Another Democrat superdelegate mysteriously dies

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Yesterday, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, the first black woman ever elected to congress, died of a brain hemorrhage. Plenty of people die of this kind of thing every year, and while at 58 she was not exactly old, things do go wrong. So it’s very plausible that’s actually what happened; it is certainly believable, and that is the important thing.

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Stephanie Tubbs Jones.

But I find it more than odd when one of the 11 house members to oppose the Iraq war, and one of the few to vote against certifying the 2000 election, and a superdelegate who switched her loyalty from Clinton to Obama, jumps off the planet a few days before the Democratic National Convention.

It’s particularly weird that I was writing about the death of another superdelegate in this spot just a week ago — Bill Gwatney. He was the Arkansas Dem chief who was shot in his office by a guy who was killed by the cops an hour later.

If you watch the news or have seen Fahrenheit 911, you have seen Stephanie’s face and you have heard her speak. She was one of the true supporters of freedom and one of the few politicians to stand up to the Bush administration.

Her death was incorrectly reported earlier yesterday; actually she clung to life and died at 6:12 pm. But when I got the email that this had happened, I immediately thought of Paul Wellstone, the Democratic senator who died in 2002 when his campaign plane went down with his family and staff

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Senator Paul Wellstone.

Wellstone was the 99-to-1 guy — he would frequently vote against the whole Senate. That incident seemed extremely suspicious at the time, but I studied the chart no fewer than three times and could not put it in the murder files.

But with the Tubbs Jones data in hand, I cast both charts side by side last night. You may need some astrological training to see this, but keep it simple — look at all the planets in the 15 to 18 degree range in both charts. That is the charts talking to one another. They fit together like puzzle pieces.

For example, the Moon in the Tubbs Jones chart opposes Mercury/Juno in the Wellstone chart. Chiron in the Tubbs Jones chart exactly trines this Mercury as well.

There are many aspects like this. Then, most notably, Uranus in yesterday’s chart is exactly on the IC (4th house cusp) of the Wellstone chart. These events are related. I’m not speaking as a journalist per se, but as an astrologer. They are related by something besides what they have in common, being the deaths of prominent, anti-Bush Democrats in election years.

I read last night that Rep. Dennis Kucinich, a good friend of Tubbs Jones and obviously a close colleague of Wellstone, was visibly shaken by what happened. I don’t blame him. You don’t have to kill, threaten or blackmail everyone to get the attention of people who might oppose you; you merely need to demonstrate what might happen if you step out of line.

To me all of this points to an attempted Clinton takeover of the Democratic National Convention when it begins Monday night.

I’ll have more for you as I notice it, and of course full coverage of the convention’s astrology in this space, as it happens.

Yours & truly,

Eric Francis

2 thoughts on “Another Democrat superdelegate mysteriously dies”

  1. Friends — Stephanie Tubbs Jones was not the first black woman ever elected to Congress. That distinction is held by Shirley Chisholm. The Associated Press obituary said that Tubbs Jones was the first black woman ever to represent Ohio in Congress. Love your site, and I linked to this post at Astrology Mundo, my blog. As astrologers, we’re constantly being scrutinized so I think we must be vigilant about accuracy. Best, Monica Starr

  2. Clinton takeover? How I wish! She’s been saying for years that there is an international right wing conspiracy, and now that so many have been affected by it, most people are catching on to “how it works.” I wish she would take over, but I don’t think she can. It was explained to me, but I still don’t understand why.

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