Venus in Taurus, Mercury-Uranus, Sun-Mars

We have some more Aries action this week: Mercury just joined the club over the weekend, and is headed for a conjunction with Uranus. However it’s not all fire and ‘me, me, me’ anymore: Venus leaves Aries for Taurus today at 3:25 am EDT.

Simplified chart section for the moment of Venus (blue ‘female’ symbol) ingressing Taurus today. Mercury (green glyph) is approaching Uranus (blue ‘H’) in Aries. The Sun is just past Eris and nearly conjunct Mars (red ‘male’ symbol).

Venus in Taurus should help temper and ground personal relations, especially if yours felt strained last week. Venus rules Taurus (and Libra), and here the planet of love expresses itself best through the senses. Good food; beautiful art; sex that takes its time building to some serious heat with generosity and receptivity; literally putting your body in contact with earth; these are all things that say ‘Venus in Taurus’.

The Sun will be joining Venus in Taurus at the end of the week (April 19). That also may help slow your inner pace to something a little more measured than it has been lately. Any slowing and accompanying sense of grounding will better allow you to take in your surroundings (both the material and the people near you).

Before the Sun gets there, however, it conjoins Mars in Aries. That’s exact Wednesday at 8:20 pm EDT, and looks like a peak of heat, desire and motivation. We’ll get into that a little more tomorrow. With both Venus and Mars each in their respective signs, masculine/feminine and active/receptive would normally feel pretty balanced. But to have the Sun come along and conjoin Mars in Aries right before ingressing Taurus is a little like getting a shot of testosterone just before entering a field of daisies with the most beautiful woman in the world.

As mentioned, Mercury ingressed Aries on Saturday. Mercury is comfortable in Aries, making for a quick, witty, inventive mind. With four other planets still there (Uranus, Eris, Mars and the Sun), you’ll still want to stay conscious of superficial impulses and your ego/temper, even with Venus getting back to nature as she is: Mercury is moving into a conjunction with Uranus (exact Saturday, April 20).

If Mercury in Aries is a quick mind, Mercury in Aries conjunct Uranus can multiply that effect exponentially, with extra emphasis on ideas that are interesting (or just weird), innovative or surprising in their boldness. As noted last week, Uranus is currently in a quincunx to Saturn. That says: have an idea, do a little reality check, and then experiment. Don’t let your reluctance (Saturn) get in the way of your experiment (Mercury-Uranus).

Or, to borrow the words of regular reader “awordedgewise,” it’s “Just like a sculptor’s process — shift/observe, shift/observe, shift/observe — until the new creation is complete.” Saturn could show up as a stage in the process of whatever you’re working on where you have to pause, fully take in the form of things currently, feel it out as far as it can go, and then allow the next idea to spark — even if it takes you in a totally new direction. Lots of people are resistant to new directions, however — hence the need to keep Saturn in the form of reluctance in perspective.

Unexpected directions are not inherently untrustworthy just because they’re not where we thought we were headed. Unexpected directions just require us to be grounded enough and trusting enough of our senses (Venus in Taurus) to feel our feet still in contact with the path — even if our minds light the way like fireworks: suddenly, intermittently and with wild colors, shapes and sounds.

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  1. Well, you are right Amanda. I would say that, although in other countries this isn’t as true, this mass attack was meant to get wide coverage, a Jupiter thing, and the elements of surprise and shock are Uranus trademarks. Going on a feeling – nothing to substantiate – I suspect the recent New Moon in Aries, featuring a tight conjunction of Eris and Mars will factor into the reason behind it all. That conjunction at 22 Aries is septile (51+ degrees) Jupiter in Gemini. Eris, lover of discord, conjunct Mars (athletes, bombs) and Jupiter in Gemini (running, immediate news coverage) in a 7th harmonic aspect (and 7 being an irrational number) is bound to be hard to decipher. Robert Wilkinson says this aspect can manifest as “obsessive and compulsive behavior” and he would call it a “waxing septile” (coming after the conjunction of Jupiter to Eris, with Mars as the trigger). We would have to go back to April 2011, 2 years ago, when Jupiter was conjunct Eris, to get an understanding of the motivation to commit this terrible act of aggression.

    The fact that trans. Neptune is conjunct the Boston Sun at 4 Pisces, and Boston’s natal Neptune at 4 Capricorn is sextile transiting Neptune, leads one to suspect that illusion and disillusion will be a part of the rationale in this irrational act. I have no idea what degree Boston’s natal Eris is at the moment, but wouldn’t be surprised if it too didn’t fit into the pattern. Like I said earlier, the birth info given is 2/23/1822, so maybe she too is in Pisces.

    As for Uranus, he is transiting at 9+ Aries and still in a potent quincunx (irritation, adjustment) to retrograde Saturn at 9+ Scorpio. Uranus is shock and awakening and Saturn is the status quo and the epitome of reality. There is a definite need for “adjustment” to something in somebody’s mind.

    Here’s a link to Robert Wilkinson discussing the septile between Neptune and Pluto.

  2. Strawberry, Gumby and Lizzy: I really really appreciate your support. I’m just learning of the Boston marathon news, but I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’.

  3. thank you for the astro-research, be. it seems the blasts were times to coincide with the greatest potential number of runners reaching the finish line — about 4 hours after the start of the race. the first seemed to be in front of or in a running store near the finish line. a runner i saw interviewed said he saw the second blast go off in a garbage can.

    i am seeing reports of some horrific injuries.

    the third blast, about an hour later was out at the JFK library.

    it’s all very, very sad.

  4. Update.. 1st (of 3) bomb blasts was 2:50 PM putting 3+ Virgo on the asc., and 27+ Taurus on the MC.

  5. Amanda,
    Regarding the explosions at the Boston Marathon I can tell you that trans. Neptune is conjunct the Boston natal Sun (2/23/1822 using Noon). At the time (roughly 3:05 PM) trans. Moon in Gemini sextiled trans. Mars and Sun in Aries. However, Moon squared Boston’s natal Venus/Pluto/Moon in late Pisces.

    Transiting Sun/Mars (25-26 Aries) was conjunct Boston’s Saturn (23 Aries) and Jupiter (27 Aries) and trine Boston’s Mars (28 Leo). The event chart could have early Virgo (or late Leo) on the ascendant which would put Boston’s Mars on the event ascendant. Boston Mars could also square the event midheaven in early Gemini (or late Taurus).

    The last time I was watching the news there had been 2 deaths and 22 wounded and they still had not given the exact time of the explosion(s). I used 3:05 PM and got the Moon at 26 Gemini which is in the range of Eric’s nuclear degrees I believe. If the Moon is at or near this degree of Gemini it will be square the Boston natal Venus (26 Pisces) Pluto (28 Pisces) and Moon (for noon time 29 Pisces.) If the ascendant of the event chart is Virgo then Mercury would rule and at 2 Aries (in the 8th house) it would be close to conjunct Boson’s Chiron at 4 Aries. If Leo is on the ascendant the Sun (conjunct Mars) is the ruler of the event chart and it was conjunct the Boston Jupiter – Saturn conjunction and trine the Boston Mars conjunct south node in Leo.

  6. Yes, you’re doing fantastic work Daniel, putting those oh so necessary boundaries in place, claiming your power.

  7. Daniel: I read the last line of your comment and such a clear picture immediately popped into my head (you wrote “Or have I created a new field of experience, one that is more fertile and in line with my intentions. I only know that I was tired of hiding behind the facade of congeniality.”)

    I literally saw a field of soil with your intentions lined up, just like tiny plants in different stages of growth, all soaking up the sun and awaiting the future growth–your growth and its wonderful path in the fertile soil you’ve been preparing your whole life.

    Must be that Mercury on the move that Amanda mentioned above as I’ve had tons of ideas lately and having fun playing with them!

    Strawberrylaughter: totally agree with you on the Capricorn LISTEN audio and loved your comment: “Now Breathe, and allow that pit in your stomach to transform into exhilaration at the fact that you are truly Owning. This. Shit.” Yes, yes, yes…

  8. You were born for this, Daniel. I don’t know if everybody is, but you obviously were. I’ve been quietly inspired by the way you’re so clearly taking the bull by the horns through this crazy Aries energy. Now Breathe, and allow that pit in your stomach to transform into exhilaration at the fact that you are truly Owning. This. Shit. (I don’t know why I feel so compelled to pipe up here, but this resonates so powerfully in me, I just want to say Hooray! for you, and that your use & expression of all this energy is gorgeous.)

    I was just listening to Eric’s Capricorn LISTEN audio last night, where he was going into how our relationship to our Self is the most important relationship we will ever have. He really nails the issue in that audio. I hadn’t listened to it before because I have little Capricorn, but there’s great stuff in there for all of us, if you’ve got access to it. WAY, WAY worth it.

    Keep up the inspiring work!

  9. This Sun/Mars conjunction hits my natal Mars exact. I feel a knot in my stomach. I finally addressed some friends with some of my concerns, I addressed a potential partner with my needs (for once), I told my mom I wasn’t going to be her security blanket (tough love really) and if I disagree with her, she can count on me expressing my own voice, and I told my sis that I am not going to moderate their relationship.

    It seems a reoccurring default pattern in my life to keep the peace (Libra asc), offer warmth and grounded reassurance (Taurus moon), thwarts my own voice, desires, needs and self affirmation/evolution (Scorpio sun conj Mercury). When I met that huge dog in the subway on Saturday staring at me with a huge erection, I knew I had to pay attention. I woke up today feeling awesome for expressing myself, but also feeling like I have an Alien ready to explode from my stomach! What’s holding me back from my visceral animal nature? Absolutely nothing but my the fear of my own power. And now do I stand again alone having obliterated friendships and partnerships because I chose to speak my truth. Or have I created a new field of experience, one that is more fertile and in line with my intentions. I only know that I was tired of hiding behind the facade of congeniality.

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