The big weekend: Uranus-Pluto and friends

This is it: the big weekend of the first exact contact of the Uranus-Pluto square. It’s being ushered in by another square between Jupiter and Neptune, plus an opposition between Saturn and Eris. After all this you might be wondering: will it live up to the hype? Will I feel different on Monday? Does the prevailing Uranus-Pluto obsession outstrip my ability to actually do anything with it in my own life?

Simplified chart showing Uranus in Aries (blue 'H') conjunct Pallas Athene (blue diamond with a cross) square Pluto (red golf tee) in Capricorn. The Sun (yellow circle) is in early Cancer. Saturn is the gold squiggle in Libra opposite Eris in Aries (red circle with arrow pointing down). Jupiter (orange '4') is in Gemini, square Neptune (blue trident) in Pisces.
Simplified chart showing Uranus in Aries (blue ‘H’) conjunct Pallas Athene (blue diamond with a cross) square Pluto (red golf tee) in Capricorn. The Sun (yellow circle) is in early Cancer. Saturn is the gold squiggle in Libra opposite Eris in Aries (red circle with arrow pointing down). Jupiter (orange ‘4’) is in Gemini, square Neptune (blue trident) in Pisces.

Some of that may depend on what else goes on in the world in the next few days and how much you’re paying attention to it. A great deal of it depends on how much you’ve chosen to identify the themes and tensions of this astrology in your own life, and connect the dots. Squares equal change that begins within. As much as Uranus-Pluto is an era-defining aspect, with societal shifts we’ll be able to see clearly (at least in hindsight), ultimately you have to figure out what ‘change’ means for you.

The planets are giving us clues where to look, of course. Aries is the sign of ‘I am’, Capricorn the sign of ‘I use’. In the interplay of your concept of who you are and how you perceive the tools, systems and even ideas and people you are in the habit of using, have you noticed tension? Is one side of that equation evolving or rupturing in a way that is causing the other side to feel alien or unproductive? That’s one way to get a handle on the situation, to name the process and find a way into alignment with its flow.

Along your way in there, Jupiter in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces is reminding us to see multiplicity where we might usually perceive duality in our lives – and to check (and double-check) our facts and logic as we do so. Again, since this is a square, it’s an internally originating tension that we act on to resolve. That is, action within our own psyches and lives, despite the alluring illusion Jupiter and Neptune may be conjuring that what we’re feeling is actually all around us.

As noted on Monday, Saturn in Libra opposing Eris in Aries is a more seemingly outward tension. It is likely throwing into relief any relationship confusion/conflict that stems form one or both parties using the relationship to paper over a lack of authentic individual identity. Saturn stationing direct on Monday may help give some impetus to carry forward whatever negotiations you’re entertaining in your relationships. If you’ve been negotiating inwardly between facets of your identity that perhaps have made themselves known through relationship hiccups and imbalances, all the better.

So what is the leverage point in these two squares, or the fulcrum balancing the opposition? Maybe it’s the Sun, still newly in Cancer: the planet representing Self, ego-consciousness and life force taking some initiative in its new season. Then again, the Sabian symbol (from a series of channeled symbols famously interpreted by Dane Rudhyar) for the degree where the Sun is when Uranus-Pluto is exact is somewhat perplexing: A cat arguing with a mouse. Rudhyar’s expanded notes on this degree note the cleverness of the mind at not facing consequences; a radically reorienting event can lead to extended attempts to justify oneself.

We know we’re not adept, as humans, at simply embracing change and facing consequences. This weekend’s astrology – and that of the coming three years, as Uranus and Pluto repeatedly square each other – promises nothing if not radical reorientation and consequences to face. Interestingly, the symbols for the degrees Uranus and Pluto occupy for their first square on Sunday provide some perspective. Uranus at 9 Aries is: A crystal gazer. The development of an inner realization of organic wholeness. Pluto at 9 Capricorn gives us: An angel carrying a harp. The revelation of the spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of any life situation.

This is not easy astrology; but neither is it without purpose.

30 thoughts on “The big weekend: Uranus-Pluto and friends”

  1. Prime square Pluto/Uranus today that this last sextile Venus wow

    I have a discovery with my favorite Bing translator, incredible technology in a simple translator

    In the left box you filed the link of the blog that you want to translate and you then click for translation. Bonus I earn read your comments without additional techniques to read your reactions.

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    I love Uranus in my home in conjunction with the North node and in harmony with the Sun, moon, and mercury

    It is true that before I am deprived of your comments, before I had access to a link that I found more but that was not really practice by way of reading the comments. With Bing no disruption in reading in the language chosen in advance.

    I now have an other look on the square of Pluto and Uranus that should not be feared but loved for the miracles that he led in our lives

    I hope you you all

    This is the small prodigy

  2. Maria,
    I am stunned by these words from your comment:

    “We’re in a hellacious mess. If so many of us can’t breathe or walk a block, how are we going to change anything else about our lives? My point (finally) is that we’ve been put in this mess by corporate practices and greed, but we’re going to be told over the next three years that we put ourselves there because we’re lazy and spoiled and we deserve it. You know that’s not true”.
    “The way to turn it positive is an earthy awareness of the body (Capricorn) and a strong connection with the life force and energy (Aries)”.

    This is *exactly* the situation I find myself in, but on a personal level. Put ‘family’, or ‘old beliefs’ or ‘ourselves’ at the place of ‘corporate practices’, and everything fits. Also the consequences on my ‘personal’ healthcare system.
    And the solution too!

    Now, I don’t want to enter in the discussion about the fact that I’m not a victim and ‘if it happened it means that’ etc. I just want to point that I couldn’t believe that “the political is personal” to such an exact degree, and that we all connected to such an exact degree.

  3. One final belated comment on donations… Am I the only one who is suspicious of the over $600,000 “donated” to the grandmother that was bullied on the school bus? Something about it just doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t know if it is the amount allegedly going to a single individual, or the fact that so much money was donated to send the woman “on vacation.” Not that I begrudge the woman any gifts, but IMHO it would be nice if some of that incredible amount would go to educating about bullying and abusive behavior, helping others who have been victims of bullying – lots of areas that could use a cash infusion to bring light to ugliness.


  4. I think it was more that Aword was sharing her current situation in relation to the dream she had. I did not see her post as reaching out for anything, other than being grateful for a safe place to do that sharing.

    What I find impressive is the unsolicited response of the commenters to do something for Aword, including sending money. So, kudos to the PW group in living what we talk here. Thanks to all of you.

    Now, time to vision that world with art and music as important, a world without money. I “believe” we can do it.


  5. Maria,

    My husband says the next big fiasco will be from insurance. Just as the banking industry wanted to sell off their risk (in cedit default swaps) the insurance companies will now do the same. Now would NOT be a good time to buy life insurance and medical insurance will probably go belly up because they will sell their risks; no controls on that industry to stop them.

    Mystes, I had forgotten about the laptop thing. That makes three then. Laptop, person who didn’t respond, and one other in need that some of us helped financially (keeping everyone’s anonymity of course). This is a very cool group.

    So, let’s set this up and let me know where to send the donation for the college housing deposit. I don’t have much but I will share what I have and gladly.

  6. I’m feeling that it’s going to be health care where this surfaces–not just because that’s my obsession 😉 but because it’s the next big flawed system after banking. I hope it doesn’t take a complete dissolution of the safety net to make us in the US will discover how sick we really are and how poorly we’re prepared to deal with it. I hope it’s not a case where “they” take away the safety net and people die, and this provokes effective protest. I hope instead what happens is that the pileup of evidence of the ways we’ve been wasting time and money, from mammograms to anti-depressants to drugging up kids, and the truth about environmental causes for illnesses like obesity and type 2 diabetes can’t possibly be ignored any longer, and that will lead to a massive change in the system.
    Look around you and see how many people you know couldn’t survive a week without some kind of drug or assistive device. Every one of those drugs and devices depends on an exquisitely calibrated worldwide manufacturing and logistics system. One thing goes wrong, and people start dying.
    And how did these people get so sick? I will bet you it is NOT because they all “made bad choices” or “didn’t take preventive measures” or “didn’t follow doctor’s orders.” West Virginia has more prescription painkiller deaths than anywhere else in the country. Are we really to believe that this is because people of that state “don’t take personal responsibility” or “aren’t strong enough to beat addiction”? Culturally and traditionally, these are some of the strongest, most individualistic people in the country. Their mistake, most commonly, was to be poor and to physically injure themselves on the job or doing unpaid work (housework, child care, home repairs). Painkillers were marketed by the drug companies as not being addictive–a lie–and given to people on Medicare and Medicaid at twice the rate of those with private physicians. And from there the addiction and death spiral started.
    Duh, I know there are exceptions. Like Limbaugh. Some people are just low-down, weak-willed junkies who’ll take anything they can steal. But most aren’t.
    We’re in a hellacious mess. If so many of us can’t breathe or walk a block, how are we going to change anything else about our lives? My point (finally) is that we’ve been put in this mess by corporate practices and greed, but we’re going to be told over the next three years that we put ourselves there because we’re lazy and spoiled and we deserve it. You know that’s not true. You know that, just like losing your job or losing your home, losing your health can happen to anyone. But we’re going to be pitched the same load of crap as we were about banking and real estate going down–“it’s your own damn fault.”
    Keep yourself in as good a condition as you possibly can so you can fight for yourself and the people you love who won’t be healthy enough to fight what might be coming down.
    Uranus in Aries=a consciousness coldly detached from the body blames the individual. Pluto in Capricorn=I had to fight and climb for everything I got; why shouldn’t you? (But Pluto doesn’t realize he’s a man, and he’s rich–that born-on-third-base thing.) The way to turn it positive is an earthy awareness of the body (Capricorn) and a strong connection with the life force and energy (Aries).

  7. Hey Carrie…

    Yeah. SOML… as the kids say. But I can go one better than this little effort. Two years ago, as we were getting ready to send money to a PW denizen for a laptop, some lurker noted that I was trying to get make my donation through mechanical turk. Fact is, I did not at that point have my rent. I was writing Tantra for Bobos and living on ramen.

    The lurker paypal’ed me $100 – on the spot.

    Blew. Me. Away.

    So … I had forgotten about the laptop dealio. Hmmmm…

    At one point PW tried to gather up enough k’ching to keep one of us off of the streets, but he never responded to our offers of help. Dommage.

    I vote for crowdsourcing this. Everybody who reads this appeal might could send $1 to my paypal, and I will front the money to aword from my current account.

    Just a thought.


    FYI, I also urge people who are looking around for a $200-1000 bolus for situations like this to consider Kickstarter or go to the “community relations” section of whatever giant business enterprise is in their county. There is this little-know purse called ‘short monies’ for projects, and education is certainly a project. Figure out how to link your need to their identity and get you some.

  8. Ok this is the second time people here at PW have reached out to one of us here financially. I am very glad we do these things.

    Speaking of a world without money; I remember when Dave lost his job in 2005 and he was without work for a year. Both of us tried to find employment but in this small town it was not happening and we didn’t have the money to move. My family had money but chose not to help. Dave’s family had money and also chose not to help.

    I was desperate one night; filled with fear that we would end up homeless with nowhere to go and I was posting on a group message board full of women of every different faith system you could imagine. We had been discussing our religious experiences (that was even the name of the group) for 10 years through all sorts of hot debates and arguments but we cared about one another. All of them prayed/sent mojo/lit candles/meditated for us but ONE woman messaged me privately and offered me money. It was the second time someone (who was herself poor) offered me money. The first time I took it this time I said I would only take it if I needed it because like me, she had kids and struggled.

    Fast forward to this year. This same woman was in a financial mess due to her husband being laid off and she losing her job. They have three kids they could afford when they had them but now were facing homelessness or being without diapers. Food stamps doesn’t buy toilet paper, soaps, diapers, pads, gas for the car. I sent her a little money but I also told the board friends she needed money. Many sent her some and it made all the difference.

    I post this story because one thing I noticed when we were desperate; people would offer food, sympathy and condolences, anything but money. In fact, the more money they had the less they were willing to even offer sympathy. If we do make some changes to this world, that would a big one; doing away with money. To me, until people are willing to part with hard, cold, cash, they are not really willing to give.

    So even though we are on food stamps (still, grrr!) and medicaid and living way far below what anyone would call middle class, I STILL send money if someone is in need. And the Universe has always seen to it that me and my family are taken care of.

    Thank you PW folks for being willing to “put your money where your words are” because that is walking the talk here. Believe me, it will be worth it. Not because you will get repaid, not because the person will give you something (though sometimes I know they don’t want you to give so asking them for something in return can help save their pride a bit) but because WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.

    My money is your money is her money is his money is their money is our money is the world’s money. Money is like manure; only good if it is spread around. Money is like the law of thermodynamics; energy never goes away; it just changes form.

  9. Patty and Mystes,
    Thank you so much for your kindness!
    Patty, could Chelsea connect us? Or through Mystes?
    Again, I thank you both for your kind offer/s. And I agree, Patty – there is no such thing as “small” when it comes to reaching out. Thank you for being so large!

  10. Linda,

    Can you send me a note on the side? My computer systems are a bit skewed right now, so don’t have your addy at hand.

    mystes at humandala dot org, honey…

    RE: your kid’s housing deposit, do you mind saying how much it is?

  11. I’ll take the fifth … endorsement of Paola’s four points. Thank you for the succinct description of these elusive sensations.

    Not sure about the talking. It’s more a desire that others see that future without money. (Many books on that subject, including “The End of Money and the Future of Civilization” by Thomas H. Greco, Jr.) Discussion of a gift economic system has even surfaced again. It’s very difficult to wrap our preconditioned brains and emotions around such concepts, especially living in a world that is totally consumed by consumption and consumerism. But, it is possible. Remember Star Trek. Well, other than the Ferengi.


  12. Philadelphia priest is 1st U.S. conviction of child sex abuse coverup = Uranus + Pallas-Athene + Child + Magdalena in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn.

    Also, tr. Jupiter 2 Gemini square tr Neptune 3 Pisces
    Trans Jupiter conjunct U.S. progressed Vesta 2 Gemini
    Trans Mars 24 Virgo conjunct U.S. natal Neptune 22 Virgo and U.S. prog. Neptune 26 Virgo
    Trans Sun 1 Cancer conjunct trans Hades 1 Cancer

  13. Aword, I would happily donate a small sum to your college fund. I can’t give much, but I can still donate.

    I almost wrote about giving earlier – how important it is to give when asked, or put karma at risk. My daughter asked a few people if they would want to put in on a TV for a prisoner relative, but none gave (he made his bed, let him lie in it). What is 5 or 10 dollars in today’s world? Not anything. But if 10 people give 10 dollars, it starts looking like real money. So my daughter bought the TV and I put in a little too. Shortly after she found not one, but two good jobs – one as a radio news reporter. As a radio news reporter, she has befriended all of the local politicals and police officers. I see how they look at her, and it is with the utmost admiration and respect. Life happens, and with a little less judgment, a joyful life just about jumps up and grabs you. In fact, an old indian friend spent a night at my house and said there was a spirit in the house that grabbed him and was laughing and hugged him, and the next day he was smiling about it. I said, oh that’s our guardian angel! He said, maybe so!

  14. hmmm, just figured out that this transit affects my Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Saturn and Chiron.
    You know it’s gonna get stranger, so let’s get on with the show.

  15. ah, compelled now to share this with you, my friends. I am stretching now to “find” dollars needed for housing deposit for my son’s college this fall. For many reasons this is his one (only) option and I am determined that he have it (option for something, anything “to do” now that he has graduated High School and he very much wants college).

    My challenge is keeping focus on what can be (college/stability), rather than fear of what is not.

    So then, enter my Dream of about a week ago. In summary — my son at I were at the campus of his chosen college. We were outside a museum at the ticket office – my son asked “how much”? “Two dollars” was the reply. Well within budget, he eagerly gave the attendant his $2 and went into the museum. Before he went through the door I asked him if he remembered about his “3:00 meeting” having to do with the business side of school. He asked me to handle that for him for now and he would catch up to that later – this art museum full of inspiration was far more important and the moment was now to see it.

    I could see him through the glass doors – he radiated happiness – I have never seen him so happy – something came to him when he entered that room full of art and inspiration, something he doesn’t even know he is searching for.

    I awoke – more full of Joy than I can remember ever feeling – and awake to the fact that I have not felt “Joy” since I can remember. Tears are streaming down my face now as I type. I pray that my dream for my son (and myself) will be realized!

    I have carried that “Joy” with me since my dream. Although I haven’t had the sensation of joy again like I did upon waking that morning, still I know now that it is here, with me.

    Thanks for the Space

  16. Thank you all! I on the other hand, have been strangely silent! -voice has found direction in writing and work; my business mind is grateful for some outlet at this time – challenge is/will be to not lose it (again) entirely to “business” rather than pure form creativity.

    I pray for these aspects; they bode well, and I will say this; How I can use this change! For the better! 🙂

    xo thanks all!

  17. (((Paola))) – I second Mystes third on Amanda’s second to your comment! …Well, you know what I mean! 😉

  18. Paola I love your dream. I have been thinking about the bible a lot lately, how the old testament was passed down by memory, and how little we truly understand of the meaning behind the commands. In it, God says that all debts must be forgiven every 7 years (Leviticus). In commentary I read, it appears to be the only command that the people did not abide by. The commentator noted that it was too stringent for the avarice of the people because it was one of those which the rabbis “made of none effect by their traditions.” Curious, eh? After 6,000 years, our leaders haven’t changed that much, still blaming the avarice on the people who want to buy cars and houses, instead of their policies.

    We would have been a different people had this one command been enforced.

  19. Be,
    thank you! And thank you for having revealed to me an imprtant key, about Juno.

    Being talkative, I’ll say another thing: it’s true, we appreciate so much this open space. A couple of years ago whenever I wrote a comment I always felt an idiot after, no matter what I wrote. So I stopped. The turning point was when Eric said in an article: “No matter how weird you think you are, there is always someone weirder”.
    Some time ago, I gardually re-started posting some comments. And when I feel an idiot… I breathe and say ‘So what?’.

  20. thanks bkoehler! that all just reinforces something i seem to keep repeating to myself lately: the universe is freakin’ *hilarious*.


  21. Have but a half-second to comment here, but:

    1) Lunasoleil – merci pour l’address of your website. I was wondering if there was a way to read your commentaries in francais. I read it, but that’s about all. Again, plus de thanks.

    2) Paola, so true – all of that. I third Amanda’s seconding.

    3) Yes, Patty. Yesyes.

    4) Be – there is no describing how timely (read: helpful)are your contributions. You and Len are like fireflies in this space. Luminous, cool and showing up never where we expect.

  22. Great comments as well as astrology, and paola, I think you feel like talking because of the May 20 Solar Eclipse at 0 Gemini (talk). Also Jupiter (lots of. .) ingressing Gemini and still near at 2 Gemini, the midpoint of Saturn (structure) and Pluto (deep release), which is activating the eclipse as well as conjunct Jupiter. In addition, the Mercury (talk) Uranus (unrestrained) midpoint at 1 Gemini 31.

    Noticing the thread length of the June 20 Oracle here at PW made me curious as to what might explain such a phenomenon and that’s when I discovered most of the above info. Also checked out the date of December 5, 2005, the date of the Oracle’s original Leo advice and found that, among other interesting aspects, the Sun was trine Saturn and the north node of the Moon. All were in fire signs so this was an easy flowing, creative energy between consciousness (Sun) and structure (Saturn) leading to the future (NN) which, I suppose is now. Also Mercury (talk) was at 24 Scorpio (transforming), where Juno (equality in relationship) is today (23 Scorpio), and sextile where Venus (makes us feel better) was at 24 Capricorn. We must truly thank PlanetWaves for providing that structure and openness to express ourselves, then and now.

  23. Never, never underestimate the power of writing! I feel much better.

    They (Uranus and Pluto) are friends, and they are dancing. Outside and inside us, and they want to pull us into the dance. We already are into the dance. And it shapes us. Into what we already are.

  24. I have been thinking since yesterday if writing this or not. Ok, I will. Being *not* an astrologer, I think that people in general have a variety of feelings regarding this transit.
    Some are terrified, some are elated, some are just curious, some want to be active and some fear to be submerged. Maybe the ‘exact’ square after all is not so important, and we have been feeling this energy all along for a while now, so it won’t make a big difference.

    For myself, I have the compresence of three or four different and contrasting emotions. First is a sense of scared expectancy, second I feel totally exhausted and drained, third I feel obstacles everywhere that I still don’t know how to go beyond or through, and, fourth… Fourt is interesting. I have moments of ‘feeling the future’, the change already happily past, energies calm and serene.
    Two nights ago I ‘went’ (yes, it was not really a dream) in a world that was our world, but without money. Money was no longer existing, and all was proceeding quite fine. I saw a big green field. I woke up with the sensation “I have ‘been’ there, so now I know that it can be done, it can exist, it’s possible'”.

    With this square impending, I feel like talking. 😉

  25. Thank you, Planet Waves Daily Astrology, for a brilliant methodology that builds on yesterday’s blog and extends with sound reasoning to embrace both the potential and evident necessity implied by the astrology of and concurrent to the historical first exact square of Uranus to Pluto. This piece is an island of reason in a sea of speculation. So immensely grateful for and proud of Planet Waves.

  26. Can 04 In an imaginative tableau a hungry cat is seen arguing earnestly with the mouse who is to be her victim.
    Ari 09 A seer gazes intently into a crystal ball before him.
    Cap 09 There is a vast stretch of heavenly realm and across it an angel carrying a harp comes leisurely but surely.

    Big paradigm shift. Pluto opens the door to the 5th dimension (greetings earthlings – don’t worry be happy). Relax and let live, put flowers in your hair, don’t you see gentle people everywhere?

  27. “The planets are giving us clues where to look, of course. Aries is the sign of ‘I am’, Capricorn the sign of ‘I use’. In the interplay of your concept of who you are and how you perceive the tools, systems and even ideas and people you are in the habit of using, have you noticed tension? Is one side of that equation evolving or rupturing in a way that is causing the other side to feel alien or unproductive? That’s one way to get a handle on the situation, to name the process and find a way into alignment with its flow.”

    Do you think this idea/statement is speaking about how we may think we are unable to do anything about the societal injustices and imbalances we see in our every day lives? Is this about empowering ourselves in a manner that will actually break these barriers? Man, if so, I hope so.

  28. I rarely write on Pluto because I am one of the few astrologers have overshadowed pluton of these analyses since its decommissioning by astronomers in August 2006

    Hand part and read the funny in my computer purchase I fell on a wireless keyboard which jumped (relative to Pluto) P, you will think that there is necessarily a link between the distance about Pluto and the P on the keyboard which jumps.

    In my natal Pluto is not really valued, can be a conjunction with one of the Black Moon (I know more if it is the correct or the true)

    I was also born in the formation of the cycle Pluto/Uranus which began in 1965, but his influence was noticeable long before and long after.

    If one accepts that the first square of Pluto/Uranus is that the extension of the cycle that has seen a boom in the 1960s and today there is the impression that factories close one after the other

    I wrote some time ago an article on Uranus and Pluto, to read English, copy and pasted the link of the page into the translator and sent

    Good reading and good weekend

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