Big Things — Jupiter Opposite Galactic Core

Jupiter opposes the core of our galaxy for the first time since June 2001, shortly before 1 am EDT Thursday. At the same time, the largest planet will complete a mutable cross without historical precedent. The Jupiter-Galactic Core axis of the grand cross indicates big things are imminent.

Astrology by Len Wallick

Unlike 2001, the immense immanence implied is more eminent than infamous — thanks to the other half of the cross configuration. That comprises an opposition from Pisces to Virgo between Salacia and Makemake, which indicates what we may yet grow to become — and where that growth must take place.

The last time Jupiter was closing its Gemini tour with an opposition to Sagittarius’s Galactic Core, infamy was at at hand. Just over two months later, the world was purloined into the impoverishment of perpetual war.

Now, as Jupiter returns to reflect the center of our celestial neighborhood, it’s an auspicious time for you to reflect as well. As Jupiter’s year in mutable air reaches its last fortnight before ingress to Cancer on June 26, to whom will the remaining years of your precious life belong? Beyond that, how will you emulate Jupiter by growing into what you must be?

In astrology, square aspects provide the opportunity for growth. A mutable cross consists of four square aspects, connecting all four of the signs that share the same quality: either cardinal, fixed or mutable. The mutable cross that Jupiter is completing now implies growing out of old patterns and into new ones.

In reality, growth is never easy. The proverbial term “growing pains” is well informed and reflects how the square aspect of astrology expresses in your life. On Earth however, the alternative is incompatible with continued existence. Even mountains, when they cease to grow, ultimately cease to exist. Implicitly, the struggle of growth is your imperative to sustain. How to attain the necessary sustenance is implied by the mutable opposition that will be precisely (to the degree) perpendicular to the axis from Jupiter to the Galactic Center.

In the Pisces corner, wearing the wet trunks, will be distant Salacia. Currently, Salacia is literally distant, half again as far away from the Sun as Pluto, which was the outer limit of the solar system for decades. Through its nominal connection with Neptune’s spouse, however, Salacia’s role in Thursday’s grand cross is to provoke you to grow so as to close the distance between your life on land and its connection with (and probable origin in) the seas, both literally and figuratively.

In the literal sense, the seas of our planet provide a good deal of the oxygen you need to live, while also absorbing a significant amount of the carbon your living produces. In a figurative sense, the oceans represent the vast and mostly unappreciated legacy of the emotions that have motivated us, the intuitions that have guided us, and the psychic potentials that represent the probable direction in which our kind will most productively grow to evolve.

Already opposing Salacia from Virgo is an even more distant object, Makemake. Named after a dominant deity from the farthest removed vestige of human culture (variously known as Easter Island, Rapa Nui and Isla de Pascua) Makemake’s symbolic place on the mutable cross is to promote a growing appreciation of neglected hemispheres, both on Earth and in your skull.

The Southern Hemisphere of our planet (where Easter Island is located) is often not given its due in the world, partially because that is where the seas are most dominant over the land. More specific to the symbolism employed by astrology, however, is how Makemake’s association with a neglected hemisphere on our planet corresponds to a neglected hemisphere of your brain.

The currently dominant paradigm of human consciousness, intrinsic to cultures of the Northern Hemisphere, favors the left hemisphere of the brain. The left brain is the seat of linear thinking and the virtues conferred upon cold, mathematical logic. Your brain’s right hemisphere, home to alternative sorts of sense-making has, in recent centuries, been as deprecated as the Southern Hemisphere of Earth. Yet both places are where there is not only room to grow, but necessity.

So that’s how Jupiter’s last days through Gemini are taking form. In the Jovian opposition to the Galactic Center is the necessity for you, and all of us together, to become as big as events, rather than shrinking from or being swallowed up by them.

In the grand mutable crossing provided by the opposition of Salacia and Makemake is nothing less than the potential you should sustain, and the direction that you should apply yourself toward. You will know you have done it if you can grow to confidently count yourself among those who are in their right minds.

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9 thoughts on “Big Things — Jupiter Opposite Galactic Core”

  1. Thanks Len,
    What a refreshing piece of writing. I felt as if you took me back to the beginning and then brought me forward in to the present. It was an interesting sensation and a unifying one as well.

  2. Len:

    I now understand, all will be at 27 degrees. Except for today and believe for the past couple weeks, Jupiter is the last to position and is still at 26 degrees Gemini. I just noticed he currently is in opposition to my natal Gal. Center, standing at 26 Sag 21’25”.

    I like that you concentrated the power of this aspect to our looking to the right hemisphere. Of course all the points are important and interconnected. Jupiter and its position, emerging opening to transition, opposing and crossing Sagittarius and Virgo in our raw, self projection searching for refinement in our humble responsibility to serve. Yet the final position of ‘consummation’ just came to me, yes it makes sense, the Cross sign is made complete from left in open position on our right.

    This cross, ending in Pisces, water, even a perfect blessing in this one with the axis of Salacia found there…all together in – ‘vision’ Cross in mind and heart. It feels and spells out a grasping, cultivation and fulfillment of light.

    “Beyond the body, beyond the sun and stars, past everything you see and yet somehow familiar, is an arc of golden light that stretches as you look into a great and shining circle. And all the circle fills with light before your eyes. The edges of the circle disappear, and what is in it is no longer contained at all. The light expands and covers everything, extending to infinity forever shining and with no break or limit anywhere. Within it everything is joined in perfect continuity. Nor is it possible to imagine that anything could be outside, for there is nowhere that this light is not”. ACIM, The forgotten Song.

    Just a note, I had a very impressionable dream about Neptune and his wife, last October. At that time I did not know her name was Salacia, until, in regarding my blog comment you Len informed me of her name in Star. Anyway in thinking about it now, the dream took place underwater in her setting, the rock cave her sacred home. As she in protection fended off shooting attackers from the land, earth above. Loving Neptune had quickly come there as if flying around from the other side, his place in the sky, to protect her although is was clear she was well equipped to handle the task. As she carried on effectively in her work at hand, Neptune went to quickly securing the hiding of some ancient scrolls found there that he tucked away protectively in the back.

    I am wondering now if these ancient transcripts were reminiscent of this forgotten song. Maybe it is time to un-dust, bring out and cherish this gift of ours. It is clear, and I am so thankful to you Len, that you so selflessly have shared in part this gift with us all.

  3. Chief Niwots Son: Thank you one again for the sheer grace of your prose, a well as for how you have framed to mutable cross so concisely, yet convincingly.

    Mia: Thank you so very much for invoking 1992 QB1 and its role in the matters at hand.

    be: Thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping the second milestone of the functionally continuous Saturn-Neptune trine front and center. Right you are, and grateful we are to have you.

    Strawberry: Talk about front and center, thank you for bringing your very pertinent and rather auspicious transits into the picture. Yes, you are justified to feel like you are on te catbird seat. Please hold on to your seat and keep us in your loop. We appreciate you every bit as much as you love Planet Waves.

    Lunesoliel: You are always so very kind and generous in your appraisals, Thank you so much for being with us.

    aword: Speaking of kind generosity, you bring joy to my heart with every word.

  4. I have imprinted the crossing of the mutable upon my skull and your teaching upon my whole brain.

    Thank you, Len. Brilliant – as in: it is bright light you shine upon us – as always.

  5. A Jupiter cut roots Len? God of the sky which gives the appearance to be found on Earth to help men regain confidence under the large triangle of water. Jupiter is still the protector of men for those who are under his divine guidance. I can even testified that the signs that I have received in recent months were well worthy of a Jupiter fell from the sky real source… Thank you Len for the source of inspiration without you this comment wouldn’t any physical form
    Good evening to all

  6. There’s so much here to work with, Len. In working with your line, “to whom will the remaining years of your precious life belong?” I look to the way this mutable cross brings in my natal Requiem on the same day as transiting Ceres becomes the first of these planets traveling with the Sun to transit my S Node/Sun conjunction (and Jupiter moves into opposition with my Jupiter).

    I have spent a lot of years in the past, allowing it to both color and confound my present. I intend to use this bit of astrological “oomph” to help myself find peace with all of that, and turn expansively toward a present that encompasses and utilizes all that I am. Rocket boots, indeed. (I must apologize, and profusely, for an earlier misattribution in which I claimed it was Eric’s image of 2012 feeling like training wheels, Len! So much has changed within over the past 6 months, I think of that image often. Your work plants seeds deep in the soul, my friend.)

    Chief, your words, also, offer a rare and beautiful source of enrichment. I will join you in seeking to know “what I can learn by seeing my source reflected in the mirror of abundant grace.”

    I’ve never felt more alive, and thank all of you for sharing your gifts that I might discover my own. I realize that in a lot of ways it feels like the world is falling apart; but in my little corner, everything’s bursting wide open. I’m beginning to appreciate Pluto in my 1st house. I love Planet Waves.

  7. This is a brilliant find Len, and it ties into the ongoing trine between Neptune and Saturn; the 2nd exact trine of 3 is this evening. I believe these two are constructing a bridge to connect body and soul, past and future. Saturn is in charge of construction while Neptune is the designer. It will be supportive of the “real world” while making it easier to access the elusive world of spirit. I should think it would be welcomed by those of us who will be suffering from the “growing pains” of evolving!

  8. Thanks for a great article Len.

    Right/left brain activity needs to find balance. It makes a huge difference. When I was 19 I was tested at Columbia University for right/left brain activity. I was told that out of anyone who participated in their research, my two hemispheres were the most balanced. My guess is that is why I move so easily between realms of reality and different dimensions.

    Perhaps the QB1 download that was unzipped when it moved into Taurus will provide the balance. I sure hope so.


  9. Len- by giving attention to our underutilized hemisphere we do not grow so much as we integrate, the key being the communication between the hemispheres, which appear to be in inherent opposition, but are nothing more than the black and white portions of the old Yin/Yang symbol, Unity manifested in the dynamic tension of polarity.

    The Galactic Center is in Jupiter ruled Sagittarius, and with Jupiter in Gemini opposite the GC it is as if old Jove has turned his sights on home, the source and center towards which the Sagittarian arrow is always pointing, and for the next 6 years his journey is back towards the center. So I ponder the question of what Jupiter, and by extension our own internalization of Abundance and Grace, receives as communication from source in these last degrees of Gemini, and what I and we as individuals can learn by seeing our source reflected in the mirror of abundant grace.

    Big Things indeed! Thank you for the Communication.

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