Deep Background — Major Shifts for Minor Planets

During the week following today’s vernal equinox, nine minor planets will change sign or direction, implying major shifts deep in the background of your life and the world. So many shifts in a short period may be construed to be a single event when considered as a whole. Just as with the seven square aspects from Uranus to Pluto taking place from 2012 to 2015, take them as a whole you should.

Astrology by Len Wallick

Since 2012, when Uranus finally advanced far enough into Aries to reach its first separation of 90 degrees from Pluto in Capricorn, the angular relationship between the two planets has remained substantially the same.

A separation of 90 degrees on the zodiac (and in the sky) defines a square aspect. Ever since their first square of 2012, Uranus and Pluto have more or less held the same aspect by alternating periods of apparent retrograde motion.

The alternating retrogrades, combined with their slow apparent orbital travel, have combined to repeat precisely the square from Uranus to Pluto four times so far, with three more to go. In between precise repetitions, Uranus and Pluto have remained within what astrologers call “orb of aspect.”

Basically, “orb of aspect” means close enough to be functional. Hence, by maintaining substantially the same spatial separation over a long period of time, Uranus and Pluto are also maintaining a continuous event. It is a continuum that (to paraphrase Eric) defines our era.

An analogous principle of continuity applies to astrological events clustering in a short period of time, even though they may be widely separated on the zodiac. We will see a lot of those temporal clusters before the end of this year. The minor planet shuffle during this coming week, however, has a flavor all its own.

Of the nine minor planets shifting sign or direction between today and next Thursday, five of them (Pholus, Cyllarus, Bienor, Orius and Rhiphonos) are classified as centaurs.

Astronomy defines centaurs by their inherently unstable, highly elongated and steeply inclined orbits that typically cross the more regular paths of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and/or Neptune.

Because of their eccentric motions, which symbolically integrate the outer solar system (consisting of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune), centaurs are often correlated with the psychological concept of “shadow material” in astrology. Though the concept is complex and nuanced, one definition of shadow material is what goes on deep in the background inside of you, pending integration into the foreground of your life.

Three of the other objects shifting direction or sign over the next seven days (1992 QB1, Ixion and Quaoar) orbit the Sun from way out in Pluto’s neighborhood — the Kuiper Belt.

Ever since the earliest days of the Uranus-Pluto square, Eric has repeatedly noted that objects in the outer reaches of the solar system represent the deep background behind world events unless otherwise triggered to prominence (usually by an aspect from the inner solar system). That’s where Ceres, the ninth minor planet making a shift before next Thursday, comes in.

Ceres is now classified as a dwarf planet by astronomers. For astrologers, because Ceres is the largest object in the “main belt” of asteroids between the outer solar system (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) and the inner solar system (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars), Ceres has among its many interpretations the quality of an intermediary.

In the case of nine minor planets variously shifting over the next week, Ceres would appear to be an emblematic intermediary between the more evident events in your life (represented by the inner solar system), and the deep background both inside and outside of you (represented by the centaurs and Kuiper Belt objects).

Ceres is thus a symbolic key to the door behind which major changes will implicitly be taking place both inside and outside of you during the days immediately at hand.

To employ the key that Ceres is, begin with awareness of its other interpretations. Be aware that, on a scale corresponding to the inner solar system, Ceres correlates with how nourishment (or lack thereof) is fundamental to your life holding together or falling apart. On a scale commensurate with the outer solar system, Ceres functions as an emblem of how the Divine Feminine (or lack of same) is fundamental to how the world itself, and your connections to it, hold together or fall apart.

Most of all, be aware that Ceres is retrograde, returning to Libra this weekend after an initial sojourn into Scorpio. In other words, Ceres, in all of its manifestations, will be showing you something you have seen before, and recently, over the week to come.

Therefore, pay attention over the next week or so. Look for what you have seen before, and recently, regarding how nourishment issues, feminine qualities and intermediaries of one sort or another show up for you over the next seven days. If you can be so alert, you will receive valuable clues.

Through interpretations of Ceres as your key, you may receive reiterated information regarding your own inner workings. By applying Ceres to unlock, you may be able to ascertain some valuable data you previously missed or overlooked regarding what’s going on behind the scenes in the world at large. Finally, by being conscious of how it is appropriate to consider closely concurrent events holistically, you may become more whole yourself.

Becoming more whole is a worthy goal. If astrology is any indicator, the week to come will give you a chance to attain the objective. The information you receive of your own inner workings will make you more self-aware.

With greater self awareness, you will be able to perceive personal connections with what has previously been considered separate or simply and somehow hidden from you, both within and without. Finally, through new connections perceived you will be better able to integrate your consciousness, your actions, and your life with what has previously been operating deep in the background of your existence.

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11 thoughts on “Deep Background — Major Shifts for Minor Planets”

  1. Amanda: Thank you.

    be: Good point. A lot of good astrology can be done with only the Sun and Moon. The classical planets (those visible to the unaided eye) are definitely next in priority after the Sun and Moon. Few question those things. Nether does anybody question that we are now aware of more. Since we are aware of centaurs and objects outside the orbit of Neptune, we might as well keep an eye on them. It is especially important to keep an eye on entire classifications of objects moving in apparent synchronicity in masse, hence this offering today.

    Musicman 1: Your kind words regarding my service mean the world to me. Thank you. Perhaps, with continued effort in service, others who have always had my respect will eventually feel the way you do.

    Chief Niwots Son: Thank you for your kind words as well. May my offerings continue to assist and support your path. Tank you as well for supporting be.

    aword: My thanks to you as well. Ceres on the lunar north node is proof (if anything is) of how powerful minor planets can be. Thank you for sharing that experience with us.

    Lizzy: You are most welcome.

    P. Sophia: Thank you for taking the subject matter to a deeper place by sharing your sublime and well-earned perceptions.

    Carrie: Thank you for being so generous with your words. It is encouraging that the breaks are evening out for you. It is also with gratitude that we receive news of your son’s friendship. Friends are so very important, and we here at Planet Waves count you among the friends we are truly blessed to have.

    Lunesoleil: You are also among our good friends here. We are so very grateful that you continue to share your insights with us. Thank you!

    Salamander: Please be aware (1) of how much your words are always appreciated here, and; (2) How much credit you deserve for doing so very well with so much on your plate. Please don’t sweat the small stuff, you are in fact big stuff, and equal to any other big stuff.

  2. Thanks Len to honor Ceres which lies in conjunction the North node, Vesta and March for profound change I think food
    Good cycle of the Moon at all 🙂

  3. Len, you are such a wise person! Thank you for tying these together like this.

    In the past week, synchronicities have abounded for me. On the previous Friday, both a lost friend and my younger brother contacted me via e-mail. I also re-connected with a man who was a teen back when I knew him. This man-who-was-a-teen told me I changed his life because I accepted him when no one else did.

    Fast forward to Ostara; Spring Equinox. The lost friend came to visit and I found myself connecting with her all over again. We worked out the negative issues and found we still feel a deep friendship. She also said she loves me because I accept her as she is; especially when she talks about sex. That’s two people now saying that I accept them as they are.

    Yesterday, after she left, the guy-that-was-a-teen-when-I-knew-him and I had a long talk over the phone. After a bit, he said he feels like we are family; that I am his older sister. This made me cry because my NPD mother caused my siblings and I to be fractured; I have no relationship with my younger brother whom I helped raise and my older brother died in 2008. This guy’s words were healing to me; I feel like I have found a brother-of-the-heart. We can’t pick our biological family but we can create a family of the heart and I am finding them (and they are finding me).

    I can’t tell you how rich I feel right now. Money cannot buy this feeling, these people. I feel incredibly fortunate.

    Also, my son’s best friend’s mom finally let her son stay overnight with us for a sleep over. My lonely son is in heaven. These boys are amazing together; their friendship is a sweet thing to see. My heart is light and happy! I can’t wait to see what the sky serves up next!

  4. With Ceres and all these interweaving cycle retrograde shifts I believe we will be experiencing a many emotions in and around us. Many may feel frightened by such ‘instability’ and what they consider emotional, (understood and felt as) ‘weakness’ because they are fully aligned, so they think with their intellect. So if they feel this letting go ‘out of control’ and emotion love, or have an intuitive thought that proves, they may will be frightened.

    This will be an interesting time, as you point out with Mercury (mind/intellect) now arising from it’s retrograde ‘and forward movement shadow phase. So yours is a great reminder, yet also warning for us to stay aware.

    I have seen and felt this working through and around me. The important thing I am learning is not to get pulled back into this fear feeling associated with it’s mind set, yet to breath and release it. This offers a necessary ‘space’ for mutual healing and love. I try to model this and as you mention, I have often times I have been met with their heart in-turn-around in surprising ways. It is a gift I feel honored and blessed to understand and receive. I take this very seriously.

    Len thank you for taking these aspects to a greater understanding of our ‘work’, the potential and also the appreciation this time holds for us all. This also is so inline with today’s Oracle. Excellent points to keep in center awareness, Such a loving message. thxlove

  5. A friend once told me that my natal chart indicated that self-awareness was extremely important for me, in order to any self-mastery. In addition to having a heavily aspected Mars retrograde in Aries in the 1st house, I have a significant Ceres in Pisces in the 1st house.
    I feel pressured with the arrival of the Sun in Aries, and the upcoming cardinal grand cross. I have received an additional responsibility I have to fulfill, and I am doing what I can to juggle multiple responsibilities while having the time to take care of myself. I am being challenged to be a better student, a better family member, a better employee, and a better driver.

    I am being pushed to organize my time better, and to become competent and safety-oriented as well.

    Health-wise, I also have to overcome compulsive skin picking when stressed, improve my diet (especially increase my magnesium intake) in order to reduce PMS symptoms in a few weeks, and use the Aries energy to exercise as much as I can.
    I’ll also have to see if I need to replace the hubcaps in my tires soon since I go through many potholes in my commute.

    Thank you for the recommendations, Len. I want to use the energy of the cardinal grand cross to drastically improve myself.

  6. Ah, I’ve kept my eye on Ceres for some time now, searching for her greater significance in my life. She is currently dancing upon my Dragon’s Head.
    I thank you, Len. You are a tremendous source of wisdom and insight.
    Be, you too speak with the poet’s tongue today 🙂
    Thanks and Blessed New Year to All.

  7. Musicman 1- perhaps you are thinking of the Abyssinians, an excellent old-school reggae band whose soaring harmonies inspire magic, mon.

    Len- You cast a wide net today to bring a slew of far ranging outer/minor planetary shifts and organize them succinctly around the fulcrum of Ceres. Without you skillful efforts I, and perhaps others, would not have been attuned to these key changes, thank you.

  8. And so to slumber!

    I have just spent the day listening to Mark Jones, Nick Campion, David Railey and some Goddesses too over at Kepler!

    While every subject and it’s treatment was succinct and informed, I have to say that when it comes to an exposition of process, an explanation of current planetary movement, and an emblematic description that is both poetic and lyrical, Len you are fast becoming enobled in these hallowed arts!

    And be. …… the laser light now shines lyrically brighter than bright! There’s me thinking the Babylonians was a reggae outfit from Kingston, Jamaica!


  9. Every now and then I’m reminded of just how hard the ancient astrologers worked to understand the relations symbolized by the 7 visible planets; picking out one or two of their many meanings and tying together those that would most likely manifest. They were unaware of Neptune, Uranus and Pluto and so in today’s astrology picture they would have been unaware of the notorious Pluto-Uranus 7 square series. Would all the blame fall on to Mars’ shoulders you think? Saturn maybe?

    How flummoxed they must have been, those revered astrologers who first tried to integrate these newcomers into their old patterns of ascertaining the future. As we’ve added to the pantheon of gods and goddesses (and those who associated with them) during the last century or two, those august astrologers of old would have resisted giving up ground to these impertinent upstarts I’m sure. And yet, here we are, parsing out the responsibilities and the characteristics that, if considered at all, would have been included in the resumes of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn. Maybe grudgingly and much later, Uranus, Neptune and finally Pluto too. We have come a long way baby, but we owe so much to those ancient wise men. (Were there any women? If so they weren’t written about.)

    Sometimes though, it seems we aren’t making much progress; we’re stuck in our roles surrounded by gloom and doom so often that we don’t see our advances for what they are. That’s why, I suppose, there is a PlanetWaves and brilliant astrologers (of which Len, you are one) to see “us” as part of a “whole”. This business of seeing Ceres as a Key to unlock the partition between your inner and outer, and as well, your outer with the whole of us, would seem to be an excellent example of new age astrology concepts. We advance together and we advance individually and we gain wisdom from those who, like you, can see the value of parsing out the responsibilities – often in a brand new way – to the new gods and goddesses (and their entourages). We also advance by sharing our experiences with each other. So glad to be amongst you all!!

  10. i think Ceres is an interesting asteroid to watch; especially with Mars also Rx in Libra, there are some important relationship themes being brought to our attention in the coming weeks. you make some key connections between its intermediary function for us to mull over!

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