Venus square Mars: Check out both sides of the story

In the background of tomorrow’s Cancer Full Moon, another aspect is building that is adding yet another layer of tension or ‘color’ to any questions of relationship, sex or gender roles you have brewing. That would be a square between Venus, retrograde in Capricorn, and Mars in Libra (exact Jan. 16 at 12:13 pm EST).

Photo by Amanda Painter.
Photo by Amanda Painter.

We tend to think of squares as being simply about inner tension that we resolve through action — and that is one way to experience them. You can also think of a square as a process, first working one side of the square and then the other. Often when under the influence of a square we act as though only one side of it is present for a while, then become more aware of the other side and work that energy.

Eventually, with whatever action we take to resolve the square, we actually integrate the two sides of the aspect — resulting, according to Eric, in something with great integrity. He says, “The whole aspect can be experienced in context. So the square really says, ‘check out both sides of the story’.”

In the case of this Venus-Mars square, part of the context involves each sign being a little out of its element, yet in something very much like mutual reception. (It’s actually ‘mixed reception’, since although Venus rules Libra, Mars is exalted in Capricorn, not its ruler.)

This creates a situation where awareness is heightened, since neither planet is on its home turf. Think of it being like when you travel someplace very new and strange to you, and you find yourself noticing all kinds of small differences and reacting to them in ways you might not be provoked to at home (you try both to assimilate and to bend these differences to be more like you). In turn, you may provoke elements of your environment to react to you in new ways.

Eric described it this way: Mars is pushing Libra to be more assertive; yet Libra is urging Mars to be more diplomatic — which could end up being passive-aggressive. Venus wants Capricorn to be more expressive and receptive, and less stingy; meanwhile Capricorn is pushing Venus to be more conservative.

In your day-to-day life, this may sound more familiar if you pose to yourself the question: What are the conditioning forces that are trying to get me to feel a certain way, or trying to control my behavior?

Once you see and understand your own conditioning, what do you decide to do about it?

Finally, a little context: this is actually the second in a series of three related Venus-Mars squares. The first was on Sept. 28 with Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Leo (fixed signs), with both planets in direct motion. The second is this Thursday, in mid-cardinal signs with Venus retrograde. The third will be March 2, late in the same cardinal signs, but with Venus direct and Mars retrograde.

So this week’s Venus-Mars process is actually part of a larger three-square process. What is it telling you about where you are in your story? Which side of the square can you feel yourself working?

With Eric Francis.

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  1. Yes. Good advice from Nilou. Stay with the grief as much as you can, Kazaa, without forcing it – it’s the resistance to it that makes it seem so tight ad solid. Stay in bed for a while but then move, gently, movement baffles grief. Do all the things that make you feel good llke going for a walk, listenng to music, candle lit baths. Really pamper yourself. A lot of grief is coming up for me too round this full moon, especially around my parents, and I feel extremely tired too. But this grief is good, it’s what happens when we open our hearts and let life in – that’s where joy is too. Much love to you.

  2. I don’t know about any of you, but communications with my partner have ground to a complete halt beginning Wednesday, and there seems no way to bridge the gap. Meanwhile, the pressure is driving me into deep layers of grief. I have nowhere to go with this, but it is very difficult to function. Stay in bed?

  3. This is really as a square of Venus and Mars classic with sextile to Venus and Saturn but there is wisdom lessons to learn to get out winner
    Thank you Amanda and Eric, good cycle of the moon to the team

  4. Amanda (and Eric) Thank you for this treasure trove of nutritious information. It’s like a superfood of astrology, and easily digestible! Loving every bite!

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