Venus conjunct Saturn: Under the Sea

“There is virtue in being the low lying, still water some days.”
“Wanting to just live in the surface of the water for a while…”

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Tomorrow Venus exactly conjoins Saturn in Scorpio — an aspect we have been feeling build since last week, but which may manifest in a much more concrete form as the two planets align. The duo will also be roughly trine Chiron in Pisces — suggesting that you may encounter challenging emotions with deep, transformative potential, or the feeling of a ‘full stop’ on some issue. You might also feel like you’re having to fit yourself into a rigid mold of some sort.

Simplified chart section showing Venus conjunct Saturn and the lunar North Node in Scorpio (right side) trine Chiron in Pisces (left). Also shown: the Moon in mid-Pisces, approaching its conjunction to Salacia and opposition to the Sun. View glyph key  here.
Simplified chart section showing Venus conjunct Saturn and the lunar North Node in Scorpio (right side) trine Chiron in Pisces (left). Also shown: the Moon in mid-Pisces, approaching its conjunction to Salacia and opposition to the Sun. View glyph key here.

The idea, however, is to use that container like a diving bell or submarine to get beneath any turbulence.

Much could be said about having a ‘sturdy container’ in which to process feelings; the phrase ‘safe container’ is almost cliché in many spiritual, healing and creative circles.

Clichés evolve for a reason, however — and with the building Pisces Full Moon this week ramping up our emotions and reactivity, you might find yourself appreciating Saturn’s sturdy walls and the ability to set limits on how far certain situations can spin or flow out of control.

Since the Full Moon is conjunct Salacia and square the Galactic Center, the sense of vast waters and vast space could be overwhelming for some; going vertical by diving into emotions rather than trying to dissipate them might prove more productive. Think of being in a submarine during a big storm: the surface waves might toss you around violently. But deep below the surface, all is calm. It might be darker down there, but you carry your own light source.

It’s easier to hear and feel subtle messages and sensations when you’re able to dive into still waters. This is not to suggest that this week will be rough, but many people are sensitive to Full Moons, and this one involves a very emotional sign and a very mental sign. If your more rational thoughts and your emotions are in conflict right now, you might see that manifest in your relationships.

Plus, opportunities for healing aren’t always as comfortable or easeful as we’d like them to be. Chiron is an incredibly useful planet in terms of bringing things to our attention so that we can go about healing them or bringing facets of ourselves into alignment. Sometimes that is challenging, and if we have resisted or ignored Chiron’s nudges in the past, it can feel like some kind of ‘crisis’.

Luckily, the aspect from Chiron to Venus and Saturn is a trine: easy flow. Chiron seems to be greasing the wheels here (or, more appropriately, the gate or sluice, given that Saturn is involved in a water sign) so you can slip beneath the waves once the Venus-Saturn conjunction resolves.

How deep you have to go to get to that “low-lying, still water” may vary. Just keeping diving — we’ll be meeting Salacia, the goddess of calm waters, just as the Full Moon arrives and resolves another possible layer of tension.

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  1. Amanda,
    Thank you for helping us to chart our course through the implicitly potent and potentially rewarding set of aspects that are, for now, anchored in the extended moment of awe the inspiring conjunction of Venus and Saturn represents. Your perspective is deeply appreciated, and undoubtedly useful.

  2. Thank you Amanda and yes it is the costal this full moon with Saturn and Venus and the North node and more.
    This full moon day I should receive a gift that is left today by parcel post, it takes two days to cross the 1000km of travel. You believe that this gift will be important for me under the influence of Venus and Saturn conjunction?
    The axis full moon in harmony with my axis of destiny, but I think that this package which took the route should not leave me indifferent… I just saw in my solar revolution, the asteroid Pandora symbol of box surprise will be in conjunction to Saturn and Venus… I’ll be back for reveal you the secret still kept ien. Because as you Amanda I do not at all know what lurks in the box… mystery…

  3. btw, i wanted to acknowledge that Salacia, by some accounts, may represent the more gushing or violent waters. i was having difficulty finding the source for that side of the story, which Kirsti Melto wrote about last year on her blog:

    “Salacia was the personification of the calm and sunlit ocean. However, according to some sources there were two entities associated with Neptune, actually two different aspects of a same deity. Salacia represented the violent and gushing waters, whereas Venilia the still or quietly flowing waters. Salacia was also known as the goddess of springs, ruling over the springs of highly mineralized waters.”

    so asked her about that today, and she was able to point me to the right wiki page (the entry for Neptune, rather than Salacia herself).

    so we will see which version of Salacia we get with the full moon. in any case, those deeper waters will still be calmer. i’m going to keep trying to dive a little deeper.


  4. Thank you so much Miss S and Amanda for kind words and prayers. I hadn’t thought of Narnia’s relevance, how apropos. From my own world, as a shamanic practitioner and medium, I think of the Goddess Sedna, from Inuit worlds. When there are rough seas and there is no food available to Inuit communities, the shaman journeys to Sedna and combs her hair (she has no hands, fingers) and eventually the ocean is soothed, allowing fishing and other forms of food gathering to be plentiful, so the community can thrive. So traveling to the places where Sedna resides in our charts is also very helpful, as well as the energetic work. I look forward to encounter the energy of Salacia, that goddess of calm waters tonight into tomorrow, that will help all of us, not just those of us in Colorado who are sort of in the thick of it all, find that place of calm sea, tranquil emotions. Many thanks, blessings.

  5. Beautiful words, Rosa. My prayers are with you as well.

    This intense energy is reminding me of Aslan and the magic of Narnia. Edmund was a traitor and the rules of the deep magic from the dawn of time in Narnia required a traitor to forfeit his life to become a servant of the evil White Witch. Aslan, however, reminded the White Witch, if she had looked back further, into the stillness and the darkness before Time dawned, there was a deeper magic, such that if a willing being who had not committed treachery was killed in the traitors stead, the Table would crack and Death would start working backwards. In other words, the deeper magic of Narnia required Love to put it in motion. When Love was called upon, an answer emerged for Edmund and the children.

    The Goddess of calm waters is emerging to tell her story. Square the Galactic Core, she seems to require some kind of action. There are so many things that feel out of our power to affect or control. But in the deep silence within us, beyond the world, there is a place of calm where the world cannot intrude, and here it is possible to call forth and respond to Love. It is possible that the deeper magic from before the dawn of time has an answer for us.

  6. rosa — my thoughts and prayers go out to you and everyone in and around boulder trying to figure out how not to get swept away, whether by literal water or its figurative counterparts (overwhelming emotions, grief). i wish you and everyone luck in finding that stillness amidst the chaos.

  7. Thank you Amanda for today’s post, and Eric’s on the Pisces Full moon energies.
    Interesting that here in Colorado, where we’ve had the most devastating flood (news is calling it biblical proportions) towns have literally been swept away. In Boulder, we have had 18 inches of rain within 5 days, starting on the eve of 9/11. Interesting too that this time last year we were dealing with raging fires, then drought, and now the worst flooding in 100 years. Yet peace and stillness are available to all if we just open to receive and take that in, amidst the emotional and turbulent seas. So while at first glance we may believe we don’t have that sturdy container to process the emotions and pain, we do, it is available. Stillness resides alongside the turbulence and chaos of our deepest fears and emotions. And we can reach equanimity, with Chiron’s help. Those of us who are in the midst of this seeming tragedy see it as another opportunity for much needed cleansing and healing. blessings and thanks..

  8. regarding Mercury opposite Typhon (mentioned by Eric in his post below, related to typhoons and a sea monster) in the Uranus-Pluto square, plus all this ocean/water imagery:

    “At least two people are dead and dozens injured after a powerful typhoon hit Japan, damaging thousands of homes and prompting evacuation orders for hundreds of thousands of people. The typhoon complicated clean-up efforts at the embattled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, where workers were forced to dump more than 1,100 tons of rainwater that had pooled around storage tanks holding radioactive water. The plant’s operator said the water’s radiation levels were considered safe.

    “Meanwhile the death toll from two storms that slammed Mexico from opposite coasts has risen to at least 41 amid some of the worst flooding in decades. And the confirmed death toll from historic floods in Colorado has risen to eight. Scientists have long predicted an uptick in such extreme weather events as a result of human-caused climate change.”

  9. Second that emotion from Lizzy, Amanda. Beautifully described. I feel right at home in this water. Oceanic/galactic, and it’s all coming together now. I once had a dream about being in a small boat with a tidal wave coming. The message of the dream was to choose: how to survive? hang on or let go? it’s a question I keep answering over and over. Saturn is a boat, a space ship, a life support system, Alvin, the deep sea rover, or…
    a way to keep your galaxy safe … by Greg Mort.

  10. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful piece, Amanda! It’s helping me to dive deep into those turbulent waters to find the stillness.

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