Look Here — The Alice-Pisces New Moon

The Pisces New Moon just before 3 am EST Saturday conjoins asteroid 291 Alice to the degree. In the experience of your humble servant, 291 Alice is an object which reliably says “look here.” Given the place New Moons hold in astrology, combined with how Alice has consistently worked for yours truly, looking no further than yourself and where you are is your indicated best practice as February rolls into March.

Astrology by Len Wallick

Every New Moon is the more-or-less monthly conjunction of the two most important objects in astrology — the Sun and Moon. A conjunction is two objects at the same place on the zodiac and in the sky.

Every conjunction represents (among other things) the beginning of a new cycle for the two objects involved. In the case of the Sun and Moon that cycle has a special name — lunation.

In her article for the February/March issue of The Mountain Astrologer, Dr. J. Lee Lehman observed how lunations (along with eclipses and ingresses) are “the big three events of mundane astrology.” Eric has also cited lunations as an important factor in describing his process of composing the best horoscopes in the world.

Since experience verifies how the unfolding and outcome of any cycle is often contained in the beginning, any New Moon is worth paying close attention to. If you add an asteroid, such as 291 Alice, which serves to draw your attention to a place and time, you have doubly reinforced how you should observe both your personal circumstances and aspects to the Pisces New Moon closely, to get some idea of what’s about to unfold for you.

First off, and most obvious as a form of double reinforcement, it is not often that a calendar month and a lunation begin at the same time. The indication of such a seldom seen concurrence is that March itself will develop somewhat along the lines of how it begins.

Assuming the indication of a lunation and a calendar month beginning at the same time is a valid one, it’s a great chance for you to work with the flow of the astrology by spending the first hours and days of March being the change(s) you want to see in your life. If you look closely at your “here” as the weekend begins, and make even a few small starts modeled on how you want your life to unfold during March, the payoff should be worth your while.

Assuming any validity for astrology, it is also worth your while to examine what other aspects the Pisces New Moon will make besides its conjunction with 291 Alice.

When practicing astrology, it’s important to prioritize the classical planets (those visible to the unaided eye — Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) as a close second to the luminaries (Sun and Moon). Practicing such a prioritization for the Pisces New Moon immediately recommends that you “look here” to how the conjoined luminaries will form a precise (to the degree) water trine aspect to near-stationary Jupiter, 120 degrees away in Cancer.

The trine from the Pisces New Moon to Jupiter highlights the two trends Jupiter is a part of right now: (1) the unprecedented and powerful grand water trine with Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio; and (2) a huge reshuffling represented by four classical planets (Mercury, Mars and Saturn, as well as Jupiter) changing the apparent direction of their movement before the end of March’s first week.

Since the trine aspect (especially a water trine) emphasizes flow, the best way for you to work with the next luminary cycle is to remember how long-term trends will not suddenly dissipate as you endeavor to be the changes you want to see in your life.

Moving down astrology’s priority list to other sign-ruling planets, the Pisces New Moon’s close aspects to both participants in the era-defining Uranus-Pluto square doubly reinforce once again that you should not attempt to change the world overnight. Rather “look here” to where and what you are. Begin with yourself for how to seed the impending lunation.

Last but not least, the Pisces conjunction of Sun, Moon and Alice will precisely oppose yet another asteroid — 4946 Askalaphus. Looking across at the Alice-Pisces New Moon from Virgo, Askalaphus will be a symbolic reflection of what appears to be an auspicious, rather than ambitious, lunation in the making.

Mark Andrew Holmes has opined that, “The asteroid Askalaphus seems to do with the ability to be silent or discreet.” Reflecting on Mr. Holmes’ interpretation further reinforces a coherent theme that is consistently established by aspects from the Pisces New Moon to Alice, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. That is to say, look no farther than “here” during the month that matches the lunation.

So, make a good start on March this weekend. Look to, at, and immediately around yourself for the best places to apply your efforts, and you will be less likely to end up a fool when April comes around.

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16 thoughts on “Look Here — The Alice-Pisces New Moon”

  1. The 4 planets “changing direction”, just as the missing plane may or may not have done seems full of portent; 2 reverse and 2 forward. Also Venus at 26+ Cap in March 1 NM chart squares Mars in Libra, trines Moon in Virgo, sextiles Sun in Pisces and is quincunx Pallas in Leo and exactly squares the north and south nodes in the March 16th FM.

    Venus also formed a quindecile (165 degrees with allowable 2 deg. orb) aspect to Jupiter in the March 1 NM chart. Noel Tyl says a quindecile “suggests a burning point of focus, often a place of extreme concern and effort. . to the point of upheaval, disruption, and obsessive mania.” He also says “it is an aspect of unrelenting motivation, obsession, determination, upheaval, disruption even separation.” Describes the search (and news coverage of it).

  2. . . . . .look here. Alice (down the rabbit hole), along with the Sun/Moon (trine Jupiter who is square Uranus), opposite Askalaphus doing a good job of being silent. Who did Askalaphus answer to in myth? Pluto.

    In the March 1 New Moon chart, Pluto at 13+ Capricorn was sextile Chiron at 13+ Pisces (and conjunct the New Moon at 10+ Pisces). I’m wondering now if any charts for countries have a significant planet at 13+ Leo which would put them at the focal point of a yod with Pluto and Chiron in this New Moon chart.

  3. Indeed Len, and precisely to the point you go.. It is all in-tune and there for us, and I thank you!

  4. P. Sophia: You are not too late. Like Gandalf, you are precisely on time. Thank you for sharing “Y” the sidereal perspective of the March 1 New Moon resonates very deeply with the tropical perspective. You have once again demonstrated that the various forms of astrology (tropical, sidereal, heliocentric, on and on…) are not in dispute, but simply different instruments playing the same piece. Let us hear the symphony as well as the individual instruments, eh?

  5. Hi Len thank you for your continual guidance and information. I read this quickly on Thursday but was still in process mode and I am now probably too late in sharing this..Funny in coming back to post a reflection i was amazed to find your tittle “Look Here”, which I find now (and after reading the daily Oracle) really nailed this aspect for me.

    “…the heart of the Sun within you.”
    Eric Francis – Oracle of today, Sunday, March 2, 2014

    I set about my day yesterday with the New Moon in mind and heart and I was first struck by a tree along my walk up the mountain with my dog. It was a big moss covered ‘Y’ of a tree. It’s 2 main branches reaching for the Sky and Sun beyond the existing canopy. It was calling my attention and need to take a picture of it.

    In study and contemplation of the New Moon (Sun Moon Conjunction) I also felt I needed a visual as to where the New Moon Sun conjunction was actually positioned in our sky, so I went on my app, StarMap 3D and saw it was right there on Aquarius, on the hands that clasp and pour the waters from the overflowing cup (urn). What a great visual and beginning this new phase will bring for us. This was the feeling the imagery was bringing to me. It is bearing, expressive, overflowing and we have a hand in the receiving of this beneficence in our lives!

    This morning in my continuing research of the Sun’s current position @ Constellations Aquarius and associated Skat, I’d like to share the following interpretations from Nick Anthony Fiorenza. I was and remain in full gratitude and awe to find here another reference that points us to “Y”.

    “Skat conjoins Zeta Aquarius, and, along with Sadachbia, Pi (Seat), and Epsilon, they create a prominent asterism (to skywatchers), a 4-star “Y”–a symbol used in electronics to denote an antenna–that which transmits and receives, is expressive and receptive. The “Y” of stars is generally depicted as the Urn of Aquarius–from where the nourishing humanitarian waters flow. Sadachbia, the principle star of the “Y” is the “lucky star of hidden things.” Sadachbia can indicate that a physical gift of extreme value can be discovered, revealed, claimed or given.

    This is one of the purest areas of resonance in the ecliptic and one of the most fortuitous–the mid-point of sidereal Aquarius–the Angel Point of the Zodiak.

  6. Lunesoleil: Thank you for mentioning that it was you who first brought 291 Alice to my attention years ago. It is a very useful asteroid. You are a wonderful astrologer.

  7. Thanks Len for the discovery of the asteroid Alice which I had written an article in July 2012, to transport the reader into the Wonderland in symbolism with the sign of the fish, again congratulations
    For reading the article copied the link in our traduteur have the version in English thank you
    Good cycle of the Moon at all 🙂

  8. Jann: Thank you for your kind words. From what’s apparent, you have it correct with “in like a lion”

    be: Thank you so very much for sharing the excellent catch regarding the solar and other transits to Eric Holder’s nativity. We are also thankful for your erudite expansion of the how to interpret Alice and Askalaphus. Finally, thank you for bringing us the nominal synchronicity between Alice and politicians from your neck of the woods – completely on topic and we always appreciate your sense of humor!

    Kelly: Looks like you could be absolutely correct about the Alice correlation. Thank you!

    Chief Niwots Son: Thank you for further extending the Alice correspondence so artfully and cogently!

    aword: Thank you for once again sharing how transits to your own amazing nativity seldom fails to connect us all to the astrology.

    marymack: Thank you for your note. Yes, given the context of the Pisces field at play (and how the grand water trine is activated), your observation to denote “feel here” as operative would be valid without question.

    beleclaire: Thank you for sharing your native proficiency with the Aries Point vibe. It is thus doubly gratifying that my service has been useful to you.

  9. Thank you Len, this is timely and helpful for me and my ( never ending ) process. I have felt ‘change’ happening piece by tiny piece. Last night I had a dream where I was in an unknown building and kept on finding new rooms. It reminded me of Eric’s Libra Mars Effect reading – I am Sun @ 0 Libra. Then I read about Alice asteroid and it all connects..

    Looking forward to this new Moon..and this new Life. Thank you ( and Eric ) so much

  10. Len … I might venture a thought here: is it possible that the “look here” is perhaps more of a “feel here” as we are up to our necks, so to speak, in water. Just a thought … er, feeling 🙂


  11. Totally off subject (I think) but had to share. In Kentucky this Fall, Mitch McConnell will be running for his Senate seat against a woman whose name is Alison Lundergan Grimes.

    Alison Lundergan . . . Al is on Lun der gan, say that fast 3 times
    Alice in Wonderland, Alice in Wonderland, Alice in Wonderland

    I woke up with that thought and had to see where the Moon was. It was conjunct the U.S. Sibly Moon at 27 Aquarius. It was trine Mars in Libra. With Venus on the ascendant.

    Then there is this. She married a man with the last name of Grimes, which looks a lot like Grimm’s as in Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Doesn’t sound like it but looks a lot like it. It is subliminal, as in Sun conjunct Neptune.

    Watch’a think? Need a catchy jingle for commercials. Or maybe not.

  12. Natal Askalphus sextile natal Alice, Venus has retrograded over him and on her way back for the third time.

    Will Askalphus rat out Alice if she imbibes while she’s down the hole? She’s not eating pomegranates as Persephone erred, and we know he’s learned about silence being golden now that he’s down the rabbit hole for good. But Alice isn’t down there forever and the New Moon can illuminate her looking glass, offering reflections that lift her up and out of the mad-tea-party’s collective hallucinations.

    Even if the March Hare doesn’t know what’s new this cycle, we know who does, and she’ll say “look here”. Let’s ask Alice.

    Ha! That was fun. Thanks, Len! Happy March.

  13. “And if you go chasing rabbits,
    And you know you’re going to fall,
    Tell ’em a hookah-smoking caterpillar
    Has given you the call.
    Call Alice
    When she was just small…”

    Beginning where we are may allow us to avoid Alice’s error of chasing rabbits, or the habitual thoughts that may plague us. An auspicious beginning to the new month, one that promises me new experiences and opportunities, so I will refrain from the rabbit chase.

    As for the caterpillar, what’s he’s up to is now legal in a couple of States, indicating what the I Ching calls “exceptional progress.” And perhaps Mr. Holder will soon see it as such and let it all go.

  14. So timely; once again Len, you bring precise information that proves useful to your readers at just the moment they need it. I for one am grateful for your link to info on Askalaphus today. This morning I was concerned about the “breaking news” that Eric Holder had been taken to the hospital because he “didn’t feel well”. Because cable news could easily play the role of Askalphus (as Mark Andrew Holmes explains this symbol), and (I suppose) because Asky in Virgo is now trine asteroid Urania (astrology) in Capricorn, and sextile my Sun, I looked up Eric Holder’s birth planets (no exact time but 1/21/51 is DOB) to discover that today the Sun is exactly conjunct his natal Jupiter at 8 Pisces 53.

    Eric Holder is back home now after a few hours of tests likely, but because of Alice (look here) being conjunct the New Moon Saturday morning, it would seem to say (to him) that he was being guided by the gods and goddesses of mythology. Alice, already in place at 10+ Pisces is only 2+ degrees from Holder’s Jupiter which also trines trans. Jupiter (too much to do) stationing (intense). His natal Jupiter is also midway between trans. Neptune (5+ Pisces) and Chiron (13+ Pisces) suggesting (to me) that stressful situations (trans. Uranus stationed direct square his Jupiter) are taking a toll on his well-being and need resolution (dissolution) or re-channeling.

    Here’s the beauty (well some of it anyway) of astrology. . . trans. Venus will conjunct Holder’s natal Sun at 0 Aquarius 51 a week from now and a couple of days later she will trine his Saturn in Libra. Somebody should make him read another Alice story about falling down the rabbit hole and discovering how to deal with the crazies. Perhaps our 291 Alice is a symbol of fairy tale too and why not? Fairy tales and mythology serve a purpose to teach us about the manner of men/women in situations which test their bodies and souls. Askalaphus in Virgo might have an ulterior motive beyond “just the facts”, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be detrimental does it? He could just be providing the clarity needed to keep our feet on the ground while so much emotional water (Pisces, Cancer) prevails this month.
    be (P.S. Love the symbol/glyph for Askalaphus MAH created!)

  15. Ah, yes, the “here and now” of February into March. Merc Rx SD and Mars SRx, both with the attending echoes. My, my.

    The question is, will March be coming in like a lamb or a lion? If the weather is any indication, it’s a roaring, snarling lion all across the country. Must be time to hunker down in the eye of the stationing storms.

    Thanks, Len, for giving me a good astrological reason to stay indoors and “look to, at and immediately around” inside – self and surroundings.


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