Getting The Point — Libra Equinox and New Moon

Between the Libra equinox only hours ago, and the Libra New Moon only hours after this piece has been posted, the luminaries (Sun and Moon) are making a point. It’s simple. Phases and cycles are beginning for everybody all at once. You have a place. Your place is to participate; participation means “with others.”

Astrology by Len Wallick

Just when the Sun entered tropical Libra, it was at the same time directly overhead at Earth’s equator (with relatively equal days and nights worldwide), beginning a new season. Equinox is that simple.

The Sun will appear directly overhead just South of the equator tomorrow. After that, the Sun will rise and set a bit further South each day no matter where you are until the Capricorn solstice.

At the Capricorn solstice, the Sun will appear directly overhead at the Tropic of Capricorn just as the Sun is entering the tropical sign called Capricorn to start yet another season.

After the Capricorn solstice, the Sun begins rising and setting farther and farther North. It appears directly over the equator again just as it enters tropical Aries for another equinox six months from now.

After the Aries equinox, the Sun’s apparent path continues North until entering tropical Cancer in another nine months, just as it appears directly overhead at the Tropic of Cancer. After which, the Sun heads South again.

That’s how tropical astrology works in synchronicity with the seasons. When the Sun enters a cardinal sign (Libra, Capricorn, Aries or Cancer), the Sun is simultaneously appearing directly over a corresponding latitude (or “tropic”) on Earth, and a new season is being initiated.

That’s pretty simple, too — and pretty profound. Tropical astrology corresponds the seasons of Earth with the cycles of the sky. 

Additionally, the initiation of this and every season, according to the astronomy website, “happens at the same moment worldwide (although) the clock times vary by time zone.” As simple as that is, it’s also pretty profound if you think about it. When the season changes, your life is one with every other life on Earth in correspondence with both the seasons and the sky. 

The same can be said of a New Moon. When the Moon enters Libra tonight just before Midnight EDT (3:59:20 UT), and conjoins with the Libra Sun about two hours later to begin a new luminary cycle, it will happen for all of us at once.

Yet, it is not often that a new season begins and a New Moon occurs just hours apart — for all intents and purposes at once. Hence the point being made by the cosmos today. This is not just any equinox. This is not just any New Moon. This the Sun and Moon initiating their common and separate cycles together as if to make a point of emphasis based on what those points of initiation have in common.

Based on how the Sun and Moon represent (among other things) the complementary constituents of your consciousness, the emphasis is on being fully aware. Considering how seasonal changes and luminary cycles (which usually begin separately) are on this day beginning at essentially the same time, the point to be fully aware of is that we are all in this together.

As to what the “this” that we are all together in consists of, just look at your own life. Then look at what’s going on in the lives of others. Implied in the concurrence of a Libra equinox and Libra New Moon is the importance of knowing that your life right now is a life in participation, and thus also a life of indication.

Whatever you may be concerned about right now is implicitly a concern shared, and best addressed by your participation with others to resolve those concerns. Whatever you need at this time is almost certainly indicative of a need felt by others, and best assuaged by your contribution. The same is probably true on some meaningful level for everything you are living with and through today.

The point being made in the heavens is that (know it or not, believe it or not), your life is at one with all others as much or more than ever before. Hence, whatever you do for others you will unavoidably be doing for yourself.

Just as with the beginning of a season, or luminary cycle, knowing that you are participating — and knowing what you are participating in — makes all the difference. If you are aware, you can prepare. If prepared you will know what to do.

You will know what must be done when old patterns change, not just for yourself, but in support of others who have supported you. You will understand what to do when new cycles begin, by simply looking within, then around for a common ground.

A new season means adjustment and adaptation, even in this modern, technological age. So look around for those going through a change, especially those doing so with awareness and intent. For among those so doing you will find both your own place and your own support. You can rely on it. Just as you rely on the seasons to change. Just as you know the Moon will appear once again. Let us please also rely on you.

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9 thoughts on “Getting The Point — Libra Equinox and New Moon”

  1. I think it’s wonderful how you present space at the PW site for many of us to participate, Len. As Be mentioned and you are aware, I have quite a bit initiating in my own chart/life and participation is key or there is no “ing” only the “initiate”. Thank you for another enlightening, helpful and even seasonal discourse.

    Be — “To DML and Beyond!!!” (Isn’t that from Toy Story? To Infinity and Beyond? Don’t know why my brain when there, but hey – whatever works! Maybe she’s really a super hero…

  2. A fine astrology lesson Len with you concise explanation of the four cardinal points of the year- solstices and equinoxes.

    I personally find a useful addition with the inclusion of the cross-quarter days, the mid-points between the four cardinal points. These are now remembered as Halloween (Samhain), Ground Hog’s Day (Lammas), May Day (Beltane) and Jerry Garcia’s Birthday (Lughnasadh). Our Celtic friends viewed these days as the beginning of the season’s, giving the solstices meaning as Mid-Summers Day and Mid-Winters Day. The longest and shortest days were the mid-points of the seasons, as they are the mid-points of the agricultural cycle. Planting took place all through the Spring from early February through May, and the Harvest from early August through Halloween. An alternative way of seeing the seasons, which may offer people a different perspective on the yearly cycle.

  3. Holly: Thanks to you in turn for bringing up the developing fire trine (which is already functional with the Great Attractor holding down the Sagittarius angle until Saturn arrives). Your anticipation of that development is indeed resonant, and deeply appreciated.

  4. Strawberry: Thank you for mentioning that Pluto resumed direct motion in cardinal Capricorn just a few hours before the Sun entered Libra last night, and is thus essentially a concurrent event with both the Libra equinox and Libra New Moon. Bt making the correlation to Pluto-related drives, your participation here likewise contributes by example – an example we always appreciate hearing and learning from.

    Bette Loreen: Thank you likewise for mentioning Mars (transiting Sagittarius). Even though Mars is now rapidly separating from its long build-up to square Neptune, the new Martian agenda has in all probability just begun. Congratulations for how you are adapting to your new circumstances so beautifully, and a beautiful new season to you!

    be: Thank you for the look ahead to the next 4 New Moons beginning where signs begin right after noting a prevalent phenomenon of integration in the astrology as a whole. To have (for such a long period of time) the solar occupation of a sign begin concurrent with the monthly conjunction of the luminaries might be something we get used to, and even put to use. i also agree with you that the “emotional” and “spiritual” qualities are due for a comeback, as is our essential wholeness in result. Once again, your own cogent perceptions and acute sensitivities take us deeper and widen our reach so as to strengthen our grasp. We love you for it!

  5. This is my favorite season of the year. I can smell the wood burning from a house within the area. Speaking of the winter solstice coming up, just two days after the Capricorn new moon, Saturn will enter Sagittarius. This will be the beginning of a pretty potent fire trine with Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries. That will give the fire signs and fire sign issues a nice kick in the rear (especially the Saggis, who will receive the taskmaster right before Christmas). * tips hat with sympathy*.
    I think this will help with religious extremeists, in particular. Sagittarius represents religion, Saturn is karma. This combination, along with a now direct Uranus in Aries, will spell a bad couple of years for any religious hypocrites of all stripes. With the presidential elections JUST starting to unfold in the US, I would focus on the Republican side to see just how effective Saturn in Sagittarius can be. Also this transit will be the swan song of ISIS, oh the karma THEY are due is on the way here.
    Nationally, Saturn will be transiting America’s ascendant. Maybe bkoehler knows more about this, but that would lend the country a more no-nonsense attitude.

  6. You know what? You are just awesome Len! This synchronicity of New Moon, New Season (equinox) with it’s equal focus on Sun cycle and Moon cycle, emphasizes the total picture of balancing our yin-yang energies, something that other symbolic aspects have been showing us too. A few days ago fellow commenter awordedgewise brought a unique and personal viewpoint of the Libra New Moon influence to our awareness (see Judith Gayle’s last column). I hesitated – only a moment – to include the symbolism of the New Moon among the feminine influences (planets), UNTIL I remembered that it was the MOON’s cycle, not the Sun’s cycle (although he was the start and finish line) , we were looking at.

    So, since Earth symbolizes reality, Air symbolizes mentality, Fire symbolizes spirituality, and Water symbolizes emotionality, then the focus period (just over 24 hours) starting with the Autumnal Equinox (Sun cycle) and ending with the New Moon in Libra (Moon cycle) will spotlight the Thinking mode, among it’s many influences, for the next month. So then, what did you think of that Pluto station last night? That was one helluva “reality” (Pluto in earthy Capricorn) jolt (for me anyway) that had me “thinking” (New Moon in Libra) into the wee hours of the morning. This is what I thought about. . . . .

    The next 4 New Moons (lunar cycles) after this one will all take place in the unquestionable starting place of 0+ degrees Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. The first 2 of these New Moons (as well as the present Libra New Moon) are encompassed within the influence of the Autumnal Equinox (a solar cycle) and the last 2 (lunar cycles) will take place under the umbrella of the Winter Solstice (solar cycle). For the next 4 weeks we will focus our perceptions through our Mental functions (Libra), clarified by the Aries Full Moon, which is a lunar eclipse, that will reflect back through the Spirituality mode (fire).

    Following that, a 4 week focus on our perceptions as experienced through the Emotionality mode (water) will also have the lingering after effects of a Scorpio solar eclipse. It will then be reflected by the Taurus full moon (the Reality mode) 2 weeks later. This is always the pattern of the lunations, but until you pointed out that we were experiencing a lunar and solar cycle simultaneously or “all at once”, I wasn’t aware of it’s subtle but purposeful function. I believe that we are to experience ALL the modes from a yang/masculine (Sun) perspective AT THE SAME TIME we experience a yin/feminine (Moon) perspective. It would seem to be a practice round for getting consciously awareness of Wholeness. Learning through life experiences. Getting The Point of it.

    Our present point in history has seen the Mentality mode catching up with – and then surpass – the Reality mode as the most viable (and valuable) sense for succeeding in Life. Long ago the Spirituality mode and Emotionality mode were left to the arenas of Church and Motherhood; not seen as dependable in the growing world of technology and science. As these rejected modes receded into a less predominant place in everyday life, they became flabby and/or hardened through lack of use. I think/feel/sense/intuit that they are going to make a comeback into fashion, and that the art of astrology will lead that awakening through sensitive and perceptive astrologers like yourself.

    The Winter Solstice (0 degree of Capricorn) will be simultaneous with the Capricorn New Moon at 0+ Capricorn, followed by the 0+ Aquarius New Moon and finally, another New Moon (in Feb., 2015) at 29 Aquarius 59 min. and 54 sec. (to be precise!). But. . . the Winter Solstice – defying the standard practice of 3 New Moons per Solstice or Equinox period – will incorporate a 4th New Moon (just hours before the Spring Equinox in March 2015) that is also a total solar eclipse at 29 Pisces 27. Food for thought at this lunar cycle New Moon in Libra and solar Libra Equinox. One can of course, use the emotional and/or spiritual modes of perception for interpreting what this symbolizes, no hard rules about that, but the reality mode might suggest that it’s kinda like a leap year thing; probably just catching up loose ends.

  7. This is much appreciated, Len, & most timely for me. The Equinox/new moon happen in my 4th house, square my 6th-12th nodal axis. I have always deeply felt the changing seasons, & even more now when I live essentially in the countryside & am a gardener & landscape/sky painter. My life & living revolve around the seasons.

    The backdrop for this astrology for me includes transiting Mars (which just trined 2nd house natal Mars) approaching my 6th house Sagg sun & trine my Pluto. I have also been working with the transiting Mars/Neptune square (Neptune in my 9th) as I came to a major, life-changing decision which should greatly enhance my life as well as that of another, if all goes as planned.

    The ambient energy quickens with autumn, the falling yellow leaves reminding me to get on with the work of preparing for another winter. Much to do! I shall number my calendar with the countdown to Solstice, & prepare for the withdrawing indoors for winter work, reading, artwork, & reflection. But just now, every warm, golden day is a gift for which I am thankful.

    Though I am “different” in my small, traditional community, I have found I can create some friendships, at least, based upon some common interests, & there are small ways in which I can contribute. I find my knowledge of astrology can be wonderfully useful, as I can respond to people whose personal astrology I have some knowledge of in ways I hope may be helpful – without mentioning astrology (too woowoo here). It’s a bit of a double life, but that’s okay. Right now, a Capricorn I know is really being difficult to deal with, & it helps to know she’s struggling with Pluto’s transit, having great scarcity fears despite ample material resources. At the very least, I can be patient with her – & remark sometimes on blessings she knows she has but sometimes forgets in her fears.

    Thanks to all at PW – an inspiring, caring & insightful community all. I’m glad to be here.

  8. Interesting, Len. I was having a little déjà vu reading this, & thinking of the way the new calendar year coincided with a new moon this past January. It seems this theme of “all together, now!” is being repeated for us again as we move into this season of letting go & preparing for the dark time of year. What I’ve been feeling most intensely is the Pluto station, & remembering that new year new moon was closely conjoined Pluto. It may be because of my Scorpio moon, but when Pluto speaks, it gets my full attention. It makes me wonder whether the thing we’re “all together” in is the tension around responding to the desire/need to take those Plutonic dives–either toward transformation or destruction. And yet, in our culture we have so few guides to help us keep those dives from being soley destructive. We’re lucky if we can find an example to show us it’s possible. As always, I’m grateful for the one you set.

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