McCain team vetting Palin in Alaska; Vagina Monologues @ RNC

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For those of you who are not plugged all the way into the blogosphere via one of those Matrix ports in the back of your head, I have some funny news. A number of top blogs are reporting Sunday night that the McCain team is in Wasilla, Alaska vetting Sarah Palin. Vetting means checking her background, making sure she’s up to the job and so on. The story reportedly broke on the blog of Andrew Halcro, a Republican who ran against Palin for governor in 2006. The story was picked up by John Cole’s Ballon Juice and bas been bouncing around all night.

It’s also been widely reported that McCain met her just once before last week. But he seems to really like her a lot.

I forgot to predict last night that Sarah Palin wasn’t going to make it. She’s a test balloon to see what they can do in the polls using some, er, goddess power. Even as a delegate of the divine feminine, her selection reveals a stunning lack of leadership in a Republican party that has been choked by a decade of Neocon death grip.

Meantime, the Associated Press is reporting that John McCain “tore up the script” for the Republican National Convention on Sunday, “casting himself above politics as Hurricane Gustav churned toward New Orleans.” I mean, they can’t have a political convention in Minneapolis if New Orleans is flooding again.

It gets better. Bush and Cheney aren’t going to the RNC themselves. Why should they? They’re not really Republicans. McCain himself may not even attend. Instead, Laura Bush and Cindy McCain “would speak from the podium and describe ways to help victims of the storm bearing down on a region that was devastated three years ago by Hurricane Katrina. The first lady visited the convention hall Sunday evening to check out the podium.”

“This is a time when we have to do away with our party politics, and we have to act as Americans,” McCain said as fellow Republicans converged on their convention city to nominate him for the White House. Aides said Monday’s program would be shorn of political rhetoric, AP reported.

What exactly are they going to do? Recite the Vagina Monologues?

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Eric Francis

PS, it must be hopping up in Alaska tonight. A reader keeps writing to me about how They are using the HAARP facility in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park to create Hurricane Gustav. I might think she’s a little on the tin foil hat side of things except that I know for a fact that weather control has been used as a weapon by the U.S. military since the Vietnam days. I know because my therapist wrote an investigative piece in ’73 or so for Newsday called “A Weather Arsenal.” And that was back in the day when you needed a warehouse to hold what you could put in an Apple IIe.

7 thoughts on “McCain team vetting Palin in Alaska; Vagina Monologues @ RNC

  1. About the idea of a manufactured hurricane… I dunno. It just doesn’t ‘feel’ like a blowjob to me. The ionospheric tinkering is a fact, but it would surprise me very much to discover that DARPA has the capacity to invoke and manage the chaos of a hurricane. People who walk around telling themselves the fairy-tale of ‘this is just research’ don’t generally have access to the kind of wisdom that would permit a person or organization to deal with such a welter of results. And the one thing these bozos know is what they *can’t* control.

    Weatherwise, it has been cooler this year in Texas; not as cool as last year, but the Gulf isn’t storing the same kind of energy as it was three years ago. So while Gustav will whup up on the oil industry pretty good in the next few days, I don’t see it even having Rita-level impact.

  2. I’m not sure he’s gotten what he wants. I would expect them to be making an effort to develop a working relationship. Something’s not jibing here.

  3. Interesting comment Kitty. The woman is conservative, not Monica Lewinsky. Did you expect her to go s*** his c***? Come on! As for him, his reaction is typical of men with low self esteem. Once they get what they want, they reject it.

  4. The body language of these two is quite interesting, individually as well as regards each other. She acts like Cinderella who’s just been chosen by Prince Charming, while he seems either irritated or distracted to the point of not being present.

    How to put this into words … It’s like they both have their part to play on the same stage, but they’re not doing it together. Actually, at this point it’s difficult to see what the play is that they’re acting in. Anyone seen a rhinoceros around lately?

    And I wonder which aspect of the divine goddess Ms. Palin is symbolic of? (Serious question.)

  5. Methinks “scrubbing” means the dirt the locals have on her before the national press swoops down and digs for themselves.

    Some folks have described this selection as something out of the “Twilight Zone”. This entire episode in American politics deserves HOURLY watching. It reads better than satire!!

  6. Eric:

    Check out the comments in the John Cole thread. Some people think the “vetting” is actually a “scrubbing”.

    As for the “Monologues”, as a Vagina-American, I would PAY to watch the Republicans perform THAT show!!!

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