Eclipse, Transit of Venus: Potent Forces at Work

Interview with David Tresemer.

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Hello — it’s your old friend Eric. I’ve just wrapped up my audio coverage of UAC, which is right on this page. Amanda has been covering Daily Astrology for nearly a week — thank you.

Photo by Eric Francis.
Photo by Eric Francis.

As mentioned, we are halfway between the eclipses (there was a solar eclipse about a week ago), though the corresponding lunar eclipse on June 4 is followed by the transit of Venus on June 5 and then an occultation of Pluto by the Moon a few hours later. So we are not just between eclipses — we are approaching a cluster of eclipse-like events, one of them among the rarest predictable events in astronomy, the transit of Venus.

Said simply, this is an alchemical moment — when the forces of change are at work, though this is happening on a depth that isn’t really accessible to rational consciousness. In fact what’s developing can throw some curves to reason and sense and ordinary awareness, including emotional and psychological disturbances, stress and misunderstanding. As I mentioned in my audio update yesterday, Mercury and the Sun are close to a square with Chiron, which might exaggerate the sense of being hurt, and which can translate into the quest for healing.

This is all easier said than done, however, and it’s going to take some mindfulness to process both the energy and the experiences. The energy is going to ramp up by orders of magnitude through the lunar eclipse, which you can think of as a kind of opening. Through that opening will come the transit of Venus.

Now, I’ve been roaming the highways and byways of the solar system for years looking for sage interpretations of the transit of Venus. I’ve thought of some interesting stuff and heard some other interesting stuff — though yesterday I heard some ideas that brought the whole thing to life for me.

A guy named David Tresemer was emailing with us for a couple of weeks and was at the conference. I interviewed him this morning — it’s near the bottom of the list on the conference’s audio page. I highly recommend listening to what David has to say in his own words; here is my summary.

His basic idea is that the visions, images, plans and desires that we have are animated by a universal energy that he calls Eros. Eros is erotic in the sense we think of it but it’s a lot more — it’s more like the vital force that is looking for something to jump into and bring to life.

And that energy is about to surge, with this cluster of events — particularly, though, Venus crossing the disk of the Sun a week from today. What he’s suggesting is that whatever we envision consciously, whatever we desire, whatever we want to do or create, is about to get a surge of energy that will help bring it into manifestation. He is suggesting that we use mindfulness, intention and visioning and decide exactly what we want, and set ourselves up for the cosmic winds to bring it to life.

I won’t say more — I will leave it to him. Here is the conversation, in our new player and a downloadable archive.

Interview with David Tresemer.

Click here to visit David Tresemer’s website.
Click here to download archived mp3.

P.S. If you’re getting excited about the Venus Transit and want some historical insight on the circumstances of viewing them over the last few centuries, Carol Van Strum has reviewed two book on the topic here.

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  1. Thank you for this empowering, insightful and inspiring interview Eric and David! Thanks for ‘bringing light’ to the Eros theme – I was already excited about this celestial event but am even more so after realising that the Venus/Sun transit will conjunct my natal Part of Fortune and trine Eros in Libra ; ) Not only that, but Apollo will conjunct my natal Leo Sun/Elektra conjunction, which I hope will signal the end of my ‘hiding my light’ (Leo in the first house is intercepted.) Am sharing the interview with whoever will listen..and was heartened that even my Dad wanted me to send him the link – he’s not one for Astrology usually but as he gets older he seems to be opening more to ‘new age’ ideas. You have also inspired me to intentionally work with the Venus/Sun energies during my Reiki sessions – I’ll be doing that all week and during the actual transit will be giving Reiki and tuning fork therapy at a women’s community clinic that has a Venus symbol logo! Namaste ; )

  2. “The more you focus on 3rd dimension stuff, the harder you will make it on yourself. If you are still focused and actively engaged in 3rd dimension stuff/paradigm/program/behaviour/thoughts you are fighting your soul/higher self that is trying to anchor in the 5th – your lower self (human being) is at war and resisting your higher self”. Yes – in fact, this has been my work/struggle of the last months – and I know that the struggle has to take place before the realisation occurs.

  3. MandyM – gosh, I live in Rome, while all my family are in London. No one in the States, thank god! Thank you for writing, for your time and care – I really appreicate it. In fact fear has been the big issue for me all my life – though fortunately it is matched by a fair amount of courage, which enabled me to get away from my country of origin to carve my own life in the world, away from the family. Right now it’s tough cos most of my natal planets are deeply involved in the current astrology – so everything is kind of screeching away, at a high state of tension. But will work consciously with the fear. xx

  4. It is true that the events challenges at the gate and be well choose those that we want to allow them to enter.Just before I listened to an incredible video by his testimony against a politician of paedophilia. After an event on facebook which I then introduced a video in which the answer was soon violence…. I me am decided to delete my message and to me. It is not the message of Venus to face this kind of sense of hatred, its square with March would it the guilty… It is true that we have a choice to decide what is part of our life, I find this period still worrying.

    That know we of the transit of Venus? almost nothing in astrology, this would have had analyzed the previous 1874 / 1882, announced psychological changes? that must pass in a social shock… Today this transit 2004 / 2012 occurred on the age of the internet and the construction of a new solidarity community, it may be it will retain no doubt

  5. be: right on! Also one thing that needs to happen is for everyone to know the truth about our past – ALL OF IT. Recent to Ancient. You can’t move forward in Truth if you aren’t living in the Truth. The Venus alignment is helping everyone into their hearts so that when the Truth does come out (Jupiter in Gemini), it will be easier to accept it. This is THE hardest thing we will have to experience as far as I am concerned.

  6. Bkoehler,
    it absolutely fits. The general emotion of the dream was *reassuring*. And of strenght.

  7. Mandy, thank you for your clear explanation.
    I did something yesterday evening that I had never done before: put my hands on the floor (in the house) and sent love to Gaia. So simple and yet powerful.

    Marymack – thank you. i’ll tell you in case.

  8. paola,

    I agree, the unconscious mind is amazing, and so determined to get through to our conscious mind. Even without being clear on an exact message, there is a “feeling” that accompanies the dream or whatever form the communication takes – a “knowing” if you will.

    There is an ever-growing number of people who are accepting the idea that humanity could have evolved from contact with beings from other worlds, and that in fact, we are descended from them. It is part of a larger idea that says our evolution is contingent on a collective mass of humanity reaching a certain level of consciousness before a quantum leap can be made in that direction. Looked at through the planetary movements described in present-time astrology, a case can be made that we are pretty certain to arrive at that point by the end of this year. What would have to happen to achieve that, so the theory goes, is that humanity’s lop-sided, polarized system of duality would have to be balanced and the patriarchy dismantled.

    As I thought about your dream, with the “fashionable (possibly exclusive?) ski mountain” location as home to your un-met half-sister, it occurred to me she lived in a very high place, and not down among us commoners. For individuals who claim to speak for the beings from other worlds, the predominant message is that they are coming here to help Earth recover from the abusive treatment she’s experienced at our hands. These “channelers” insist that the beings can’t make themselves “known” widely to us at this time, but will when the “critical mass” is achieved. As I said earlier, I feel Sedna’s symbol is a tool to help us achieve balance, at least on the masculine-feminine level, and that possibly she was the route for your unconscious to reach your consciousness.

    The fact that you have been experiencing earthquakes and that part of the healing process for Earth, according to these mentioned sources, is to rid the planet (and us too) of toxic material that has accumulated for eons. This we are told could result in earthquakes and other fluctuations from the core of the planet such as volcanoes and tsunamies. That is why I thought your unconscious might be trying to alleviate your fears of the resulting disasters, via your dream. Since Sedna, in your dream, was an architect, presumably with knowledge regarding the stabilization of structures, she would be qualified to assure you it was “part of the plan”. But if the shoe doesn’t fit, then we keep on looking, right?

  9. Huffy: The most important message that the Maya put out at this time is “Do not fear”. Easier said than done I know, but we all have to get this. We all need to become conscious of the fact that every soul on this planet CHOSE to be here at this time for this great event. We all have a part to play and we each have to determine what that is. There are millions upon millions who understand and remember, and many of them are here to help those who have forgotten to make this leap in consciousness. They know that right NOW is when they are needed the most. They have done the work themselves of releasing fear and surrendering into faith and trust, and are very willing and ready to help ANYONE who wants it.
    As far as the earth changes: Gaia is a living, conscious being. She (and us) is ASCENDING from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension. Right now we are in between worlds in the 4th. We are literally standing with a foot in two worlds, part of the difficulty for everyone. The lower energies of fear and hate/violence CANNOT exist in the 5th. Simply put, if you want to live on/in the New Earth, you have to match the VIBRATION of it. The 3rd dimension vibrates to lower material energy, the 5th vibrates to higher Divine energy. This is why we are seeing things of the lower vibration dying/crumbling. The more you focus on 3rd dimension stuff, the harder you will make it on yourself. If you are still focused and actively engaged in 3rd dimension stuff/paradigm/program/behaviour/thoughts you are fighting your soul/higher self that is trying to anchor in the 5th – your lower self (human being) is at war and resisting your higher self.
    The earthquakes/hurricanes/tornadoes/volcanoes is Gaia releasing the negative energy that humans have forced upon her for far too long. She HAS to release it so she can get to the 5th. The most negative energy spots on Earth is where the most activity (which may come in forms other than weather) will take place. The top 3 locations are: Rome, London and the North-East corner of the US. These are the main power centres of the powers that were. Tornadoes and thunder/lightening storms and such interact with the ions – they come and clear out the negative and leave the positive (I may have that backwards in the science language). IMPORTANT: In many tornado aftermaths, you will see that an entire town or street has been demolished but there is one house left standing, unscathed. This house had high vibration positive energy, didn’t need any clearing, so the energy of the tornado didn’t effect it. Very simple yet deeply profound. Welcome to metaphysics.
    My suggestion to all: if you are in an environment that either now or in the near future is surrounded by chaotic energy (out of chaos comes order), visualize yourself as the calm centre/eye of the storm. Surround yourself with a bubble of Divine light and focus on nothing else. Be aware at the same time if you need to physically protect yourself. And by chaos, I don’t just mean earth changes – this also includes other people’s emotions/behaviour.
    Another thing to be conscious of so that you don’t get bogged down in emotions, particularly grief, is that EVERYONE that has/will die has chosen to. Their soul decided that before they incarnated here. I know it sounds crazy but many will choose not to make the shift, and to fulfill their decision they need to die now. We have to respect their decision and not intrude upon their free will.
    We can help Gaia immensely by working with her to release the energy. First is clearing it from ourselves so she doesn’t have to carry it and interact with it. Second, in your meditations send love directly from your heart to these place on earth that need them – the spots I mentioned plus Afghanistan, Irag, Iran, Israel – you know who they are. Not only will Gaia receive it there but the people will also. They are exhausted from fear and could really use it right now.
    If you feel you are somewhere in the world that might be affected by severe weather or earthquakes, raise the vibration of your home and property. There truly is not a veil between thinking and manifesting right now – SERIOUSLY discipline your thinking of what you are picturing for your future – immediate, short and long term.
    Huffy, some of us have chosen to be at these hot spots physically right now to help in the aftermath. It truly is as simple as if you believe you will be fine, you will be.

  10. paola — if you’d like to take the dream-talk off blog, say the word, I’m in. Last night in my pre-sleep routine I thought of you/sedna, sending you my thoughts/wishes/prayers for an opening bridge to know better your sedna communique. It’s a wonderful thing, having this opening between conscious and unconscious; hope to hear your sedna comes to you with more details of your dream. You might try drawing sedna as you ready for sleep or write as much as you can to connect with her, consciously.

    be: wonderful analysis! you opened up some good stuff for me, too … very cool.


  11. ‘A deity of the seas is a deity of the earth too, because under the water, at the bottom of the oceans, there is earth.’

    Isn’t the unconscious mind amazing? I love it, especially when it (she) shows some irony.
    This realization came to me last night. Of course I went to sleep desiring to have more clues about the dream.

  12. Bkoehler,
    I appreciated very much your intervention.

    At a personal level I think I got the message of the dream, but it’s fascinating how more collective meanings are possible too.

    I would like to know why you mention life on other planets in the comment.

  13. be: Thank YOU for mentioning Pandora because I’m going to open that box for everyone very shortly.
    Revelation 19:15
    Out of his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. “He will rule them with an iron scepter.”

  14. Add Neptune to the list of Hephaistos’s contacts today as he squares the lame smithy from Pisces (3 degrees, 8 minutes)/be

  15. MandyM,

    Your Iron Fist put me in mind of the myths of Hephaistos and Vulcan; Hephaestus being Greek and Vulcan his Roman counterpart. Both are represented astrologically and because they have been showing up so much in recent charts I decided to see where they were today and who they were making connections with and thought you might be interested.

    Greek HEPHAISTOS (Asteroid) is at 4 Gemini 56 and conjuunct the south node at 5 Gemini 4, as well as the Dreamtime god Altjira at 5 Gemini 30. He also makes major aspects to Typhon, Industria, Pallas-Athene, Hebe, Hygia, Eros, Photographica and Child.

    Roman VULCANUS (Uranian Point) is at 26 Cancer 31 and trines his “mother” Juno at 26 Scorpio 48 rx, and sextiles his “father” Jupiter at 27 Taurus 22. His mother and father as represented by these symbols are opposed. Vulcanus also makes major aspects with Pandora in Virgo (whom he created) as well as Klotho, and Hopi and Apollon in Libra. He also is quincunx Narcissus at 27 Sagittarius retrograde who is conjunct the Galactic Center.

    For all the strength that iron implies, the forger Vulcan also crafted objects of great beauty as well as useful tools from his metals. I believe the iron fist you sometimes utilize can be both depending on one’s perspective. Thank you for the lessons you have provided us here.

  16. Thanks so much, Sarah – that’s a really good idea – will listen to the interview again. Have been out and walked off the tension of last night.
    And sorry for the rant, dear Mandy, all this earthquake activity and eclipse energy is driving me out of my skull right now. xxx

  17. What about this Paola. . your dream mother is the Earth and your half-sister living in a “high” and “exclusive” and “heavenly” place, who is an “architect” is making contact with her and you learn of it. Your unknown sister is knowledgable about making structures “stable and safe”. The only reference you make of a masculine nature in your dream is your sister’s unfaithful (untrue) husband, much like the god Zeus-Jupiter, or as Patty puts it, the patriachary, who is not to be trusted and who brings unhappiness to those who do trust him. You are feeling resentful that you have been kept in the “dark” about your blood relative who lives up “high”, in part due to problems caused by the patriachary.

    Mandy makes a point that we need to be “jolted” by an “iron fist” to get to the truth; that we have been “asleep” and now must wake up. Maybe the earthquakes are, in part, the necessary jolting. Maybe your half-sister knows how to make it a safe place to live in and the jolting earthquakes are the results of stabilization. Maybe your sister’s name is Sedna because the structural corrections being made are deep in the earth and under the sea.

    Is it so difficult to believe that there is life on other planets? Of course it isn’t. Is it so far-fetched that we could be related to them from contact made very long ago? Well, perhaps the patriarchy would have us think so, for fear that they will lose their superiority which has been maintained by keeping us asleep and in fear. Wouldn’t it be better if we weren’t in conflict within ourselves (and without too) about our masculine and feminine natures?

    Thank you for sharing your dream here and I might add that it has kept me awake for 2 nights now, but it is worth it if we can all learn something and become more conscious. Hoping you are trusting in the future and will soon feel safe. We are all one, especially now.

  18. Dear Huffy – Maybe go back to the interview with David Tresemer. I think there is a lot to be said for his point of view, earth-shifts included.

  19. Plus the fact that I also have dear friends who live in the mountains right next to where the earthquakes are taking place.

  20. MandyM – I find your dream interpretation absolutely fascinating – but have to say that it doesn’t really help those of us who are living in the middle of this earthquake turbulence right now. I haven’t slept properly for nights now – the shifting earth is making my heart race and my solar plexus tighten, and reading your words only makes the heart race faster.

  21. be: With great respect, I know everyone is where they need to be. There is a method to my madness, you just have to trust me on that. Some respond to a velvet glove, some respond to the iron fist. I wasn’t speaking to anyone in particular, just addressing the world at large. The ones who comment here are more than likely the velvet glove type. There are many who don’t comment, and if there is just one person who needed to hear it through an iron fist, then I’m content.
    I wish I had a tone checker for this post because I know it sounds really snarky and snippy, but it’s not how I intend it to. I know Mars is sq Mercury, so hopefully people can see through all that and grasp the point I’m trying to make. I in no way claim to be right about anything, and I thought I had that covered when I asked all to use their discernment with what I was putting out.
    As far as Sedna – I was attempting to say if you get hooked on that one part of the dream, you might miss the message. That is how I work with dreams. As far as I’m concerned, if you want to get detailed, there is far more to this dream……..

    1. Message from mother
    2. Younger sister, different father
    3. Sedna
    4. Upset that a secret was hidden (Pluto)
    5. An ‘elite’ mountain (triangle) – sound familiar? Just to confuse you more, Sedna is Andes spelled backwards
    6. In Italy
    7. An architect with a connection to the earth (Saturn)
    8. A man who wasn’t faithful to his commitment
    9. Mother didn’t want to talk about it (silent goddess)

  22. marymack: Thank you! I will try the pre-dream sequence and continue trying the post-dream sequence as well. Hopefully I can help train myself to remember what I am dreaming . . . At least I THINK I am dreaming. Hope there is something there to remember! Oh, how I would like to reach the lucid dream state at least once! I had a boyfriend who would lucid dream pretty much every night and tell me about his adventures. I want to fly too! Darn that mean ol’ Jack Frost. He ruins everything–well, at least my pansies and my dreams. 😛

  23. Barbara, Thank you for your interpretation of Sedna – I agree.

    I think the Paola dream may be to do with patriarchy. Even the Sisters (Nuns) are rebelling against Rome. Who can anyone trust? The news from Syria is sickening, as is most news from the middle east. As I understand it, there is a conjunction of Lilith to Sedna coming soon (July) therefore if the dream is a prophecy, it could be of earth changes (Dark Astrology seems to think that). But I am reading it more as the beginning of the end of patriarchy in church (Roman/Muslim particularly). A dream of someone else’s parents can mean that help from friends is assured; of your mother is always love. Mother is trying hard to protect. Protect who? The earth? Do we need to protect the earth? Or is it women? Is it each other?

  24. Personally, I love your passion Mandy and I bet most everybody here does. You see the change through your field of choice with it’s own language and, like religions or other belief systems, there are many other ways to choose to get to the same truths. We are all on the path but at different steps or levels and that’s the way it is meant to be. There are some creatures on the planet that look like human beings, but then they do things like chop off the heads of young children, and by my book that isn’t quite human. Sorry, just watched News from Syria that makes me wonder if we are even on the same planet. Anyway, we as astrologers often get our understanding of how to use the symbols by the details of the myths, so yes, maybe we do get too hung up on this one or that one, but the more we know about the stories behind the symbols, the better we can interpret for others in a way that unravels the knots that keep them from moving forward.

    For example, I’ve not been able to buy into the common interpretaton of Sedna, based on what little detail we have of her story. Yes, anyone who combs her hair and looks at herself in a mirror a lot would seem to be self centered perhaps, and immature since she doesn’t take on “responsibility”. I agree with you that Sedna’s dad started out (based on what we know of the old stories of the Inuit people) to rescue his daughter. But apparently Sedna’s dad was no hero. The people of Sedna’s tribe saw a young lovely woman who wasn’t like the other young women in that she had no desire to fall in love or become a wife, or mother like her peers. We don’t hear of things that Sedna did or didn’t like, or anything she might have said. Based on this little bit of info about her, my feeling is that she was disassociated from her peers; detached from the traditions of her tribe. She was also discontent with her choices of options for a future life and therefore was in no hurry to get to adulthood.

    Finally, when she did see a possibly better future for herself, she was disillusioned by the truth about her suitor, and how he used her and had no love or respect for her. My guess is that she was angry as well as fearful. When her dad tossed her overboard to escape personal injury, had she had the time to think about it, she would have been doubly disillusioned, but she went through a death and rebirth instead, and became a goddess of sorts, albeit where nobody could just drop in for a visit. I’ve read that the tribes people didn’t worship her so much as they feared her. Again, my feeling only, but I reckon they feared her because they knew she was angry for being lied to. Still, now that she was somebody with power and they needed her favors to keep from starving, they came to her with their requests for good hunting and to comb her hair as a good-will gesture, since her dad had clubbed her own fingers off at the stub.

    I therefore have come to the conclusion that Sedna is a symbol of the re-emerging feminine and, somewhat like Eris, still carries a chip on her shoulder for being relegated to 2nd class citizenship. She has found her own power and doesn’t hesitate to use it.

    This is the extreme polarization of the feminine in answer to the extreme polarization of the masculine, and the goal of higher consciousness, god consciousness, evolution or whatever term we prefer, is to find a balance between the masculine and feminine, and all the other forms of duality so as to live in peace and harmony. My desire to learn more detail about the Sedna myth is one example of astrology breaking out of the entrenched patterns and beliefs. Learning about Sedna and all the asteroid symbols and centaurs and TNO’s is in itself a break from tradition. I can’t say whether my view of Sedna will help paola understand the message in her dream any better than the traditional view of Sedna, but it might. It just might.

  25. Paola, love the dream-talk here … thanks for the invitation to share.

    Katie Vee … if you want to encourage dream-recall, others here might have better thoughts on this, before you go to sleep write down your intention to dream and recall and then make a habit of writing down whatever comes. Neptune transitted my Sun/Mercury/Ascendent in Aquarius for what felt like ever and dreams were amazing … and very helpful.


  26. Ok, weird. Just read the daily oracle. Eric you said you have studied ACIM as you discussed here yesterday…is this oracle not ACIM exactly! Changing one’s Perception is the only key.

    MandyM, thank you for your insights, I agree. History is sooo out. “Ourstory” is upon us, presently!

  27. Hey Eric, Curious, I went and drug out my old ACIM (dusty) workbooks. You/re right, no reference there. Although, the Foundation for Inner Peace is/was as you noted and I recalled correctly located in Tiburon, in Marin County where I grew up. Still, I could not remember where I linked in, Center for Additunal hearling, so I googled and realized the connection. Realized it was from the book “Love is Letting Go of Fear” a condenced version of 10 principles based on ACIM. The founder of this center wrote this book, and recieved much attention at the time with cases utilizing these principles that beleived directly, successfully lead to healing for people with cancer . Here is the info on the center here in Marin. Maybe Betty Sprague trained with him?

    The Center for Attitudinal Healing was founded in 1975 in Marin County, by Gerald Jampolsky M.D. The psycho-social-spiritual support group model developed in the Center is used today in dozens of countries worldwide—with independent locations in schools, hospitals, churches and homes under the umbrella of Attitudinal Healing International founded by Dr. Jampolsky and Diane Cirincioni, Ph.D.

    “Attitudinal Healing is a process of letting go of painful, fearful thoughts and attitudes. When we let go of fear, only love remains. Attitudinal Healing is based on the premise that it is not people or events or circumstances outside ourselves that cause us to be upset, rather it is our response to those events that cause our suffering. We can choose to change our minds about our own responses.”

    So true, and the key principles are touching the discussion you had with David. Thank you for introducing him. I visited his website yesterday and the synchronistic links continue…

    Loving this incredible community of souls, literally elevating thoughts and consciousness –
    So grateful to you!

  28. Personally, I would willingly murder my daughter before I would hand her over to a monster to imprison and torture her. Many interpretations state that he rescued her back, THEN chose to chop her fingers off to appease the monster/raven/whatever. And, even if he did it to save himself, we are all one. I was only trying to parallel the Father-saving/ from-evil/into the sea story from the bible that jumped out at me immediately when I read the dream. Let’s not get stuck in the details.
    This is a perfect example of how I am seeing fractals. Yes, I’m sure that there is also something in this for paola personally regarding her family. That is the lower fractal. The next higher fractal is the collective. As above, so below has many layers. An example is this (and I may miss some levels, remember I’m just learning, but it doesn’t really matter because you’ll get the point):

    1. A spider web
    2. The Earth Grid (ley lines/energy web)
    3. The Zodiac Wheel (web)
    4. The Universal Holograph (I don’t really know if this is a web, it just makes sense)
    5. The Mind of God (Universal Mind) cobwebs of the mind may not be so bad

    There is no separation between the layers/veils anymore – Neptune is making sure of that. Seriously peeps, are you ready for radical honesty or not? No matter if you believe the bible or not (I only read it 5 years ago because Gabriel ordered me to figure out where we were in the story and decipher the rest) it is a story that has been given attention for 2000 years – imagination creating reality. As Morpheus said “The mind makes it real”. I will say that much of the destruction that was prophesied has been greatly reduced because we woke up – we didn’t need the honking 2×4 up the side of the head that they thought we would need. AND the Corporate Church of Pedophilia MUST come tumbling down.
    Does it freak you out that I can casually declare that I talk to Gabriel? Good, I’ve disturbed you. May be best to expand your mind a bit so that you can talk to him too – and if you don’t believe that, it means that you are still buying into the old pixel program.
    I don’t in any way proclaim that Christianity or the Bible is the one and only. That would be very ignorant of me considering I have communication with Lord Shiva, White Buffalo Calf Woman, The Lion Tribe, The Bird Tribe and many others. I use the name God because that’s what my mother taught me and it keeps me connected to her – it’s also dog spelled backwards and I love dogs. 🙂
    I think we are still basing many things on the past paradigm – such as all the professionals who claim that dream interpretation is only a personal reflection. Astrologers all over getting people freaked out about Uranus/Pluto because in the past it was civil war, and now people are bracing themselves and constricting in expectation of 3.5 years of hell/struggle/strife, when we are supposed to be expanding. Don’t you get it? We aren’t in Kansas anymore – that was then, this is NOW. If everything is changing, it’s only logical that astrology will change too (it is part of everything isn’t it?). I think maybe some astrologers have been in it for so long that they can’t see the forest for the trees anymore and just keep basing things on the same old patterns and just can’t conceive of a different one.
    History will not be repeating itself because HIStory is done. I don’t even think we are entering Herstory either, been there done that once upon a time too. I think we are entering Ourstory (there’s a new word for Webster’s).
    Apologies (not really) for the fire in this – Pallas is trining my Artemis in Sag.

  29. Such wacky and wonderful dreams (and analyses). I can never remember my dreams! 33 years and nada. Well, there was one . . . I was young (maybe 8 or 9?) and it involved Jack Frost. It was more of nightmare–I was terrified. I woke up in the middle of the night and looked out my window and the pane was covered in frost. I was completely creeped out. And I’ve never remembered a single dream since. I’ve tried journalling. I’ve tried concentrating and trying to recall my dreams as soon as I wake up. Nothing. Any other suggestions from you dream-laden lot?

  30. Ops, I posted the comment without realizing it, really, the button was hit by itself!!! (of course not)

  31. Hey marymack, hugging scorpio, bkoehler, mandym… I’m so touched by your inputs. Thank you.

    I checked the degrees… and yes, there are some aspects. My natal Sedna is at 28° 21′ Aries, and it makes a trine with north node (Leo) and a sextile with south node (Aquarius). A square with Jupiter (Capricorn). There are aspects with Mars, Saturn and Uranus too – less exact.
    Today Sedna is at 23°6′ Taurus, yesterday night it was trine to the (transit) Moon in Virgo, and trine to my natal Saturn.

  32. Paola,
    I’m curious as to the placement of Sedna on your natal chart, transits or aspecting any personal planets? … if you don’t mind sharing.
    PS: the sedna story is so compelling

  33. Paola, I am not a dream analyst. But I will only offer this as a potential meaning. It is always up to you to find what meaning is truly resonant for you.

    There is some kind of revelation about yourself that you are coming into contact with and it has a lot to do with your connection to your mom. A deeper aspect of your identify is surfacing. Being shocked and angry is simply released energy surrounding this suppressed part of you. (If you have a particular association with the name Sedna, perhaps look at that, but personally I have dreamt up some beautiful names and really didn’t glean much.) Her being an architect has significance to some type of construct or value system surrounding men and relationships that you have held for much of your life and that has been absorbed through your mom as your primary influencer. Her connection to the earth is your connection to a deep nourishing aspect of your psyche. I would ask you about your father and if he had any characteristics of the husband of Sedna, as a clue?

    Your mother’s reaction really shows a type of control she may of had on you about not allowing you to be free to be attracted to whom ever you damn well please out of fear that her story of pain would become yours. Was she overprotective of you?

    I’d probably say that you are changing your views and reactions toward men now and that this new you is surfacing free of control and imposed ideas or values that are not your own. That you woke up to a feeling that Sedna came and visited you is probably the most touching part of this dream. She is you. Your description of her feels very tender too which speak about your self worth.

    Hope that helps a snudge…
    Respectfully yours,

  34. MandyM and paola,

    Mandy you aren’t alone in your perceptions regarding another earthquake. Astrologer Anne Ortelee last week predicted an earthquake based on the path of the solar eclipse on May 20. She believes that it will happen in San Francisco or Tokyo. She thought it might happen last week but more likely the last week of June. This is probably because that’s when the first Uranus square Pluto will be exact. Here is a link I hope will get you to her site or if not, go to anneortelee dot com and read last weeks entry.

    Like paola, I’ve not heard that version of Sedna’s father’s reason for breaking her grip on the side of the boat she was trying to get back into. Is there a website we could go to that has that version of Sedna’s father saving his daughter Mandy? Many thanks for your posting here.

  35. MandyM – gulp! Thank you. I am looking at the passages.
    Just a quick note that comes to my eyes right away: I read many versions on the myth of Sedna today, and in all of them it appears that the father threw her off the boat to save *himself*.

  36. paola: I do not offer this frivolously. This is coming from my natal Mars 14 deg Leo 7th (which trines 14 deg Sag and squares my Merc/Nep in Scorpio, in the 9th). Today, Mars is sextile my Merc/Nep. I am going to be bold and speak the Truth. This is where I disturb the comfortable. And this is where everyone may choose to shoot the messenger, or not. Use your own discernment with all that I put forth here.

    Mother Earth is warning you about an earthquake. There is an old saying “If something happens once, it will only happen once. If something happens twice, it will surely happen a third time”. Good things come in threes (yes, I know some will react to that).

    The Father of Sedna threw her into the sea to save her from evil. You might want to take a peek at Revelation 18. I see that many churches, monasteries and cathedrals are tumbling. Pluto and Uranus are in the house. I understand that Spain is lovely at this time of year, do you have a little vacation time available?

    Matthew 29: Immediately after the distress of those days:
    the sun will be darkened
    the moon will not give its light – (sounds like a solar eclipse.)
    At that time the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky (I am the bright Morning Star).
    32: Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: as soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near. Even so, when you see all these things you will know that it is near, right at the door.

    Daniel 12:7 When the power of the holy people (without a capital H) has been finally broken, all these things will be completed.
    11: From the time the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up there will be 1290 days (this goes back to November 2008). Blessed is the one who waits for and reaches the end of the 1335 days. 1335 – 1290 = 45.
    May 20 + 45 days = July 4. INDEPENDENCE DAY.

    We’re almost there folks! And if you really need to shoot the messenger, take it up with John, Daniel and Matthew.

  37. “These Venus transits. . come in pairs. . and have always had to do with some kind of globalization. No one alive has seen one of these transits.” These words were written by Sally McDonald in 2004 just before the last Venus occultation of the Sun, but her article also has bearing on this 2nd transit twin in less than a week from now.

    “It would appear that the Venus eclipse when in Gemini relates to “land or cosmos discovery”, with a resultant shift in expanded consciousness, mass enlightment. The eclipses in Sagittarius relates to inventions that would “connect” us with our discoveries.”

    Here is a link to her whole article:

    Many thanks to Pat who led me to this document and for all her work on our behalf.

  38. Dave is at a job interview right now. His teaching contract was not renewed on the rez which was a good thing because of how they were treating him. Both of us feel so much less worried than we did in 2004 when the cycle of losing 7 jobs in 3 years (and moving 4 times) happened. I learned from all that time that the universe takes care of us and so I am finally trusting that we will be fine. Lesson learned. I am not panicking, not feeling that everything rides on this interview, not feeling scared anymore. Just feeling that whatever happens..happens.

    Meanwhile I continue to work on figuring out what that “second career” of my Gemini midheaven is all about. I feel the calling to DO something but I don’t know what and I don’t know how. My first career is as a full-time wife and mother. It is that pesky second one which is so hard to figure out.

  39. Was finally able to listen to this wonderful interview. Thank you David and Eric!
    EROS:”The force that through the green fuse drives the flower…The force that drives the water through the rocks… The hand that whirls the water in the pool” (apologies to Dylan Thomas for chopping up his poem!).

  40. Paola … I am a huge proponent of dream analysis and methodically write down dreams as I awaken. I also find that I get all kinds of insights from the dreams as the day(s) wears on and esp when I share with others. I would imagine you know that you know what the dream means and the rest of us can only surmise, based on our own experiences … having said that … wow!! excellent dreaming!! I must share this little nugget — your unconscious self is giving you a little what-ho about Mom and Dad. You and Dad have some issue(s) and Mom knew about this and failed to throw in, for reasons that only she knows.

    Love that you/your other (higher) self is your version of Sedna. Whoa. Thank you for sharing and please forgive me if I’ve trampled on your inner journey with my mars in aries self.


  41. HS – Thank you for that video. I was listening to it and thinking, “Hey! This sounds like Zero 7”, then found out that he has collaborated with Zero 7 – one of my favourite bands of all time.

    Synchronicities are accelerating here, and again I feel I’m in no-man’s-land. Finding the anchor within, and only dropping it when necessary.


  42. Yesterday night I had this dream:
    looking at a message on my mother’s cell phone, I casually discovered that she had another daughter, born before me with another father, whose name was Sedna.
    I was shocked and angry because she had never told me anything. So I had a sister.
    This Sedna lived in Cortina (a ‘fashionable’ ski-mountain location in Italy) and was an architect.
    She had a very hansome husband, and my mother was afraid that I could get interested in this man, because he ran after every woman and was a totally absent husband for Sedna.
    Sedna was an architect, as I said, and had some connection with the earth.
    My mother was very reticent and didn’t want to talk about this whole thing.

    When I woke up in the middle of the night and realized I had had this dream I was quite impressed, as if Sedna had come to visit me.

    Any ideas anyone?

    Yesterday night – last thing – I listened to Kelley Hunter’s interview on the four Liliths. Thanks Eric and Kelley!

  43. So lovely checking back in here this morning to read all the new comments, Eric’s additions, since last time.
    Your post was so beautiful, Fe: “I’m a word warrior hearing a call.” Good luck with it all! And Amanda made me roar with laughter too. I know that delicious, agonizing sexual desire well. Though it’s been a while.
    Yesterday evening I went to see, Polanski, a film memoir – which is basically a long interview with Polanski about his life, interweaved with film footage and photos. The man is just amazing – an incredible mix of humour, vitality, love, optimism – someone who has always lived his life through his art. And yet, it’s a lfe full of tragedy and suffering too. His accounts of his childhood in the Warsaw ghetto are just too painful to hear at times – I almost walked out at one point, it was just too much. And yet you see someone who is ready to move on – who doesn’t dwell on past horrors – but enjoys his life as it is now, his films, friends, his lovely children and wife – and also believes that what he has lived through has made his life what it is today. I found him so inspiring. And this morning I woke up and finally broke the illusion, the spell I have lived under for most of my life. Think I’ve finally made that shift. Though early days yet. Love ya all. xxx

  44. eclipses

    by Susy Crandall on Sunday, May 27, 2012

    the soul in which
    the one eye opened
    at the beginning of

    the one eye
    opened in my
    first awareness
    my first memory

    eternally familiar,
    and remembered

    the one eye opened
    indivisible, ultimately,
    uniquely familiar,
    a friend

    the me in me
    unimaginable to be
    anyone else

    the one eye regards again
    this world, this me

    and blinks

    I forget

    the one eye opens

    I remember

    I’ve watched you all,
    the one eye says
    forgotten none of you
    implanted in soul

    you drift
    by the hundreds
    across the inside
    of this lifetime’s eyelids
    of children staring

    more children
    than men and women
    put together

    children of all ages
    frozen in time

    a child myself,
    every night I couldn’t
    wait to go to bed
    so I could see

    so many to see before
    they passed across the
    inside arc of my eyelids
    not to be seen again

    I remember only a few—
    old man, myself
    sitting at table
    in dark room
    playing with his
    candlelit gold, the richness
    of his filthy robes and turban fails
    to belie evil of greed, paranoia
    hatefulness infusing
    every pore
    how much evil
    he did for his
    cold dark comfort

    he was me
    I was him

    men, women
    by the hundreds
    thousands, hundreds
    of thousands of children
    cut out of their—cut
    out of our
    lives early

    then a woman illuminated
    an African queen, a priestess
    a holy woman, a healer
    Sophia, wisdom
    in royal headdress
    drifts across
    the backside of my eyelids,
    present, she is still present,
    she glows with radiant
    life, love, joy, honor, truth


    when was there a time
    for such a woman
    a woman like her,

    a woman like me.

    susy crandall

    Synchronous quote found the morning after I wrote this poem:
    This quote is from: The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 2
    Chapter 3: And Travel On

    Thank you, Jennifer Hillman for posting.

    “You exist in time, but you belong to eternity. You are a penetration of eternity into the world of time. You are deathless, living in a body of death. Your consciousness knows no death, no birth. It is only your body that is born and dies. But you are not aware of your consciousness. You are not conscious of your consciousness, and that is the whole art of meditation; Becoming conscious of consciousness itself.”

  45. hey there P Sophia — here is some history on ACIM — created at Columbia University in the mid-1960s, between two members of the medical psychiatry department. Not official — extracurricular activity of two of the leading members of the department, with the shades drawn all the while.

    The Foundation for Inner Peace was created as the first publisher, which sold tons of those $40 three-volume sets of hardcover books. It’s since been taken over by (if I am not mistaken) the Foundation for A Course in Miracles.

    The community I lived in in NJ in the late 1980s (Miracle Manor) was incorporated as the Center for Attitudinal Healing by Betty Sprague — to my knowledge that’s the only place that existed, though I am curious to know where else you’ve seen that name. It may go back further — though I don’t know the connection.

  46. “3. Marketers, especially of technological gadgets, have used and will use this undirected eros. Going-with-the-flow on your part accepts that the world will be imagined by corporate marketers.”

    Anyone catch the debut of Continuum on Sunday night? It offers proof of the ‘programming’ attempts at this time. This is the basic story line:

    It is set in the year 2077, Vancouver Canada. It is a world run by the power that be who are called The Corporate Government. Back in 2012, there was a Revolution – the people surrendered and bowed to the creation of The Corporate Government. This thing is all about timelines. They offer only two of them. The other timeline is war. The people that are trying to still liberate the planet are called terrorists. A lot of the cast are humanoids – the main police character (who are now called Protectors) especially, who is a woman.
    In 2012 a young man creates the program for time travel and launches it ‘online’. He ends up becoming a major part of this Corporate Government. His name is Alec. In 2077 they are going to execute the terrorists – the first execution in 40 years. Alec (I take it he has realized he made a mistake supporting this timeline) has given the terrorists some gadget to transport them back to 2012 just as they are about to be executed. The “Protector” sees the gadget and runs into the group to stop it but ends up travelling back with them. She convinces the police force of 2012 that these people are terrorists who will stop at nothing to create a massive war, so now they are hunting them down (the liberators/terrorists are definitely portrayed as machine-gun-kill-anything-in-our-way kind of people).
    That is all we are being offered in this scenario – war or submission to the corporations.
    Yes, we must counteract this one of many creations of imagination with a vision of LIBERATION AND FREEDOM, PEACE AND LOVE YUMMY STUFF FOR ALL!!!!

    Deep Love from me to all of you!!

  47. Huffy, thanks for always making me feel warm!

    Amanda, oh man, your comment completely made me laugh out loud. “i realize fukushima needs healing, but dammit — i just wanna FUCK!”

  48. Very interesting interview. Eric, Thank you very much for opening this dialog and bringing it to us. Funny you mentioned the tangibility of pen to paper, as I was quickly pulling out paper and pen, taking notes furiously.

    The Course in Miracles… perfect and I believe so relevant this came up, and was brought into the conversation, now. I am from Marin County, and the Center for Attitudinal Healing where this book was created, made it fortunate this course in study, “miraculously” came to me at a very opportune moment during a first major transformational period in my life, in my late teens. Although almost 25 years ago now, it was such a powerful message that it then and now continues to resonate with me…it completely transformed my thinking and life.

    The other insight, link, and very relative, timely take away for me were David’s comment (paraphrase), “let something new come in and it shifts your capacity.” This I have been experiencing in spades in the last two weeks during the ellipse period.
    Also the section of the interview where you two converse about how the ‘task of hindsight brings learning’, when just last week a friend and I were speaking the same language of synchronicity, of hindsight and learning then I mentioned I had been feeling the relativity of hindsight, yet not experiencing learning in looking back, but that I have been recently experiencing a kind of hindsight in the present moment, which is very new for me.

    Too much too say, think about here, and unfortunately have to run now. Most important thank you again Eric and David…your words and work are reaching out to me.

  49. i really look forward to listening to the interview with David — i’m not sure i can fully appreciate his additional notes that eric just posted without the context of the interview.

    with all the talk about eros/venus and “very specific and detailed pictures of anything that arouses your interest,” i keep coming back to the VERY hot, detailed, explicit fantasies i’m having about a certain man i’m getting to know, despite certain apparent limits on where our friendship can go. i realize fukushima needs healing, but dammit — i just wanna FUCK!

    pursuing this particular friendship in the way i’d like seems at odds with some of my other/deeper/(loftier?) healing/spiritual growth goals — but maybe not? i keep thinking either i’m deluding myself, or the universe really does work in strange, inscrutable ways.

    and of course, as noted at PW many times, the more you resist sexual temptation, the more it grows.

    damn. ok, back to work… if i can stay focused…

  50. More from David Tresemer:

    Dear Eric:

    Following upon our enjoyable talk this morning, I would like to give you a brief summary for meeting the Venus eclipse of the sun on June 5/6. You are welcome to use all or part, and I don’t need the credit. The important part is the active creation of positive specific ideals.

    There are ways to meet the opportunities of this event, methods that are valuable all the time, but especially now. I have written about this in my Venus Eclipse of the Sun book <>, but here I give a summary. If this is too brief, go to the book (via

    1. All of our pictures of the world are powered by energy. Giordano Bruno termed these “erotic phantasms.” Eros – passion, desire, love/hate, Venus! – motivates and energizes phantasms – pictures of this-is-just-the-way-it-is, dreams, visualizations, ideas, world-view…. Rudolf Steiner described the same dynamic, though with less colourful terms. “Erotic phantasms” are not to be banished – as in “do away with all desire” – but more importantly to be recognized and worked with actively.

    2. Eros/Venus will be stimulated and made turbulent by the eclipse [by this he means the transit of Venus –ef] on June 5/6 (the exact time is less important as we are in this rare celestial event – by anticipation – right now, and will be for some months.) That restless eros will seek images to empower.

    3. Marketers, especially of technological gadgets, have used and will use this undirected eros. Going-with-the-flow on your part accepts that the world will be imagined by corporate marketers.

    4. You too can direct that energy of eros — can meet it — by creating pictures of the ideal for yourself and for the world – not vague woo-woo pictures but rather very specific and detailed pictures of anything that arouses your interest.

    5. For example, with the situation at Fukushima still teetering on the edge of its largest explosion, you could imagine that the explosion does not happen, that heroic scientists work out how to remove the fuels to a safe place, and that all species develop a capacity to learn from and transform radioactivity. In terms of the mythic images in the VenusEclipse book <> , this means envisioning the taming of the magical fire-bird to subdue its expressions on the earth. Be as specific as possible.

    6. If you cannot formulate new pictures – if the world as you perceive it holds you in its thrall, then you can focus on the picture of how-things-are-right-now-as-you-perceive-them each night before sleeping. Look closely at the details, best without judgment, and hold the picture in your mind, for just a minute. Spiritual beings will take it up through the night and in the morning (or in a few days) they will bring you an insight about how to penetrate even the most difficult problems.

    7. In any case, take this opportunity to cultivate your relationship to ideals that engage eros behind them. Those imaginations will focus your desire – the restless eros of this time – in ways that will be healthy for you and for everyone else.

  51. What an excellent interview. It validates the decision I made this last week to put no more energy into things I didn’t want to manifest any longer. I’ve re-directed energy to transforming my relationship to money and livelihood (in the last two weeks) by leaving my job and taking a combination of two others that are better suited with a lot less stress while I apprentice to become a cobbler (hands on craft!). There is also a long term chronic health issue as well that has begun to reveal its true causes through new symptoms, so now I know what I’m actually trying to heal. All as I dig deeper into this right livelihood issue which is combined with taking agency over my own energy (using it for my own dreams rather than applying it to achieve others’ dreams). So that means I can now heal the real cause rather than a collection of related symptoms. Interestingly, its a SOLAR PLEXUS/GUT issue. It truly feels a watershed moment.

    Reading Hug’s accounting was fascinating and I’m going to share my last 8 years for astrological reference. My interesting aspects are:
    Natal sun (6/7 cusp) conjunct great attractor, opposition ascendant.
    2002 Eclipse Pair: Husband leaves for another woman
    2003: Comes back (worse than leaving lol)
    2004: I’m diagnosed with thyroid disease brought on by stress
    2006: Start new job; bad fit, but hang in there for 6 more years, working way too much (ideas and contributions dismissed/not valued) health continues to decline
    2012: Figure out the real health issue; start to get better. Quit my job, ready to animate and energize! Going to Hawaii for the transition between now and beginning July.

    Thanks for the excellent interview with Dave, and for all the insight. XXXOOO PW.

  52. What a great interview, Eric, and one that makes so much sense to me. If, in the words of Neale Walsch, we are “making it all up”, then we have much more choice about what it is that we are making up. There is definitely some potent juiciness in the air; I’m grabbing it and running with it in a direction I looooooooooove! 😀

  53. if i had a giant loudspeaker i would hook this up to my little old four cylinder with doggie-smudged windows and drive around the bay broadcasting this one, folks! quintessential PW magically delicious goodness for all
    thank you eric, thank you pw writers and editors and contributors et al….
    keeping my focus clear and positive despite some wobblings
    <3 to all

  54. Paola:

    Our company is The Medea Project – Theater for Incarcerated Women. (Google us).

    We’ve expanded to include women with HIV, and now have a new partner collaborator – Planned Parenthood. We are working on developing a new show — a work in progress for a benefit for PP in mid-June, and if the stars are right a full-fledged show in 2013.

    We are a women’s guerilla theater company in every sense. Agitprop, political, and very powerful, giving voice to women who are invisible. Have been doing this now for 20 years. What better place to be in than here, with all of us at stake. These days I feel like I’m a word warrior hearing a call.

  55. Hi Fe,

    my Inner Space from PW reads just the same :-).
    So I unwrap that huge canvas standing too long in the corner with its intimidating size and screaming white. I take the biggest brush I can find.
    I soak it with “emerald” green…………

  56. Huffy:

    Oh my dear. I woke from a deep sleep and from a dream of a tremendously long earthquake.

    I have been in a protective cloud of rest and relaxation, about to embark on a very busy production schedule, culminating Thanksgiving weekend. Show, show show. So I have been at bay by my writing schedule here, focusing on my writing for theater. Its alot these days, but I’m ok. I just needed to realize that my day job is just a job, and the art is my life. So imagine getting my Inner Space from PW, and here is what it reads:

    We could probably write a whole book about all the ways there are ‘two kinds of people’, though the one that’s germane in your life right now is: people who are into art, and people who are not. There is the you who’s into art, and the you who’s not. Here is what your charts say: get into art. Get into people who are into art. Soak in art, soak in artists, and light your mind on fire and create the stuff. Don’t worry if it’s good. Just get busy with color, shape, form, sound and sensation. It might save your life; but really, it will make your life.

  57. Thank for this Eric! I will listen to the audio this evening!

    I’d like to share some thoughts about what the Venus transit is feeling like so far, as it’s message begins to unravel for me personally. And as I’ve read here, a clue lies in 2004.

    Three things happened to me that significantly pushed my inner landscape, and each one sprouted after the series of Scorpio/Taurus eclipses that were in full swing (and my Saturn return, but whatever…). As I’ve shared here before, I was a monk. In 2004, I was 10 years into that journey and I was feeling the cracks starting to expose themselves in terms of an inner energy life force trying to speak out – slowly.

    The first thing was my desire to get back into physical shape. I’d done some serious road cycling in my youth and since 2003 I’d been working slowly to get up to speed. I lost 25 lbs and in spring 2004, I started riding with some serious fast dudes on Sundays. These guys were tough, fast, and relentless. Toughen the fuck up is all I can say. And so energetically, I wanted to embrace my maleness that was completely authentic, meaning, not the normal monastic fodder of passive lala meditation, but aggressive goals to accomplish.

    The second was my job growth and socially learning to be more confident. Again, projecting my energy as an independent person, not some monk-bot tooting the line of peace and love. I had a hard time disagreeing with anyone without getting an ulcer. The following year, I got my first salaried job.

    The third thing was deeply sexual and psychological. I wanted physical contact. I was starting to go for massages and shiatsu just to have a woman touch my skin and feel even the simplest semblance of bare skin contact. I was starting to awaken to the huge guilt I had about even wanting this, esp as a monk. Bad bad bad monk! More meditation, more practice, more purification! But it feels good, it feels caring! Why can’t I have this as a regular part of my life? One word always: Why not? Later that year, I even went to an exotic massage place to have a naked massage and oral sex. It was my first time getting a blow job, but I was determined to have that experience, I didn’t give a shit. What a mind trip that was, I can tell you. But it was amazing too, despite me being completely stiff with terror on the inside.

    So, to sum up, this has been 8 powerful years of intense energetic emergence. Venus in 2004 planted a seed of evolution that I could not ignore. It was a deep calling for love, sex, attention, psychological renewal, energetic shifting, and a powerful need to assert myself in the world. Sure the other planets were there kicking me in the ass, but I feel that that transit started something deeply profoundly nourishing, in a way that connected my inner fragments, connected me to others, and connected me to an incredibly loving universe who never ever ever at any time put any judgment on me. I know of course this is my life work, but the overall trend here has been decidedly my most important. To understand not only my potential, but the idea of potentiality. And that Venus can be such a powerful force to be reckoned with is astonishing. So Venus, I think I’ve done my homework…(and I hope I got an A+)

    Thanks for reading,

  58. I love this article and the conversation with David Tresemer. Eros as animating power, and how to direct it — exactly what my life’s work is about. I’ve enjoyed connecting with PlanetWaves in 2012. More than enjoyed. It’s brought a new dimension to my relationship with the earth. The portals created by this extremely dynamic astrology year have allowed for so much awareness, personal healing, and clarity in how I serve others. A bow of gratitude to Eric, Amanda, Ian, Sarah — who am I leaving out — and the community that comments regularly here. Many blessings.

  59. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this interview with David Tresemer. Talking about a book being knocked off the shelf! This morning I had awakened very early wondering how I was going to implement the changes bubbling within me. I had gone to sleep with intentions. Listening to this interview provided the insight, clarity and impetus, and there was much I jotted notes about. Indeed.

    For me, since the solar eclipse, I have been between where I have been and where I am going in which has been a state similar to flux—and I don’t know if that is the correct word, ‘flux’, but that is what comes to me. It has been as if I am waking from some type of fog state that I’ve been in for at least eight years, and now truly seeing my choices and that which I focus upon and what is truly my passion.

    In short from the interview, Eric stated: “Eros is the fuel of consciousness.” and David Tresemer stated: “Bringing learnings from our hindsight to the present and use them.”

    Be empowered. Indeed. Eros is Coming.

    I appreciate all the interviews and I am still listening to them. This interview with David Tresemer provided answers. Blessings!

  60. So glad you’re doing ok, Paola! I’m so sorry about your computer crashing. But sounds like you’re really in present time if you’re ‘tuning in’ to the new music. I now understand why I’m feeling so queasy and knocked out these days – with a tense, knotted solar plexus, thought it was me – but realize it’s the shifting earth. Good luck with it!

  61. Hi Huffy!
    Thank you for asking. I am fine. I felt it long and clear. It was pretty long.
    (I’ve been feeling small ones during the night in some of the nights in this period, too).

    I am crossing these days like a captain on my ship… Mars is exactly on my natal Moon, and the Moon is transiting there too, so these are days that I usually fear – Yes, I said it.
    It’s going well. Yesterday my computer crashed – for good, but I was expecting it.
    A fun thing happened more or less at the same time: there is somebody that plays the piano in my building, every day. A shy, calm piano playing. It has been going on for years.
    Yesterday afternoon I suddenly realized that somebody was playing a saxophone. Was it the same person? Don’t know, but there has been no piano yesterday. Saxophone for hours, and it was non shy at all. Clearly somebody that was learning.
    ‘A new music is being played’.

  62. Me again. Sorry – taking up a lot of space this morning, i said “A fundamental part of the alchemic process is waking up to what keeps us spellbound – then we can plug into all of Eros’s goodies” – maybe I’m a bit too dire, as usual, here – the one can feed into the other. Just received an email from a fellow candidate this morning, who had told us yesterday that they had stopped sending in cleaners to the place where she works (we all teach English at one or more of the three Rome state universities) – so she felt obliged to do a little cleaning as well as teaching, because it was impossible to work in such filthy conditions. After the interview I sent her an email saying: “Job vacancy: Cleaning lady wanted, must have English teaching experience”. And she sent me back the most hilarious job application letter. After reading it and practically falling on the floor with laughter, I felt proud to be a ‘victim’ like her.

  63. Thank you, Eric this is wonderful. “Mercury and the Sun are close to a square with Chiron, which might exaggerate the sense of being hurt, and which can translate into the quest for healing”. Yes – am in the thick of it right now. Have been processing the job interview I had yesterday – came away feeling really black. As I mentioned yesterday, it’s a formality one has to go through in order to have the job renewed – Italians wouldn’t know what to do without their bureaucracy, they just love to waste time jumping through hoops (sorry Paolo, I’m almost as Italian as you are by now!). There was a whole bunch of us there – and all we did was bitch and whine about Italy and the shitty working/financial conditions we all found ourselves in. And what I realized afterwards, and this is why it was so painful was that every one of us in there was a ‘victim’. In fact there were two of the candidates who weren’t involved in this victim group mentality – and they just didn’t stay in the room with us ‘nebs’. And I realize how it’s all about perception – ones external world is created by ones perception of reality to a great extent. But recognizing it isn’t enough – the fairy tales were right – these are spells cast by wicked witches or fairies long ago, that take time and patience to unravel. A fundamental part of the alchemic process is waking up to what keeps us spellbound – then we can plug into all of Eros’s goodies. Really look forward to listening to David Tresemer. Much love xx

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