Venus wants to ask you a few questions

No doubt you’re beginning to put a name to the hiccups being visited upon you or those around you this week: Mercury about to station direct and Mars about to station retrograde. But in the background of the computers playing dead, forgotten keys, mysterious and panic-inducing (yet non-applicable) overdraft messages at the ATM and squirrelly or delayed email exchanges, you might also be noticing overtones of social pressure or familial guilt tugging at your relationships.

Photo by Amanda Painter.
Photo by Amanda Painter.

Venus, the personal planet that was retrograde to begin the year, is still in late Capricorn (and still working through its shadow or ‘echo’ phase). Today it makes a trio of interrelated aspects: Venus is conjunct the asteroid Psyche in Capricorn; the two of them are sextile Saturn in Scorpio, and trine the asteroid Sedna in Taurus. Saturn and Sedna are opposite each other.

Psyche is an interesting critter, representing the sense of having a wound to one’s psyche that can never be healed. That is, it’s not that the damage cannot actually be healed; rather, it just seems that way. And that sensation presents a block to one’s self-esteem that can take some special maneuvering to dissolve. Conjunct Venus, that sense of wounding may relate to one’s receptivity, the belief that one is loveable, or the sense that one can never have the kinds of relationships one desires.

When we put Psyche and Venus together in Capricorn, that sense of wounding takes on shades of social pressure (‘what will everyone think?’) passed on from the mini-state of the family unit, the actual state and more broadly through marketing. It gets perpetuated by many religious dogmas (think ‘original sin’) in the form of needing someone’s (or everyone’s) permission to do what feels good, to love however feels right for you.

Pluto making its long, slow journey through Capricorn is doing its part to shift the guilt dynamic. But with each shovelful of earth Pluto moves, new fears, attack thoughts and other forms of resistance (such as the doubling-down by those who would shame you, in their internalized incarnation or in society) may surface.

In conversation with Venus-Psyche (and with each other) are Saturn in Scorpio and Sedna in Taurus. These bodies bring the sensual, the sexual, the prospect of change and transformation, and also may kick up some fear of the process — though their respective aspects to Venus and Psyche are easeful and favorable.

Transformation of a wounded relationship self-concept is possible — it asks you, however, to cut away what isn’t working (toxic emotions/beliefs), to purge it and make space for regeneration. With Saturn and Sedna opposite each other, you can think of it as pairs of options: “Shall I melt, or shall I freeze over some more?” or “Do I dare to care about what is happening around me, or shall I just stay stuck in my myopic world view?”

As mentioned yesterday, Jupiter square Uranus is offering a push toward liberation; what tools or support do you need to enlist to make full use of it with Venus?

With Eric Francis

7 thoughts on “Venus wants to ask you a few questions”

  1. I also wanted to comment…it must take an extreme amount of training to offer your feedback to the planet ! Infinite tears and Infinite healing for our future is in the flow….Stiff upper lip and carry on fellow lightbearer!

    Peace and Love,


  2. Well said Amanda,

    Not sure if its hiccups or sinus pressure, however either way a release of generational
    hate is on the horizon. My youngest daughters sun sign being Venus, and my Venus in Cancer shows a sensitive side to earthly drama. Its unfortunate that accessing a healing
    vibe from the eternal love flow is rarely felt in this world of drama. My daughter Ali is so sensitive to her surroundings as am I.

    Peace and Love,


  3. Feeding the Queen of Infinite Space with senses and incense, sound and gratitude seems to be working. The mojo of the bad daddies are naught but paper tigers surrounded and infiltrated by the Lady Of Space. There is nowhere her body isn’t. They can smash the idols, but they can’t swallow infinity. She’s still shining, but she’s eclipsed by hate. No blame. All masks unwind in the joy of Her love eventually.

  4. Yes! it’s the “unloveability” part that snagged me everytime. Thank you for that, Amanda. It’s no wonder my sister refused to own her less-than-loving behavior toward me — based on this dynamic long ago, I deemed myself unloveable and that part was all mine to process. Ah, psyche … so helpful as I cut away all the stuff that isn’t working and open up to transforming relationship self-concept.

    BEAUTIFLLY articulated and very very timely!
    love to all,

  5. Kicking it up a notch, Venus-Psyche opposes the U.S. Mercury and Saturn trines it and Sedna sextiles it. Get Dr. Phil on the phone will ya?

  6. this is uncanny – exactly what my situation is about – i shall continue to try to purge for regeneration – did a ‘self discovery’ course and a ‘transformation’ course with some therapy for good measure – yet psyche remains – please heal me

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