Cooling down with a little Sagittarius Moon — and 1992 QB1

How was your Full Moon this weekend? Did anything unusual happen? Though the peak energy has passed, we’re still riding on the momentum of this event and will be for some time. Meantime, the Moon ingressed Sagittarius Sunday evening at 9:38 pm EDT. This won’t exactly cool down what is a delightfully hot sky; in fact, the fact of a fire sign Moon may help acclimatize us to the heat.

Frog eggs appeared in depressions on the rocks near the waterfall on the Grandmother Land, seen this weekend. Photo by Eric.
Frog eggs appeared in depressions on the rocks near the waterfall on the Grandmother Land, seen this weekend. Photo by Eric.

Just to catch you up on the basic details of the sky at the moment, the Sun is in mid-Taurus, having just passed the midpoint of the season (which is an old Pagan holiday called Beltane). The Scorpio Full Moon was some time overnight Saturday to Sunday in most time zones.

Many, many people around the world did rituals invoking the peak energy of spring, which celebrates trees, new growth, sexuality and the arrival of warm weather (in the Northern Hemisphere). As we described last week, this was a profound lunar event, one that will be reverberating well into the summer — though we’re unlikely to make the connection because from this point forward the cosmic events proceed rapidly and build on one another.

The Sun is approaching its annual conjunction to Jupiter, exact May 13. The Sagittarius Moon is still bright and powerful, though it’s now in the waning side of the monthly cycle. Ordinarily that might tamp down the energy, but the next New Moon is an eclipse of the Sun in Gemini, on the very day the Sun ingresses Gemini. In case you’re not familiar with eclipse territory, it’s an acceleration/transition phase that we’ll describe in more detail over the next two weeks, which also includes a lunar eclipse and the Venus transit of the Sun.

Mercury is still in Aries. Today it’s approaching a conjunction with a little-known planet orbiting our Sun called 1992 QB1. QB1 is a special planet because it was the first thing in our solar system discovered orbiting further from the Sun than Pluto. Few minor planet astrologers have attempted to delineate this point, though it’s one that I’ve been working on for a while. I’ll include some links to my past articles at the end of this post.

If you’re familiar with the asteroid Vesta, you might recognize the energy of QB1. Vesta’s themes include holding sacred space, the use of space, and devotion — particularly to the inner creative and sexual flame. This includes what some call ‘sacred sex’ as well as healing the emotional material that sometimes blocks our creative and sexual flow.

1992 QB1 takes this to another level. My take on this point is that it’s devoted to the people who assist others in making their biggest transitions in life — those who assist with birth, death and sexual healing. I have a word for this category of helper: a Thresholder, that is, one who assists others over the most significant thresholds.

With a personal planet conjunct this point, it will pick up the themes in ordinary communication, writing and what we see in the media. You may find yourself in conversations about topics that you consider unusual, taboo or daring. You may find yourself admitting your deepest fears, your healing needs or your thoughts about what our society must do in order to heal the issues that are concealed behind a veil of denial or secrecy. Listen and learn.

Here are those articles about 1992 QB1 — an article on a New Moon two years ago, and the description of QB1 from Small World Stories, the 2008 annual edition of Planet Waves.

14 thoughts on “Cooling down with a little Sagittarius Moon — and 1992 QB1”

  1. Hugging, what a delicious weekend!

    I had an excellent “alone” weekend too. I wrote. Lots. And what I think is good stuff. That’s a turn-about.

    And I looked at my progressed chart. If I thought my natal chart was something else, I shoulda looked at my progressed chart sooner! 🙂

    Got my son off to his senior prom saturday night. He forgot to take her corsage, but otherwise seems like it was “uneventful”. Considering he’s a Scorpio-almost-everything, my guess what’s happening is all under the radar.

    Thanks Eric. You and PW are keeping me sane.

  2. Monday is a day that highlights many more State Lunar and the day after the full moon can feel the effects as the Moon made many aspects today by its square March and Neptune, its conjunction to the node North and Juno, semi sextile Pluto and trigone Uranus and finally in opposition Venus stationary phase…
    Sunday I was well but this slightly depressing afternoon

  3. after an emotionally draining weekend, the link to the courier mail snippet is hilarious! brought a laugh to my day…

    contingency plans, yes indeed

  4. and speaking of beltane, here’s one reader’s response to eric’s special subscriber issue from this past friday, devote to the holiday:

    What an absolutely beautiful edition of Planet Waves so timely and yet so beautifully written — seamlessly combining the messages of current events with the lovely ethereal nature of our friends the trees (with their messages coming through loud and clear through the channel of Ms. Novick — a big thanks to her too). I don’t write every week though I am of course deeply grateful each week for your astrological talent, your compassion and your overall perspectives but this week was extra special for me.

    Many thanks. xx jac

  5. I had a pretty amazing weekend. I spent it completely alone, lost and wandering with no plans. I visited my nearby park and lay under the sun, meditated there, played with strangers’ dogs, bought a nice bottle of wine, and cooked myself a great vegan meal.

    Sat night I had an amazing yet terrifying dream. I was falling from the sky from an immense height, but instead of facing toward the earth, I turned and faced the sky, plummeting down in complete surrender. As I felt the ground approaching, I closed my eyes and felt completely ready to die.

  6. “I picked a few random dates between 1954 and 1964…[snip]….It makes me wonder if there is a generation of us (or nearly a generation, if you assume a generation is 20 years) whose thresholder energies were uncorked by Pholus?”

    That time span is the same one for Generation Jones; the generation between the Boomers and the Gen Xers. Not as idealistic as Boomers and not as cynical as Xers. I call this generation the Assassination Generation; they were kids during the 60’s and the assassinations so they grew up being quiet because the fear instilled in them. It is a fear of being the “front-man” and getting killed which is why they love the Internet and the anonymity it provides.

    There’s also a sense of missing out because they were too young for Vietnam and the protests. They remember gas lines, Watergate, and came of age during the capitalistic excesses and “downsizing” of the 80’s. They grew up in the prosperity of regulation when corporations were forced to pay 29% of all taxes (no loop holes and Cayman Island accounts) and excellent benefits for their parents but de-regulation when they came of age and the deterioration of their expectations which would never be filled.

    They are often a swing vote in politics and they raised their kids with the mantra “don’t work for the money, do what makes you feel good.” They are very attentive parents who are far more willing to financially help their children because they were not helped financially by their Silent parents who often neglected them as they grew up. They have a very good work ethic and feel like the Boomers sold out in many ways.

    Obama is a Gen Jones president; the first non-Boomer or Silent one and with him, he carries the voice of Gen Jonesers everywhere. Some have called Gen Jones the Bridge generation because they took to the Internet and computers far better than the Boomers or older generations and they can understand the Gen X folks too. Gen Jones can straddle the generations because they had the American Dream (like the Boomers) but never got to realize it (like the Gen X ers) so they can feel both sides.

    They are the generation to watch because they are coming to power now and not as predictable. So you may hve a point there about Pholus being their “release” calling card.

  7. I’ve been searching out a name for what I wanted to do and I thank you all for providing this here — “thresholders”. For me, this has been a need to help in transition to the other side. I’ll keep an eye out here (and elsewhere, really) for further instructions as to this mission. Feels so close now. Thanks, Eric.


  8. I just looked up the location of 1992 QB1 in my natal chart and noticed that it is in a fairly tight (2 degrees) conjunction with Pholus. I was born in 1964. I also looked at a friend’s chart who was born in 1954 and the two objects are in a less than 2 degree conjunction. I picked a few random dates between 1954 and 1964 and it seems that 1992 QB1 and Pholus were moving in tandem for quite some time. Didn’t check outside of the parameter of those ten years.

    It makes me wonder if there is a generation of us (or nearly a generation, if you assume a generation is 20 years) whose thresholder energies were uncorked by Pholus? I’m sure there are a myriad of other factors that determine how the energy of 1992 QB1 manifests in our lives, but it begs the question at least.

    My friend’s 1992 QB1 and Pholus sit 1 degree conjunct my IC. His entrance into my life catalyzed profound death, rebirth, (you could say the death and rebirth were spiritual or metaphysical…but is there a difference between that the the physical?) and sexual healing.

  9. “How was your Full Moon this weekend? Did anything unusual happen?”

    Not exactly. Friday, I was lit up emotionally like a burning fire. Saturday morning I was still deep into the emotional vulnerability and feelings and then by afternoon it all shifted to a more mental state which isn’t odd because that big Scorpio moon probably crossed into my third house. Yet I was disturbed because I had WANTED to keep feeling. It felt like a switch deadening the feelings just when I most needed to feel them.


    So today I am still in mental clarity mode. Pfffft. Meh.

  10. Kelly, New Zealand has granted non-human primates certain rights of personhood, so in a real pinch, women can emigrate over that way. I hear it’s pretty nice and the bonobos and apes are extremely polite — and they don’t drink.

  11. “WOMEN should marry earlier and not be too picky to avoid an Aussie man drought, the Catholic Church has warned…Statistics have revealed that there are dramatically fewer eligible blokes..”
    This was breaking news here today. It’s now official – we are in a bloke drought! Women are advised to have a contingency plan:not be picky and have children early.

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