Venus in Cancer; Grand Water Trine Filling Up

Late Sunday, Venus ingressed Cancer. Planets have been traveling close to the Sun all year, and Mercury and Venus are a little ahead of it right now. As planets ingress Cancer, they make trines to Saturn, Chiron and Neptune, currently also in water signs. When all three water signs are going at once, that’s called a ‘grand water trine’, though the fancy term doesn’t tell you much about how it feels.

Photo by Eric Francis.

People who are more comfortable experiencing their emotions will probably like this astrology. Those who are less comfortable or confident with their feelings, or who are dependent on rationality for everything, may find this extended moment disorienting. All these water planets indicate that your mind may be less reliable than your intuition as a source of information.

Mercury and Venus in Cancer are just the beginning of the grand water trine. The Sun and Jupiter are on their way (in about three weeks from now) and Mercury will be retrograde in Cancer at the end of the month. This suggests the current moment is designed to make decisions based on what feels right, rather than what you think is right. Language tends to follow the mind rather than the feelings, so it would be good to reckon what you’re saying with what you’re feeling.

These placements indicate that we will all be taken into deeper water. If that’s uncomfortable I suggest looking within for what might be the root of that sensation. Somehow, though, I have a notion that many people have been experimenting with going deeper or exploring in there. Having planets in water signs on this kind of scale is like a deepening capacity for empathy, reflected in the cosmic signs.

Whatever ingresses the sign Cancer will soon make an opposition to Pluto. The suggestion here is that the depth of the water signs goes even deeper by such a strong aspect to Pluto, who is one of the astrological gods of inevitable progress. One by one, Mercury, Venus and the Sun will make oppositions to Pluto, as will Jupiter in a couple of months. Pluto’s presence takes things out of the realm of theory and into that rare place where what you feel actually matters.

There are also potential revelations and possibly distractions indicated by Uranus in Aries, which all these planets will square. (Said another way, each of these planets makes an aspect to both Uranus and Pluto at about the same time — the Uranus-Pluto square.) These sudden shifts may work very well to help you focus on what truly matters. Were we to consider that particular theme, it might point to subject matter rather different from what we think about most of the time.

When planets aspect the longstanding Uranus-Pluto pattern, we get what I call ‘signs of the times’. These might be outer events, and surely represents how we respond to them. I think that one message of our moment is: it’s better to know how you feel. It’s information you need. It’s also worth questioning whether you feelings are in alignment with the qualities of our rather strange, dangerous and beautiful moment.

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8 thoughts on “Venus in Cancer; Grand Water Trine Filling Up”

  1. In it’s best light, I call this the “3 N’s” alignment of energy. Nurturing, Nourishing, and Neighborly. With Jupiter’s presence, I am seeing an opportunity to expand this energy outward toward one another rather than inward. Of course, there is that other little “n-word’ called narcissism, and there is a sense of this as well…..But, since we’re in the Gemini pattern of choices, I suppose it is a grand moment to decide which energy we choose to relate with. Blessing.

  2. All so very interesting as I sit/stand/pace here under the Gemini influence. I am a Gemini. Soon all the planets will slide into my 7th house in Cancer and conjunct my Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Uranus natal planets, all in Cancer. All this, of course, opposite that Pluto in Cap fellow across the way and square that Uranus dude hanging out, transiting my 4th. What fun!
    Um, did I not notice this when I somehow, by default, became the sister to run the family reunion from the 17th thru the 22nd? They’re coming from all over. I am not normally the designated go to sibling for this type of event; rather I am a black sheep who has surprisingly not crashed and burned as predicted.
    Any suggestions? 🙂

  3. Eric — a reader just emailed me to ask what you mean by this last sentence, so i’m posting it here in case others weren’t sure what to make of it, either:

    “It’s also worth questioning whether you feelings are in alignment with the qualities of our rather strange, dangerous and beautiful moment.”

    are you asking if people feel strange, dangerous and beautiful? My guess is that’s not quite what you’re getting at, but i realized i’m not entirely sure what you *are* saying there.


  4. A big tie-in to the planets moving into water sign Cancer is the recent ingress of Mars (and Pallas-Athene) into Gemini. As they crossed into the 1st degree of Gemini each one (in their own way) activated the solar eclipse last year at 0 Gemini. That Sabian Symbol, A GLASS-BOTTOMED BOAT REVEALS UNDERSEA WONDERS”, has been preparing our minds for over a year now, by viewing (through glass) our “collective Unconscious”, and now we will start experiencing it up close and personal. Dane Rudhyar calls it “a new dimension of reality”. It’s time to leave the thinking mode and experience this new dimension from an emotional perspective. Sounds like Kelly and jinspace and all their friends are picking up on this new freedom; getting out of the boat and into the sea.

    Mercury will trine both Neptune and Saturn today so first we dream a little and then we organize via the feeling element. Mercury seems a good way to start this process, as in getting your feet wet, he will move quickly through the shallow water. As Venus goes forward into Cancer, she will take us a little further into the deeper water, allowing us time to adapt to this new dimension and relax with our feelings. By the time the Sun enters Cancer it will be summer, we will be more relaxed and well, you know, the living is easy so they say!

  5. Sounds like a big loving purge, which is good medicine.

    If the eclipse cycle left me feeling completely beaten up (it did), by the end of last week I found myself with a welcome sense of relief, a surprising sense of renewal and, over the weekend, feelings of comfort and confidence returning that I haven’t fully felt in longer than I can remember.

    Kelly, I’m feeling the same as you about the people around me. My natal Moon & Venus are conjunct in Cancer and trine my Scorpio ascendant. Good vibes and a spirit of cooperation suddenly abound.

    So much *feeling*! For a change, my water is soothing, not dampening, the energies of an otherwise sparky, fiery chart. Nice to know this astrology will be around for a while.

  6. Water is the best conductor, especially for electricity; it’s taught in a basic science class.
    Perhaps that’s why the water signs are psychic and so very porous..

    Being a water sign myself with a natal grand water trine between Neptune in Scorpio, Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn/Chiron in Pisces, I feel like suddenly people around me are loving and loveable.

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