Moving with the Moon

The waxing Cancer Moon is going to be reflecting, harmonizing with and pushing against a wide variety of energies over the next couple of days as it makes aspects to planets in several signs. What does this mean for you? Prepare for some changeability of mood (including various good moods along with others), from others and within yourself, and seek out constructive outlets.

Ferns unfurling near Nubble Pond, Maine; photo by Amanda Painter. To view a full chart for today’s astrology, use this link.

By the time this post publishes, the Moon will have already aspected Neptune, Vesta and Saturn. The Moon’s next aspects, which will be the most noticeable for readers in European time zones, are a square to Uranus in Aries (4:10 am EDT) and an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn (4:58 am EDT).

The Moon entering the Uranus-Pluto square (which is gearing up for its next exact contact on May 20) may have you feeling a need to express yourself in surprising or impulsive ways when it comes to ‘political’ issues.

It’s an emotionally unpredictable aspect, especially if the news of the world feels like it’s ‘coming home’ in some way (for example, the story about the Mother’s Day parade shooting in New Orleans — which was surprising, violent and associated with motherhood, represented by both the Moon and Cancer).

When you combine Moon-Uranus with the Moon opposite Pluto in Capricorn, the deeper ties between one’s psyche and one’s mother (or similarly dominant female figure) may feel strained or highly charged. Pluto is doing some deep, foundational excavating of that relationship, and any emotional expressions (even loving ones) could have some force to them.

It’s okay, though, even if it feels deeper than you think you want to go: immediately after, the Moon makes a simultaneous conjunction to Ceres in Cancer and a trine to Chiron in Pisces (exact just after 9:00 am EDT).

This says the channels are open to heal any deep, challenging emotions surrounding motherhood, nurturing and nourishment that Uranus and Pluto have brought up. Astrology never presents a problem without presenting a solution, and although working with Chiron may not feel ‘easy’, at least you know that what comes up can serve a purpose.

The Pisces influence suggests that the more creative you can get (whether that means making music and art or, or taking it in) the better the energy will flow. (Ceres suggests that baking or cooking an intentionally beautiful and nutritious meal is another great option.) Oh — and Chiron likes it when you take notes.

Next, the Cancer Moon will make a succession of sextiles to all the Taurus planets (an aspect known for its ability to facilitate flow, but you need to do something to get that flow moving). With any luck, that will mean that you can harness whatever emotions you’re feeling in some practical, steadily moving way — some way that lends itself to physical expression and material gains.

First Mars cranks the engine on that process (6:38 pm EDT today, and warming up before then), which is a good thing. Sometimes Taurus needs a little extra fire under its butt to get started, though once it’s in motion, you can expect some decent stamina. With that in mind, check in with yourself to be sure you’re sparking up positive, productive emotions. If you feel the fuse on your temper getting lit, take a time out (and go for a run or garden or something) before you’re in full-on steamroller mode.

Once you’re moving, you may find it easier to plan how to work with anything troubling you (Moon sextile Pallas, exact at 3:53 am EDT Wednesday). Trying to plan from a standstill can feel overwhelming.

The Moon sextile the Sun says ‘harmony between inner and outer’, and from Cancer to Taurus, this means harmony between your inner emotional state, your sense of ‘home’ and nurturing, and your physical senses and material comfort. Moon sextile Sun peaks at 8:14 am EDT Wednesday, as the Sun heads into the last few degrees of Taurus.

Although Mercury is in Taurus for the Moon-Sun sextile, the Moon does not catch it for a Cancer-Taurus aspect. Instead, those two make contact just after Mercury enters Gemini and the Moon ingresses Leo.

Mercury makes the second planet of the Taurus cluster to leave for Gemini (the first was Venus, the same day as the New Moon eclipse last week). This puts Mercury in a sign it rules, a potentially quick-minded, restless and intellectual (as opposed to intuitive or instinctual) placement.

Mercury in Gemini is the last sign for Mercury before it gets into the shadow phase for its retrograde in Cancer – which is where we began, with the Moon today. If there are financial issues you need to take care of (including significant purchases), consider letting that fire Mars is keeping stoked in Taurus help you to move them forward with steady, tangible steps.

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  1. At the moment or I respond the Moon exactly a Trine to Uranus Yes. Amanda I write an article on my blog and make you the moon under the conjunction of Vesta and Ceres which will continue even into the sign of Libra 🙂

  2. “do solar flare affect *our* mental wiring as much as they affect inanimate electrical stuff?” Definitely. Amanda. I’ve been a zombie since Monday, when the solar flares hit. They knock me out every time, have learned to recognise them (but never immdediately, always think it’s me at first) when they hit, not pleasant.

  3. A – ok figured out the phone thing but soon after had 3 different confusing/conflicting conversations with doctors which has sadly been par for the course re: communication since friday. i thought it was just the hospital, but at this point, i take nothing for granted when it comes to understanding.

  4. sorry, forgot. My root lama taught me that the student enters the path and relies on a teacher, but ultimately he/she leaves the teacher behind. That is the whole purpose, not to keep being a student.

  5. What I loved about it was how the feather was kind of like our intention, or yearning need for healing and love. Along the way we give it support and nourishment, connecting to greater support and a deeper purpose. In the end, we reach for the feather as though we embody it completely. It no longer needs the support and the rest fall away leaving us to claim what was ours all along. Anyway, that’s how it spoke to me.

  6. Len & Amanda, many thanks. I like to watch the shadow periods, too, since they often have as much juice as the “official” retro periods.

  7. hmmm… do solar flare affect *our* mental wiring as much as they affect inanimate electrical stuff? my snafus were definitely on the human side of the equation…

  8. amanda – yes! horribly buggy issues – my phone’s wonky, and internet connect too. been massive solar flares last couple of days as well possibly contributing.

  9. Amanda, great article. Thank you. I hear you on the communication confusion. I am glad to hear that it’s not just me! Yes, onward, it’s the only thing we can do about that. Kinda like Dory. Just keep swimming. 😀

    Daniel, that link was INSANE! I kept looking for wires. 😉

  10. PS Thanks for posting that link Daniel, I had just seen it on facebook; it made me cry. Something about her use of natural materials, focus, physics and balance just made me think how much we miss of how this world stands ready to love us, comfort us, know us. Peace be with you.

  11. I absolutely don’t have a grip on where I am at the moment and haven’t had for a little while. Had a beautiful overnight in Jemez Springs, NM last weekend, just a taste of what I need a lot more of. Rest, a bathe in the hot springs, a panic attack or an authentic scare with my heart–not sure which yet, better talk to a doctor soon, I guess. Tomorrow is the day I was supposed to have ankle surgery, but was unexpectedly bumped instead to next summer due to my husband’s upcoming prostatectomy on June 3. Ahhhh!! He received his diagnosis a month ago now, his second cancer, moderately aggressive, 7/10 on the Gleason. So I have plenty of reason to panic, not to mention experience anticipatory grief for what may be the end of his life or our sex lives or both. Life feels so hard right now. Seems like a lot is happening for everybody on one level or another. We are in the crucible of change now, it will be interesting to see how we come out on the other side.

  12. getcalm: Thank you for your question. The first Mercury shadow phase begins on Sunday, June 9, in North and South America (June 10 in Europe and East to the Pacific dateline). Please try not to get hung up on the exact time lest Mercury say “gotcha!”. The second Mercury shadow phase ends August 3 in most places. Please let me know if the answer is not satisfactory.

    Amanda: Looks like an excellent (“different focus”) interpretation on your part, as well as an comprehensive interpretation of the Moon in its most powerful field of expression. Thank you so very much!

  13. slightly different focus (maybe i should post this under Len’s piece?):

    anyone else having issues with group communications going wonky, split commitments or double-booking, or other sorts of communication-related confusion?

    i’m thinking maybe mercury’s encroaching square to nessus in aquarius might be urging some of us to stop the proverbial buck of poor use of collective communication misuse by taking things slowly and methodically, a la mercury still in taurus.

    or something.

    i’m not even sure if that makes sense. i just know that the last hour or two has been confusing and a little frustrating!

    ah well — onward!

  14. getcalm — i *think* it’s right around june 10, give or take a day. i’ll check with Len to be sure.

  15. “Pluto is doing some deep, foundational excavating of that relationship”. Ah ha! it’s Mother again! Thank you so much for this, Amanda, it’s really helpful, helps me to work with pretty overwhelming emotions right now. And as always, your photo is so achingly lovely. Nubble Pond! That’s where I want to be.

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