Pisces New Moon, starring Neptune and Chiron

Heron on a dock out behind the 7-Eleven in Montauk, New York. Photo by Eric.
Heron on a dock out behind the 7-Eleven in Montauk, New York. Photo by Eric.

The New Moon in Pisces is exact at 5:34 pm EDT, just a few hours after the Moon arrives in that sign. This is a spectacular New Moon, happening at the midpoint of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. With precision befitting a nautical engineer, the New Moon splits the distance between these two slow-moving points.

See if you can spot the Sun and the Moon in this chart. Their glyphs are accurate pictograms, and one clue is they have the same numbers next to them. Neptune is above the Sun, Pallas is next to the Moon, and the little key is Chiron.
See if you can spot the Sun and the Moon in this chart. Their glyphs are accurate pictograms, and one clue is they have the same numbers next to them. Neptune is above the Sun, Pallas is next to the Moon, and the little key is Chiron.

To one side we have the imaginal, dreamy energy of Neptune. To the other, we have the pragmatic, hyper-focused quality of Chiron. This New Moon is saying we need a balance, and it’s showing us how to create one. Notably, this is happening with Neptune brand new in Pisces, and with Chiron still a recent arrival; Pisces is very much a sign of the times, and we have to get used to spending at least part of our lives living on water.

When you think of Chiron — and I suggest you do, since it’s one of the best things about studying astrology in our lifetimes — think of it as a utility to help you access the subtle energy of the outer planets. Here we have a case in point. For a couple of years, Chiron and Neptune have been traveling close to one another, at about the same speed (Chiron is a bit faster).

If you recall there were a series of conjunctions of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in 2009 (those were in late Aquarius), and now over time, that conjunction has developed very nicely into a useful setup that is teaching us about working with the different elements of thought: intuition, emotion, cognition and varying degrees of focus.

Chiron is currently at the center of all of this, like a therapist coordinating a group session. Or you could think of it as an art therapy session. Imagine someone is a survivor of some emotional or psychological damage, and the therapist hands them a blank canvas and says: paint. They may have never painted before, but it’s not so much about the ability to paint, but more the creative process of opening up and putting anything at all on the canvas that helps them heal.

Through this process of art creation, they heal the trauma AND make a beautiful painting (that is, access a deeper layer of themselves that comes out as something authentic and beautiful). The process is tangible, it’s structured, it’s not so easy — but ultimately it’s rewarding and much healing, progress and success comes from it.

The art therapy, though, is not a given. No therapy is; it’s an option, and the work you do there is an option. It’s as though the therapist offers the person a space and a choice. Option one, do the process; but it’s going to be a challenge to access those feelings, and require some bravery to express them. Option two, no art therapy, and in fact the person gets to laze around the beach all day (or indulge in the conflict that has preceded this point, and which revealed the need for healing in the first place).

Doing the therapy process is a conscious choice the person has to make to ignore the easier road and jump into a process they may know little about, to heal some deep stuff.

Some people will experience this New Moon as a blame session, where they blame and nit-pick everything, and shuck responsibility. They won’t own their shit. And the guilt of ‘survivor syndrome’ could come up big. Yet, the people who will consciously enter the therapist’s art studio will rise above what happened, heal, move on, and stand in their truth. There is an option here, and it’s wide open.

This New Moon seems to scream: make art, be honest, own your stuff. Own where you are struggling, don’t brush it under the carpet; let go of what doesn’t belong to you (especially guilt); do the hard work; and some brilliant diamonds of tremendous value will come out of it.

This is dynamic, though feels like a teetering seesaw. It can go either way — delusion and blame or art and brilliance. The way it goes depends on the individual and how they use another aspect in the chart: Saturn and Apollon. Saturn represents a structure; currently it’s conjunct a rarely mentioned, slow-moving point also in late Libra, which is like a super Jupiter (that would be Apollon). The boundary of Saturn is being pushed outward from the inside. The question is how a person uses that traction and structure, whether you choose the path that tests and challenges you.

At the heart of the issue is the fine details of survivorship — how it can make some people shine brighter and others get warped and twisted by the guilt. We are all survivors. Guilt is always toxic. We have a right to be here; and if we’re hurt, we have the opportunity to heal, if we want it.

There’s one other point worth mentioning: the closest point conjunct the New Moon, which is an asteroid called Pallas Athene. In the midst of Pisces, this is suggesting that you make a plan; a plan for healing, a plan to create, a plan to do what you truly want to do — and to plot out some ideas how you might get there. If you don’t know, if you cannot break down the steps, then focus on the goal and let the first few strategy points come to you. Trust that they will. Pallas Athene loves humanity. She comes when we call on her.

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  1. I am really sorry to complain but I just can’t work with the new format of these audio updates!

    It’s the music. The problem is the music. It never stops. It plays constantly in the background while Eric is doing his vocals.

    It’s distracting. In the extreme. It changes the color and tone of the spoken word. It makes the recording impossible to listen to.

    To be honest, Eric’s astrological discussions are very rich anyway, and to follow all the threads of the discussion I have to focus and really listen.

    But then the music is there, and I can’t listen to any of it. Aggh!

    Sorry. I have always really enjoyed these audios but I guess I’ll have to give them up.

  2. have to agree on the strange deep dreaming lately, mine have been like epic spy thrillers for the most part. in dreamtime this morning, one of my most beloved felines who’s been gone 3 years this month, was with me. there were three possible outlets and one was outdoors down a boardwalk of sorts surrounded by a bog, or swamp like water but with many, many leaves, possible lily pads. i’m trying to get him to come back inside and he falls in, which freaks me out and i’m reaching down but hitting a bank. i see air bubbles in one spot, and the male represented in the rest of the dream is there, standing in the water, reaches down and pulls him up and out. he survives, but oy! the dramadreaming … my neptune is in scorpio too. not sure that helps tho.

  3. palock —

    i’m with you. hard to get traction yesterday; a little better today, but… and i wake up from these dreams i know i’ve been immersed in, but can only remember fragments i can’t make sense of — and they fade very quickly.

    i’m noticing i’m at a distinct juncture between some illusions i’ve been quite attached to and the means to step away from them to face an unknown. i wish i could say the choice was easy and the path clear; easier said than done, despite knowing which is ultimately for the best.

  4. Thank you, Carrie!

    Wow, Anais Nin and Nina Simone? (55 yrs and 25 yrs of separation respectively)
    I AM in Good Company! ;_D

  5. Oh, also, couldn’t sleep last night, and fiddly phone fingers brought me to read this post just after you posted it. Interesting to sleep on. Still need more reading to soak it all in.

  6. Eric – what a comment! I know it’s not all yours, but still. I think I’ve got to get a proper reading from you soon, so I can really make sense of all of this, as everything pertains in my chart.

    For me, Pisces falls in my 12th house, which from what research I’ve done is Pisces’ house anyway (as a pared-down description, anyhow). It seems like there’s a double-whammy there that I should be more aware of than I am.


    “Man did not weave the web of life – he is merely a strand in it.”

    – Chief Seattle, 1854

    Sometimes sport throws up stories of human spirit and belief that you cannot help but stand back and appreciate how our universe really works.


    In the hours leading up to the final of the African Cup of Nations Tournament on the 12th February 2012, Herve Renard did not need to avail of a motivational speaker or a sports psychologist to motivate his Zambian squad. God was surely on his side.

    After all Renard’s team had defied the odds in getting to the final – starting the tournament as a 40/1 rank outsiders; having replaced their seasoned coach with an amateur coach a short time before the start of the tournament; and they continued to miss their best player through injury.

    But facts don’t always add up and rational thinking does not always prove to be correct.

    Yes, their opponents in the final, the Ivory Coast, had the much better team – not only were they ranked 1st on the African continent, many of the players earning their living amongst the millionaire footballers in Europe’s elite clubs. Yes, they were the under-dogs but they had something more powerful in their dressing room.


    What belief could be strong enough to overcome this last obstacle?

    What belief had been strong enough to get them to this final? After all, they are an average side.

    19 years previously[1], 18 players in their national squad were killed when their plane crashed just shortly after re-fuelling in the Gabonese capital, Libreville, en route to play a match in Senegal. You need to appreciate that football is more than a sport in Africa. It is a way of life that enables so many to forget their poverty, the tribal wars, the politics, the devastation of the African continent. It is something that lifts the people from the ordinary and connects them with something vaster and transcendental. 10% of the capital’s population turned out to mourn the loss of their athletes, who had all received state funerals, something only reserved for the President.

    And yet here they were, playing in Libreville for the first time since that fateful crash, something that they could have only done, due to the tournament’s complex scheduling system (spread over two different African host nations) if they had defied the odds and reached the final. They had overcome Senegal, the tournament favourites AND the team they were due to play on that fateful day in 1993, and had also beaten four times winner of the tournament, Ghana in the semi-final and now faced the Galácticos of the Ivory Coast.

    What greater motivation did his players need?

    They could not just turn up and simply be presented with the cup. They still had 90 or 120 minutes (if the match had Extra Time) to play. They had to continue to play as ONE, as they had done during the previous five games and to feel the encouragement of the whole of Zambia, living and un-living AND the entire continent of Africa coarse through their psyches. After all a team playing cohesively together, motivated by a single feeling and utter belief that it is their time; an utter belief that the souls of the deceased needed to be honoured; an utter belief that this match was more than just football, is far more powerful than a group of talented individuals.

    They won.


    So what has this to do with the forthcoming Piscean New Moon?

    Actually, everything!

    Whether you realise it or not the potential reach beyond the ordinary and to commune with something vaster than yourself lies within you. Whilst most people are focused upon immediate practical concerns, at a deeper level of consciousness you are hard-wired for spirituality. If you look at the monuments scattered around the historical landscape, you see evidence of a time when we knew this to be true. Our ancestors constructed their entire infrastructure around the notion that there was more to life than just physical concerns. From cave paintings inside the earliest dwellings, to megalithic tombs; from adobe homes in the American southwest, to the vast pyramidal structures of the Mayan and Egyptian cultures, everything built in these “pre-Intellectual” societies had a meaning that in some way mirrored or reflected a implicate knowingness that we are connected to and part of a field of intelligence that is vaster than our separate individual mind or consciousness.

    Lest you think I am about to glorify and pine for a Golden Age past, our modern life is full of examples of this inherent drive to transcend. Moving away from the obvious examples of the strong re-emergence of a plethora of healing techniques within the complimentary healing community, look at the most popular movies in the last number of years and ask yourself whether those movies are simply escapist fantasy, artificially designed to create a world that is so removed from the pain of third dimensional living that it offers us a release from our everyday concerns, as we are transported beyond the here and now to a magical place wherein we can literally manipulate matter in ways that defy modern physics! Those movies are Avatar, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland and Batman! If you don’t believe me, google a list of highest grossing films on Wikipedia!! Is the world that awful that we seek to indulge ourselves in two hours of fantasy, or do those movies reflect something that our ancestors experientially knew to be true that our modern obsession with reducing everything down to being an epiphenomenon of the brain has ignored or cannot explain?

    Movies also accentuate the innovations and extraordinary human feats that have so inspired history and great “artwork” draws millions to places in the world where they are housed. We are deeply touched by people who express themselves from the depth of their soul, in a raw, elemental manner. People magazine recently published that British singer Adele has sold more records worldwide than Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber combined. And she has done this without much promotion, marketing or “packaging”, all because of the passion and raw emotion of her voice and her music, living proof that our soul qualities are more powerful than any other force available to us. Our connection to our own “source” energy – whatever name you call it – is where our power to inspire also originates. Again this cannot be simply delusion and escapism on a massive scale. I believe that there is an element of invisibility, magic and faith inherent within you that arises more frequently you would readily admit.

    Over the past three years, my wife Karen, Brendan Foley and I have run numerous workshops, designed to really experience your life and soul purpose or a specific archetypal pattern. Each workshop is designed around the specific attending participants and is dependent upon who feels the nudge to book, we have noticed that when the image boards that depict this sense of the transcendental are brought forth, there is a visible softening in the room and no-one has yet to feel repulsed or challenged by the images and music we show or play to them. Actually, those workshops are usually the most fluid, most inspired and most magical of all the workshops we have run, which leads me to conclude that contained within the deepest level of consciousness of each of us we recognise an innate desire and longing to free our souls from that which binds us.

    In the 1970s the Transcendental Meditation movement ran a series of experiments in 24 cities asking those who were participating to feel (not think) peace. During the times when the meditations were taking place, the surrounding communities were demonstrably changed. Crime and accidents were reduced. When the prayer was withdrawn, crime returned with a vengeance! This is but one of the experiments that the modern world has started to “remember” that we are all connected by a field of energy and that field is a mirror for what we have become within. All it takes is the square root of 1% of the population of an area to create a reality wherein the intention towards whatever experience or change is intended is felt and believed. That means that Zambia needed only 359 people to really believe that they could over-come adversity to prevail and to change the manifestation of a cycle that had previously reflected loss and devastation to their collective psyche.

    However simple this may sound, we do not live in a modern society that has yet awoken to the normality that we are more than just a physical body, and therefore the exists a denial that the microcosm and macrocosm are actually interconnected, let alone that we are essentially spiritual beings existing within a physical body. As such our innate homing signal is to search for that connection to something vaster than ourselves. This sense of oneness underlies all major spiritual traditions from the monotheistic faiths (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) to the polytheistic Hinduism; the experience of Being with Buddhism and the Tao, to the shamanic experiences of the indigenous tribes; even modern science is currently obsessed with the one singular equation that will bring together the dualism of Newtonian physics and quantum mechanics in its golden chalice – M Theory!

    However each month, two to three days prior to the alignment of the Moon with the Sun, we enter a place in consciousness that is more keenly receptive to the notion of surrendering and letting go. Each year, as February unfolds, we move into a concentrated time when we actively seek greater meaning and seek to know our interconnectedness. Within each person living within this dimension of space and time a sense of oneness is infused in our very being.

    Astrologers simply call this experience – Pisces.

    However it is just a name to describe the existential desire to return to source; to be completely immersed in a sea of interconnectedness and experiential knowingness that all is one; and to know that we are inexorably bound to all those in our lives. Where this signature falls within our lives shows you where you need to actively surrender and to actively and consciously transcend beyond the attachments of ego, which is no mean feat, especially at a time when many people’s concerns are focused on survival. However, it is an active and inherent part of being human and it is somewhere in your life. From an ego state, this energetic signature can be seen as escapism or addiction, whereas from a more transpersonal level this archetypal pattern is reflective of a state of grace and acceptance. The level to which that is operating in your life is really subject to your own choice and awareness.

    The forthcoming February lunation affords you an opportunity to set intentions concerning the raising of your awareness in a particular arena in your life that will have a subsequent impact of raising your state of consciousness in all other areas of your life, simultaneously. This is largely due to the fact that separation consciousness is ultimately an illusion and the bringing of grace to one area of your life will automatically incline that state to seep into every pour of your being, indiscriminately!

    However you need to give yourself permission to feel this grace. It is not sufficient to think about it and reflect on it. This time is all about feeling and knowing. Setting aside some time to pray, meditate or simply to be in the moment is important prior to this seminal lunation. This is the last New Moon before the start of the new annual cycle in March, and therefore you are in a place where the energetic conditions are ripe to reflect on this past year and to let go that which needs to diminish and feel the emotions behind the things that you need to create.

    To know where your immediate and personal focus will be during this lunation, you will need to look to the area of your birth chart that is being highlighted by this mutable water, or Piscean, activity. During the coming month, it is this arena of your life where you will see an opportunity to let go; to unconditionally love and accept; and to raise your awareness therein.

    To locate where all this activity will fall for you:

    Find the sign of Pisces in your birth chart and look at the house that this sign occupies. If you are a client, then Pisces is coloured pink-red on the chart I gave you during your session.
    There are 12 houses, or zones, in a birth chart and they refer to the areas of life experience wherein the archetypal potential of your life will find an outlet for expression. If you imagine your birth chart to be a wheel, the houses are contained within the thin black line portions which makes the birth circle look like possessing spokes. The chart layout maybe slightly different to the one I gave you during your session, as I have changed the format to make the houses easier to locate. Please note that the houses are numbered in an anti-clockwise manner, so the first house cusp is at the 9 o’clock position (if you pretend that the horoscope is a clock).
    This particular lunation occurs at 2 degrees of Pisces, so in the picture below you will see that this New Moon occurs within the 4th house over Ireland.

    The following is a general guideline to explore the arena wherein greater levels of compassion and grace can be sown in the coming month:

    1st – your attitude towards your body

    2nd – your attitude towards your talents, possessions, resources and money

    3rd – your way of thinking and writing as well as your sibling relationships

    4th – your attitude towards your family, culture and heritage

    5th –your attitude towards any children you have in your life and close friendships

    6th – your relationships to colleagues/ staff; your attitude towards your bodily rituals and diet

    7th – your intimate friendships and/ or long term partner

    8th – your attitude towards any investments or debts that you may have; your partner’s finances;

    9th – your relationship to those you meet on your travels; in college; in night classes or your in-laws!

    10th – Your relationship to your career and any authority figures you may have in your life

    11th – your sense of community and group involvement; your wider circle of friends

    12th – Your relationship to gOd, divinity, spirit

    This month is about feeling the interconnectedness of your life with those around you and especially in the arena of your life that is being triggered at this time. It is a time to bring in greater levels of consciousness, light and love, since the latter is the key to becoming aware of the higher levels of consciousness. The first step is to know and experience that you are not just a physical being, but luminous encased within a physical shell and that your feelings creates an energy surrounds you and binds you. The arena being invoked for you this month will show you where you need to surrender and let go and where you need to apply greater levels of compassion towards yourself and your life.

    During this Age of Miracles (the next 14 years), you will hear and experience myriad examples that will tangibly demonstrate to your mind this spiritual truth. For now though, it is important to feel and experience, not to think and observe.

    Thank you for reading,

    Please feel free to share with those you think will be interested in these thoughts, but please give credit to the author.

    All rights reserved. Andrew Smith 18th February 2012, 08:31am

  8. With Venus, Jupiter, Mars and rising in Sag, lots of Capricorn and a Moon in Gemini, I am finding this shift a bit jarring. With only Neptune in Scorpio to ease the way, it feels as if my “fire” has been squelched and my earth is now mud. The last couple of days have been an effort in futility as far as getting anything done, almost like I’m slogging through unfamiliar territory and haven’t quite figured out how navigate it yet. Dreams have been similar to the other posts on the blog – mostly waking and feeling like I missed something really important and if I could just remember….. I would have all the answers. I think. So – I suppose it’s welcome to the wonderful world of Pisces! Thanks to all on PW for the insights and explanations. I rely on you to help make sense of it all.

  9. edayis, Yes! This Pisces is standing center on the middle of the teeter-totter at this time. It’s pleasant here, isn’t it?

    BUT – if my waking dream is any indication of current status, this moment is not meant to last, but is the time to break free of restraints that here-to-fore have appeared to be a safety net of sorts.

    I don’t remember the dream in whole, but the waking vision was stark and strong and returned to me even after falling back asleep and dreaming other dreams. Not usual to remember something I’ve “dreamed beyond” without writing it down.

    It was simple – a vehicle of some sort (plane, rocketship whatever) had emergency, we went down/evacuated, the parachute on said vehicle brought it to safety – on a body of water (first it was a swimming pool but then it was an ocean) — but the safety device aka parachute was now the net – that is, as we came down into the water, it was laying itself down on the water’s surface — with me under it — in order to “survive” I would need to find my way out from under the parachute.

    Light from above was bright and strong coming through the white cloth of the parachute. But the cloth was large, and the water deep.

    I woke while swimming; close to finding my way, but not yet free of the parachute.

  10. Thank you, Jann/Zerosity! It is quite a day of aspects for me, I must say!*

    Len, thank you for thanking Jann for remembering my Solar Return today! 😉

    Ha! And since I’m “aword” I Will say (heh-heh) — in regards to what was mentioned in today’s article — Transiting Saturn/Apollon on my IC conjunct my Jupiter/NN/Neptune stellium. (IC at 00 Scorpio)

    (Natal Pallas and Transiting Jupiter are in opposition to said Transiting Saturn and Natal stelliuml)

    New Moon will be on my natal Sun, you can guess where that puts all of today’s Planetary Gifts re Pisces.

    It won’t so much be a day, as it’ll be A Year. With All of You at PW, I pray to make the most of it. xo

  11. any Pisces out there?? I’ve been reading how difficult/ vague/ nebulous this new mini-age of Pisces is for many PW readers. I am wondering if any other Pisces (besides me) are having an easier time with this? I posted the other day about feeling supported and clear about my boundaries and intention- which I’m sure for any other fishes out there, you understand how profound that is….

    It’s been a long time coming, but I think things are finally on the up and up for those of us fish, so used to being last!

    Big Love*

  12. Len: Glad to know you are among us, and will be back with your wisdom on Thursday. As an aside, it was link from another site to a posting of yours that led me to PW, and I am forever grateful and proud to be a member. And, with apologies, a Happy Solar Return to you, as well. I neglected to post that at the beginning of the month,

  13. Many thanks to Daily Astrology for correlating the Pisces stellium in such a useful and perceptive manner. The invocation of Apoollon as a version of Jupiter’s expansive energy “pushed outward” and contrasting with Saturn’s boundaries pushing back is especially well taken as an illustration of the dynamic set of options you write of. Dealing with the inevitable push-back is in deed (as well as in word) part of the process you describe.

    Jann: Thank you for remembering aword’s birthday. Thanks for asking after me as well, i’ll be back with a piece Thursday.

    Carrie: Thank you for your addition. It reminds one that Planet Waves’ own Fe Bongolan offered the same wisdom (art and artists taking the vanguard) in this space last year.

  14. “Artists are going to save the world” is fast becoming my mantra of late. I only want to be around people who are pushing the envelope, thinking outside of the box. Heck, mostly *not* thinking that much but committed to producing works of art from a naked place of surrender. Floating on a sea of knowing all the while observing my confidence expand whenever i see and encounter another’s artistry and self assuredness. I cannot help but draw from their artistry and begin emulating it.

    Super post btw and I adore the photo. Blue herons are one of my favourite birds. Such a tranquil setting captured here.

    and to quote one of the Eagles song worming around in my thoughts: “I’ve got a peaceful easy feeling……..’cos I’m already standing, on the ground.”

  15. Talk about synchronicity. Last night on OWN I saw that (airing next Sunday) Oprah is interviewing a guy who says we are entering a time when artists and creativity are going to be more important than what we have now. He called it a paradigm shift to artists (or words to that effect). That, coupled with today’s astrology, is very interesting indeed.

  16. This is a beautiful message for this new moon. Thanks Eric and all! I’ve had some intense opportunities these past few days, for my own healing and expression (and surprisingly for a couple of people who I was involved with too!). I am so grateful for this it’s beyond words. Although, my work is partly in allowing adaptation to occur and to digest the process. The psyche is a powerful thing that needs to be considered with care.

  17. First, Happy Solar Return to Aword. May the new beginnings of a new moon provide the new seeds for the new year.
    And that pretty much sums up my ‘tude toward this Pisces New Moon – a look back at the Zodiacal year, pluck the seeds from that which has bloomed and now is dying, much like a gardener, and take those seeds forward into the Zodiacal New Year to plant a month from now.
    It is a good time to do a bit of art therapy, as recommended. I’m thinking it’s a good day to do a “Soul Collage,” as devised by Seena Frost. My first experience with that process was a very opening experience, a forceful letting go of my lawyer brain, and allowing the long stifled creative and subconscious processes to fully engage. Thanks for the reminder to step away from the routine of mundane tedium, whether that routine is foisted upon one or self-inflicted.
    This stellium is Pisces is square my natal sun and conjunct my natal Ceres, so I think it’s time to use the tension to muster the energy to focus on the creative goal (the Soul Collage and the vision for changes in the town where I live) and let the strategy points come to me. Yo, Pallas Athene!! Thank you, PW. Great picture – the dock is much like the stellar gathering in Pisces, is it not?
    PS: Where’s Len?
    PPS: I miss the dateline at the beginning of the post, as in “Today is…”

  18. Eric and Friends,
    I find today’s blog totally inspiring. I am tuned in and turned on, and have used the process of taking personal responsibility, inventory, and ammends to overcome past trauma, drama, and life difficulties again and again. For the last year I have been in a relationship situation that requires active healing. I feel and believe I have done my part, but the other participant has not, though with compassion I can say I understand why the work might seem too hard, the climb too steep to make a start. I have offered support and energy again and again, but ultimately, no dice; nothing has really shifted.
    So, I am using the current astrology to again “get real” and look at wtf I am choosing and what the payoffs are, positive AND ookie. I love the art therapy analogy and have set about throwing some color on the canvas today…I would love some deeper insight to the support offered by the Saturn/Appollon energy today. Anyone?

  19. I am either a) delusional;floating on a narcotic cloud of optimism (but not every second!) or b) natal Eros, conjunct Neptune + Chiron ( trining Jupiter + Sun:water signs) must be a natural endorphin. How beautiful classical music sounds..the intent and joy. I hope it will sustain.

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