A Certain Season — Virgo New Moon

To every thing there is a season.
Ecclesiastes 3.1

The Virgo New Moon at 10:11 pm EDT Saturday will initiate a rapid series of new seasons for you. There will be the beginnings you can probably anticipate now, corresponding to the monthly cycle that starts with every New Moon. The particular lunar cycle that begins this weekend, however, will also give rise to longer intervals. Those successive intervals will connect the central certainties of personal life to those of public life, then take you past edge of living memory, beyond previous experience, where a new season awaits us all together at once, for each of us to turn.

Astrology by Len Wallick

One certainty of life is the lunation cycle, from New Moon to Full Moon and back again. The lunar periodicity frequently corresponds to personal changes and inner weather. The solar certitudes, however, evince on the public and collective level in the light of day.

The Sun is the light of day. That is the surest, simplest and most central certainty of life on Earth. Also certain is the fact that, for any given place on Earth, the amount of daylight will vary in an annual cycle of the seasons that corresponds to collective changes and outer weather. The lunation cycle beginning in Virgo this weekend will contain one of the most telling moments in the cycle of seasons, when we all have the same experience of the Sun at once.

Before the Moon grows full again, the Sun will enter Libra and precipitate an equinox. On the days of equinox, the duration of daylight is equal for every earthling. The seasonal return to equal light for all at once demonstrates a perennial certainty that has been denied for thousands of years by the pernicious platitudes of patriarchy, the simple truth of equality.

Ironically, efforts to deny the cyclical solar certification of equality by asserting dominion over the Earth have made us solely responsible for manifesting a cycle of redemption at peril of certain collective extinction. Initiating that redemptive cycle will require us to do nothing less than change our spots and stripes, a possibility certain planets will soon symbolize.

Before the Virgo lunation has completed, Mars will have been compelled to surrender its Scorpio stripes for Sagittarian subordination. While Mars may be stirred by the fire element characteristic to Sagittarius, the mutable quality of the sign will require Martian stimulation to reform its spots from self to service. Meanwhile, the lord of reform, Saturn, will settle into Scorpio to reign in the red planet’s dominion for two and a half years, initiating a new order in the waters of transformation. 

To redeem our own place in the order of things will require us to assume both the role of Saturn and Mars in relation to ourselves. That will mean initiating a new season of human being without precedent or certainty by taking the revolutionary step of consciously directing the process of our own evolution. As symbolized by Uranus and Pluto, the process has already gotten underway without us. The question is whether we will participate in the conclusion of the process or be concluded by it. The answer will begin to make itself known before the Sun leaves Virgo.

Just hours after the Virgo New Moon, Luna will leave for Libra, where it resumes visibility by Monday. Before the end of the weekend, Mercury will initiate its own reconnaissance of Libra in advance of the Sun. Both incursions will represent the need to think ahead if we are to come from behind in our quest to survive as a species.

By Tuesday, Pluto will have resumed direct motion, turning the wheel on its series of squares from Uranus and symbolically providing the next in a long sequence of opportunities to take the wheel and steer ourselves into a new season. Before we figure out how to work the wheel together, some of us will be required to set an example and reconnoiter what that will entail.

The revolutionary process of directing our own evolution will be like nothing we have ever done before. You can be among those leading the way. It will not be easy. It will be dangerous, but it is preferable to the alternative of being under a wheel rather than behind it. That is the certain season we enter this weekend, collectively lost but individually redeemed. You can begin by looking for a situation you know how to turn around and work your way up, and our way out, from there.

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8 thoughts on “A Certain Season — Virgo New Moon”

  1. Thanks Len and I wish you a nice new cycle of the moon which will announce that my birthday is approaching more and more, I live currently my phase 12 of my solar year…. @ soon you read 🙂

  2. Now that I read this, I understand better what is happening. Thanks for your patient persistence as a guide and your loving concern as a HUMAN human being.

  3. Len, Beautiful picture and image you cast. Clearly putting us in the middle of it all. Hope the Mercury transit is helpful in my 1st, fore I am open to the vision and just what part that might hold for me. Again remain, grateful to you and your gifts.

  4. be: “Since the south node symbolizes what is ready to be released, perhaps (based on Venus’s chart) some antiquated laws that deny the simple truth of equality will be let go at this time.”

    May it not be limited to antiquated law that deny equality. May the letting go include so many new ones and ones in the wings that deny equality, so we CAN evolve.

    Thank you, Len, for an astrological drivers’ ed primer.


  5. Kathy C. – Thank you. Flow is good. You can control your own part of the cosmic cycle.

    be: Many thanks to you for your perceptive depth and adroit analysis. No need to freak out. As you noted, it could be worse. Thank you especially for reminding us of Jupiter stationing at the point of the Venus solar transit and the very interesting assertions of the Galactic Core.

    Marianne H. – You are very kind and very welcome. Thank you in turn for your sensitivity in the historical evaluation of this impending New Moon.

  6. Len,
    Letting you know that you are the only one I know that has explained the important of New Moons in general, most perfect. I also know what important of this one is for “our future as was told to me some 40+ years ago, is here too”
    I want to you to know it clearly is “our most important challenge for our growth and development” as human living on a living planet “Our Home”,Planet Earth Mother Ship”
    thank you from the core of my heart.
    O Mitukya sen!

  7. Okay Len,

    Now I’m really freaking out. . don’t know if I can manage all this, but I’ll try my best. It could be worse. I could be Mitt Romney! When you said Mercury and the Sun entering Libra would require the need to think ahead in order to come from behind and to survive as a species, his name started flashing before my eyes. But then, maybe that’s the whole idea, separating the species so to speak. Those who don’t think ahead and those that do. Or as the Prez would say, shoot now and aim later. Mr. Romney can change his spots to stripes at the drop of a hat, but not in a way that would redeem the cyclical solar certification of equality. I think he’s been out in the Sun too long Len.

    Maybe this will help us. Tomorrow, just a few hours from now Jupiter will reach the exact degree point where Venus occulted the Sun last June. At that time Jupiter was where the south node is now, 28+ Taurus. Also at that time Mercury in Gemini was opposite the Galactic Center in Sagittarius. Tomorrow Ceres in Gemini will be the one opposite the Galactic Center (as she is today), but also still in a trine to Saturn in Libra. Help comes from Heracles in Aquarius making a grand trine in air, helping us prepare to think ahead.

    Then the GC in Sagittarius sextiles Saturn in Libra and when hooked up to the Moon’s nodes they form a yod with the South node in Taurus as the apex. Recalling back to when Venus occulted the Sun, that degree for the south node was where Jupiter was, and Jupiter represents laws. Since the south node symbolizes what is ready to be released, perhaps (based on Venus’s chart) some antiquated laws that deny the simple truth of equality will be let go at this time.

    So that gives us the Galactic Center with help from the Universe through the sextile to Saturn in his final days of Libra, and the nodes are making a path to guide us through the evolution process, but there’s also the Great Attractor influencing us through its opposition to Jupiter, not to just see “now” but to see what’s ahead and “around the bend”. We don’t have to do this alone do we? The Universe is giving us a helping hand. Maybe I can manage this afterall. Thanks for listening Len and as always, thanks for making me think.

  8. so many changes next week… thank you, Len for what you do…
    making me feel it’s all part of the cosmic cycle- beyond control.
    I need to just flow, and help others do same <3

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