Sun Opposite Mars — Let’s Get Real

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This week Mars retrograde reaches full opposition to the Sun. The Sun is in Aries, Mars is in Libra and the Earth is dangling between them. This is the midpoint or halfway marker of Mars retrograde. Mars stationed retrograde on March 1 and stations direct on May 19 and on Tuesday we reach the midpoint of those dates.

Novelist Anne Rice has the Sun opposite Mars.
Novelist Anne Rice has the Sun opposite Mars.

Thus, the Sun and Mars face off, the retrograde comes to a peak and we reach another turning point moment in our very interesting times. Without being specifically predictive, we’re likely to feel this in a distinct way and see a distinct effect in the world.

I got curious about the qualities of this setup the other day, and thought to see who has this aspect in their natal chart.

I did a quick search of my database to see who would spring up. Here are some people with whom I am personally familiar (at least by work or reputation). We start with Michele de Nostradamus. That is, the most famous astrologer in history, the one who was also a bit visionary and could see the sky lighting up in the 20th century and predicted all kinds of madness and often seemed to be on peyote.

Then there’s Al Capone and his spiritual cousin Lizzie Borden. Then there’s science fiction author Philip K. Dick (never afraid to get dreary, but who told it like he saw it coming), master of horror and s/m porno Ann Rice, and The Doors’ guitarist Robbe Krieger, who accompanied Jim Morrison into the netherworlds. [See interview with Anne Rice here.]

And then my favorite of all, there is David Lynch, the brilliant director who never misses the opportunity to start a movie with a woman screaming. Even if you hate horror films, his are so beautiful, engaging and weird that it’s difficult to stop watching.

Doors guitarist Robbie Krieger has the Sun opposite Mars.
Doors guitarist Robbie Krieger has the Sun opposite Mars.

Now, I’ve selected these people based on my personal awareness, but they do seem to have a no-bullshit way about them, and also a “friends with the dark side” quality. They dance with the dark side rather than fight with it. It’s not that they endorse it; they are in a dialog, seeking understanding. This is notable in a world where so much of our cultural mythology is about standing up to the darkness heroically, waving one’s light sabre in the style of Luke Skywalker.

They are all about getting real — being vivid about what is so, in their perspective. Heck, they are born looking at Mars, the warrior and the seat of desire, right in the eye. Often when it’s opposed to the Sun, Mars is retrograde, so we get Mars in an unusual condition, some would say compromised. So that warrior energy has to take a different form than the usual heroic one.

One more specimen with Sun opposite Mars was George Carlin, the brilliant, aggressive comedian who had Mars retrograde in Sagittarius. Carlin embodies the “make your own rules” factor of this aspect — so far everyone who has it in their chart does exactly that.

Now, in personal terms, you might say this is the Radical Honesty aspect. And that might be your inclination this week — to really put your point of view out there. But I would add a cautionary note, based on Mars retrograde, and in Libra: a lack of diplomacy could backfire. So where it’s necessary to add a measure of understatement, politeness or a touch of aesthetics, that might be a good idea.

There are people who will slip on this aspect, and you most definitely don’t need to push anyone too hard; you also don’t want to slip and fall yourself. So, gentle will get the message across, most likely, a lot better than you think.

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4 thoughts on “Sun Opposite Mars — Let’s Get Real”

  1. If my info is correct and Eckhart Tolle was born on Feb 16, 1948, this meditative guru has his Sun opposite Mars. Familiar with his work, it seems accurate. He wrestled with his depression until he realized his own deception, eventually making it his business to share this realization with the masses.

  2. Fascinating piece, Eric! ” They dance with the dark side rather than fight with it. They are all about getting real” Yes, there’s no director like David Lynch. Not by chance he’s an experienced meditator, which, when done deeply and with proper guidance takes you down to your dark side and leads you out again.

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