Out Of Sight — Gemini New Moon

The Gemini New Moon just before Noon EDT Saturday, like all New Moons, will be out of sight. It will not be the only such event in the astrology this weekend. If there is anything to the proverb “As above, so below,” the next several days will not be about appearances. Rather, you will be entering an auspicious time to observe and cultivate nascent developments to your inner life.

Astrology by Len Wallick

An inner life is a valuable resource. Like all resources, you need to be aware of it, and take care of it. That’s especially so now, on an implied threshold of cycles, shifts and crossings taking place out of sight above and below.

Above you, some new cycles are about to set in. Foremost among them is the start of a lunation — the period of time from one New Moon to the next.

Every lunation begins with the Moon moving between Earth and the Sun, out of sight in the solar glare. That phenomenon explains how New Moons are an appropriate time to begin new cycles of your own by simply being aware of the resources your inner life offers. Among them are contemplation, meditation and imagination. Simple awareness can in turn lead to appreciation. That’s a major inner shift, and it corresponds to a shift about to take place above you.

Out of sight above you, an important hypothetical point is on the threshold of a rare and major shift from one sign to another. The mean lunar apogee (otherwise known as mean Black Moon Lilith) enters Cancer about 6 am EDT Sunday.

In simple terms, mean Black Moon Lilith (abbreviated as mean BML) is the part of the lunar orbit farthest removed from Earth, whether or not the Moon is actually there. The “mean” part is not a nasty disposition, but an indication that the point is an averaged mathematical value. While an empty, abstract, averaged point may seem little more than imaginary, astrologers have learned to appreciate it as a resource.

Witness the “Swiss Ephemeris,” one of the most respected astrological resources in the world. With only 14 columns to work with, one of those columns (the one headed by a black lunar crescent on a cross) is devoted to listing the daily position of mean BML. That position changes slowly. So slowly, the last time mean BML changed signs (into Gemini) was on the historically meaningful date of September 11, 2012.

Mean BML last ingressed Cancer on August 3, 2004. For the mean lunar apogee now to cross over into Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon, for the first time in nearly a decade is thus worthy of meaningful contemplation. What’s more, the timing is something to meditate upon as two positions on the zodiac closely associated with the Moon (mean BML and Cancer) come together less than 24 hours after the actual Sun and Moon have come together to initiate a lunation.

You would be justified in imagining two very different lunar cycles beginning at once, both enhanced and distinguished by their close concurrence. All the more so when you consider that the imagined event will be nearly concurrent with another point being crossed that is deeply appreciated as a milestone of astrology, even though it is also out of sight.

Just before 9 pm EDT Sunday, Mercury will cross the degree of Cancer to which it will return when its retrograde period (from June 26 to July 20) finally ends with a resumption of direct motion. In other words, Mercury will be entering its ‘echo’ (or ‘shadow’) phase just after mean BML enters Cancer and just before the Moon returns from being out of sight in the glare of a conjunction with the Sun. The close association in time implies a close symbolic correlation between all three events.

The echo/shadow phase is a period of about two weeks. During that period, as Mercury’s apparent motion decelerates before reversal, your own experience often corresponds to an ‘echo’ from the future. It is a time which frequently foreshadows what the approximately three weeks of retrograde motion will bring.

To have the foreshadowing that accompanies Mercury’s final fortnight of direct motion commence as two lunar cycles begin, and to have all of those beginnings take place out of sight, implies where your attention would be best directed over the next several days. Instead of the usual protocol of prioritizing what you see, you may want to initiate a new cycle of your own.

This weekend, you may want to initiate a new cycle of awareness. You may want to begin that cycle by shifting your focus from what you see on the outside to what you feel, and what you think, on the inside. You may want to cross over from prioritizing external resources and start appreciating internal resources. You may want to cultivate those internal resources, and develop them into what could ultimately be how you anticipate, and create, an outer life that is out of sight for you now.

If, as is the case with many people, your outer life leaves something to be desired, what have you got to lose? Instead of taking the weekend to simply indulge the usual distractions that take you out of your mind, try taking a cue from the astrology and explore what may have been, until now, out of sight.

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20 thoughts on “Out Of Sight — Gemini New Moon”

  1. Thank you for new insight into Lilith, Len, and Be, and all. She turned up this week again, and she always takes me on an underworld journey. Now I know why.

    Cycling back this time for deeper awareness. Who am I with Lilith in the inmost place, buried deep in the humus of the forest floor?

  2. jinspace: Thank you for your generous affirmations. i don’t know much, but one thing i do know is that were are here to do for each other what the world does not do for us. Among those do-ings is doing what we can to make each other feel safe.

    Mia: Thank you for the information on remote viewing (which i don’t know much about) and for your generous endorsement.

    be: Thank you for your brilliant take on the astrology surrounding the sad death of Trayvon Martin. The heartbreak, it seems, is not concluded. i don’t know much, but one thing i do know is that the young people of the world are the future of the world. We need to remember that.

    nilou: Welcome, and thank you for a beautiful story beyond beauty, and for which the word “story” does not do justice. i don’t know much, but i do know that your visionary style is reminiscent of our own Elisa Novick (who you can read here at Planet Waves on most Sundays).

    Hazel1: i don’t know much about dream analysis, but i do know that in some other cultures it takes a village to work through dreams together in community. Looks like you did that here on Planet Waves.

  3. Jinspace: Actually, I am born under the sun and ascendant scorpio, sun at 24.3 and ascendant at 27.58. I did remember that the eagle is one of the animals associated with Scorpio, and its nice to think that I’m diving into the water trine (hopefully gracefully like the parents, and not just running into it face first like the eaglets, though that cool water felt good on the head). So Len, I guess that means that my sun is in my 12th house, I didn’t know that the 12th was related to dreams, cool!

  4. Inner Life: This story is a story

    I am here, now
    inside the equanimity
    of a love that protects me,
    its capacity renewing the community
    in which I am but one part.

    My patron guides have and shall not abandon me,
    rather, they remain and maintain
    the conspiracy that takes me home.
    Can we live together? they ask
    a small voice at my centre.
    Yes, is my reply,
    for this is where the road has brought me.
    The same that I planted
    through many seasons
    and with pockets full
    I continue to sow.

    What more do I need to know to gather myself to humanity’s unity?
    Though rocks and stones may rise and block my point of view,
    inside the sanctity of this sacred space of my being
    their is a caring peace,
    where all my experience is mine to understand with gratitude.
    As my mortal state requires
    I meet each completion in beginning once more, as often as I must.

    When I receive only words to embrace
    I hold them gently as I do my own integrity
    and then purposely I speak the truth of my values
    of my strength within a greater strength
    of my desires within greater desires
    of my will within a greater will
    and my will carries my trust with grace and joy
    as I carry with them the dreams of my children throughout
    all their living and learning and growing.

    To know all things pass as always in time is human
    until then in my stillness time passes through me
    and at the end of time in my atemporal being
    there is no waiting
    neither when? nor wherefore?
    Attuned to my current state
    there are only possibilities drawn to me.
    I recognise them.
    They are of me.
    For such a long time I drew them from all I had inherited
    but, today, I have reached a wiser place.
    In my timeless state at the end of time
    I begin anew.
    I start a new cycle of recreation,
    and with tools adapted to fit my hand
    I colour with an eternal iridescent palette.
    I set down the loom and feel the earth, the damp loam, at my feet.
    I return to time where there is fun and where the sun shines.

    In my sight, where-ever the sun shines is beautiful,
    more handsome than bread,
    more generous than the sap of song,
    refreshing as water purified in light,
    and drawn from the source of all devotion.
    So for all as one, and one for all
    my being is real
    this night
    as all those
    who rest in the calm.

  5. Mean BML’s move on Sunday to 0 Cancer will oppose Trayvon Martin’s natal Venus at 0 Capricorn. The trial for his killer, George Zimmerman, will begin on Monday, over 15 months after Trayvon’s death on February 26, 2012. How symbolic this is when we think of mean Black Moon Lilith as the dark forces of society.

    At the time of the shooting on that day, in that place, the MH (midheaven) was at 16+ Gemini. An event chart’s MH (the cusp of the 10th house), symbolizes how “it” all turns out. Tomorrow’s New Moon is at 18 Gemini 01 and therefore is conjunct the midheaven in the chart for Trayvon’s murder. I don’t have a time for the trial’s start, but I know that mean BML will be conjunct Hades (what we don’t want to look at) in Cancer, while Neptune from the murder chart at 0+ Pisces will trine them. Transiting Neptune on Monday will be conjunct Chiron in the murder chart at 5+ Pisces. I don’t suppose this is going to be fun for anyone involved.

    A small but telling connection between the charts for (1) the murder, (2) Trayvon birth, and (3) Zimmerman’s birth is the centaur Pholus. Melanie Reinhart tells us that a “Pholus process can feel like things getting out of control” and that it often “highlights ancestral processes which are releasing”. The murder chart’s Pholus is at 19+ Sagittarius, Trayvon’s Pholus is at 17+ Virgo, and Zimmerman’s Pholus is at 17+ Aries and conjunct Eris. All three Pholus’s aspect one another and they also aspect tomorrow’s New Moon at 18 Gemini 01 and the murder chart’s MC. Key to the Pholus connection are the words, out-of-control, process and releasing.

    On Monday, transiting Pholus at 20 Sagittarius will oppose the Sun at 20 Gemini. Pholus will be accompanied by Pandora also at 20 Sagittarius and they both will be retrograde. It suggests that this trial “process” will “release” some unexpected and unpleasant surprises somewhere along the way, and things might get “out-of-control”. Combined with trans. mean BML (symbolizing choices) conjunct Hades (unbearable to look at) opposite Trayvon’s natal Venus (values, attractiveness ) this looks to be a powerful experience for the jurors, and possibly an historical one considering it takes place as (1) Uranus squares Pluto and (2) Neptune trines Saturn, and likely Jupiter and Mars as well.

  6. Jinspace, Thank you for your take on the Out of Sequence phenomenon. As a child, the Fun House was always my favorite (and interestingly, one of the only things my father and I enjoyed together!)

    Mia, Wow, so much info! I was certain I was not alone in this experience but was surprised to learn so much work devoted to it. Thank you.

    Len, I look forward to any insight you may have as far as our planets. I am certain they are speaking. xo

  7. Dear aword:

    I enjoyed reading about your experiences which are a form of remote viewing. You can strengthen this skill as you learn to direct it. Perhaps my most hilarious experience with RV was in advance seeing my 100 pound white dog, Andy, on the roof of my house! It actually did happen exactly as I saw it and I had to climb out and get her back inside.

    Courtney Brown and his Far Sight Institute work with some of the most talented remote views on the planet. Here is their advice to begin study:

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    And the second is to read my book, “Remote Viewing: The Science and Theory of Nonphysical Perception.”

    To learn the procedures for yourself, most people start with our free online course hosted by YouTube, 18 hours, 24 lessons, plus the free printable text.

    I also recommend that you sign up for our free newsletter. We only send stuff out when there is something important to say, so there is no worry about spam.

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    Web: http://www.courtneybrown.com
    Also: http://www.farsight.org
    Also: http://www.farsightpresentations.com

    And Len:

    I just received a message from my friend Rebecca Hardcastle author of the book, “Exoconsciousness.” Rebecca listened to your interview with Roxy and wanted your email address because you had lots of insightful things to say. You’ll be hearing from her for a consultation.

    Planet Waves has created a network of people from many places connected by their interest in astrology and spirituality. Within that network there is a subset of people who look forward to your articles twice a week for their eloquence, thoughtfulness and guidance. My first consult with you was the day of the Venus transit last year, June 6th. Since then it has been my pleasure to help get the word out about your gifts and generous nature. As a remote viewer, I see much growing success for you, Len Wallick! And, for the PW community, extending their light in tandem and in recognition of your words and the words of Eric and colleagues, I see recognition of their own higher purpose.


  8. Hazel1 – What a beautiful dream! You might look to the tarot for some clues about the eagles. I believe it’s equated with the qualities of Scorpio. It’s not for me to interpret your dreams, but if you felt eagle-ish all day perhaps you already are embodying those qualities, and beginning to ‘dive into’ the potential of this water trine. Gorgeous.

    awordedgewise – Yep! I know that sensation. Hasn’t happened in a while, but when it does I receive it as a gift, a moment of being in very close alignment with our very non-linear existence. It’s like looking into a quantum fun-house mirror.

    Len – As ever, you are wise not only in your message, but in the gentle, encouraging way you express it. Who wouldn’t feel safe heeding your advice?

  9. be: It is for you to be thanked many times for all of us for your generous teachings, and for connecting us to broader and deeper levels of meaning, both from your own interpretation and by linking us to other astrologers like Boots Hart (what a great name).

    trinity: Thank you for the examples from your experience (echoing be), and the inspiration of your example.

    Chief Niwots Son: Lyrical indeed (though your own words sing above even Genesis), and very welcome. Thank you.

    aword: Thank you for sharing those experiences. i believe you, and appreciate your courage in relationship with the Planet Waves community. This will require some thought on my part before finding the appropriate connections to the astrology. Such profound experiences can only indicate profound correlations. And natal BML on the Aries point may very well be one of those correlations.

    Hazel: Thank you for sharing that beautiful dream – i could FEEL it through your words. i’m not qualified (or inclined) to interpret dreams, but i sure envy that one. You may want to check out transits to your 12th house.

    Mia: Heartfelt thanks for your kindness and encouragement. For whatever my service returns to you, you are most sincerely welcome.

  10. I’ve been reading about the water trine that’s coming up and now this new moon encouraging us to be aware of inner doors opening and changes we’ve already made that make more new changes possible and I’m encouraged. I had another “weird” dream Tuesday night, this time there was a family of 5 really huge eagles that were playing and fishing in a big river in the desert. I was watching these HUGE birds, each of whom had a wingspan of more than 12 feet, seeing them fly out, make the turn back, accelerate and then glide and extend their talons in front and dip in and catch big pretty silver fish. Sometimes one of the young ones (it was a family of a mom, dad and three eaglets) would not get their talons out in front to grab in time and they would dive beak first into the water and grab the fish with their beaks. It was like I was right there with them, hovering by their heads, I could feel the cool water curling up over the feathers on their skulls. It was really beautiful and they were so large it sounded like a wind storm overhead with all of their swooshing and playing. When I woke up I felt kind of “eagleish” and it lasted all day. The dreams I have lately have a different feel to them, definitely not same old, same old.

  11. And, well, this is fascinating and maybe um sort of fun:

    Anyone else experiencing “Life Out of Sequence”. Not deja vu (I experience 2 forms of deja vu; one where ‘ve previously dreamed what I am now experiencing – the other where I’ve actually lived before what I am currently experiencing, in some form or another).

    No, this is different; in the past 2 days it has occurred twice: Events are Out of Sequence.

    One: a friend showed me a sketch. I distinctly remember him showing me this work as a completed painting approx 2 weeks ago (and I had seen this sketch sometime prior to that). When he showed me the painting 2 weeks ago, I made a comment about the original sketch. “No”, he said – there wasn’t any sketch, only this finished painting. Today when he showed me the sketch I inquired about the painting – and was told that there was no painting yet, but he was looking forward to completing it — But That He Couldn’t Find The Original Sketch (we were viewing an electronic copy).

    Experience Number Two involves me seeing someone in a store two weeks ago shopping for a particular item with which she was completely unfamiliar and I directed here to the place to find it. However, today I experienced this person receiving the name of the product she was unfamiliar with and being sent to purchase it.

    I’m a big proponent of the “there is no such thing as time” ideal – that thought came to me while I was swimming many years ago long before I came to learn that it was not an original thought (lol). And I’ve experienced many things such as the deja vu and also having dreams about events that then later happen.

    But this is a new “spin” on the whole idea. Experiencing events real-time, real-life but out of sequence? — or maybe it’s just another form of deja vue without much of a pause between “events”.?

    Or maybe it was a deja vu of the upcoming Merc Retro echoing from and to the future….

    🙂 xo

  12. With natal BML at 0 Aries, I always feel as though a deep part of me is being energized when she is mentioned; thank you for the mention.

    I have been initiating a new cycle of awareness, Len. Much work on that. Thanks for the reminders, perspective and cheering.

  13. trinity, thanks for noting the November 2003 eclipse and how it is affected your life. I’ve a similar story, but what I didn’t remember was that in addition to the total solar eclipse at 1+ Sagittarius, there was also a total lunar eclipse at 16+ Taurus. This is the same degree the south node has been in for a month and 1/2, with weeks to go in that degree. It is also the degree where Ceres was in the total solar eclipse of May 20, 2012. The picture is getting clearer and clearer. I owe you one!

  14. I neglected my customary lyrical contribution, this from the song “Lilywhite Lilith” by Genesis (from “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway):

    “Lilywhite Lilith,
    She gonna take you thru’ the tunnel of night.
    Lilywhite Lilith,
    She gonna lead you right.

    She leaves me in my darkness,
    I have to face my fear,
    And the darkness closes in on me,
    I can hear a whirring sound growling near.
    I can see the corner of the tunnel,
    Lit up by whatever’s coming here.
    Two golden globes float into the room
    And a blaze of white light fills the air…”

  15. August 2004 “was such a potent time” for me as well. After the big solar eclipse still resonating from November 2003. Big move, complete change of lifestyle, having to redesign myself. Looking back, I would say it was the start of Lilith coming out of the closet!
    Having to relearn independence. Interesting that at this Lilith return, I am now defining myself in her essence and am fiercely holding on to that independence against society’s expectations of how I should be living.
    I am feeling that now the basic, physical demands of independence have been met, that perhaps I will experience her teachings on another, perhaps more mental spiral?

  16. It’s great that you catch these subtle moves by the dancers in the astrological ballet Len. So many cycles within cycles and coordinated steps between them in order to create the “as above so below” metaphor we astrology lovers depend on. Our individual perspective can be so limiting, but, as reflected back to us by the dancing sky, we can learn and understand if given the right guidance.

    I was torn between first responding to you or responding to Fe’s response to the previous “Balsamic Moon..” article, as they seem to relate to one another. Lilith made the call and, because BML (as Boots Hart puts it) describes the point at which our feelings and link to mankind (or social memory) are at their most distant from earthly reality, I chose to start here. This calculated point, like transiting Mercury and Venus before her, will conjunct transiting Hades after entering Cancer (at 1+ degrees), and like Hades, she represents something we prefer to keep out of sight. There comes a time however, that we must face it, whatever it is, even if under force.

    The calculated Lilith (mean BML) is the dark side of societal forces whereas asteroid Lilith represents our own dark forces, according to Boots. If she’s right, and I think she is, then this New Moon, compounded by all the other events surrounding it, puts pressure on us to look at the choices our societies have made because Lilith is about free choice.

    Because we are all one, within our society, within our race, within our species, we must examine how we as individuals can contribute to the correction of wrongs that need to be righted in order to heal. Many thanks to you for putting us on the path Len.

  17. beleclaire: You are very welcome. Thank you as well for sharing your own experience and perspective. It is a joy to know my words have served you.

    Chief Niwots Son: Thank you. As always, you have said it so very well. This is just the beginning of “more than meets the eye”. We may very well have to embrace the proverbial interesting times in order to make the most of them.

  18. There is more here than meets the eye, Len, thank you for bringing news of these intersecting cycles of new beginnings to our awareness. And thanks too for the note about Mercury entering the shadow phase, with the last retro cycle leading right into the eclipses there has been little reprieve from our interesting times.

    Keeping watch for the subtle messages.

  19. Thank you Len for these wise and timely words…they resonate so strongly for me, a Cancer rising with prominent Liliths..August 2004 was such a potent time. It was like a portal opening to a new layer of inner life.
    Yes, a weekend of meditation is coming up! Good advice!

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