Mercury conjunct the Sun: Moment of Clarity

This morning Mercury and the Sun are conjunct. This is part of Mercury retrograde — Mercury is passing directly in between the Earth and the Sun, which is called the ‘interior conjunction’ (sometimes referred to as inferior, which I think is ridiculous, so I changed the term to ‘interior’). This is the halfway mark of the Mercury retrograde cycle; Mercury stations direct March 17.

False-color photo of Mercury, as mapped by the NASA MESSENGER probe. The color variation signifies the varying composition of rocks on Mercury's surface. Watch video here. Photo: NASA.
False-color photo of Mercury, as mapped by the NASA MESSENGER probe. The color variation signifies the varying composition of rocks on Mercury’s surface. Watch video here. Photo: NASA.

When Mercury and the Sun are conjunct, it’s almost always an interesting day. Events involving Mercury during the retrograde can bring revelations of various kinds; notice what you discover, what you learn and what seems to shake out of the cosmos. You potentially have a leverage point to express yourself or convey information, though my take on this particular retrograde is that it’s got some unusual potential for self discovery.

Lots else in Pisces confirms this. Venus recently made a conjunction to Neptune, and this week will make a conjunction to Chiron and a square to Jupiter. The Neptune connection blends tangible, worldly love and what you might think of as cosmic or mystical love. Now that Chiron and Jupiter are in the picture as well, the idealism factor increases, as does the need for practical awareness. Yet Venus-Chiron can be highly sensitive, and Jupiter can lead to some sense of exaggeration. Keep your responses to what you feel in proportion. If you want to involve other people, make sure they know you’re seeking an intense experience and enlist them consciously, rather than drawing them into a drama.

Venus-Chiron, especially in Pisces, to me is about biophilia. This concept suggests that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems, which one might think is obvious — except for how most humans act, as if they are separate from nature. Merging with nature — however you choose to do that — would be one of the more creative and constructive ways to experience this aspect, including your own emotional nature. If you’re an artist, lover or musician, this is a rich aspect that could come with a breakthrough of some kind.

Living systems philosopher Edward O. Wilson introduced and popularized the biophilia hypothesis in his 1984 book, Biophilia. He defines the idea as “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life.” He also describes it as “the innate tendency to focus on life and lifelike process” — the affinity for life. Venus-Chiron can also point out the ways we have denied this simple fact of existence. In other words, you might find yourself noticing the pain of separation from nature and the longing to make contact.

Some of the planets in Pisces at the moment of the Mercury-Sun conjunction Monday morning.

As you can see in the minor planet chart, an asteroid called Eros is in the picture. So we have one aspect that includes Venus, Eros, Jupiter and Chiron, in Pisces. This is a reminder that sex and love are related and at their best bring us into harmony with the living systems known as one another and the whole planet. Sex is about connecting with nature, which is part of why religion tries to make it bad. If you ever had a moment where it was possible to experience this connection, that time is right around now.

Which brings me back to the Sun-Mercury conjunction. Honesty and open hearts are the key to any form of sex, but especially if you want it to be a little or a lot more interesting than usual. What’s interesting about this conjunction is that it takes place conjunct a relatively newly discovered planet named Borasisi. Named for one of the gods in the Kurt Vonnegut novel Cat’s Cradle, Borasisi is about the relationship between truth, lies, belief and what we perceive as real. In a sense, it says, “reality is what you make it.” I did an extensive article for members on Borasisi two years ago — you’re invited to read that if you want.

In practical terms, my take on the Sun and Mercury conjunct Borasisi is to be aware of what you believe and its effect on you. Remember that believing things is one way to ‘make them true’. I suggest you do this this with awareness, rather than trying to convince yourself of something you want to be true. Choose what is true for you based on what you know you need, want or which will facilitate your growth. Envision yourself in a more evolved or advanced state, or allow yourself at least to believe that you can become that.

Notably, the novel and the planet have an association to the nuclear lies of one company, General Electric, though this can be extrapolated to include the entire nuclear dilemma. With a powerful conjunction taking place exactly conjunct Borasisi, be ready for some news out of the nuclear industry (as if being told, again, that Fukushima was not really toxic and that Hanford is leaking were not enough). The event could be covered up quickly, or it could represent an intellectual development (such as new data) that is buried by the press.

There are a few other bits in Pisces as well — the full list is included in the chart above. Among the interesting aspects are Mars conjunct Heracles (as heroic as it gets, though in Pisces, you might not want credit), Amor conjunct Photographica and Salacia (also great for creating sexy photos and for using photography to see someone differently).

Cousins, this looks like a very interesting week. Be conscious, pay attention to the details and remember to lead the way with love. Remember that the most important boundaries are yes and no. Remember that walls need doors and windows, which can open and close.

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  1. Well spotted Eric for asteroid Borasisi analogy and symbolism connected to the sign of PISCES, like what the world of the asteroids in astrology is exciting

  2. I just had a dream last night about my father. I was in his HUGE house (that I was helping him build when I was 16). In the dream, I was very cautious. But I remember looking around and feeling that he was finally not sleazy, not inappropriate in his reflections of the past, not obsessive, and generally at peace. There was a small kitten on the table as we talked that he was taking care of. There was still this subtle feeling of wanting to impress to convince or possibly manipulate, but I wasn’t threatened by it. There was no pressure on me to react a certain way, and I made sure I stayed neutral with everything I observed.

    This is most def about him as my shadow and mirror, and his energy having flushed out its toxicity.

  3. Thanks dear Pam! I always enjoy your comments, suggestions…. Sounds as if you’re processing a lot of stuff there. Think I’m working on animus, sexuality, anger, too. The dream I had the other night was set in Africa – they were about to remove a man’s limbs and genitals (under anaesthetic) to then sell. It was really a very quick episode but I woke up with a feeling of horror and fear….

  4. PS Lizzy – ingredients for these last dreams are Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway, childhood blocks, and most importantly the catalyst of the piano. I can feel the shift physically when I practice to a point of breakthrough (simple things like left hand right hand cohesion and difference, one hand following the other a note behind through the scales, playing the same or staccato and the other smooth and then the otherway round. And of course new pieces (tempo melody expression new combinations of notes and differences). Since my Valentine’s day lesson I have been playing a simplified version of Chopin’s Etude no 3 – really just the melody in all its different keys/descants with a simple left hand. But very beautiful. I played it as a requiem really.)

    And then in dreaming everything changes. In fact I have a teacher…

    These books have also been close to my heart these last weeks/decades: Cry the Beloved Country by Alan Paton, My Traitor’s Heart by Rian Malan, Biko: I write what I like by Donald Woods, Invictus (Playing the enemy) by John Carlin, and Chiron and the Healing Journey by Melanie Reinhart. And A wizard of Earthsea by Ursula le Guin (all the earthsea stories and the annals of the western shore too).

    We can only turn and track down our fears and anger and grief. Admit and incorporate them.

    Develop balance and heart and head: The Kung fu series with David Carradine. Kung fu Panda 1 and 2. Karate Kid. As a start.

    I know Greenstargazer looks for OP to be a voice against guns sometime. These (above) are the sorts of techniques/info that might bring him through to morning – reapplying for his gun licences suggests he is still thinking of continuing his old way of life? Or lacks other input/known alternatives for the moment.

    Any other ideas anyone?


  5. Lizzy – bad dreams – I’ve had patches of them and they are mostly ‘positive’. Some are clear – animus related integration (the intruder in the house etc), or a sort of counter balance to amazing developments in waking life or a forerunner of them, a shift in consciousness (when I was pregnant I had a serieis of nightmares (5? more) that were so searing that I became afraid to go to sleep. A year later I had the same series of dreams but they resolved themselves in the dream. You can imagine my relief even dreaming to turn those corners.

    These last few weeks my dreams have been about ‘war’. Night, snipers/soldiers running from cover to cover, bullets whistling through the air. Once I woke with the impact of 2 bullets in my back (but no pain) which followed me all day it felt as tho I must have died on impact! Sometimes I seemed to have a gun (as a deterrent?) and twice I put it down thinking this is not wise in the circumstances but I felt so peaceful. The final dream in the series was again night, again snipers, again I had a gun. I was with my teacher (tho I don’t have one as such) and he said to me ‘I’ll show you again,’ and he put off a man with some sort of martial art ‘push’ and the man died. ‘That is collateral damage?’ I said. And he agreed. I put down the gun (again the same wisdom/peace feelings). It made a small sound metal on stone (but definitive) that resonated disproportionately and woke me. Simultaneously in waking I was dreaming I was at the breakfast table with my husband saying ‘the clarifying question is who do you love’.

    Do we dream left and right brain simultaneously but are often only aware of one or the other. This dream shows quite clearly to me how the mind clarifies and integrates through dreaming. Like seeing in code in the matrix?

    Bad dreams can also be prophetic, but they are instantly recognisable somehow.

    love Pam

  6. Last night I dreamt that I was driving my truck along a sandy arroyo and then came up to this huge wall. I got out of the truck and immediately fell in mud, as I got up I noticed that the wall was just in front, to the side there was no wall and the sun was shining over there. I asked some people, who were also trying to get over the wall, why they didn’t just go to the side into the sunshine. One man said “yeah, you can go there, but it’s just Albuquerque over there, they don’t have any good restaurants”.

  7. Queen Elizabeth has left the hospital where she was successfully treated for a stomach virus, and returned home. Should we believe that all is well?

  8. Kelly Grace Smith adds and I would concur:

    << To which I would add...then open yourself up to experience fully and allow your experiences to inform your beliefs, rather than allowing your beliefs to color - filter, alter, manipulate - your experiences. You will then develop authentic certainty. >>

  9. Thanks Eric, I’d forgotten about the connection Borasisi had with GE and the nuclear lies. Had you not mentioned it, I might have missed the relevance of a guest on Morning Joe today. Valarie Plame has reincarnated into an anti-nuclear activist for ( a worldwide disarmament advocay group, who will call on the President regarding this cause. She said a letter will be sent to him written by many former presidents, generals, etc. on this subject in hopes he will pick up the flag where Pres. Reagon left off in this effort.

    I also had not considered the complexity of this triple conjunction of Sun-Mercury-Borasisi as it relates to the opposition between the Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius) and Chaos (14 Gemini) and wondered what your thoughts on it were as today, Vesta is conjunct Chaos at 14 Gemini.

    What’s more Elatus (Elatus!) is now at 14 Virgo locking down a mutable grand square with all the above. Does this mean an impasse on the subject, or a hope that when Mercury returns direct there could be some traction on this global effort ? It might be a minor thing, but Neptune IS in an exact septile with Pluto right now.

    In an article on the Mt. Astrologer web page, Mary Plumb sites an author who refers to a (natal) septile this way. . .
    “You have a destiny to fulfill as a midwife of the spirit, having the need and ability to transform and transmute the deepest reaches of your being. . . “, and “It is your mission and you realize you are meant to share the fruits of your efforts to assist others with their transformation.” I forget the name of the author but the whole article can be found here.

    Am I just whistling in the dark or is this a case of “reality is what you make it”?

  10. The feeling body, it comes alive in layers.

    THank you Daniel, for what you share is key for me too, and so connected to the message today. The YES NO and Lead with Love felt in the body, not thought through mind.

    Not judged though eyes of someone else we are trying to please or protect — or protect self from. So precious your discovery and sharing right now!

  11. Lizzy, I’ve been having some intense dreams too! Mostly about observing a line where I was significantly influenced by my mother to the point where I could see my own voice disappearing. A double edged sword, because I can’t ignore that she helped me a lot. The problem comes when the parent uses heavy handed techniques and guilt to convey a perspective or opinion out of their own fears and insecurity. That is the line where I do not participate any longer. This is also, funny enough, where my own voice starts flooding in. And so a lot is rising to the surface about how I had allowed myself to be eclipsed, but more importantly how I ACTUALLY felt the moment my voice disappeared. The feeling body, it comes alive in layers.
    Hugs to you, and thanks for sharing Lizzy!

  12. Thank you Eric! And a very Happy Birthday to you. Thanks for allowing all the healing and love here on your amazing blog. Thanks for helping me move through barriers and seeing the world with different eyes, and for helping me take more authority of all that I wish to experience, heal and grow from.

  13. Lizzy, I agree that Eric and Planet Wave’s Pisces run is magnificent. I can’t say about my dreams because I am not sleeping enough. Last year was a year that my repressed grief overflowed. This year is childlike curiosity, and joy, well this week anyway! I am looking forward to birthday cake, ice cream, many candles, and parties.

    This is my birthday week, and I am surrendering to complete happiness, and gathering energy for some quantum leaps. While dancing this weekend, my dance partner thanked me for letting him see the 16 year old girl inside. I was moved by this because as a sixteen year old girl I would NEVER have had the courage to step onto a dance floor, let alone let alone let myself be seen in love and joy with my body. I simply said thank you! With Saturn and Mercury retrograde, I am starting over and doing things differently this time around.

    Which is why today’s astrology is so important: Yes, No, and Lead with Love (in both senses of Lead) Keep me anchored in the bigger reality that is true inside.

    There will be biophilia going on, or as Annie Sprinkle says: ecosexuality. Snowshoes in the woods feeling a quickening under the ice early in the week, then sunset hikes up a mountain with binoculars to spot that comet a week from now.

    And cake. You are invited to my party. feels like a party! Happy Birthday, Eric and the rest of the fishes here!

  14. Thanks for this beautiful piece, Eric! A lot of repressed fear, grief, anger seems to be coming up – terrible dreams last night. Wonder if anyone else is experiencing this?

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