Breathe Into It – Sun square Chiron

By Len Wallick

And I’ll tell and think it and and speak it and breathe it.
-Bob Dylan

The Gemini Sun squares Chiron later today. It fits. The latest prediction of a rapture has not manifested. It has since been re-scheduled from the first day of Gemini to the first day of Scorpio. We don’t have Osama bin Laden to kick around anymore. Pro football is on hold and The Donald is down for the count. The course of events has cleared away some distractions. Fewer distractions mean more time for action. In the context of this astrology that’s an opportunity get in touch with and unlock some discrepancies between how you think and how you feel.

Action is what a square is about. It is nothing to be afraid of. Graphically, it is at least two objects at a right angle to each other. Besides that, there are three things to remember about the aspect. First, the signs involved have their quality in common — that is, cardinal, fixed or mutable. We cycle through each quality in a season, which means that to act is to be in harmony with that process.

In addition, a square implies tension. Not between you and somebody else, rather on the inside. That is good news. The source is under your control. In this case, the interior tension is usually felt as stress. The key is to act. The hard part is that the action must be directed and not projected. That requires being self-aware as opposed to self-involved. It takes some practice.

Finally, on top of placing you in accord with the cosmos and relieving the physical manifestations of emotional strain, a square properly addressed will promote growth. You end up stronger, wiser, and with improved aptitude for acting on the next challenge. What a wonderful thing to get relief and get better in one swell foop. The important thing is to act consciously.

Fortunately, the Sun is part of this particular tableau. The solar is as straightforward and pervasive in astrology as it is in your life. It is consciousness. It is a universal human experience. What person with the gift of sight has not seen it? Who has not observed its cycles and effects? Nobody needs to be told how Sol feels. It is day and it is light. It is simple. You know it as well as you know yourself.

In the context of Gemini, a sign ruled by Mercury, the light of consciousness is brought to knowing your own mind. The quality of mutability reminds that you can change how you think. The associated element of air means the light of consciousness is not blocked or distorted. Air, of course, is also what we breathe.

Chiron, on the other hand, is obscure, complex and lives in a cave. We are, however, fortunate to know it exists. While its apparent influence can be traced back to events before its discovery, knowing that it is there makes it a whole lot easier to work with. As a matter of fact, the most fundamental energetic expression of Chiron is awareness itself. This is especially true as regards to our physical bodies.

Located as it is in Pisces, that Chironic awareness would currently find itself most naturally directed to how your body feels. However, Chiron’s close conjunction to Neptune, the modern ruler of that sign, may make it difficult to discern connections clearly. That dynamic could also be expanded by Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces, currently located in Taurus, where Chiron was discovered. The corresponding element of water would be inclined to combine with all of that to flood our perceptions and leave us physically overwhelmed.

It is the mutable quality of Pisces that is the saving grace in this circumstance. It is information that is available to our awareness. It lets us know that our feelings, no matter how powerful, are subject to our control and amenable to change at this time.

A crucial time it is. We are on the eve of three eclipses in the period of a single lunation. Between those two New Moons, first in Gemini and then in Cancer, both Jupiter and the Sun will change signs and several planets will change direction. That’s a lot to work with. It would help matters if we were not working against ourselves. That’s the opportunity of Sun square Chiron. It allows us to seize on the idea that we can change how we think and how we feel if and when we want to.

We can begin by allowing our minds to to do what they do best, conceive. Starting with the Sun we know so well, we can take the light and consciously breathe it in. We can then direct that breath to where air and illumination may be lacking but the power of awareness awaits. We can then use that awareness and attend to where our thoughts and feelings are not congruent with each other and we can work to make ourselves whole.

Nobody is perfect. Such work is not done in a day. What you can do today is try it. Stop for a moment and feel your body. Locate a part where it does not feel quite right. Then look at the Sun and breathe it in towards that part. Be conscious of what happens and let that be your inspiration to act.

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9 thoughts on “Breathe Into It – Sun square Chiron”

  1. Thanks Len,
    I’ve been feeling so detached from myself lately, just going through the motions not feeling anything much. Your words are the first to break thought the fog.
    Thank you

  2. (it is as though I was protecting her, I see. To not look at the wounds; the ones she passed on to me, would hurt more than an un-nurtured child could bear, yes? but the time is now, to allow healing light in and give that child an opportunity to welcome in the nurturing, love and light.)

    (I’ve never run her chart until this moment. I have learned enough from you, eric, et al at PW to see, well, more than I knew I could see. Thank you again for being.)


  3. Oh Len, the gifts you give!
    Today I realised that “it is MotherStuff”. The puzzling/weight I’ve drug around; the “taurus syndrome” the missing pieces – right, perhaps, where I did not want to look.

    And it was not until post-that realization that I came to read your article today; all fits. And I thank you.

    I must go devise some Mother-healing ceremony. I will remember to breathe, and focus on those places that ask for attention.


  4. Len, Nicely done. Chiron square my Sun and semi-square my Moon must be an energetic pattern behind my exercise habits. Chiron in Aries and 6th house, talking softly distance from the descendant says martial arts. Current Gemini I feel a flickering between the calm, centered personality cultivated by years of practice and the Spaz, a word used by one of my teachers to describe my left over twichy, nervous, fearful, spiteful patterns set when I was a teenager or a little kid with too much sugar, TV, and other mediated distractions like cars and video games that allowed deeper emotional patterns to set themselves unnoticed by the consciousness that decides and acts. Growing up a good consumer I missed out on crucial skills for survival. No blame. Failure to adapt to the tribal patterns of mass consumerism makes space to figure out better ways to do things. Now if I can just figure out how to get paid without totally getting sucked into the consumer machine again. Get a job? Come on, with Chiron in the 6th I just don’t have the glitches to survive long as a wage slave. I tried it a few times. I’m making my own job, but getting paid a living wage is still a puzzle. In the mean time there’s plenty of time to practice.

    But hey, Jupiter isn’t in Taurus yet. 😉

  5. Len, Len , Len! Not only are you a prose poet, you are quite a humorist. That first paragraph, all the way down to swell foop gave me a LOL that really released some of the very real tension I am feeling as my Gemini Sun is activating 4th and 8th house (for me) issues…big, ancestral and presnt day Chiron issues (Chiron near IC of my Scorpio 4th House) and mutually held securities (my Pisces 8th house with today’s contact from attorney re: more to do to finalize a 43 year long legal and financial relationship. I have had to double my meditation time today to stay centered and pain free emotionally and physically.

    In the meditations the issue of making three people in my life who have been experienced by me very negatively for decades to be seen and felt and known and accepted by me as benefactors has been clarified and embraced.

    Chiron with its ancestral weight of awareness of great need for healing that it stands for in my chart is being aided by the mutables of Gemini thinking and Pisces feeling which have opened for me change— the only door of true healing for me that will ever be available.,,changing my thoughts and feeligs of betrayal and so on into thanksgiving, real, heart felt thanksgiving, for the gifts…because without all that and all them I wouldn’t be me where I am and who I am right now, and that is turning out to be quite aceptable to me.

    This shift has been in the works for sometime but today It seemed to “come to a head.” Thanks for helping me “see”and put words to, and write out this process. You have helped it become solidified into its place in my Reality. HUG

  6. Len, thank you for this lovely piece of astrology and corresponding excericse. Chiron is trine to my moon now and the many distractions in my personal life have either faded out or found resolution. Your words today remind me to get back on the path of self-healing through awareness of my physical form which always tells me when i am out of balance. There is much healing for me to do now in this space of calm before the next phase begins.

    Thank you again for sharing that rare gift you have for bringing the cosmos down to us earthlings. Ever grateful…

  7. In one swell poop? Oh, sorry get relief in one swell foop you say. Well, whatever, the Sun just came out Len; I read your words and the Sun came out. I tried it . .the looking at the sun and breathing it into the part of me that doesn’t feel right. So even with the rain clouds between me and the Sun, it worked! It was that tension I guess, between Pisces Chiron and Gemini Sun and my back was paying the price. But now the Sun is out and I am all one. I think. . well there’s the problem, anyway, I think I forget that I have a body sometimes when I’m really, really thinking. Then I get all stiff from being in one position too long. Poor body, even without Chiron square anything, it suffers. But now! Now I have the key (get it?) and thanks to you my consciousness will include my poor aching back. I owe you one.

  8. Len,

    There are so many parts of this that are wonderfully accurate and amazing in my life.

    “That requires being self-aware as opposed to self-involved. ” Yes!

    “The important thing is to act consciously.” Yes!

    “…the most fundamental energetic expression of Chiron is awareness itself.” Yes.

    “We can then use that awareness and attend to where our thoughts and feelings are not congruent with each other and we can work to make ourselves whole.”


    As always you have your fingers firmly on the pulse of things. Thank you so much, Len, for having the clarity and articulation to pass on your wisdom. It is most welcome, always.

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