Nothing says ‘excess’ like… excess — and a Full Moon

Perigee Full Moon rising over the Parthenon, in Athens, Greece. Photo by Anthony Ayiomamitis. (Note, this is an actual photograph, taken with a telescope.)

Today is Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011. The Moon is full in Aries Tuesday at 10:05 pm EDT. The Full Moon is an opposition between the Moon and the Sun; Full Moon means the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs, which reminds us that the Sun is currently in Libra. The two create a polarity with the Earth in the center. This polarity will build in tension until the aspect is exact, then the tension will begin to dissipate, sometimes suddenly. If you’re up reading this in the middle of the night when you’re usually early to bed, that’s a Full Moon kind of effect.

So too is enhanced intuition, or having a long conversation with your cat. Take your dog out and howl up at the sky. Soak your crystals in moonlight — they will jump up and kiss you. Remember that people might be acting a little wiggy for the next day or two, responding to the polarity. If you’re in a customer service job, be ready for this, and just take it nice and mellow. The Aries Moon can be a bit self-centered, dauntless and even aggressive. Just figure that the people who are responding this way unconsciously cannot help themselves when nature acts up, even though it happens once a month. And remember — a human lifetime consists of about 1,000 Full Moons — merely so.

What’s unusual about this Full Moon is that both of the luminaries are conjunct multiple planets: the Sun is conjunct Saturn and a small critter named Haumea; the Moon is conjunct Eris, Bienor (a centaur planet about brute strength) and a lunar point called the osculating apogee or Black Moon Lilith. So mixed in with that polarity, we get a number of themes, which — as we’ve been suggesting — involve working out this tendency that people have to ‘find themselves’ in relationships. This is an old paradox. Is one ever really ready for a relationship, or do they happen when we’re ready? This aspect seems to be commenting on intent: Why do we think we have relationships? What do we want them for? Why do we always think we will feel so much better with a relationship than without one? What happens in reality?

Commenting on just one of the aspects involved, Moon conjunct the new planet Eris: both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have this aspect in their charts. It’s a challenging one to work with, and it seems to be involved with seeing complex patterns (such as the potential for technology and it’s relationship to both individuals and society). Moon-Eris has a streak of genius to it, or a touch of madness. This is a Full Moon when you could learn a few new things about yourself. Not only that, but you could learn something about how and why you project yourself in to relationships.

What does it mean to be your own lover, and how does that feel to others?

Meanwhile, there is another opposition brewing in the sky — two of them, actually. Mercury and Venus are opposite Jupiter. Venus will make the first opposition, followed by Mercury. When planets aspect Jupiter, the sensation can be one of excess — especially an opposition, and especially Venus. However, we live in a world where there is very little value on moderation. Indeed, we currently occupy a world rife with extremes. Take, for example, the modern Western diet (American, though it is spreading). People are eating food with minimal nutritional value, yet they eat until overstuffed. We have a population that is overweight and malnourished at the same time. No wonder we’re so confused about this idea of ‘enough’. The astrology this week is suggesting we pay particular attention to when we feel pulled in the direction excess.

Venus, newly in Scorpio, is moving into an opposition to Jupiter in Taurus. This is the planet of values in a sign associated with inner depths, opposite an expansive planet in the sign of values. Both planets tend toward excess, sometimes in the material or sensory realm, sometimes in an emotional/sexual sense. But if we take a look elsewhere on the fixed-sign cross, we see Vesta squaring both planets. And her message is: ‘less’. So while we’re going for more, there’s an influence saying: you might want to consider your definition of enough.

Let this percolate a little: the planet of devotion and tending the inner creative/sexual flame is not getting evangelical about it. Rather, Vesta advocates strength in simplicity or singularity. Given the square aspect it makes to both Venus and Jupiter, the idea seems to be that we can often do more with less. Vesta provides a principle to lean against as we orient between two poles of potential excess; it’s the fulcrum against which we work the lever into some kind of balance.

Meanwhile Mars is involved in another planetary three-way asking similar questions about desire. What do you do with your desires? When is simply noticing and appreciating them enough? How do you know when it’s time to speak them or act on them? When does launching fully into expressing your desire result in less than you had before?

Chances are we’ve all been in situations fitting many points on the spectrum. We have been fully satisfied by appreciating the object of a crush from afar. We have used tact to great effect and bold moves with the same result. We’ve suffered great uncertainty over how and whether to make our desires known.

Venus may be a bit horny right now, but Mars is making rather awkward angles to Saturn and Uranus that equals a hair-trigger situation. This could find you on the verge of wanting to jump the bones of someone you’re not sure you want (just because you can), or maybe it’s an urge to whack someone who has been a constant irritant. But there’s also a signal to get a little perspective on your desires (or aggression) before you thrust them upon the unsuspecting.

Sometimes less really is more. Sometimes none at all is exactly enough. This is not to say ‘stuff your desires’. It’s more like, know when very intentional eye contact will get the point across as effectively as shoving your tongue down someone’s throat. Discern the difference between assertive sexuality and excessive sexuality; they tend not to be equally effective or equally well received. That said, you may be feeling actual, authentic attraction, and that could be a lot of fun to play with.

Yet it’s worth pausing to ask: What will be the most nourishing for all involved? It might be a little hard for some of us to tell right now. Ceres in Pisces – one sign associated with excess – is making a quincunx to the Sun. Ceres is about food. In Pisces it might be about chocolate. Ceres is also about to station direct and it’s square the lunar nodes. In other words, the goddess of nourishment is making up her mind about something, or trying to get something into balance.

Is that possible in a culture that stuffs the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar into a small can of soda? That isn’t a paradox so much as plain insanity. And it’s not necessary. Our tongues were designed to notice this thing we describe as sweet, and a little goes a long way.

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19 thoughts on “Nothing says ‘excess’ like… excess — and a Full Moon”

  1. Amanda – but I did like the idea that the cats were at the end of their tails!

    …and as with the general pattern of tit/tat in my chart just now – transiting Merc is fast approaching natal Neptune whilst Neptune has just transited Natal Merc. Oh these planets they do love to dance! Thx for the tip!

    PS. This round of connection to souls that have passed is interesting. In the past I’ve helped a few souls move on; but these “ancestors” seem just to be enjoying hanging out around their families. They haven’t asked me for anything; I just happen to be seeing them.

  2. aword – there’s also a mercury-neptune trine that may be heightening your sensitivity to the ancestors & cats. they are at the tail ends of aquarius & libra, respectively.

    yeti – hope you managed to wait out the storm for a good howl!

  3. Still on the Oregon coast another night. The sea is frothing madly as Luna rises and the tide is only just starting to come in and the rain has been falling sideways so I don’t know if I’ll be out howling at the moon with the dog tonight. Climate change has made winter happen a lot sooner than it used to out here on the edge of the west. I’ll be glad to get back to where there’s a mountain range in between me and the so-called Pacific Ocean.

  4. Ceres in Pisces about chocolate? Hm…this little fish things Plum Brandy. Ha. That’s my favorite sugar-fix; organic plum brandy. Ok; that must be a Neptune/Ceres party drink.

    Or local honey. ym.

    I suppose natal Ceres in Cancer “rounds out” my current Cardinal sign “fix”…..

    Alright then, I’ll ask the ancestors if they would like a little honey with their plums and cacao.

    That will be my three-way for the day.

  5. be:
    Thank you for the additional comparison between today’s chart and Mexico. You are so very good, both as a person and as an astrologer. You make a good point about being jaded, which, like cynicism is something to avoid like the plague because it IS the plague. Looks like you are the great teacher today.

  6. Learning has gotten stronger than ever here today too.

    Yes, natal Atlantas at 2 cap — 5th house. Thx, Len.

    Ya – it has been rare for me to converse with “the dead” out here in LA and certainly haven’t seen any out of the corner of my eye for a long time. Well; the force be with us.


  7. You bet Len. Already, some representitive from Iran has already said that (I paraphrase) “It is so like the U.S. to accuse a country wrongly” meaning Iraq’s wmd I guess. On CNN the phrase “Hollywood script” has been mentioned, and even Wolf Blitzer said “it (story) could be a movie thriller”, so in light of that let me point out this:

    The chart for the 2:11 PM announcement today has Mars (ruler of 3rd house of neighbors AND announcements) in Leo (show biz) trine Pholus (big deal from little deal) in Sagittarius conjunct the north node (15 Sag) and the Great Attractor, all of which oppose the south node at 15 Gemini, the degree where Venus will conjunct the Sun next year.

    Our neighbor Mexico’s chart (9/28/1821, Mexico City, 6 PM LMT) has Aries rising so Mars the ruler is also in Leo (more drama) and on the cusp of the 5th house of entertainment. The exciting transiting Uranus at 1 Aries rx is trine Mexico’s natal Mars.

    Mexico’s midheaven is 6 Capricorn and transiting Pluto is at 5 Capricorn. Today’s chart has 7 Scorpio on MH while Mexico’s Moon (5 Scorpio) conjunct Venus (9 Scorpio) has one goddess on each side of the annouincement chart’s midheaven. Mexico’s Jupiter rules it’s 9th house of foreigners from it’s 1st house at 27 Aries. This Jupiter (bigger than life) squares the U.S. Sibly Pluto at 27 Cap, where transiting Pallas Athene (the Queen of Weave and Strategy) has been parked for a month and only moved off of it today. Um hum. However, our Pluto sextiles their Pluto at 28 Pisces so an intriguing cooperative plot is not out of the question. We’ve become so jaded haven’t we?

  8. aword:
    Not sure what the Full Moon and the word “why” have to do with visiting ancestors, but consider this, we are approaching a cross-quarter (mid-point between seasons) and the veil between worlds is growing thin. Also, not sure if you meant to say that your natal Atlantis is at 2 Capricorn, but if that is true, then with combined your famous Moon-Eris natal conjunction the cardinal force is indeed strong with you as regards to things techno, and the Uranus square to Pluto may find you being a spark that starts a new paradigm. If you add that to the fact that our current Atlantis will soon sextile your natal Atlantis, it will be interesting to see what role you are playing wen you have an Atlantis return.

    Thank you for the information and analysis you brought to the comment string today. Given the involvement of Neptune may we please also consider the possibility that the news of this ostensible attempt on the Saudi ambassador’s life may be a false flag event? It would be a convenient way for a politically besieged Attorney General to deflect the heat and it would contribute to the rationale to use of extremely prejudicial means against Iran and the cartels.

  9. oh that’s cute! Thanks Be – due to your post, I’ve just noticed the proximity of transiting Arachne to natal Pluto (which opposes natal sun) as well as proximity of transiting Pluto to natal Arachne (which is 3 degrees from natal Atlantis at beginning of Cap) Thank you!

    Perhaps I have some underground technological weaving to do.

  10. Len, so is the moon why I’mseeing my neighbors’ ancestors floating about here and there lately? And the cats. They’ve been sending messages; they seem to be wondering what the heck is up with the energy on the planet.

    And don’t forget me n Brendan. We’ve both got Eris/Moon conjunct at 8 Aries. 😉

    I’m just glad to finally know what to look for in that aspect (the pair is near conjunct DML at 0Aries and trine Uranus at 8 Leo/AC – just for beginnings….) – so…..if that doesn’t mean “crazy” then it must mean, um….that I’m off to go Twitter a Howling on the iPhone…? !

    Oh, did I mention Atlantis at 2 Cap? See, I’m fanticising that I’m learning from you – that Cardinal sign thing…oh! and say this is cool…there’s an asteroid named for me at 10 Libra, my “aka” has an asteroid at 13 Libra. Now if I could only “read” a chart. heh-heh 😛

    Thanks’n’Love’n’Laughs’n’ many xo’s

  11. A plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the U.S. has been foiled, Atty Gen. Eric Holder announced at 2:11 PM This plan involved 4 countries, Iran, Mexico, U.S. and Saudi Arabia and would have taken place on U.S. soil. The plan was that a Mexican drug cartel member would set off an explosion that would have targeted the ambassador as well as innocent bystanders.

    A chart for D.C. at 2:11 PM has 15 Cap rising with Saturn the ruler in the 9th house, one degree past the Sun in Libra. Scorpio on the MH with ruler Pluto in the 12th house and Mars in the 7th house at 13 Leo trine the Moon at 14 Aries. The Moon in this chart opposes the U.S. Sibly Saturn exactly and also squares the U.S. Sun at 13 Cancer.

    With only hours to go before the full moon, a demonstration of partnering (Libra) between the U.S. and Mexico has been revealed. Also in the sign of Libra is a conjunction of Mercury and Atlantis, both at 27 Libra, and Juno at 25 Libra, indicating the use of technology (Atlantis) to communicate (mercury) and stay connected (Juno) was key in intercepting this plot. I’ll will be checking out the chart for Mexico later and note any significant natal and present day aspects here.

    Earlier I mentioned an opposition today between Neptune (deception) in Aquarius and Arachne (inter-weaving) in Leo. “ABC News says the case, called Operation Red [Aries] Coalition, began in May when an Iranian-American from Corpus Christi, Texas, approached a DEA informant seeking the help of a Mexican drug cartel in the plot. The suspect thought he was dealing with a member of the Zetas Mexican drug organization, according to ABC.” Neptune works both sides of the street I guess.

  12. mystes…! I discovered just last week that Herbatint makes a lovely shade of Plum.

    I was thinking about undercoating with that and letting my silver grown out on top….

    Carrie…what I would give for those student loans! ya…need um to live too but couldn’t get what I needed to continue school. so sad. Somethin’s gotta give on that soon, fer sure. My last is almost out of the nest – totally!!; take the opportunity to be Mom while you can. It’s here; then it’s gone.

  13. Mystes,

    Eris wants me to stop doing school after I get my bachelor’s in December so I can “just be a mom” while my son is still young. Problem is, we need the student loan money to live on.

    I also feel restless a lot these past weeks; a huge part of me wants to get on with the work of teaching young people but I have no idea how to get that going so I am asking people I have networks with to help. Meh.

  14. Eris wants to dye our hair purple. (sigh) “Not until we resume writing full-time,” I demur. Still campaigning for at least a purple streak, spray, undercoat. (“No.”) Tips? (Not yet…)

    Who knows how this will turn out. . . I may wind up dyeing in my sleep.



  15. Speaking of complex patterns and oppositions, today asteroid Arachne who challenged the Queen of Pattern in a weaving contest, is in Leo and opposite Neptune in Aquarius. This could be a way to tone down your excessive free-styling pattern with a delicate repeat patten; calm your confusion regarding the world situation with the dramatic simplicity of your own life, or looking at the big (Neptune) picture vs. the tiny (spider Arachne) details. or vice-verse. Make decisions based on balance of pleasure rather than excess.

  16. “This aspect seems to be commenting on intent: why do we think we have relationships? What do we want them for? Why do we always think we will feel so much better with a relationship than without one? What happens in reality?”

    Good questions, all. All I know is I have been relationship-free, in bad relationships, and in a good relationship and the latter is by far better for me than either of the former. Sure, being relationship-free had its perks but loneliness was awful for me (who already feels lonely in any given situation because of my family of origin, NPD parent, and Global Nomad life).

    The issue of sexual excess is another good one; why do we think everyone else is having more and better sex than we are? Media helps with that when in reality most people are having less sex than ever because of the stressful lives (and far more demanding employers if employed) than before. Unemployment is also stressful and stress is the enemy of sexuality and desire.

    Thank you for today’s astrology.

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