The Zimmerman Verdict and Mars in Cancer

Many people are wondering what astrology could have been behind Zimmerman being exonerated in the death of Trayvon Martin. I have to say it took me by surprise that he was cleared, even though I was tipped off weeks ago that he would be. I watched much of the trial, and while I thought that attorneys for both sides were amateurish, the prosecutors at least got as far as establishing the burden of proof for a manslaughter conviction.

For me, it was murder from the time I heard the words “those assholes.”

Chart for the announcement of the verdict in the Zimmerman case. The verdict was reached 10 to 15 minutes earlier depending on your source. I prefer to have the chart of something’s actual outer manifestation in the world, when possible. That said, the chart for a few minutes earlier (the time of the decision) emphasizes Juno in Aquarius just a bit more than the chart for the announcement, which calls into focus a perceived theme of social justice. I know it’s a twisted kind of social justice to acquit Zimmerman, but that’s what the chart says the jurors were IMO thinking about. His acquittal makes the Second Amendment more meaningful in the eyes of gun rights advocates.

That said, I was contemplating the fact that Juno is rising in the chart for the verdict, and Juno has a prominent theme of social justice. It may be difficult for those who are in some shock that Zimmerman has walked — at least for now — to consider that there are many people who consider this a social justice issue.

Advocates for self-defense that is rooted in the Second Amendment (Article II of the Bill of Rights) understand that “the right to bear arms” is meaningless if one can be convicted of murder or manslaughter for defending oneself, one’s family or one’s ‘castle’. The fact that Zimmerman was cleared is for them reassurance that their right to a gun actually has legal meaning.

I say for them. I don’t think that the personal self defense premise of the Second Amendment is a valid argument; I don’t think that the ‘stand up against the government’ argument holds any water either. However, I do recognize that there are many, many people in the United States and elsewhere, perhaps some of your neighbors, who think of Zimmerman getting cleared as a good thing for them.

And to their credit, there are also many people who can see right through this, who are appalled by the verdict, and who are not swayed by the racial issues.

To me, one of the most stunning things was what a bad liar Zimmerman is, and the fact that the jury chose to believe those lies.

As for the astrology: the main thing that changed in the last few hours of deliberation before the verdict is that Mars ingressed Cancer. This is meaningful for about five different pretty big reasons: for one thing, Mars was (and is) square the Aries Point that it rules, indicating a public event with broad emotional impact.

I think that Mars in Cancer describes the anger and frustration issue. Many people feel unsafe and powerless to do anything about it. There is an incredible well of rage in the United States, for many reasons, many of which have an economic dimension. There is far more racial animosity than the media typically admits. Many people of color feel more bullied than we realize and many white people feel more threatened or pissed off at minorities than you will hear whispered about on CNN.

Yet the sense of rage and frustration has many more facets and influences, among them the political impotence of our society, and all its economic impact (such as hunger and disease), dissatisfaction and a sense of society’s promise to us being broken. It does not take much to become convinced that the bad guys have all the power and that they’re not afraid to use it.

Some or all or even bits of this can provoke serious anger, anger that rarely has a place to vent safely. With Mars approaching Jupiter in Cancer, we might be hearing more of this soon. Mars/Jupiter are both conjunct a point I discussed on last week’s Planet Waves FM, the Black Moon Lilith.

Mars has also joined the Uranus-Pluto square experience; it will soon oppose Pluto and square Uranus, though aspecting the Aries Point and this all involving cardinal signs, it’s well within psychic range of this thing I call the 2012-era aspect, Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn.

Mars aspecting the Uranus-Pluto square is real news. This will be building to a peak that starts July 27 and lasts into the first week of August (Mars opposite Pluto is July 27 and square Uranus is July 31). Note, Mars mixed up in Ur/Pl is the opening salvo of Mars retrograde of 2014, which will be in Libra and also intimately linked to the Uranus-Pluto square.

As well, Mercury was (and is) retrograde in Cancer. This factor suggests that what happened Saturday night in Sanford, FL was not Game Over. Yes, Zimmerman got his gun back and walked out of court and his lawyers had a good laugh at the press conference, read a gushing letter to the sheriff and never acknowledged the grief of the Martin family. I cannot see around every corner, but the Mercury retrograde factor looks like it will be a cascade effect of consequences, many of them currently invisible.

The Moon was late in Virgo, though was not technically void of course (which means done making aspects in its current sign) because the Part of Fortune was applying in an aspect to the Moon. So the Moon had one last aspect before going void, which was very much in effect. The Moon was also exactly square the Galactic Core, a hint that something too big to easily perceive was going on.

In the verdict chart the Part of Fortune is conjunct the Great Attractor. To me this is the image of a situation where the different points of view around guns, gun violence and how we approach the question of attack/defense (among other issues) will become clear. The Great Attractor has a polarizing effect and the Part of Fortune conjunct that point describes the benefits of that clarity.

There are other astonishing aspects in this chart, most notably Venus on the western horizon, exactly setting, in a grand trine with Uranus, Eris, the Part of Fortune and Pholus. Vesta and Ceres are also in the fire signs. There is a lot and I do mean a LOT of goddess power in the fire signs at the moment.

One thing we need to get clear about is violence directed at children. That’s an image of Mars in Cancer, especially with Mercury retrograde there. In response to the Newtown incident, we saw not an improvement in mass-shooting control or the background check situation but a push back — the Senate affirmed no background checks are necessary even to screen out known terrorists.

A jury has now affirmed that it’s OK for the Neighborhood Watch guy to stalk and kill a teenager that he’s suspicious of, for no good reason. Is this the new model of Neighborhood Watch? This is yet another intelligence test for our society, not even of common sense but of the most elemental instinct to protect the young. We have a lot of questions to ask ourselves and ask together about the nature of militarism and violence, the nature of defense and why it is we know we live in a capitalist society but haven’t exactly figured out that guns are made for profit, and without the profit on guns, the whole gun rights thing would be moot.

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  1. Deep forces of transformation are at work here… the astrology shows us that. Eric I am grateful for your willingness to try and give a voice to both sides of this drama. And I agree with Coyboyiam that outer manifestations reflect inner states of consciousness.

    There was a very moving comment on the radio last night by Michel Martin. Here is the transcript if you’d like to read it and there is a link if you prefer to listen

    She elegantly says the same thing we are saying here…that we are emotionally illiterate most of us, especially those of us who live in polarized reality structures. What will bring on the evolution is not a stronger voice, or more violence, but vulnerability, empathy, curiosity and our humanity. Given time and appropriate pressure, water can carve stone. We are in the time of great water blessings now… and while I personally disagree with this jury’s finding, the astrology tells us that there is indeed more to this story.

  2. Eric: Following after jinspace, please accept my thanks as well for how you proficiently and sensitively employed astrology while also providing a glimmer of sanity in a mad-making situation.

  3. I want to note that it’s a viscous circle we witness. And its a basic piece of the worlds structure. We make no progress as long as we sit smugly in our polarized judgments.

    Martin and Zimmerman are both projections of my own inner fears and reactions – as well as – justifications based on self righteous judgments. Everything i hate fear or kill is just an attempt to place outside myself what I have not yet accepted. All drama shows me my own reflection – and I can’t contribute to the peace of my planet by gathering with others to point my finger at what is wrong in the mirror – as if it is NOT me. I don’t have simple articulation for how this specific aspect of our polarized imagination is brought together but I know that the first step is to stop pretending that it’s someone else’s fault; thats an illusion we should all be working toward releasing.

    I must become the change i seek, and I cant do that inner work by placing blame on the evildoers. Its exactly the same as when political leaders define certain country’s as the evil one who we must subdue and force them to submit to our version of “goodness”.

    We cant fix any problem from the energetic level where it was created, yet from a few vibrational levels higher we can see a much bigger picture and the issue which so perplexed us a moment earlier seems smaller and much less threatening. It just looks different.

    From there I always understand the purpose of every unjust cruel act – it is for my own inner reflection, conscious reaction, and the acceptance of everything – as motivational factors in my evolutionary journey. Judging my world holds me in it – AS IT IS. But when I change – my world reflects that. I offer my thoughts for what they are worth to you.

  4. Oh, god(dess) … I’m in my Omega-bubble and without electronics (thank you mercury retro) for much of the last month I missed all of this news. thankfully, one of my co-workers mentioned her own personal reaction to this trial and her otherwise Amazonian goddess demeanor was shattered before our eyes — I had to see what it was that transformed her into such a state. Yes, it was such a Mars in Cancer story she wears — fear for her own and her nephews’ safety as the gun-wielding vigilantes just wrack up another win for … bullies. I am sickened by this continuing power-mongering by 2 amendment rights advocates. BUT I am intrigued and heartened by the Mercury retrograde aspect you describe, Eric. this is so much more than one trial, as you say, this is about social justice and all that goddess energy ignites within and without.

    thank you, Eric and others here who help me see clearly what’s happening all ’round,

  5. Thaank YOU jinspace. It’s so good to share this sense of joy and relief here, as well as the grief and despair.

  6. Vicvega –

    “Where is the angry, fiery female Goddess? WHERE IS SHE? I feel like everywhere I turn, there is no movement….or if there is one (TX) it’s far away from where I am (NYC).”

    She is here: (with thanks to Lizzy)

    Lizzy – Thanks so much for posting these photos. THIS is what I sensed when I felt encouraged by Eric’s analysis.

  7. Sorry, Mercury stations direct on the 20th not the 21st, AND he will be (as he is now) conjunct the U.S. Sibly natal Sun./be

  8. OMG, talk about eerie, this “Verdict” chart has Venus at 19+ Leo and that’s the degree of Zimmerman’s natal Transpluto! This means that Zimmerman’s Transpluto (19+ Leo) has and always was opposite Trayvon’s Sun, just as this chart for the decision on “guilty or not guilty” has Venus (19+ Leo) opposite Juno (16+ Aquarius). And on the opposite ends of the Horizon, with Venus on the descendent (Zimmerman’s Transpluto) and Juno on the ascendant (Trayvon’s Sun) and they square the nodes.

    And while this chart’s retrograde Pholus at 19 Sagittarius trines Venus, he also sextiles Juno and forms a yod with Mercury retrograde at 15+ Cancer. No Sir’ee Bob, the Game is not Over yet. When Mercury stations direct on the 21st he will be in a grand trine with Chiron in Pisces and the North Node in Scorpio. Chiron will also be quincunx Ceres in Leo who is trine Uranus in Aries. Sounds like a spontaneous Mother’s March could be in the making. (Maybe they will hang him in effigy!)

  9. Re: awordededgewise…..Yes, where IS Lilith? Where is the angry, fiery female Goddess? WHERE IS SHE? I feel like everywhere I turn, there is no movement….or if there is one (TX) it’s far away from where I am (NYC).

    Between this huge injustice and the recent injustices in Texas, NC, and elsewhere regarding the War on Women, I honestly feel like I’m going to lose my mind. I’m so fucking pissed off (pardon my french) and it doesn’t help that Mars/Lilith/Jupiter are exactly conjunct my Natal Saturn (in late 3rd house) and now Mercury is conjunct my Natal Mars at 15 degrees Cancer exactly at the bottom of my chart and smack dab in the heart of the 4th.

    It is taking serious yoga, meditation, physical activity and a lot of work distraction (working with my crystals non-stop) to channel this anger.

    God/dess help me….

  10. Excellent Eric, thank you.

    I would think too, that some of that rising goddess power would cause us to look at the all female jury. I’m willing to say as a general statement that women are used to being lied to and to taking all the information they are given at face-value. Also, following rules or being “dutiful”.

    I too, wonder what Lilith has/will have to say about this.

    As mothers (the jury) were their hearts torn as they looked at two sons? But yes, one was a child. The other, only childish.

  11. There is something eerie in this, esp in your excellent last paragraph. If there is this type of legal setup of distrust among those who stick to their right bear arms and those who are outraged by this verdict, it feels oh so warm and fuzzy to put my trust in a police state enforcement that “has my best interests at hand”. And I think back to the Boston marathon bombings too. That stretch seems to be less and less, and I fear that what we will acclimatize to will one day be too far to correct. This is big test, I absolutely agree with you Eric.

  12. Eric, tell us. Can you look at the chart of October 3, 1995 when O.J. was acquitted in the murder of his wife, with far more damning evidence than the Zimmermann trial??. How the Black community cheered then, do you remember? I do, very well.

    You are entitled to your own views, of course, this is your website. But I believe that there was reasonable doubt to acquit Zimmermann and that these six female jurors behaved responsibly and seriously. The vagaries of Florida case law notwithstanding, they are proof that SYSTEM does and can work.

  13. I remember very well the day Trayvon Martin was shot. I sat in front of my computer at work and tears rolled down my face. I knew that any one of my three sons could have been Trayvon – and given my fondness for the black hoddie, it could have been me. No, I am not surprised by the verdict because, as Eric says, sometimes people think it’s easier to hide in the lie; but, it is only hiding, it is only denial. A jury of African-American teenagers would not have reached the same conclusion, but they don’t get a say in this – yet. What kind of world do we live in that you could only let your children take a walk down the road outside their home knowing they risk being shot by one of your ‘neighbours’? But hang on a minute, isn’t that how millions of people live, isn’t that one of the consequences of war, civil or otherwise? Isn’t that the real social justice issue? Perhaps it is easier to see what the issues are when they happen in your own back yard or are broadcast on international media where it seems there is no end to what stories will be used to promulgate fear, distrust and paranoia. It may seem as though it’s’ easier to hide in the lie because the other option is actually coming out of helplessnesses and doing something. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people with guns.

  14. Eric – your comments are excellent, and your analysis of the astrology so enlightening and, despite the horror of what’s just happened, encouraging. Thank you for such a sane, thoughtful and well crafted piece.

  15. Thank you so much for this fantastic piece, Eric. “A jury has now affirmed that it’s OK for the Neighborhood Watch guy to stalk and kill a teenager that he’s suspicious of, for no good reason” Yes, must say that I find it totally heartbreaking. But some deep, archetypal stuff does seem to be going on here. And thank you Be.

  16. Federal probe, coming right up — it was put on hold because of the trial. Me, I’d presume being stalked and murdered was a violation of Martin’s civil rights but then, I’m a bleeding heart liberal. Not Game Over at all, and watching Zimmerman’s facial expression and body language when the verdict was read, nobody knows that better than does he.

  17. Bravo Eric. I didn’t want to even think about this so-called trial anymore after the verdict was announced last night. However, tonight I’m glad you did run a chart for that moment, especially noting Juno’s prominent position. Did you realize that 16+ Aquarius is the degree of Trayvon’s Sun? In your article called “Slow Rising Smoke: Trayvon Martin (3/28/12), you include both men’s charts and the shooting chart which I’d been looking over yesterday. I had not noticed that trans. Juno (retro even!) was conjunct Trayvon’s Sun. Until just now.

    A couple of things have me pondering the partnership between Trayvon and Zimmerman (in a former lifetime of course), although this event could also be considered a relationship, however brief, between the two. I get the feeling this was some karmic agreement between them; a sort of “gift” to humanity to awaken them to things humanity just doesn’t want to think about. For example transiting Pallas-Athene at 25+ Gemini is conjunct both Trayvon’s and Zimmerman’s natal Vesta. Zimmerman’s natal Vesta is exactly quincunx both Uranus and Nessus in Trayvon’s chart, all at 27+ degrees of their respective signs. That looks like teamwork.

    Your point about violence against children is well supported in the New Moon last Monday, by being in Cancer, but also by Venus in Leo who is in a yod pattern with Chiron sextile Pluto. Looks like Venus (value) in Leo (children) is being asked to “adjust” to these new threats to our kids and through her trine to Uranus (innovations) in Aries (new starts) it could start very soon. Parents and communities (Mercury rules Gemini and neighborhoods and is conjunct the New Moon) will come up with new ways to educate and better protect their children from violent situations.

    It is best to take our disappointment, if not anger and bitterness, over of the weakness of the Florida community that couldn’t deal with it’s truths, and find our own solutions to the problems not being addressed by the government or the judicial systems. With Jupiter in Cancer for the next year many grassroots projects are likely to become a reality, thanks to his T-square in cardinal energy and his grand trine in water energy.

    I had hoped the verdict would be held off until Tuesday (silly me) because that would put transiting Mars past the degree of transiting Hades (2+ Cancer), what we don’t want to look at or think about. But Hades, like Nessus or other unpleasant symbols, has a reason for being; a positive and a negative meaning. In this case people, especially Americans, must now face what happens when fear takes over, and guns run rampant, and societies pre-judge whole races before a crime is even committed. We must face what we don’t want to look at or think about and do something about it.

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