No Hunkering Down! This is an adventure.

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Fire spinning in Krakow, Poland. Photo by Eric.

I was having dinner with a friend last night, who mentioned that a take-away from my recent coverage was: there’s a storm coming, batten down the hatches. It’s true that there is a lot and I do mean a whole bunch of Aries in the sky now — one planet after the next is crossing the Aries Point, making a conjunction to Uranus and then a square to Pluto. We are all bound to feel that in some way.

This is a week when the generational astrology — Uranus square Pluto — comes out to the forefront of our experience. We actually get to see what this aspect is about. Expect the unexpected. Among many other aspects, the Sun makes a conjunction to Uranus, synchronous with the Libra Full Moon, then makes a square to Pluto. I’ll come back to that story in a moment.

First, to focus my message: it is not hunker down. My intended message is: our current astrology, involving the Uranus-Pluto square (approx. 2011-2017, with a wide margin on either side) is a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the patterns of your life, to grow, to set yourself free and to take part in the upheavals of society, in a productive way. That is not easy for everyone. To some extent we are all attached to whatever stability we have. At the moment, that’s only going to get you so far. Under the current astrology, any situation that cannot flex is likely to snap.

Most people prefer, or think they prefer, rigid rules to negotiation. I’m not sure we actually like rules better, but at least they’re simpler.

Libra Full Moon, set for Kingston — the astrologer’s location (one traditional place to set the chart).

This weekend, one of our blog participants, Alex De Witte, summed up the current astrology perhaps without intending to do so. He wrote (British-style English left in):

“Basically, everybody is attempting to organise their personal reality and perceptions attendant to it. You cannot control the other’s reality but can attempt to control their behaviour to fit your own protocols. There are either rigid rules or negotiation. Rules are easier ways of managing power struggles (for the one who gets to set the rules). Negotiation is messy and in principle, constantly fluid. Most people can’t manage that. A completely laissez faire [leave it be] approach is the only ‘out’ which preserves autonomy but the emotional self-regulation must be high level. Otherness can NEVER be managed through ANY protocol. Learning this is one of life’s biggies.. Even where it is about practicalities, keeping count or failing to keep count, offers little solace. There us no correct weighting above and beyond how you feel about the situation and whether or not those feelings are respected…and heeded.”

I would add that rules are often easier for those who are ‘compelled’ to follow them — because they don’t have to make decisions. Following rules, in theory, subtracts personal responsibility, the potential for failure, and allows a diversity of other psychological and emotional hedges against the uncertainty of life. But these are false friends; the astrology is calling on us to take the risk of growth, vulnerability and direct communication. The old games of shut up and stay stiff are not working, and as this astrology heats up — we are only at the beginning — cold, quiet and rigid are likely to become more painful. Moving with the music, shaking with the vibration, are the order of the day.

The main event this week is Wednesday’s Libra Full Moon. There are many sub-events; the chart has a lot of aspects. The energetic backbone is the Moon opposite the Sun. But Mars is also square Pluto — that’s a hot aspect. The Moon is currently in early Virgo. It enters Libra at 5:31 pm EDT on Tuesday, March 26. The Full Moon really consists of the Moon opposing Venus, Uranus, the Sun, and Mars — then making a square to Pluto. The exact Moon-Sun opposition is at 5:27 am EDT on Wednesday, March 27.

The Sun is in a very close conjunction to Venus; Mars is still in a perfect square to Pluto. This lunation has a lot of energy. You may have the feeling that something is building, like there is some tension gathering. This may actually be true — and it needs to be handled carefully and consciously. People may not understand why they’re acting the way that they are; I suggest you make room for that, including potentially irrational conduct of seemingly rational people. If that rationality is based on being wound too tight, take a step back. Expect a wide range of potential emotions, and some opportunities to connect on a depth that can truly be called human.

I suggest you let this Full Moon break any deadlocks that may be in your life, any standoffs, any state of tense detente that you think might not belong there. You don’t have to do much — let the planets do it, this time.

16 thoughts on “No Hunkering Down! This is an adventure.”

  1. Musicman,

    Thanks so much for the quote. . .perfect. Also thanks for finding Kronos, the gift of time, in Cancer. So very glad to read your shared thoughts again. We are all on different stair steps in this evolution business. Rearing Up IS primal and was a remarkable evolutionary point in history. I wonder if all mankind (at that time) reared up simultaneously or did they do it in baby steps. What do you think/intuit? Perhaps in the distant future people will look back at our time and see it as a simultaneous leap forward/upward, not having to deal with the whole 3 dimensional time thing by then. By those “future” and distant standards, perhaps it only seems we individuals are pre-occupied with self interests. By condensing the picture of time it would appear we have all moved forward/upward on the path.

    Like the Sphinx, you have given us a clue to his riddle and that makes you a powerful teacher. How much time do we have to figure it out? I guess it depends on one’s viewpoint doesn’t it? I think/feel this New Moon tomorrow is an opportunity to further integrate the masculine/feminine expression into our way of life. The rational approach to this chart doesn’t provide easy answers. Perhaps the irrational approach does. Think with your heart (emotions, intuitions) to find more clues.

    Here’s one; trans Jupiter stationed direct in January at the same degree as the eclipsed (full) moon last November. It’s Sabian Symbol is of a well with rope and bucket surrounded by healthy trees. Common sense (rational) and trust (irrational) in self says if there are healthy happy trees surrounding this well, it must connect to water and if I use the bucket and rope provided I can get some for myself. If I want it.

    In this FM chart, Jupiter (understand) gets pressure from Pluto (depth), Saturn (contain) and Chiron (teach). He gets support from Mars (effort). This Full Moon at 6+ Libra (guardianship) trines the well water degree of 6+ Gemini, a very easy, flowy connection of energy. Approaching that degree where Jupiter stationed direct and the eclipsed Moon occupied is Altjira (Dreamtime) and Hephaistos (technology, craftsmanship) at 5+ Gemini. By blending their abilities – irrational (heart) and rational (mind) they will be able to quench their thirst and move forward/upward, at least one baby step but probably more, the evolutionary path. Kronos knows that. Time is an illusion.

  2. Vesta and Pallas … Guardianship…. Kronos in Cancer in the Grand Cross… disposits the Moon…!

    You nailed it again be! Exciting times!

    My question…for all those of you struggling with self interest…!

    The human race is in the very deep mess that it is in…simply because of self-interest! (Discuss) Therefore…unless you can effectively educate ….that there is another path to follow…

    What exactly…is the point of your existence…?

    “Man rears up….defines himself” so said Sartre! It is this curious term “rearing up” … primal…beyond self….programmed in the DNA……that lends us the clue!


  3. “Moving with the music” Yes…Pluto is on top of my Eros-Mercury right now and square Vesta. I seem to be channeling that power into singing lately. Every time I share my gift of voice in a public way I’ve been getting waves of positive feedback, mostly from women. I suppose this is a way to channel the energy I’m experiencing into art instead of leaving it to wreak havok under cover. I kept my voice under the cover of darkness and only shared it through digital recordings for most of the last 14 years. All this positive feedback confirms to me that keeping an artistic gift in the closet is to insult the gift and the muse who inspires it. I’ve had more positive feedback including hugs and kisses in the last week than I had in 6 years of trying to peddle my music in digital without bringing it to life in public, embodied space.

    As for the full moon chart (the moon spot on my natal Pluto) l’m also seeing a yod pattern between Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. This puts the pointer to Saturn- emotional discipline and deep awareness as the mindful way and perhaps emotional blockage and obsessive focus on maintaining the status quo as the mindless. As the ruler of Capricorn Saturn as the focus of a yod points back to Pluto.

  4. abc123 — i agree completely about how “rules” — aka a “container” or the saturn principle — aids (and is often necessary to) going deeper in creative work. it provides focus.

    the comment of alexander’s that eric quoted was from a discussion thread about negotiating rules vs boundaries in intimate relationships (and whether the distinction ultimately has validity, if i understood the conversation correctly) which formed under maria padhila’s blog post from saturday.

    it’s here, in case you’d like to read the article and the conversation:

    i tend to think that adding the intimate/sexual/romantic part to the equation complicates things a little; whereas i feel less equivocal about the usefulness of structure/container/parameters in creative process. even then, sometimes one has to stretch or break or step out of those “rules” in creative process… and in personal/relational evolution, too.

  5. As a person working in a creative industry, I have to say that rules free me to focus on creative outflow of ideas. “Rules” provide a basket in which to catch these ideas. “Rules” provide a safe space in which to nurture the ideas. “Rules” are the difference between an idea making it through to it’s final execution; i.e. from a sketch to a real fabric dress you can wear.

    In the absence of “rules,” I find toxic power struggles over the “in between” stages of the creative process. All the time I could have spent on design gets sucked into battles over what resources I can use, where to get them, what space to sit in while I sketch… incidentals that prevent me from starting until they are in place, yet that really don’t need to be re-negotiated each and every time. The absence of rules forces me to squander my talent. The presence of rules, aka the forces of gravity we’ve come to find influence our tasks whether we bicker over them or not, liberates. (in my life)

  6. ”Any situation that cannot flex is likely to snap.” Welcome to my world.
    I have been on a rollercoaster the past few days, but it has brought me to some understanding of myself on a quantum energetic cellular level.
    If the coming moon phase is going to amp that up any, however, I am going to need a helmet, a five point harness and a roll bar….
    Honestly, though, I am grateful, and feel scoured clean like an empty room through which a storm has blown through.
    Sending you a bone crunching, swaying hug, Eric, for your insights around Pisces, sex and spirituality in the “Listen” audios for Pisces. This is what the rollercoaster has been about for me, and I finally, finally get it… heart is hardwired to my genitalia, and that’s just the way it was, is, and ever shall be. Thanks, my fish brother, for helping me understand myself better.

  7. Spot on Eric. making room for “potentially irrational conduct” is more than just advice now. It is a must in order to take advantage of the Adventure potential of this full moon. Stephanie Austin in the Mt. Astrologer magazine (Feb/March issue) says of it “Fasten your spiritual seatbelt; this is one of the most important and intense Full Moons of the year.”

    With so many aspects going on it would drive even a hardcore Virgo crazy to pick out the most dominant energy to follow, but that might be the message here. Chaos and its promise of creativity. The potential irrationality is always there during these times what with the on and off septile (51-52 degree) between Neptune (who thrives on chaos) and Pluto (who is relentless). It is only 1 degree (acceptible orb) past perfection at this full moon, but there is a more feminine version now, driving home the ‘flavor’ of a septile aspect. Although subtle by comparison, Pallas-Athene at 28 Aries 35 is septile Vesta at 20 Gemini 16.

    The irrationality of any septile comes from the number 7 which is a challenge to mathematic principles. It has a spiritual or god-like energy that is hard to pin down (interpret). Some of the key words and phrases astrologers use to describe it include “elusive, strange, unusual, destiny, fate, breakthroughs. shadow projection and the dispossessed of society”. Robert Wilkinson says of the septile that it points to “a critical fork in the road” in the process of dealing with Karma. He has given the name “the Grand Irrationality” to the unusually long-in-duration Pluto-Neptune septile.

    With Pallas-Athene transiting in the last degrees of Aries, it could be describing the final stretch of perfecting one’s self-defense strategy. Vesta transiting into the last 10 degrees of Gemini (which have an Aquarian influence) is likely investing in communication and learning basic people skills in order to participate in the greater whole. Pallas moving somewhat faster than Vesta could be providing that “critical fork in the road”. We may experience something irrational in the next few days that calls on our feminine (receptive) nature to make a decision, not based on rational thought but more likely to involve our feelings or intuition. Pallas-Athene is also sextile Ceres at 27 Gemini 32 in this full moon. This might be part of Pallas’ strategy in that the Irrational Behavior might involve neighbors, transportation, family members, food or planting seeds.

    Here’s the thing. Next month Vesta will reach the degree of Gemini which Ceres occupies in this full moon chart. At that time (around the 16th or 17th) she will be sextile Sun who will be conjunct Mars and they will be perfecting that (Sun and Mars) in the degree where Pallas-Athene is in this full moon chart, 28 Aries. Also of interest is that Jupiter will be conjunct Chaos!

    These are such exciting times to be alive. Adventure is ours for the taking so let’s not squander it. With so many things to be aware of, I feel sure you will be glad you got a heads-up about Pallas-Athene and Vesta and what they might be up to.

  8. Eric: Thank you for reminding us that this is not the time to hunker down, and for offering us options of what to do instead. Your gifts are our nourishment.

  9. The full moon will set my feet on the path to my sisters’ home, for camaraderie and planning sessions. For years we have dithered over choices and put off the decision making till later. It’s later, IMO. It’s time to turn that acreage into a homestead, with an eye to a comfortable future.

  10. Thanks for the clear and simple explanation. I know what I have to do, and it’s good that the planets are going to be supplying the breakthroughs as long as I show up for work.

    Thanks also for saying, get out there and sail. This is life. Batten down the hatches and unfurl the spinnaker, as long as your charts are accurate. Know where you are and where you want to go, and this is your time! What a week! I’ll report back!

  11. Thank you, Eric – this is speaking to me very intensely. I know I am being called upon to be true to myself and take action that aligns with my soul path, despite the risks and obstacles. There comes a point when compromise for the sake of survival is no longer enough.

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