Reminiscence and Anticipation — Scorpio Full Moon

Tomorrow’s Scorpio Full Moon at 3:16 pm EDT may find you between reminiscence and anticipation. As the luminaries (Taurus Sun and Scorpio Moon) oppose each other with Earth between them, you may have occasion to recall the Cancer Full Moon of mid-January. Should such a recollection occur for you tomorrow, take note so as to begin setting the tone you want for a Pisces Full Moon in September.

Astrology by Len Wallick

What the Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces Full Moons always have in common is that Luna is fully lit in a water sign while opposing an earth-sign Sun. For nearly a year, that commonality has received a boost. 

Because of an unprecedented major planet grand water trine (anchored by Neptune at home in Pisces, joined by Saturn in Scorpio, and completed on June 25, 2013, when Jupiter entered its Cancer exaltation), water sign events have seen their potentiality increase to an unprecedented extent for nearly a year.

For example, look back at last year’s ‘all water, all the time’ Mercury retrogrades to get an idea of how the major planet grand water trine has both worked on you and worked for you. In addition to Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, there has been another grand water trine working away on another, lower octave involving minor planets on the fringes of our solar system.

In her January 18, 2014, contribution to Planet Waves, Finnish astrologer Kristi Melto held forth on how that month’s Cancer Full Moon was concurrent with a rare and precise (to the degree) grand water trine featuring far-away 38628 Huya (in Scorpio), 20000 Varuna (in Cancer) and 120347 Salacia (in Pisces).

While the grand water trine involving Huya, Varuna and Salacia has since separated from being exact, it is still functional enough to be perceptible in the low background, like a bass strum in counterpoint to the major planet melody.

Tomorrow’s Scorpio Full Moon will be reminiscent of the first luminary opposition of the year in part because fully lit Luna will be conjunct Huya to the degree for the occasion. Not incidentally, the conjunction of Huya and the Full Moon will also closely trine the lunar position during the Cancer Full Moon of January.

Huya is named after a South American First Nations rain deity, and the name is serendipitous when you consider what reminiscence potentially does both to and for you.

To reminisce is to place yourself on a sharp edge. If remembrance expands to spending all of your time in sentimentality, it can be like being soaked in a cold rain, with all the attendant hazards. On the other hand, all experience is available only through some form of recall, and without recollection you would be bereft of the nourishment only experience can provide.

Hence, one idea for working with what tomorrow’s Full Moon may bring out of the past is to treat it like rain, making the best of it without dwelling long in it. Rather, it will be best to spend more of your time in anticipation.

One of the things you may want to anticipate tomorrow is the impending end of the major planet water trine.

On the zodiac, just as in your life, nearly everything is always in motion, and change is the only constant. Jupiter accumulates scarcely more than a year in any given sign. Hence, just as Jupiter was last in joining the major planet grand water trine, it will be first out when it leaves Cancer behind for Leo on July 16.

Jupiter will not return to Cancer until 2025, just as Neptune concludes its current Pisces tenure and moves on to Aries arm-in-arm with none other than Saturn. It may be reminiscent of now, but it won’t be the same.

The sky will be playing a different tune 11 years from now. That’s how tomorrow’s Scorpio Full Moon will be an appropriate time to anticipate how you may contribute to future compositions even as you reminisce on an unprecedented three-part harmony soon to segue into a new song.

For when you see the Pisces Full Moon overnight between Sept. 8 and Sept. 9, Jupiter will be in Leo. The grand water trine of the major planets will have concluded nearly two months before, and the first notes of a new melody will be sounding. If you want to make the best use of what tomorrow’s Scorpio Full Moon will have to offer, please consider a bit of reminiscence followed by anticipating how you can contribute to what those notes will be.

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6 thoughts on “Reminiscence and Anticipation — Scorpio Full Moon”

  1. Thank you Len for your publication on the full moon in the Scorpio Taurus axis my companions of travel which goes earned a double record yesterday on my blog and finally the Sun came out of my house 12 as a revival after the release of mercury and lacks more than Venus and Uranus no choice but to stand
    Good Weekend to all the team of planet Waves 😀

  2. be: Thank you. That’s a profound assessment. Profoundly anticipated because of how you adroitly integrated so much of the astrology between today’s Full Moon and the next one. Profoundly reminisced because of how you tied the next month’s astrology so convincingly wit that of the recent past. As always, your teachings and example continue to inspire.

    Strawberry: Thank you for sharing your example of how letters and journals aid in reminiscence, especially when correlated with astrology’s milestones. Congratulations on manifesting a continuum of coherent personal evolution as well, something for which we are grateful, and something for which transiting Mars may also receive its share of credit.

    Bette Loreen: Thank you for completing the trinity of commenters regarding the Scorpio Full Moon with the cogent wisdom of your experience, and an eloquence which appears to have been purchased at a profound price. Your example of how to make the most of that purchase serves as an example for all of us still seeking to grasp our personal connection to what can only be called the counter-intuitive ascendence represented by the ambient astrology.

  3. I meant to mention a piece of music I find just wonderfully apt for the Scorpio full moon – it’s by the Moody Blues, from their 1988 album Sur La Mer. I haven’t a clue how to post a link to the youtube video, but it’s easy to find. The piece is called “Deep”. I love it!

  4. The moon rose just a while ago where I live, & she’s a beauty. The Scorpio full moon has always been a favorite for me, given that I have my natal Moon & Venus in Scorpio, intercepted in my 5th house. Now that I’m older, the energy is less directly erotic, more deeply emotional, & given the current moon-Saturn conjunction, within 1 degree of my Venus, yes, much from the past emerges. The Moon-Saturn conjunction also trines my rising Saturn in Cancer, which I am feeling as a lightening-up, a good feeling. Sometimes I am so terribly serious!

    Yes, Len, there are different ways to meet the past; I am less inclined than I once was to indulge in the sentimentality potential, which can drag all manner of regret, or idealization (or both) into the reflection. Now, it seems more possible to revisit & re-savour what was sweet, consider some times which were anything but sweet, but be able to find the threads of learning from the latter, tidying up some ragged edges. A little cold rain, should it come, I can handle.

    I’ve been loving the water trines, loved having Jupiter transiting my first house. There have been several times when I have wanted to sit down & write a comment on one of the posts involving all that water, but was so awash in feelings that articulating a response just wasn’t happening.

    When more energy moves on into fire again, I hope my Sagittarius sun & Mercury (6th house) can get fired up & get on with manifesting some of vision & understanding which have been gifts of the watery times.

    In the meantime, it’s almost planting time, & that always makes my heart sing.

  5. Len, I love the way you always give us a way to put the current moment into a broader, pertinent, perspective. So much has changed utterly since January 16 for me, especially in the emotional realm, it’s hard to even comprehend. I read my old letters & journals, & can hardly believe that was me, not to mention me just 4 months ago. Like I was saying the other day, there’s been so much acceptance of the Saturnian principles; learning how to be in a grown-up relationship to myself, and then to seek out others with whom I can relate from that place — Saturn has been within two degrees of my Moon all year, urging me to step into my own, inner authority. All that work was definitely aided by Jupiter’s generosity & Neptune’s reality-bending.

    And then to think of how much joy and fearlessness it’s allowed me to bring into my work. My clients come to me, tentative to talk about a layer of reality they feel but are afraid to acknowledge, and by their second session they know, if nothing else, that they’re not alone. In itself, that’s an unburdening.

    So yeah, it’s with some sadness that I look forward to this Grand Trine breaking up, but I feel like I’ve taken so much of its energy & understanding into me, some small piece of it will continue to live on through me, water girl that I am. This past year has opened up for me a new way to live, & I’ll never go back to looking outside of myself for those things that only I can provide. Or not go back for long, anyway.

    There’s a lot of change yet to come in my life between now and September, and part of me wishes the pace of constant negotiation with my fears & insecurities would let up a little, but in my heart I know that I will meet the energies that meet me, and rise to their challenges. Because on the other side is expansiveness, joy, and love I never imagined was possible.

    What a difference actually living your life & meeting its challenges makes. Thank you, Len. For all your perspective, input and advice.

  6. Isn’t this fascinating? This rather overt emphasis on water-emotion-feeling-nurture-unconscious-sensing that transiting astrology has put forward for over a year in its various approaches (Mercury retrogrades, lunations, eclipses, grand trines) just might have more than one purpose “in mind”. Thanks Len for taking another look at this phenomenon which (I believe) is an exercise in alternate modes of Being.

    Before Jupiter leaves for Leo there is a marvelous grand water trine he participates in starting tomorrow at the same time as the full moon. Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron are forming a grand water trine – more free flowing than the grand cardinal cross – as the exact aspects are spaced out (in a manner of speaking). Tomorrow, on the same day as the Full Moon, Jupiter and Chiron will exact their trine from Cancer and Pisces. Four days before the Gemini New Moon Jupiter and Saturn will exact their trine from Cancer and Scorpio, and on the day of the Sagittarius Full Moon (June 12-13) Saturn and Chiron will exact their trine from Scorpio and Pisces. This next month will soak us to the bone and the 3 lunations will shed light on how it might be experienced by us.

    Because Jupiter and Saturn operate on the level of society primarily, and Chiron acts as a go-between (visible and invisible planet symbols), my first inclination is to see the grand trine as a negotiating team. Perhaps in activities such as what the governments which are involved in the Ukraine saga must do, or in the dismantling of nuclear processes and weapons in Iran, or even the safe return of the school girls in Nigeria, these feeling-oriented energies that are so accessible now will be employed. But they can be utilized by us as individuals as well as in the local commercials for candidates in the May Primary Elections. Some of those reach down and grab the heartstrings don’t they?

    Tomorrow’s full moon features Vesta and Ceres in Libra square Jupiter and quincunx Chiron, aided and abetted by Venus who is conjunct Uranus, square Pluto, sextile Mercury and opposite Vesta. In addition to that she squares the U.S. Sibly Sun and opposes the U.S. Saturn. It’s a deluge of feminine feeling (interpreting).

    Next the Gemini New Moon on May 28 features the New Moon (and Sun) square Neptune as Venus sextiles Mercury in the critical degrees of 29+ of Aries and Gemini with a drive to complete something before heading into their new signs of Taurus for Venus and Cancer for Mercury. The June 12-13 Sagittarius Full Moon will find Neptune opposite Pallas and square the New Moon in Gemini to continue the theme of 2 weeks before, while the Full Moon opposes the U.S. Sibly Mars and squares the U.S. Neptune. Ceres conjunct Vesta in Libra are the apex point of a yod with Chiron in Pisces and Venus in Taurus as Venus is opposed to Saturn, while the moon’s nodes square the U.S. Pluto. When the flood finally subsides we might wonder how what came to pass ever happened. Water erodes the firmest foundations over time and flooded fields bear plants and flowers after water recedes. I expect no less by mid summer.

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