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Dear Planet Waves Visitor:

For tonight’s post I want to tell you about what’s going on on the subscriber side of Planet Waves. As you may know, this blog is the ‘free’ side of a subscription website. Subscriptions include access to my horoscopes, my Friday essays, and many other features. Our subscribers are the ones who pay for this ‘free’ area, by sponsoring web hosting, a professional staff of editors and a webmaster to look after things.

At Planet Waves, we have a clue — and we’re happy to help you get one too. Photo by Eric Francis.

Tuesday morning we’re distributing the Inner Space horoscope for September. This is a shorter monthly horoscope; the extended monthly for September went out with the Friday edition last week.

For this week’s Friday issue, I will be publishing a special edition commemorating a major astronomical discovery — of the Kuiper Belt, the region of space beyond Neptune. On Aug. 30, 1992, an object was discovered and given the provisional name 1992 QB1, proving that Pluto was not alone — and that there were objects orbiting the Sun beyond Pluto.

Most of my work themed on the idea that this body represents the Thresholder — one who assists others in crossing the most significant boundaries in life, including birth, death and erotic surrender.

The article will include an interview with one of the discoverers of QB1 and the Kuiper Belt — Dr. Jane X. Luu, an astrophysicist at MIT.

For our All-Access subscribers, I’ve sent an invitation to try out a new SMS service that I am experimenting with.

One last note — we are now developing a magnificent membership website, to replace our current one. We’re still a few weeks away from beta-testing the area, but it’s coming along and it will be beautiful.

See you Tuesday evening with Planet Waves FM.

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