incredibly precise air trine connection between the Aquarius Moon and Mars at its Libra direct station will mean a lot. It will mean apprehending the moment viscerally and intuitively — literally feeling it — because that’s how the Moon works. 

The only question is how you will feel. Astrology says you will have a choice, and your choice will matter.

Your choice of how to interpret Mars at direct station will be represented by two conjoined yet contrasting asteroids in Gemini.

Both 7 Iris and 128 Nemesis are asteroids in the main belt between Mars and Jupiter. Both will be precisely (to the degree) completing a grand air trine with Mars and the Moon on Monday. Just as significantly, it would be difficult to find two greater contrasts either emblematically or in actuality, among all the asteroids out there.

In actuality, the stony composition and highly metallic surface of Iris is bright and shiny. Appropriately, the mythical name “Iris” corresponds with (among other things) hope.

By contrast, the “carbonaceous” nature of Nemesis makes for an asteroid that is difficult to see, consistent with the difficult mythology indicated by its name.

Hence the contrasting lunar-level feelings you will likely sense in the air as your up-close and personal connection to Monday’s Mars turnaround — feelings for you to choose from.

Like planets, neither hope nor dread by themselves make things happen. Nevertheless, perceptions (and planets) are points of reference from which you proceed. Unlike celestial bodies, however, your outlook (and how you respond to it) can, to a significant extent, be chosen.

Since your perceptions of what’s in the air on Monday are indicated to be more of the gut than on the intellectual level, you will want to make mental preparations now. You might want to prepare for being sensitive to a collective consciousness, as an Aquarius Moon would have you be.

You would also be wise to anticipate apprehensions from far afield, as a grand air trine would augur. Most of all, you should begin now to make sure that what other people are picking up out of the air from you reflects the brighter world you want for yourself, as energetic Mars moves forward to empower your choices once again.

Who knows, you could be the one who turns the world around when Mars does. If such a role seems unlikely, consider looking at it another way way: would you want to be the one who doesn’t?

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10 thoughts on “Something In The Air — Mars Stations Direct”

  1. Salamander, be, DivaCarla, and Lunesoleil: Apologies for not responding to your wonderful comments earlier. You are all deeply appreciated for your contributions here at Planet Waves. There in indeed something in the air today in Seattle from what others have told me. A hazy and groggy Monday – not unpleasant, just unusual, even for rainy Seattle. Whatever is in the air where you are at, may you be well and may blessings be yours.

  2. It is strongly expected this direct resumption of March and will be even more active at the exit of its stationary phase from the month of June…Meanwhile March is in conjunction has my Venus and I just windows a beautiful day today under the Sun very hot and foot bathing in the sea, the water was a good temperature for swimming…
    Good week Len 🙂

  3. Len thank you for this amplifying message. Air trine coming! Yesterday walking in the woods I had encounters with hawk, probably a mated pair. They flew among treetops, then soared away toward fields. The total event lasted about 30 minutes, a long time in the wild. This morning meditating on this messenger from the air, I paused to read your article. In the midst of all this water with big planets, attune to the speed of air.

  4. Hey Len, it was only a year ago, on May 16, 2013, that Edward Snowden first made contact with Glen Greenwald and transiting Mercury had just entered Gemini after conjuncting Snowden’s Chiron at 29 Taurus 59. A year before that on May 20, 2012, there was a solar eclipse at 0 Gemini 20 and that chart had Mars (10 + Virgo) trine Pluto (9+ Capricorn) and trine Vesta (9+ Taurus). Now, on Monday, when Mars stations direct (feeling his oats no doubt) he will be square that eclipse Pluto of 2012. You reckon that might have something to do with his trine with the Moon (the People) and trine Iris the Messenger and Nemesis the goddess of retributive justice or vengeance? Oh, and the Sun will be conjunct Snowden’s Chiron too. I just LOVE astrology and so admire the staying power of eclipses don’t you? Even though learning the truth can rattle our cages it’s the only way we can evolve, so brace yourself!

  5. Thank you for the article, Len. Over the last few days, I’ve felt more energized, but also more restless. I’ve also noticed a quicker pace on the road (I realize my reflexes need to be quicker when I see how quickly I need to decide whether to proceed or stop when people or cars are crossing haphazardly), and I am more aware of the slow acceleration of my Honda Civic (it works fine, except that it can annoy other drivers). At first I thought it was Mercury in Gemini with the quick pace, but the final days of Mars Retrograde in Libra make sense too because it almost feels like an “assertiveness test”.

    At least I’ll be in bed when Mars turns direct (and taking public transportation on that day), and the Moon is in Aquarius at 9 degrees (which would square Pluto and oppose Venus, sextile the Moon and sextile Mars). I’m not quite sure how to use this constructively, my best guess is that I should use this energy to improve my bedtime routine in order to be well rested the next day.

  6. Carlos: May the changes you anticipate bring you love and blessings, just as you have blessed all of us here at Planet Waves with your work. Thank you so very much.

  7. You are very welcome, Mia. May the Mars station be a great and powerful transit for you, propelling you into a whole new (and transcendental) chapter in your soulful evolution.

  8. Thank you for a great article, Len.

    You provided clarity to my understanding of what has been happening on a personal level as well as the assurance that the increased energy I am experiencing is there in unison with the Universe. Mars moving direct in Libra is conjunct with my natal ascendant and the Moon in Aquarius will be conjunct my natal Sun, all in air signs as we move into Gemini. It has taken quite a while to get here but it feels like a homecoming for sure.

    Thank you again!

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