The Sun’s last week of Pisces: A series of visions

One of Arachne's children checks out An Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar (the most popular version of the Sabian Symbols) before weaving a tale of his own. Nearby are Raphael's Ephemeris, Night and Day by Robert Hand, and a printout of Eric's description of the houses. Photo by Amanda Painter.

The Sun is now in the last degrees of Pisces. These are visionary degrees of the zodiac, coming at the end of the long cycle of the year; these days have the quality of transparency. You might say that these are easy days to make peace with ‘what is so’ and then to use that strength to create a new vision. Part of how astrologers can see this is that we’re at the disseminating phase of a cycle — the old astrological year (which goes from equinox to equinox) ‘goes to seed’ in Pisces. One of the places we can learn about that is from the Sabian Symbols, created in the early 20th century and revised in the 1960s by Dane Rudhyar.

We’ve been getting quite a tour of our internal ‘what is so’ in our inner worlds while Mars has been retrograde, and we’re continually confronted by external versions of ‘what is so’. What is the key to using that understanding as a source of strength for creating a new vision, rather than a limitation? In part, it comes down to imagination, integration, compassion for ourselves – and a willingness to surf the waves of opportunity and look where we want to be. The last seven Sabian Symbols, through which the Sun moves at the rate of one per day, give an illustration of how we can flow through the end of Pisces with our hands on the rudder, yet still be open and flexible and connected.

Pisces 24: On a small island surrounded by the vast expanse of the sea, people are seen living in close interaction.

You are where you are – plain and simple. And yet we are all in this together. You don’t have that other person’s talents, advantages, shortcomings, history – you have your own. But you also have allies, networks of colleagues, connections to others that go beyond what the rational mind can categorize. As you give and receive from others, the effects ripple out exponentially, and affect you in ways you do not realize. Invite intimacy in the midst of this vastness we inhabit.

Pisces 25: A religious organization succeeds in overcoming the corrupting influence of perverted practices and materialized ideals.

It’s tempting to apply this one to current events, and it would be nice if it applied literally to the conservative, religious insanity that has taken over modern politics – and western culture in general. Considering that these last few degrees of Pisces lead us to the Aries Point, this might be a good time to open up as wide as possible to this soul influence coming up from within and express it with confidence and love so that all may hear. Yet on a more personal, internal level, what call have you been hearing and ignoring? Has it come in the form of crisis to get your attention? How much reorganizing of your mindset do you need to allow in order to get back on track?

Pisces 26: Watching the very thin Moon crescent appearing at sunset, different people realize that the time has come to go ahead with their different projects.

Do you feel like you’ve been waiting for everyone’s permission/better idea/agreement/other shoe to drop in order to live your life? What if none of those things ever come? Do you want to transition from this lifetime knowing you’ll get a gold star for being so good at waiting? Part of our problem is waiting for other people, rather than starting what we want to start independently of others. With apologies to Dr. Seuss: It’s time to be you / It’s time to be great / No one does it the same / If you start, you’re not late!

Pisces 27: The harvest Moon illumines a clear autumnal sky.

You’ve been working hard this year: striving to be mindful and aware; nourishing your dreams and finding compassion for your shadows; facing your fears and speaking your truths; acting on your values, and valuing the light in others. Take a moment to see all you’ve accomplished. Sure there is much still to be done, and nobody’s perfect. But there is a bright inner light shining, and it’s showing you, with much clarity, the results of your growing; even a long growing season concludes with a harvest.

Pisces 28: A fertile garden under the Full Moon reveals a variety of full-grown vegetables.

The Moon makes a third appearance in these last seven, randomly channeled symbols, giving the end of Pisces a distinctly lunar feeling — that being the reminder that a cycle is at play. The universe really is set up for all these different beings populating the Earth to grow and thrive in ways that may seem unusual in comparison to each other, but which all still come from the same place. Are you growing into a full you? If you’re not sure, is it because you’re looking around at everyone else instead of looking within to fulfill your needs?

Pisces 29: Light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism.

An image of moonlight dissolves into the image of spectral light. We know, intellectually, that we are ‘all one’, that we’re all just extensions of the same source energy, and that we incarnate in our little individual shells so we can make our ways through this world with some sense of boundaries. But can you actually feel how all of your colors make up light? Do you feel like you’re part of a continuum? Can you appreciate yellow when you’re feeling blue?

Pisces 30: A majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it as his ideal of greatness, and as he grows up, begins to look like it.

This is it – the last degree of Pisces before we land on the Aries Point, in public, with our personal ideals to guide us. Are you visualizing them as clearly as you can? In surfing, they say “look where you want to be.” When driving, you tend to steer where you’re looking. In pro sports, the night before the big game you imagine in the most vivid detail possible how to make your moves successfully. How concretely can you see who you’d like to be in this world, the impact you’d like to make with this life? Because what you focus on, you will become.

From here, the next stop is the vernal equinox and then the Aries New Moon — one of the astrological year’s power points, accented by a New Moon conjunct Uranus. That’s a moment of re-commencing, and we’ll have more to say about that tonight.

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  1. Amanda: Please accept this thanks from another spider lover. The whole effort (photo and blog) weave together rather well.

  2. Spiders are Heyoka medicine – the trickster. They are powerful. Grandmother Spider wove the web of existence into being per the Navajo. I have loved them, hated them, been scared by them and are now becoming friends with Her. Been watching a Banana spider on my back patio. They are also protection.

    The post and images were astoundingly beautiful! Thank you for putting into words so much that I’ve been feeling of late.

  3. Lol! Just like the spider in my shower air-lifted and now somewhere not in my shower. haha. My first real spider experience is forever etched in my mind — I was say, 2 yrs, eating lunch in the backyard with mom and a neighbor – daddy-long-legs climbed my leg – I screamed like a banshee for sure!! Poor spider limped away – mom was suitably embarrassed and I was just glad to not be eaten alive. 😉

  4. oh yes sarah — you should have seen him jump at my camera when i was trying to photograph him on a tall plant in my kitchen. since i was looking thought the lens quite close to him, it startled the hell out of me and i yelped and jumped. 🙂

  5. That looks like a little jumping spider. I’ve always loved them: they have a sense of intelligent watchfulness about them that I don’t see in any other spider — perhaps because they are dog-like as you say, Amanda.

    Me and spiders go way back. I had one terrify the crap out of me as a girl in South Africa; I’ve been bitten by them; I dream about them. I love them while at the same time they feel distinctly ‘other’. I have a fascinated-loving-dread of them. But jumping spiders just warm my heart. 🙂

  6. luckydriver — yes! he was a fuzzy, fearsome-looking little guy with these amazing iridescent green mandibles and white markings on his abdomen, who was my roommate for several weeks last year right around christmas. i’ve always been afraid of spiders, but have learned to live with with them, and this one and i developed a really cool relationship. he was sort of a cross between a roommate and a rather aloof, miniature dog.

    hard to explain. 🙂 i’ve tried writing about him, but haven’t ever found the right voice for the piece or right time to share it. he only made this one foray onto my desk, but hated having his photo taken, and wouldn’t stay still when the giant eye of my camera came near. he steered clear of my workspace after that. in fact, he actually had really great boundaries as far as spiders go — not all of them do.

    every once in a while i meet one of his kin out in the wild, sometimes while i am reading or writing. i always consider them to be good luck in those endeavors now.

  7. love spiders! i have an abundance of their energy and gifts. know this – “When spiders unite, they can tie down a lion.” (Ethiopian proverb)

  8. Holy cow, is that spider actually sporting a coat of fur??! I’m twitching just thinking about it, never mind encountering it!

  9. Moving the “minute hand” degree by degree through the last of the Zodiac year. I, too, read this post and sighed in relief after these last few days of the beginning of the Mercury Rx (not fun, not pleasant – even Eric’s voice had a different sound and energy on yesterday’s podcast).

    But, now I have a daily symbol meditation to get through the next week. (And I finally Len’s “mediation” from Monday, which was very grounding. My gratitudes to PW.


  10. “Because what you focus on, you will become.”

    Golden. I read that and my body just relaxed, like I finally came home. Like that feeling when you’ve been traveling too long, and you’re on the way home, and your plane finally touches down. Relief.

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