The Universal Solvent

You can listen to the audio preview of my 2014 Spring Reading at this link.

So, I figured out over the weekend that the Sun opposite Mars, exact today, is the Radical Honesty aspect. Astrology books give a diversity of ideas about it, including the need to manage anger and resentment, a tendency to confrontation, or one’s life activities coming to a peak of action.

The Sun.
The Sun.

Yet from the charts I looked at, two deeper themes were coming through — one was the ability to move with and relate to darkness rather than to fight it; and the other was the ability to tell, or portray, the truth as people saw it, direct and to the point. The two are related — denial of one’s own inner darkness, or darkness in the world, is about the least favorable condition under which to express one’s reality.

It makes sense that this would show up (at least in one manifestation) as the Sun opposite Mars. In a way, the Sun opposite Mars is the perfect aspect. Both are high-energy, expressive, yang (‘male’ polarity) energies. The Sun can take any transit, especially from a hot, fiery planet associated with Aries, one of the Sun’s favorite signs.

Whenever the Sun opposes Mars, Mars is retrograde, in effect reversing its polarity. Amanda joked last week that Mars retrograde in Libra (a Venus-ruled sign) would make it the first truly transgendered planet, a quality I had been looking for the words to describe for months till it came out of her as a quip.

Yet Mars retrograde in Libra also has the feeling of being lost in another person, or trying to find oneself in another person. It can describe various shades of lack of independence, with relationship as its excuse. It can describe the sensation of not existing unless one is in a relationship. It can describe “can’t live with him, can’t live without him,” a paradox that afflicts many partnerships.

We all hear again and again, or directly experience, the situation of not being able to get out of a relationship that you know you have to get out of, or need to, or want to. Relationship can mean any situation or environment, though the contact between Aries and Libra describes something one-on-one.

The astrology today describes the Universal Solvent: say what’s on your mind. Say what you have not said. By that I mean that you have the option to express what you’ve done, what you want to do and what you think about doing. This simple act can have a way of changing everything.

Before you do that, you might observe what you have not said — all the things you’ve kept secret, not mentioned, withheld or denied. How long is the list? That will tell you something about the nature of your intimacy. And that can be provoked or assisted by the Sun opposite Mars.

If all those things go unsaid, and if in effect you leave your life unlived, in the service of what you will not say, that is when the Sun opposite Mars can manifest as resentment. For now there is a much happier option, though it will take some guts, some passion and the willingness to have your life be different.

You can listen to the audio preview of my 2014 Spring Reading at this link.

3 thoughts on “The Universal Solvent”

  1. Love, is the Universal Solvent. Straight up. Deny it, I dare you to dialogue that.

    I do have more to say, but I quit for now…

    Always, Love


  2. I’ve recently become aware of a false dichotomy I constructed in the past: I’d rather be alone than be in a toxic relationship. What? Those are the only 2 options? That dichotomy served to magnetize people into my life who would re-traumatize me in the style of my family of origin, my Nessus placement in Gemini: verbal abuse, yelling, cursing and dissing. Then I go through a long “fuck you I’m outta here” storm of internal chatter. This time a new intention clarifies and I start to notice the people in my life who don’t treat me that way. The choice comes in spending more time with those people where my mirror neurons pick up on their kinder behavior which makes me less likely to manifest verbal abuse myself. Hanging with the abusers, the trash talkers, the dissers just makes my native language stronger.

  3. “. . .two deeper themes were coming through — one was the ability to move with and relate to darkness rather than to fight it; and the other was the ability to tell, or portray, the truth as pepole saw it, direct and to the point.”

    Your words, Eric, reminded me of words from Robert J. Wicks in his book “Riding the Dragon – 10 Lessons for Inner Strength in Challenging Times”:

    “My slide into darkness was surprisingly swift. I was in a free fall. As I sat at my lowoest point, I realized I was experiencing a ‘reverse spiritual transfusion.’ Slowly I could feel the energy, the hope, and my consciousness of belief in myself fading.”
    . . .”
    “My first response was to fight. Then slowly I felt defeated and began to let go, and descend into the basement of my soul. Psychologically I started to feel what it really meant to be in one’s shadow. Being an optimistic person at heart I also thought ‘As long as I am down here in the spiritual basement, I might as well look around. And I did.”

    Thank you, Eric, for the astrological reinforcement to look around it the spiritual basement as the Sun shines light on Mars. Perhaps the Mercury – Mars Rx opposition coming next week will be lubricated enough by the Universal Solvent to enable us to more readily communicate what secrets we find looking around in the spiritual basement.


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