Uranus-Pluto Square Going Strong; So is Everything Else

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Over the next few days, the Sun passes through the Uranus-Pluto square. By that I mean that today (Monday, July 1) at 8:05 pm EDT the Sun in Cancer makes an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, and then Thursday, July 4 the Sun makes a square to Uranus in Aries. These aspects have manifestations now.

Full chart for the waning Moon’s ingress to Taurus today. Link to full size chart here and our handy dandy glyph legend here.

The Uranus-Pluto square can seem to lurk in the background (but never that far in the background), then when other planets make aspects to it — as is happening generously these days — it takes more tangible, pronounced forms and emerges into the foreground. We felt a wave of this when both the Sun and the Moon were mixed up with the square this weekend — when the Moon reached last quarter phase in Aries on Sunday.

This is some deep, focused energy coming through the cosmos right now thanks to Sun-Pluto, culminating with a burst of ‘revolutionary’ astrology on July 4 — the Sun-Uranus square. Revolutionary also means restless, inventive, surprising and exciting — do something a little odd; if you have a choice of the posh party or the one where the artists and musicians are hanging out, hang out with the weirdos. You’ll have a lot more fun.

Mercury is retrograde as of last week, and Jupiter is now in Cancer through next summer. Both are making lots of aspects. As I describe in detail in my Cancer birthday reading, Jupiter (currently activating the Aries Point) will be making aspects to nearly every major planet in the solar system in the next couple of months, starting immediately.

Retrograde Mercury is still in a square with Eris today (it was exact on Friday). That should be good for some fun.

Venus entered Leo last week, and is just past its conjunction with Ceres. Ceres, the first asteroid ever discovered and now the first ‘dwarf planet’, is a complex archetype that goes way beyond the usual ‘grain and grief’ reading that most astrologers ascribe to it.

At the least, we can say that Ceres is a manifestation of the goddess, the oldest of the Roman pantheon. While there is often a leap between the role of a deity and the delineation of an asteroid, it’s usually worth knowing the role that the figure played in culture.

Ceres may be the oldest written Roman reference to divinity; involved with fecundity in all forms (grain, reproduction), initiation rituals, rituals upon returning to society after some form of absence or exile (presumably for initiation purposes, will find out more when I get to that chapter), working-class people of all sorts (plebes), upper class women and political propaganda. She ‘supervised’ a group of 17 other gods and goddesses. (I am learning this from the book The Roman Goddess Ceres by Barbette Spaeth, still in print.)

Ceres is not simple; she’s something truly special. One thing that planet spotters can do is watch for manifestations of this complexity when there’s something so spectacular as a Venus-Ceres conjunction in Leo, which was exact Sunday (and in effect for several days on either side of that).

Eros entered Gemini Friday — try that on for kinky love letters, erotic fiction and any form of sex where ‘twinning’ is the hot thing to do. (Can you spell 69? Can you recite the alphabet?)

Mars in Gemini is opposing the late Sagittarius centaurs, having begun with Ixion and Pholus on Friday (and continuing with Hylonome tomorrow). That could have released a lot of energy — the phrase ‘drunk with power’ comes to mind, so watch out for those people and if necessary, leave work early, especially if you work for the Texas state government. Speaking of government, Pallas conjoined Chaos in Gemini Friday.

As for the Moon: it entered Aries on Saturday and squared off against the Cancer Sun to form the last quarter Moon on Sunday. After conjoining Eris in Aries and squaring retrograde Mercury first thing today, the Moon will move on to square Vesta in Cancer early this afternoon EDT.

The waning Moon will enter Taurus today just before 5:43 pm EDT where it will square Ceres and Venus, but then proceed to harmonize with all of the planets in Cancer, plus Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, and Pluto in Capricorn. Whatever fireworks or seeming impasses you may have experienced over the weekend, the next couple of days should offer some grounding to any residual emotion.

3 thoughts on “Uranus-Pluto Square Going Strong; So is Everything Else”

  1. P.S. Transiting Atlantis will no longer be conjunct the U.S. Sibly Sun (as it is right now) by then, but Mercury will be stationing direct on that natal U.S. Sun degree. Maybe it WON’T mean more flooding!

  2. Love the new info on Ceres Eric; hope to hear more (from the book Roman Goddess Ceres) on ways you see her manifesting in the future. I remember one of the earliest things I learned regarding “future” was how Aquarius was the mark of a Daydreamer in someone’s chart, especially if it was where the Sun, ascendant or Moon was. I’ve wondered if that could apply to Uranus too. If so, then around the time when Mercury stations direct, (right after Uranus stations retrograde) and Mars makes his conjunction to Jupiter (and they both will be perfecting their grand trine(s) to Saturn and Neptune), Ceres will be trine to Uranus. All that could really produce some spectacular happenings.

    Right now Uranus makes some minor aspects, like a novile (40 degrees with orb of 2 deg) to Sedna, a goddess of deep waters, and Photographica in Taurus, and the quincunx’s he makes to Deucalion, Ceto and Poseidon in Scorpio, symbols that relate to water. That could point to some daydreaming of future flooding and how to control the devastation from all this rain we are getting these days.

    I thought of Edward Snowden when you said Ceres could symbolize “rituals upon returning to society after some form of absence or exile”. Uranus could be encouraging daydreams of the future, say later this month, around the 20th, when he stations and trines Ceres. All those other trines will be going on between Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Saturn too, as well as Mercury stationing direct, and we could witness some unexpected (Uranus) emotional (water) reunion (Ceres). This would be following up on the Sun’s square to Uranus and opposition to Pluto happening now. That’s my daydream, but it could just mean more flooding.

  3. “…culminating with a burst of ‘revolutionary’ astrology on July 4 — the Sun-Uranus square.”

    Yesterday we saw revelations about the US spying on the governments of our allies and the EU, with a predictably unfavorable reaction from our “friends.” Uranus squared Pluto, triggered by the transiting Sun- undermining government’s since the dawn of civilization. I am happy to see more of the truth coming out into the public consciousness, pass the popcorn.

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